Free Screening Passes!

Dear Friends,

Here are some more free screening passes.  This one is for THE WAY WAY BACK and it will be shown on Tuesday, the 23rd of July at El Con so help yourself!



The Way Back Flier

Free Comic Book Day

The 12th annual Free Comic Book Day is coming up on May 4th!   Check out the Events Page for more details.


STARSTRUCK Kickstarter Project Begins tomorrow

My friend, brilliant creator Elaine Lee with legendary artist Michael Wm. Kaluta will continue their incredible science fiction series STARSTRUCK and will launch a Kickstarter to finance it tomorrow. I hope that all who appreciate the best that comics have to offer will help to make this series a reality.

Elaine sent me some links to the art, rewards and video associated with this project; check it out. I think you’ll agree with me as to what a worthy series this is to support.


Here’s the video:

Here’s some art from the book:

Here are some of the incentives:

a Super Event

Dear Friends:
I’m back in the plaza at Speedway and Craycroft and by the first of February I’ll have all of my back stock available again and I plan on doing quarterly charity events again. The first one will benefit the good work of the fine folks at the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It will take place all day, from ten AM until five PM on Saturday, the second of February. There will be a raffle for prizes, raffle tickets will be two for a dollar and there will be a coloring contest for the kids to win prizes. Some of the artwork the kids will be coloring is featured here under the ‘Kid’s Corner’ tab. There will also be a silent auction for donated original art and, of course there will be local comic artists and writers promoting their books and doing sketches.


For more information check out the Event’s page

Welcome to Charlie’s Comic Books

Dc Comics and Marvel Comics

While the Internet is vital to business I very much like to meet my customers face to face whenever possible. I have been selling comics in Tucson for over a quarter century and make a determined effort to read every comic that comes out so that I can know the material and speak knowledgeably about your favorites. As I have no employees I have the opportunity to know my customers and their families personally and it has proven to be one of the best aspects of the shop; I have made many good friends and hope to make many more.
I support the local comic creators, stock their small press publications and in turn the creators tend to support my shop. A few times per year I hold events in the shop that benefit various local and national charities and the local creators often spend the day providing sketches and autographing their latest projects. These events often involve raffles and auctions.
I also like to keep a large stock of all age comics and books in stock and find that comics are a great way to interest children in reading when the characters and topics are those that are already known favorites.
If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact me by email of telephone if you can’t make it to the shop and I will do my best to answer your questions, fill your orders and recommend comics, products and series’ that will interest and entertain you. Thank you for your support!