November 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

    The October Previews catalog arrived on Wednesday so as I read through it I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might interest you. These solicitations are for comics and products that will begin shipping in January of 2017. If there’s anything that you’d like, please try and let me know by the twenty first of this month so I can be sure to have enough copies on hand to fill your requests and subscription orders. (Don’t feel obligated to subscribe to a whole series; if you’d just like a copy of the first issue of a new series to try it out, let me know and I’ll be sure to put a copy aside for you.)

    This month the theme is From the Archives which means there will be a lot of older material, comic strip reprints from the thirties to the present, etc. If you’d like to follow along or see some images of covers and artwork you can go to
and there are other articles at, or you could sign up for the newsletter and maybe win prizes in the weekly giveaways at

    DARK HORSE: I’ve already had customers place orders for SLAYER: RELENTLESS #1 of 3 based on and scripted by the director of the thrash metal band’s Repentless videos with Guiu Vilanova’s art. And the Buffyverse expands again with ANGEL: SEASON 11 #1 written by Corinna Bechko with art by Geraldo Borges. And the Mignolaverse brings the HELLBOY WINTER SPECIAL 2017 with tales of Edward Grey in 1890’s London, Hellboy and Abe Sapien in 1980’s New England and a Hellboy tale in the 1950’s teasing an upcoming new series. There’s also a new one shot: LOBSTER JOHNSON: GARDEN OF BONES and the final collection: B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH, VOL. 15: COMETH THE HOUR TP. The incredibly talented and prolific Jeff Lemire offers the BLACK HAMMER GIANT-SIZED ANNUAL in conjunction with the first collection: BLACK HAMMER, VOL. 1: SECRET ORIGINS TP. In celebration of their twenty fifth anniversary, for only six dollars comes the DARK HORSE NUMBER ONES TP with six full first issues including the Umbrella Academy, Hellboy in Hell, Lady Killer, Black Hammer, Dept. H, Briggs Land, Bounty and Harrow County. The REEFER MADNESS TP collects tales from the thirties to the fifties by such luminaries as Siegel, Shuster, Kirby and Frazetta on the impact of weed on youth culture.

    DC: There was a series called DC Challenge that was a round robin tale where each issue would end with a cliffhanger and it was up to the next creative team to pick it up and run with it. THE KAMANDI CHALLENGE #1 of 12 begins another challenge with one of Jack ‘King’ Kirby’s most beloved characters and fourteen different art teams stepping up beginning with Dan Abnett and Dale Eaglesham. As a prelude to the upcoming relaunch of the Justice League of America comes a series of one shots written by Steve Orlando highlighting each member: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: THE ATOM REBIRTH will feature art by Andy MacDonald, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: THE RAY REBIRTH has Stephen Byrne’s art and both JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: KILLER FROST REBIRTH and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: VIXEN REBIRTH has art by Jody Houser. If you’re late to the party and would like to jump on board some of these Rebirth titles BATGIRL #7 begins the ‘Son of Penguin’ story, BATMAN #15 is ‘Streets and Swamps’ co-starring Swamp Thing, DETECTIVE COMICS #948 is part one of ‘Batwoman Begins’ THE FLASH #14 begins ‘Rogues Reloaded’ GREEN LANTERNS #15 is ‘Ghosts of the Past’ focusing on Jessica, HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #13 is ‘Heroes?’ set in the future with clues about upcoming adventures, HARLEY QUINN #11 begins ‘Joker Loves Harley’, NEW SUPER-MAN #7 is part one of ‘Training Day’, SUPERMAN #14 is part one of ‘Multiplicity’ dealing with Supermen across the multiverse, TITANS #7, ‘Home Sweet Home’ has the first meeting of Wally West and Superman and WONDER WOMAN #15 begins ‘The Truth’. The new Young Animal imprint offers the DOOM PATROL #1: DIRECTOR’S CUT and outside of the regular DC Universe is BATMAN ’66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN ’77 #1 of 6 with two covers, one by Michael Allred and one by Alex Ross, JUSTICE LEAGUE/POWER RANGERS #1 of 6 written by Tom Taylor with art by Stephen Byrne, THE ODYSSEY OF THE AMAZONS #1 of 6 written by writer/actor Kevin Grevioux with art by Ryan Benjamin, a historic tale set years before the birth of Diana and THE FALL AND RISE OF CAPTAIN ATOM #1 of 6 by Cary Bates and Greg Weisman with art by Will Conrad. A few more Rebirth collections are offered: BATMAN-DETECTIVE COMICS, VOL. 1: RISE OF THE BATMEN TP, HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS, VOL. 1: SINESTRO’S LAW TP, SUPERMAN-ACTION COMICS, VOL. 1: PATH OF DOOM TP and WONDER WOMAN, VOL. 1: THE LIES TP which collects the odd numbered issues as well as the Rebirth one shot. BATMAN: NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN HC collects the six part crossover, BATGIRL: A CELEBRATION OF 50 YEARS HC has over three hundred and fifty pages of her best adventures, BATGIRL: AN ADULT COLORING BOOK TP is self explanatory as is BATMAN: THE GOLDEN AGE, VOL. 2 TP and BATMAN: THE GOLDEN AGE OMNIBUS, VOL. 3 HC. Other recent collected editions include: BATMAN BEYOND, VOL. 3: WIRED FOR DEATH TP, EARTH 2, VOL. 6: COLLISION TP, JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERS TP, HARLEY QUINN AND HER GANG OF HARLEYS TP, GREEN LANTERN, VOL. 8: REFLECTIONS TP, ROBIN WAR TP, ROBIN, SON OF BATMAN, VOL. 2; DAWN OF THE DEMONS TP, TEEN TITANS, VOL. 4: WHEN TITANS FALL TP, WONDER WOMAN, VOL. 9: RESURRECTION TP and the WONDER WOMAN ’77, VOL. 2 TP plus, from the Hanna-Barbera line comes FUTURE QUEST, VOL. 1 TP and SCOOBY APOCALYPSE, VOL. 1 TP. Some older stories returning to print include the BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL OMNIBUS, VOL. 1 HC, BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS, VOL. 1 HC, COSMIC ODYSSEY: THE DELUXE EDITION HC, THE NEW TEEN TITANS, VOL. 6 TP, the SUPERMAN/BATMAN, VOL. 5 TP and WONDER WOMAN: HER GREATEST BATTLES TP. Also, the KAMANDI CHALLENGE SPECIAL reprints the classic sixty four page Kamandi #32 from 1975 by Kirby which includes the origin from Kamandi #1 plus the map of Earth after the ‘Great Disaster’ that inspired the original Kamandi Challenge priced under five dollars. New collections from the creator owned VERTIGO imprint include ABSOLUTE PREACHER, VOL. 2 HC, THE INVISIBLES: BOOK ONE TP, KID ETERNITY: BOOK ONE TP, RED THORN, VOL. 2: MAD DOGS AND SCOTSMEN TP and THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON, VOL. 2: POW. POW. POW. TP. DC DIRECT, their collectible imprint has statues from the movie: WONDER WOMAN ON HORSEBACK DELUXE STATUE, WONDER WOMAN TRAINING OUTFIT STATUE and WONDER WOMAN AND STEVE TREVOR STATUE and action figures from their television programs: DCTV: ARROW-CONSTANTINE and VIXEN ACTION FIGURES, DCTV: SUPERGIRL-SUPERGIRL and MARTIAN MANHUNTER ACTION FIGURES, each action figure priced at twenty eight dollars plus, from their animation is the NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES: GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT: BATGIRL, HARLEY QUINN, LIVEWIRE, POISON IVY AND SUPERGIRL ACTION FIGURE 5-PACK, five figures for eighty dollars. And, for forty dollars the DC BLUELINE WONDER WOMAN ACTION FIGURE BY JIM LEE in black and white, designed to resemble the pencil art.

