Free Comic Book Day 2014

Free Comic Book Day is coming up on May 3rd!  In addition to handing out the swag, Charlie will be hosting a benefit for The Salavation Army.  Check out the Event’s Page for more details.  Click here for a list of the titles that are being published for this year.

Free Screening Passes!

Dear Friends,

Here are some more free screening passes.  This one is for THE WAY WAY BACK and it will be shown on Tuesday, the 23rd of July at El Con so help yourself!



The Way Back Flier

Free Comic Book Day

The 12th annual Free Comic Book Day is coming up on May 4th!   Check out the Events Page for more details.


STARSTRUCK Kickstarter Project Begins tomorrow

My friend, brilliant creator Elaine Lee with legendary artist Michael Wm. Kaluta will continue their incredible science fiction series STARSTRUCK and will launch a Kickstarter to finance it tomorrow. I hope that all who appreciate the best that comics have to offer will help to make this series a reality.

Elaine sent me some links to the art, rewards and video associated with this project; check it out. I think you’ll agree with me as to what a worthy series this is to support.


Here’s the video:

Here’s some art from the book:

Here are some of the incentives: