October 2013 Newsletter


Dear Friends,

The October Previews catalog has arrived and, as always it’s sitting on my desk available for your perusal when you stop by. Meanwhile I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might hold interest for you. These solicitations are for comics and products that will begin shipping in December. If there’s anything that you’d like please try and let me know by the twenty first of the month so I can be sure to have enough copies on hand to fill your requests.


Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), OGN (original graphic novel-not a reprint or collection), MMPB (mass market paperbacks), AF (action figure), T/C (trading cards),T/S (tee shirt) and (to denote an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion).


By the way, besides the monthly Previews catalog there is also an ‘Adult Supplement’ which showcases the ‘adults only’ comics, books and videos. If you are interested in seeing what’s available (and you’re over eighteen) please send me an email and I will send you this month’s adult catalog in a pdf format with images, descriptions, prices and item codes.


So here are the new titles and notable offerings from the ‘Big Five’ publishers:


DARK HORSE: Joseph Michael Straczynski while writing ‘Ten Grand’, ‘Sidekick’ and other new titles at Image takes on TERMINATOR-SALVATION: THE FINAL BATTLE #1 OF 12 with art by Pete Woods telling of the end of the Machine War and the fates of Skynet and John Connor. Tim Siedell’s claim to fame is that he’s one ofTime Magazine‘s 140 Best Twitter Feeds (@badbanana) and now he’s writing STAR WARS: DARTH VADER AND THE CRY OF SHADOWS #1 OF 6 illustrated by Gabriel Guzman. HALO: ESCALATION #1 begins a new ongoing series written by Chris Schlerf with pencils by Sergio Ariño and inks by Juan Castro. DARK HORSE PRESENTS #31, which won the 2013 Eisner for best anthology (again) has part one of a two part story following the events of ‘Hellboy in Mexico’ where the titular hero gets married, a new ‘Mind Mgmt’ story from creator Matt Kindt and lots more. Mike Richardson and Stan Sakai’s brilliant adaptation of the Japanese national legend is collected in the 47 RONIN HC with bonus art and behind-the-scenes extras. AVATAR-THE LAST AIRBENDER: THE SEARCH LIBRARY EDITION HARDOVER gathers all three books plus extras and, finally HELLBOY IN HELL #5 concludes the first arc of this series written and illustrated by creator Mike Mignola.


DC: In the wake of the ‘Trinity War’ many of Earth’s heroes are dead (or at least missing in action) and, as the villains get organized under the sadistic rule of the Crime Syndicate the ‘Forever Evil’ story ties into JUSTICE LEAGUE #26, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #10, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #26, SUICIDE SQUAD #26, CONSTANTINE #9, TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA #6 and TRINTIY OF SIN: PHANTOM STRANGER #14. Meanwhile AQUAMAN #26 begins a new arc, ‘Sea of Storms’ with a new writer, Jeff Parker, GREEN ARROW #26 begins the ‘Outsiders War’ still written by Jeff Lemire, the FLASH #26 is a stand alone story by Christos N. Gage with art by Neil Googe as the scarlet speedster needs to learn how to use his powers effectively in the sky. A couple of month’s ago DC offered JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 #1, kind of a spin-off from the old ‘JLA’ title when it was done for comedy. Apparently the artist, Kevin Maguire, had other commitments (as you’ll see in the Marvel section) so that series was canceled. While this new one is still being written by Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis the artist will now be Howard Porter. SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #3 concludes the first arc as the romantically involved duo calls in the Justice League to help battle Zod, written by Charles Soule with the art of Tony S. Daniel. HARLEY QUINN #1 is written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Chad Hardin as our anti-hero gets a job when she joins the Coney Island Roller Derby League.BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #26 is by Gregg Hurwitz with art by Alex Maleev, a mostly silent issue focusing on Gotham’s abused and voiceless citizens. BATGIRL #26 concludes the ‘Batgirl: Wanted’ arc and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #26 may be the last stand for Jason Todd as he’s lost his memory while he and his team are held captive by Ra’s al Ghul. John Stewart and Hal Jordan battle for the leadership of the Corps in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #26 (and I’m rooting for Stewart). The LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT 100-PAGE SPECTACULAR #1 features two new stories, one by Dan Mishkin with Tom Mandrake’s art and the second by Jim Zubkavich with art by Neil Googe; it’s 96 pages for ten bucks. The SMALLVILLE: ALIEN #1 OF 4 is by Bryan Q. Miller with art by Edgar Salazar; a meteor lands in Russia which may just be a Monitor. Offered this month is the VILLAINS MONTH 3-D MOTION COMPLETE SET, all fifty two covers (in their second printings) plus the ‘Forever Evil’ #1 3-D motion variant all for two hundred dollars. In collected editions of New 52 titles this month there is BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT VOL 2: CYCLE OF VIOLENCE TP, BATWING VOL 3: ENEMY OF THE STATE TP, GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS VOL 2: BEYOND HOPE TP, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK VOL 3: THE DEATH OF MAGIC TP, DEMON KNIGHTS VOL 3: THE GATHERING STORM TP, SUPERBOY VOL 3: LOST TP, SUPERMAN VOL 2: SECRETS AND LIES TP and KATANA VOL 1: SOULTAKER TP in soft cover and GREEN LANTERN: WRATH OF THE FIRST LANTERN HC, THE FLASH VOL 3: GORILLA WARFARE HC in hard cover. Also the BATMAN UNWRAPPED BY ANDY KUBERT DELUXE EDITION HC has black and white stories from thirteen different issues of ‘Batman’ and ‘Detective’ written by Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder and Mark Waid. The BATMAN ’66: THE TV STORIES TP collects stories published between 1948 and 1966 that were adapted for the classic television program. The DEMON: FROM THE DARKNESS TP collects Matt Wagner’s four issue take on the Kirby character and ABSOLUTE SUPERMAN/BATMAN VOL 2 HC collects issues fourteen through twenty six. For the younger readers DC KIDS relaunches TEEN TITANS GO! #1 based on the new animated series. And in the mature readers imprint, VERTIGO, from the pages of the ‘Sandman’ comes DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #1, a new ongoing series written by Toby Litt and Mark Buckingham with art by Mark and Gary Erskine; storybook detectives Edwin Paine (died 1916) and Charles Rowland (died 1990) investigate mysteries including their own untimely deaths. Also THE WAKE: PART ONE collects the first five issues for ten bucks for those who are coming in late to this brilliant horror series by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy. ASTRO CITY #7 begins a new four part story, a good place to jump on if you haven’t already, to this always brilliant series that focuses on the average citizen in a world of super powers. In collected edition this month there is theFABLES DELUXE EDITION: BOOK EIGHT HC, THE INVISIBLES DELUXE EDITION: BOOK ONE HC, EX MACHINA BOOK ONE TP (new edition), SWAMP THING BY BRIAN K. VAUGHAN VOL 1 TP, PREACHER BOOK THREE TP (new edition) andTHE UNWRITTEN VOL 8: ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD TP. DC DIRECT offers BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS SERIES TWO ACTION FIGURES featuring Deadshot, Firefly, Anarky and Deathstroke and DC COMICS SUPER-VILLAINS ACTION FIGURES featuring Owlman and Johnny Quick, who comes with Atomica.


IDW: I know that many of you wait in anticipation for the yearly Darwyn Cooke adaptation and here’s the fourth volume: RICHARD STARK’S PARKER: SLAYGROUND HC. Based on the classic series of crime novels by legendary writer Donald Westlake, the Parker series and Darwyn Cooke have won multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards. This is noir by a writer and artist who truly understand the genre. The STAR TREK ANNUAL 2013 is a new, extra length story, a variation of a classic television episode using manipulated film from the program. John Byrne writes and does the photo manipulation basically creating a brand new episode with the original cast. The DOCTOR WHO SPECIAL 2013 is written by Paul Cornell with Jimmy Broxton’s art, a special fiftieth anniversary special where the TARDIS is flung into our own universe where the Doctor meets a ten year old fan and has to come to terms with being a fictional character and meeting the actor who portrays him, Matt Smith. The popular British sci-fi strip comes to America with SINISTER DEXTER #1 OF 7 written by Dan Abnett with art by Andy Clarke. THE ILLEGITIMATES #1 OF 6 is written by Taran Killam and Marc Andreyko with art by Kevin Sharpe, a spy story with five agents trying to fill the shoes of the failed super-spy Jack Steele. DEADWORLD: RESTORATION #1 OF 4 is a new tale by the original creator, Gary Reed, of the zombie classic; while the zombies in the popular ‘Walking Dead’ series are just the threat while the survivors are the main characters, in ‘Deadworld’ the zombies are intelligent and major strategic players. INDESTRUCTIBLE #1 OF 4 is the story of Greg Pincus, a man enjoying the celebrity of being (wrongly) assumed invulnerable.