    IDW: Their new series gets its’ first collection with ROM, VOL. 1 TP as well as the ROM ANNUAL 2017 and, after a decade of the Hasbro comic series the REVOLUTION TP has the six issues that drew everything together and left nothing standing. The new series REVOLUTIONARY #2 continues the confluence with Optimus Prime and the new Storm Shadow. There’s also the MICRONAUTS ANNUAL 2017 by Cullen Bunn and the GHOSTBUSTERS ANNUAL 2017 by Erik Burnham. There’s a ten page bonus story in the landmark MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC #50, there’s the JEM ANNUAL 2017 and a new limited series, BACK TO THE FUTURE: BIFF TO THE FUTURE #1 of 6. A creator I’ve followed and enjoyed for many years, Alex Robinson is releasing his BOX OFFICE POISON: COLOR COMICS #1, his long running slice of life story from IDW‘s TOP SHELF imprint in color for the first time. Ryan Ferrier’s tale of robotic mayhem continues in D4VEOCRACY #1 of 4 as D4VE runs for president. Joe Hill’s recent series gets a deluxe edition with the TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE HC with the artwork of Gabriel Rodriguez. The BEHAVING MADLY HC collects lots of tales from all of the comedy magazines that copied the success of Mad magazine like Snafu, Lunatickle, Cockeyed, Crazy, Thimk, Frenzy, Loco, Panic and Zany featuring most of the same creators including Jack Davis, Basil Wolverton, Steve Ditko, Joe Kubert, Jack Kirby and more. ANGRY BIRDS: GAME PLAY #1 begins the next season of the series based on the latest app.

    IMAGE: Charles (Daredevil, Star Wars) Soule with artists Ryan Browne and Jordan Boyd launches CURSE WORDS #1, a new ongoing fantasy series set in present day NYC about a magician who seems to be helping people get rich or famous with his spells (but he’s actually an evil wizard). Coming off his successful first comic series, award winning playwright Sean (Saints) Lewis follows up with a new dystopian science fiction series, THE FEW #1 with artist Hayden Sherman, a kind of Mad Max meets Station Eleven. Donny Cates has had quite a few limited series’ recently from Boom! and other companies but GOD COUNTRY #1 looks like it may be his breakout book; art by Geoff Shaw, Jason Wordie and John J. Hill this is the story of a senile old widower who survives a home leveling tornado and somehow he’s restored to a sound mind and body in time to deal with the creatures that the tornado has brought to Texas. Jason (Southern Bastards, Spider-Gwen) Latour with Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi launch LOOSE ENDS #1 of 4, a Southern crime romance that stretches from Tobacco Road through war torn Baghdad. Matt (Postal) Hawkins and Jason Ning write the DANTE one shot with art by Darick Robertson, a tale of a family man and assassin who kills the wrong person and finds himself cursed and his family missing. New story arcs begin in BLACK ROAD #6, BIRTHRIGHT #21, HORIZON #7, KILL OR BE KILLED #5, MANIFEST DESTINY #25, POSTAL #17, SHE WOLF #5, SPREAD #18 and THEY’RE NOT LIKE US #13 if you’ve been waiting for a chance to jump on. Collected editions this month include THE BLACK MONDAY MURDERS, VOL. 1: ALL HAIL, GOD MAMMON TP, HORIZON, VOL. 1 TP, KILL OR BE KILLED, VOL. 1 TP, MECHANISM, VOL. 1 TP, RENATO JONES: THE ONE %, SEASON 1 TP, ’68, VOL. 6: LAST RITES TP, THE AUTUMNLANDS, VOL. 2: WOODLAND CREATURES TP, CHEW, VOL. 12 TP, RED ONE, BOOK 2: UNDERCOVER HC and THIEF OF THIEVES, VOL. 6 TP. And there’s also a new edition of the OFFICER DOWNE TP by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham now with the complete screenplay to coincide with the release of the feature film starring Kim Coates.

    MARVEL: I’ll definitely need a check list when the Avengers, Champions, Guardians, X-Men and the Inhumans come together to battle in MONSTERS UNLEASHED #1 of 5 written by Cullen Bunn with the art of Steve McNiven. The first tie ins are SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #1.MU by Joshua Corin and Tigh Walker and AVENGERS #1.MU by Jim Zub and Sean Izaakse. THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP #1 is by Jeremy Whitley and Elsa Charretier. As the relaunch Marvel Now continues there’s THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 written by Margaret Stohl with Ramon Rosanas’ art but the other Marvel Now #1 issues this month aren’t actually first issues, just beginnings of new story arcs including NOW MIGHTY THOR #15 still by Jason Aaron with Russell Dauterman, NOW SPIDER-MAN #12 by Bendis and Pichelli, NOW SPIDER-GWEN #16 by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez, NOW UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #16 by Ryan North and Will Murray with Erica Henderson’s art, NOW DAREDEVIL #16 by Charles Soule and Goran Sudžuka, NOW MOON KNIGHT by Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood and NOW TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #15 by Greg Pak and Mahmud Asrar. IVX #3 of 6 is the halfway point of the current event and tie ins this month include UNCANNY X-MEN #17, EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #18, UNCANNY INHUMANS #18, DEADPOOL & THE MERCS FOR MONEY #7 and ALL NEW X-MEN #17. Tie ins to the CLONE CONSPIRACY #4 of 5 include PROWLER #4, SILK #16 and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #23. And the latest comedy mash up starts with DEADPOOL THE DUCK #1 of 5 by Stuart Moore and Jacopo Camagni. Two of my favorite characters from Marvel’s recent relaunches are now a team in OCCUPY AVENGERS #3 by David F. Walker and Carlos Pacheco and now Hawkeye and Red Wolf are joined by a third fave, Nighthawk. The TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #14 guest stars basketball superstar Jeremy Lin, MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #15 guest stars RiRi Williams; Ironheart. And MOSAIC #4 guest stars the Amazing Spider-Man. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #16 begins Brian Michael Bendis’ last arc on the team with artist Valerio Schiti in a story title ‘Grounded’ which crosses into ROCKET RACCOON #2 by Mathew Rosenberg and Jorge Coelho and STAR-LORD #2 by Chip Zdarsky and Kris Anka. DEADPOOL #25 is a fifty six page conclusion to the Deadpool 2099 story for under six dollars. Deluxe collections this month include UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL, VOL. 2 HC, MONSTERS, VOL. 1: THE MARVEL MONSTERBUS BY STAN LEE, LARRY LEIBER & JACK KIRBY HC, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN OMNIBUS, VOL. 3 HC, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: NEW GUARD, VOL. 3-CIVIL WAR II PREMIERE HC, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, VOL. 3: CIVIL WAR II PREMIERE HC, DOCTOR STRANGE, VOL. 3: BLOOD IN THE AETHER PREMIERE HC, the THANOS: DEATH SENTENCE PROSE NOVEL HC by Stuart Moore and, from the creator owned imprint, ICON is the EMPRESS PREMIERE HC by Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen. In soft cover, a few more ‘CWII’ books: CAPTAIN MARVEL, VOL. 2: CIVIL WAR II TP, ALL-NEW ALL DIFFERENT AVENGERS, VOL. 3: CIVIL WAR II TP and CIVIL WAR II: FALLOUT TP with the three one shots and the three part Ulysses series. Others include CAPTAIN MARVEL: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HERO, VOL. 3 TP, DEADPOOL & THE MERCS FOR MONEY, VOL. 1: MO’ MERCS, MO’ MONKEYS TP, DEADPOOL: BACK IN BLACK TP, ALL-NEW X-MEN: INEVITABLE, VOL. 3: HELL HATH SO MUCH FURY TP, EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN, VOL. 3: KINGDOMS FALL TP, UNCANNY X-MEN: SUPERIOR, VOL. 3: WAKING FROM THE DREAM TP, DAREDEVIL: BACK IN BLACK, VOL. 3-DARK ART TP and some older tales coming back to print; DEADPOOL AND THE SECRET DEFENDERS TP, WOLVERINE VS DEADPOOL TP, WOLVERINE: PREHISTORY TP, GHOST RIDER/WOLVERINE/PUNISHER: HEARTS OF DARKNESS TP, PUNISHER & BULLSEYE: DEADLIEST HITS TP, ELEKTRA BY PETER MILLIGAN, LARRY HAMA & MIKE DEODATO JR.:THE COMPLETE COLLECTION TP, CLOAK AND DAGGER: SHADOWS AND LIGHT TP, PUNISHER MAX: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, VOL. 5 TP, BLACK PANTHER: DOOMWAR TP and STAR WARS LEGENDS EPIC COLLECTION: THE NEWSPAPER STRIPS, VOL. 1 TP collecting more than four hundred and fifty pages of the series’ originally compiled and published by Dark Horse. Oh, and there’s a COLOR YOUR OWN WOLVERINE TP too!