IMAGE: DEAD BODY ROAD #1 OF 6 is written by Justin Jordan with art by Matteo Scalera and tells a brutal tale of revenge. THE SAVIORS is a new ongoing tale of monstrous alien horror and those who consider it a silly conspiracy theory written by Eisner Award winner James Robinson with art by J. Bone. KRAMPUS! #1 is by Brian Joines with art by Dean Kotz and involves the Secret Society of Santa Clauses and is described as ‘Snake Plissken by way of the Grinch’. Howard Chaykin offers the BLACK KISS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, a one shot for adults only. CARBON GREY, VOL 3 #1 OF 2 concludes the deep and gorgeously illustrated series or war, revolution, royalty and betrayal. SIN BOLDLY is a one shot featuring two tales in black and white, one featuring Sinful Suzi and the other starring Obsidian Stone, fan favorite characters who have been unseen for many years. The JUPITER’S LEGACY #1-STUDIO EDITION is the first issue of the series with Frank Quitely’s art in black and white and includes Mark Millar’s original script and other special features. Collected editions this month include GHOSTED VOL 1 TP, GREAT PACIFIC VOL 2: NATION BUILDING TP, Grant Morrison’s HAPPY! DELUXE HC, THE COMPLETE MULTIPLE WARHEADS VOL 1 TP, SHELTERED VOL 1 TP, SNAPSHOT TP, and THIEF OF THIEVES VOL 3 TP.


MARVEL: So the nineteen issues of ‘Age of Ultron’ led into the forty nine issues of ‘Infinity’ (so far; it’s not over yet) and that leads into INHUMANITY #1 written by Matt Fraction with Olivier Coipel’s art as the Avengers confront Karnak who has discovered the ‘secret of the Inhumans’. Tie in’s to ‘Inhumanity’ this month include MIGHTY AVENGERS #4, NEW AVENGERS #13, INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #17, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #22, UNCANNY X-MEN #15, AVENGERS A. I. #7 andINHUMANITY: THE AWAKENING #1 of 2 which is by Matt Kindt with art by Paul Davidson. Another big event from Marvel this month is ORIGIN II #1 of 5 written by Kieron Gillen with Adam Kubert’s art. This will feature an acetate cover and will contain the digital download code for not only this issue but the first issue of the original series plus ‘Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted Infinite Comic’, it will be forty eight pages for four ninety nine. The story picks up a few years after the previous series (and maybe we’ll get to the Weapon X project this time and actually get the promised origin story). Almost two years since the series was relaunched what would be ‘Avengers #24 Now’ will now be AVENGERS #1 of the ‘all-new Marvel Now’ still written by Jonathan Hickman with the new arc, ‘Rogue Planet’ illustrated by Esad Ribic featuring a runaway planet on a collision course for Earth and a visitor from the future arriving to save the day. (There sure has been an awful lot of time travel in the Marvel Universe this year; nobody is when they should be.) The AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 is written by Kathryn Immonen with David LaFuente’s art and Captain America sits alone in the Avengers Tower on Christmas Eve until a teenager with out of control super powers arrives: Zamira is described as ‘Meryl Streep with a vengeance’. Nick Spencer and Ales Kot begin a new story, ‘How to Maim a Mockingbird’ in SECRET AVENGERS #12 and #13 with art by Butch Guice and in YOUNG AVENGERS #14 Keiron Gillen writes ‘Resolution’ part one of two with art by Jamie McKelvie, Emma Vieceli, Christian Ward and Annie Wu, each of the artists tackling one of the characters’ interconnected stories. And, one year after his death the original