    INDEPENDENTS: Dave Sim’s self publishing company AARDVARK VANAHEIM offers CEREBUS IN HELL #1; a zero issue was offered a while back (and should arrive next week on November ninth) and Dave said if it sold well that he had a few four part series’ he’d wanted to release, so I guess it sold okay! ABRAMS COMICARTS offers OCTAVIA BUTLER’S KINDRED: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL HC with John Jennings adapting the science fiction classic about slavery, race and the role of women in society. Phil (Deathstroke) Hester writes and Tony (Ex Machina) Harris pencils the new series from AFTERSHOCK, BLOOD BLISTER #1, a tale of a man who can’t find release from corruption because his soul is evil. ANIMOSITY: THE RISE #1 is a one shot spinning out of the hit series, a look at how ‘The Wake’ affected other parts of the world, with art by Juan Doe. The ROAD TO RIVERDALE TP from ARCHIE COMICS by Mark Waid, Fiona Staples and others is an introduction to the new changes leading up to the RIVERDALE #1 one shot by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Alitha Martinez with, of course more than ten variant covers. The latest from BLACK MASK is THE DREGS #1 by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson with the art of Eric Zawadzki, a mystery about the missing homeless in the six square blocks that the wealthy city dwellers allow them. BOOM! STUDIOS offers LADYCASTLE #1 of 4 by novelist Delilah S. Dawson and Ashley A. (Niobe, She is Life) Woods, a fantasy adventure about the women left behind in the castle after the men get eaten by a dragon, and WWE #1, an ongoing series featuring your favorite wrestling superstars, this issue focusing on Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, together know as The Shield. Their all age imprint KaBOOM! launches THE DEEP #1 of 6, a prequel to the Netflix series written by Tom Taylor with James Brouwer’s art and also has the UNCLE GRANDPA IN UNCLE GRANDPALAND OGN TP. Canadian publisher CHAPTERHOUSE offers AGENTS OF P.A.C.T. #1, a kind of X-Files meets Birds of Prey series as well as FREELANCE #1 by Jim Zub and Andrew Wheeler with art by Vaneda Vireak. Brian Pulido’s COFFIN COMICS has LADY DEATH: REVELATIONS #1 by Brian with Mike Debalfo and others providing the art and with the usual multiple covers including the forty dollar ‘naughty’ cover. DYNAMITE adds KISS: THE DEMON #1 of 4 to their regular Kiss series, written by Amy (Poison Ivy) Chu with art by Kewbar Baal and Amy is also writing RED SONJA #1 which will be illustrated by Carlos Gomez and take place in the modern day world. With the ongoing James Bond series by Warren Ellis and the limited series, JAMES BOND: HAMMERHEAD #4 of 6 by Andy Diggle currently in progress they now add JAMES BOND: FELIX LEITER #1 of 6 written by James (Squadron Supreme) Robinson with Aaron Campbell’s art focusing on the American counterpart to 007. THE SPIRIT: THE CORPSEMAKER #1 of 6 is written and illustrated by Francesco Francavilla! Fritz and her extended family will be featured in the Love & Rockets spinoff from FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS, PSYCHODRAMA ILLUSTRATED #1 by Gilbert Hernandez. GRAPHIX, an offshoot of Scholastic Books offers NEWSPRINTS, VOL. 1 in either hard or soft cover editions, written and illustrated by Ru Xu, an all age tale of an orphan who disguises herself as a newsboy during the war, a coming of age tale about becoming ones true self. JOE BOOKS, a Disney imprint offers DISNEY PIXAR CARS #1. International manga publisher KODANSHA offers the GHOST IN THE SHELL: DELUXE RTL EDITION HC, volumes one and two for under thirty dollars each, the definitive edition supervised by creator Shirow Masamune. The recent series from LION FORGE is collected in VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER, VOL. 1 TP available in both English and Spanish language editions. THE DAMNED, VOL. 1: THREE DAYS DEAD TP is written by Cullen Bunn with art by Brian Hurtt, over a hundred and fifty pages for under ten dollars from ONI PRESS, a supernatural crime story in color for the first time, recommended for fans of Preacher and Hellboy. POCKET BOOKS offers the SECRET PATH GN, an unusual item as it’s a ten song album by Gord Downie with a graphic novel illustrated by Jeff Lemire, the story of an indigenous boy in Canada who died fifty years ago in flight from a school he was forced to attend. THE RIFT #1 of 4 is by Academy Award nominee Richard Rayner and Don Handfield with art by Leno Carvalho, a story of government conspiracy and time travel from RED 5 COMICS. British publisher TITAN COMICS launches (RE)ASSIGNMENT #1 of 3, the Canadian comic that spawned the controversial film starring Sigourney Weaver to be released in the Spring of 2017, written by director Walter (The Warriors) Hill. The successful manga series in English for the first time begins its’ second arc with SHERLOCK: THE BLIND BANKER #1 of 6 and the new ASSASSIN’S CREED: DEFIANCE #1 has the Assassin’s and the Templars in one title. KHAAL #1 of 4 is a violent space opera, a kind of cosmic Game of Thrones meets Conan the Barbarian. TH3RD WORLD STUDIOS starts THE STUFF OF LEGEND, VOL. 5: A CALL TO ARMS-PART 1 beginning the penultimate chapter with art by Charles Paul Wilson. VALIANT expands their current Divinity III series, in progress, with the one shot DIVINITY III: ARIC-SON OF THE REVOLUTION #1 by Joe Harris and David LaFuente and offers GENERATION ZERO, VOL. 1: WE ARE THE FUTURE TP. Manga publisher VIZ MEDIA begins RUROUNI KENSHIN 3-in-1 EDITION, VOL. 1, six hundred pages for under fifteen dollars. After just relaunching their main titles ZENESCOPE is starting new series every month, this time with VAN HELSING VS THE MUMMY OF AMUN-RA #1 of 6 and GRIMM FAIRY TALES: DAY OF THE DEAD #1 of 6. And that reaches the end of the catalog for this month! (I really try to get this mailed out at the first of the month; I apologize for the lateness this month. I fell behind with the Halloween charity event.)