wall crawler returns: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700.1, #700.2, #700.3, #700.4 and #700.5 is offered, the first two issues written by New York Times best selling novelist David Morell with art by Klaus Janson, the next two featuring three stories by Joe Casey and Tim Green, Jen Van Meter and Emma Rios and Clay Chapman and Javier Rodriguez respectively. And the fifth issue is by Brian Reed and Sean Chen plus a back up by Kevin Grievioux and Lee Weeks. (Apparently Peter didn’t die at all and has been held captive in the Black Lodge surrounded by his deadliest foes. At least we won’t have to do another ‘Freaky Friday’ scene to get him back.) Meanwhile the Superior Spider-Man continues with all of his titles battling the Sinister Six, the Superior Venom and Speed Demon. SCARLET SPIDER #25 is the final issue of the series. MARVEL KNIGHTS: HULK #1 OF 4 is by Joe Keatinge with art by Piotr Kowalski and takes place in Paris as two Hulked out strangers chase Dr. Banner. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #10 has guest artist Kevin Maguire working with Brian Michael Bendis as Angela and Gamora go hunting. The THUNDERBOLTS ANNUAL #1 is written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker of Thrilling Adventure Hour fame with art by Matteo Lolli. The INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK ANNUAL #1 is by Mark Waid with Mahmud Asrar’s art with Bruce and Tony Stark sent by S.H.I.E.L.D to retrieve a weapon designer. NOVA #11 begins a new arc with new scribe Gerry Duggan and art by Paco Medina. In AMAZING X-MEN #2 by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness the team continues their search for Nightcrawler when Wolverine and Northstar find themselves mysteriously in Heaven. Phil Jimenez concludes his two issue arc with SAVAGE WOLVERINE #13 guest starring Kitty Pryde. DEADPOOL #21 begins a new arc with our ‘hero’ up against S.H.I.E.L.D. as written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn with Mike Hawthorne’s art. As LONGSHOT SAVES THE MARVEL UNIVERSE #3 and #4 OF 4 concludes, the lucky mutant battles the HulkVengers, Kraven the Phoenix, WolfCap, Wolverine-King of the Vampires and Cosmic Carnage (?). In collected editions this month there is THE MUPPETS OMNIBUS HC collecting the brilliant Eisner Award winning stories by Roger Langridge that were published by Boom! Studios (but Disney took them from Boom! and gave them to Marvel), the X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM HC gathering the ten chapters for fifty bucks, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST HC brings back into print the story often called the ‘best X-Men story ever’ from Uncanny X-Men #141 and #142 plus all of the prequels, the DEXTER PREMIERE HC collects the soon to be completed limited series, the ALL-NEW X-MEN VOL 1: YESTERDAY’S X-MEN TP collects Bendis’ first arc with Stuart Immonen’s art, the SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN VOL 4: NECESSARY EVIL TP collects issues seventeen through twenty one as Doc Ock/Spidey meets Spider-Man 2099, AVENGERS A>I. VOL 1: HUMAN AFTER ALL TP has the first six issues of the new team featuring Hank Pym and the Vision and INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK VOL 1: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. TP and THOR: GOD OF THUNDER VOL 1-THE GOD BUTCHER collect the first arcs of these recent reboots and the nineteen ninety series gets reprinted in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY BY JIM VALENTINO VOL 1 TP. Marie Javins adapts IRON MAN: EXTREMIS MMPB to a prose novel.


INDEPENDENTS: That’s the ‘Big Five’ publishers above; here’s the notable smaller press offerings beginning with ALTERNA COMICS‘ FUBAR: GUTS AND GLORY, a one-shot with forty four pages of zombie-stabbing action staged throughout history’s most famous battles with stories by Chuck Dixon and others. AMAZE INK offers the WHERE BOLD STARS GO TO DIE GN written by Gerry (‘Elmer’) Alanguilan with art by Arlan Esmena, this is a story of love, lust and compassion, more erotica than pornography and if the story telling is anywhere near the level of his ‘Elmer’ book it’s going to be wonderful. ANTARCTIC PRESS offers the VICTORIAN SECRET: WINTER FUN SPECIAL #1, more cheesecake pin ups of girls in Steampunk garb. APE ENTERTAINMENT continues the legacy of the late creator with the DREW HAYES’ POISON ELVES PIN-UP SPECIAL and the DREW HAYES’ POISON ELVES: PETUNIA SPECIAL, both one shots. ARCHAIA launches HAWKEN: MELEE #1 OF 5 written by Dan Abnett with Federico Dallocchio’s art set in the world of the free-to-play award winning online video game and expanding on the HAWKEN: GENESIS HC OGN that they released earlier this year. ARDDEN ENTERTAINMENT offers DEVIL’S HOPYARD #1, written by Brendan Deneen with art by Szymon Kudranski this is a cop story with super heroes for adult audiences that has been praised by Robert Kirkman, Geoff Johns and Brian K. Vaughn! ASYLUM PRESS has a new one shot by Steve Mannion, FEARLESS DAWN: JURASSIC JUNGLE BOOGIE NIGHTS; as some of you know I’m a big fan of Mannion’s over the top characters and fun artwork. AVATAR PRESS has ROVER RED CHARLIE #1 of 6, the story of three best friends at the end of the world written by Garth Ennis with painted art by Michael Dipascale, Rover, Red and Charlie are three dogs who survive the epidemic that wipes humans from the face of the Earth. Christos Gage’s series which had it’s twelfth and final issue last month now tells the origin of one of the fan favorite character in the one shot ABSOLUTION: HAPPY KITTY SPECIAL with art by Paul Duffield. Perhaps the smartest person in Springfield, Gail Simone writes THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF LISA SIMPSON, a one shot from BONGO COMICS. They seem to be splintering into multiple imprints but the main line of BOOM! STUDIOS offers the DECEIVERS #1 OF 6 written by Steven Grant with art by Jose Holder, an espionage action/comedy and the POLARITY VOL 1 TP and the FAIRY QUEST VOL 1: OUTLAWS TP collect the recent series’ while the new ‘alternative’ imprint, BOOM BOX offers THE MIDAS FLESH #1 OF 8 by Ryan North with art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb, a post apocalyptic science fiction story with an unusual twist on the ‘Midas Touch’ story. Their all age imprint, KaBOOM! has the ADVENTURE TIME: EYE CANDY VOL 1 HC showcasing every cover and cover variant from the first fifteen issues of the ongoing series. A world of color and a world of gray are at war in the punk rock urban fantasy RAINBOW IN THE DARK: THE COMPLETE SERIES TP from COMFORT AND ADAM as the series creators are Comfort Love and Adam Withers. DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT continues their foray into the pulp world with DOC SAVAGE #1 written by Chris Roberson with art by Bilquis Evely and the ubiquitous Alex Ross cover, the story begins in 1933, each issue a self contained tale moving forward in time with the larger story spanning about eighty years. Also Tommy Yune returns to Robotech in ROBOTECH/VOLTRON #1 OF 5 with art by Elmer Damaso. The main series is on issue eight but a separate limited series, GRIMM: THE WARLOCK #1 OF 5 is by Jai Nitz with José Malaga’s art, focusing on the cop and monster hunting lead character.SHERLOCK HOLMES: MORIARTY LIVES #1 OF 5 is written by David Liss, (one of my favorite historical novelists) and has art by Daniel Indro. David is also writing THE SHADOW NOW #3 OF 6. THE ART OF DEJAH THORIS AND THE WORLDS OF MARS HC collects all the covers and variants from the more than seventy comics that Dynamite has released so far. GRAPHIX, the comic imprint of Scholastic Books offers DRAMA in hard cover or soft, the latest by Raina Telgemeier, if you have kids you’ve probably read or at least seen her Smile GN with the smiley face wearing braces on the cover. (You could order it from me but if you order it from those forms your kids bring home from school it will provide free books for your school library.) British publisher, KNOCKABOUT COMICS offers a collection of the other popular underground comic by Gilbert (Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Fat Freddy’s Cat) Shelton with THE BEST OF WONDER WART-HOG TP. At MOONSTONE two cult TV crime fighters meet in HONEY WEST & T.H.E. CAT #1 and #2 OF 2 written by Trina Robbins with art by Silvestre Szilogyi. NEW PARADIGM STUDIOS hit the ground running and now their premiere title gets it’s first collection with WATSON AND HOLMES VOL 1: A STUDY IN BLACK TP; written by Karl Bollers with art by Rick Leonardi and Larry Stroman, this is a well written, beautifully paced urban re-imagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detectives, only this one takes place in present day Harlem. ONI PRESS has MEGAGOGO VOL 1, a young adult GN in black and white by Wook Jin Clark involving puberty, an immortal being inside a giant robot and the KKK in Atlanta. DOWN SET FIGHT! is about a failed pro football star who is determined to punch out every mascot in professional sports. PAPERCUTZ, the all age subsidiary of European publishers, NBM now has a new imprint for older teen readers and SUPER GENIUS offers WWE #1 OF 4 written by wrestling hall of famer Mick Foley with art by Alitha Martinez featuring a no holds barred brawl with Vickie Guerrero, Booker T, CM Punk, Fandango, Sheamus and more. Another of the British publishers, REBELLION offers 2000 AD PRESENTS SCI-FI THRILLERS TP featuring Grant Morrison, Pat Mills, Ian Gibson, Peter Milligan, Paul Cornell and more with many tales that have never before been collected. RED GIANT offers THE CARTOON ART OF MIKE DEODATO, JR, a collection of his comic strips available in soft cover or hard cover. At VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT SHADOWMAN #13 begins a new arc with new creative team Peter Milligan and Roberto De La Torre and the current “Unity’ cross over ties into X-O MANOWAR #20 this month. ZENESCOPE launches two new series this month: GRIMM FAIRY TALES PRESENTS CODE RED #1 OF 5 will tie into the upcoming Grimm Fairy Tales #100 while B.A.R. MAID #1 OF 5 stars Cassidy O’Hara, a part time guerrilla, part time saloon girl pulled into a plot that will affect the outcome of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.