    My Pick of the Month for comics arriving in January is GOD COUNTRY #1 by Donnie Cates and Geoff Shaw; I think this is the book that will be the breakout title for Donnie.

    I would like to thank you all, not only for your friendship and support that’s kept the lights on here for the past fifteen years but also for your generosity during the quarterly benefit events; we raised $1550.00 for YOUTH ON THEIR OWN on October twenty ninth during this years’ Halloween Comic Fest and the artists, friends, customers and families once again came out and dug deep to support this wonderful local organization. I am grateful and humbled; thank you so much!

    I hope that you and yours are happy and healthy. Talk to you soon!



    Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), OGN (original graphic novel-not a reprint or collection),MMPB (mass market paperbacks), AF (action figure), T/C trading cards, T/S (tee shirt) and(to denote an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion).

    Besides the monthly Previews catalog there is also an ‘Adult Supplement’ which showcases the ‘adults only’ comics, books and videos. If you are interested in seeing what’s available (and you’re over eighteen) just send me an email and I will send you this month’s adult catalog with images, descriptions and prices.

    If you’d prefer not receive this in the future please respond with UNSUBSCRIBE; I’m really not trying to spam you! I only send this to subscription customers or those who request it. (I won’t be insulted at all if you’d like to discontinue. When I proofread it each month I know first hand how tedious it is.)

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