Pick of the Month Last month I didn’t include a Pick of the Month because I just couldn’t decide so this time I’m going to tell you the ones I’m trying to choose between and maybe you’ll pick the one that most appeals to you personally. DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #1 from Vertigo is sure to be good if you’re looking for an ongoing series, the RICHARD STARK’S PARKER: SLAYGROUND HC from IDW will be brilliant if you’re looking for a complete story that will look great on your book shelf for years to come, the WHERE BOLD STARS GO TO DIE GN from Amaze Ink will be a complete story for $7.95 and it will be introspective and philosophical on a metaphorical level (judging by his Elmer graphic novel), the DEVIL’S HOPYARD #1 from Arrden Press is by a writer I haven’t read but the artist has done some fine work on Spawn for the past couple of years and the fact that so many author’s that I respect give it powerful recommendations raises my expectations and Avatar’s offering of ROVER, RED CHARLIE #1 intrigues me; Garth Ennis does his best work in war story scenario’s and although he’s best know for his Punisher type tales of cathartic violence he actually writes heart warming stories, like I expect this to be, very well. So five choices, three of them first issues for mature readers, one graphic novel, suited for all and one hard cover suitable for older teens through adults. Maybe after I read them all I can pick, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


And that completes the small press. The BOOKS section features reference books like THE ADVENTURE TIME ENCYCLOPEDIA HC, DC COMICS: THE ULTIMATE CHARACTER GUIDE HC, THE ESSENTIAL WONDER WOMAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, MARVEL COMICS: THE UNTOLD STORY HC SPIDER-MAN: INSIDE THE WORLD OF YOUR FRIENDLY NEIFHBORHOOD HERO HC, WOLVERINE THE ULTIMATE GUIDE HC, INSIDE THE TARDIS: THE WORLDS OF DOCTOR WHO SC, THE GEEK’S GUIDE TO DATING and more. All of Neil Gaiman’s novels and children’s books are offered in their current editions as well. In the APPAREL section there are lots of new tee shirts, baseball caps and hoodies, there are Walking Dead wallets, socks and handbags, Star Wars earrings, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl women’s pajama sets and, of course lots of Dr. Who, My Little Pony and S.H.I.E.L.D gear. The TOYS AND NOVELITES section has Thor and Hawkeye AF’s, the Venom bottle opener, Star Trek communicators and all the new figures associated with CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER film that debuts on April fourteenth 2014. The TOYS, STATUES AND MODELS section has GAME OF THRONES: DRAGON EGG PLUSHES and 3-EYED RAVEN PLUSHES, SESAME STREET ELMO PLUSHES, THE BEATLES: YELLOW SUBMARINE 45TH ANNIVERSARY DIE-CAST, DONKEY KONG and SUPER MARIO BROTHERS PLUSHES, there are things for just about every licensed property you can think of, from Cthulhu to Night of the Living Dead, the Wizard of Oz, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Masters of the Universe, Twilight Zone, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you name it, it’s probably in there so please feel free to look through the catalog when you stop by to pick up your comics!


Most of you already know that I’ve moved all of my back stock out of storage and have it in the shop now so bring your lists and I’ll help you fill in the holes in your collections. The next benefit will be on November ninth, free sketches, raffles, silent auction and lots of fun with all proceeds benefiting Primavera this time around.


Thank you all for your support, thank you for your friendship, thank you for bringing your friends to the shop. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my customers, the conversations, the recommendations you make to your friends and other customers; the fact that you’re all so relaxed and comfortable in my shop makes me happy and proud. You are the personalities that make the shop what it is: a place where we can talk freely, bring our kids and know they will be treated kindly and respectfully and share our mutual hobbies and interests. I believe that the customers make the shop and I’d rather be here with you all then at any other business establishment that I can think of, so, thank you; it’s all on you.


Talk to you soon,




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