November 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends:

The new Previews catalog has arrived and features the comics and product due to begin arriving in December and January. If you see things that you like please let me know by the third week of the month so I can make sure to have it available for you.

I post comments and comic related news articles often on the shops’ Facebook page and many of the local creators also post news of their upcoming releases and projects:

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Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), MMPB (mass market paperback), AF (action figure), T/C (trading cards), T/S (tee shirt) and ☼(an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion).

Below I’ll list all of the most popular writers and artists and their current projects but first I’ll go through the publishers and point out anything new or noteworthy that may not be included in the lists below.


DARK HORSE: The AXE COP VOLUME #4: PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD TP collects the latest limited series based on the successful web comic soon to be featured as a Fox animated series.  ☼AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER-THE SEARCH PART 1 TP picks up after the three part ‘The Promise’ graphic novel series, an official continuation from the creators. ☼THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #1 OF 4 is written and illustrated by Francis Francavilla, the perfect artist for this noir crime series.  The HUSBANDS HC is a collection of original stories by the creators of the popular web comedy.  EMILY AND THE STRANGERS #1 OF 3 is Emily the Strange and her three cats forming a band, written by her creator, Rob Reger. THE UNAUTHORIZED TARZAN HC collects the four issues written by Joe Gill, penciled and inked by Sam Glanzman and published by Charlton Comics in the sixties; as they didn’t have a license for the comics they responded properly to the ‘cease and desist’ order and consequently these books have never been reprinted before. 


DC: THE RAVAGERS #8 introduces a new writer, Michael Alan Nelson (’28 Days Later’, ‘Fall of Cthulhu’) with art by Ig Guara and Norm Rapmund when a rogue Ravager that Rose Wilson and Warblade are hunting infects an entire community.  B. Clay Moore writes and Tony Harris illustrates JSA: LIBERTY FILES-THE WHISTLING SKULL #2 OF 6.  Derek Fridolfs writes BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED #10 based on the hit video game with art by Bruno Redondo and David Lopez.  The ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN: JOSE LUIS GARCIA-LOPEZ HC obviously collects Superman tales illustrated by master comics artist Garcia-Lopez.  INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US #1 is written by Tom Taylor with art by Jheremy Raapack and is based on the highly anticipated video game from the makers of ‘Mortal Kombat’.  INSURGENT #1 OF 6 is an original limited series of cutting edge science fiction and hi-tech military action written by F. J. DeSanto and Todd Farmer with the art of Federico Dallocchio.


IDW: Ideas and Design Works plans a weekly event beginning in the new year, a series of bizarre one shots involving their ‘Mars Attacks’ title and some very unlikely cross overs: MARS ATTACKS: POPEYE, MARS ATTACKS: KISS, MARS ATTACKS: THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, MARS ATTACKS: THE TRANSFORMERS and MARS ATTACKS: ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS.  Scott and David Tipton begin DOCTOR WHO: PRISONERS OF TIME #1 OF 12 with art by Simon Fraser which will feature an epic adventure with each of the eleven Doctors as well as an essay on each.  John Barber writes TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: THUNDERCRACKER illustrated by Chee.  Sohaib Awan writes JINNRISE #1, a tale of alien invasion where Earth’s defense is in the form of genies; the art is by 2011’s top Kubert School graduates Tony Vassallo and Timothy Yates.


IMAGE: Eisner Award winner Paul Pope traveled the world in the nineties, wrote, illustrated and had published his ‘Supertrouble’ manga in Japan with Kodansha Press and did a few covers and short stories for the American market.  Image offers the ☼ONE TRICK RIP-OFF/DEEP CUTS HC which features the long promised ‘One Trick Rip-Off’ in color, ‘Supertrouble’ in English for the first time and, all told a 288 page book of which over 150 pages are new, rare and never before seen stories.  It’s thirty bucks and recommended.  DIAS DE LAS MUERTAS #1 OF 3 is artist Riley Rossmo illustrating stories by nine writers, three per issue in this bimonthly, forty page golden age formatted series telling tales from beyond the grave.  REPOSSESSED #1 OF 4 is written and illustrated by JM Ringuet and tells the story of blue collar repo men who recover loved ones from demonic possession.  TODD: THE UGLIEST KID ON EARTH #1 OF 4 is written by Ken Kristensen with art by K. K. Perker and follows America’s most dysfunctional family as they encounter an Oprah loving ax murderer, a cult crazy soap opera star and a neo-Nazi prison gang.  Matt Hawkins expands his new series with THINK TANK: MILITARY DOSSIER #1, a behind the scenes look into a DARPA contracted think tank; THINK TANK #5 is also offered this month.  TOM JUDGE: THE GEOMETRY OF HELL is a one shot with the Rapture bearer trapped in Hell, although he’s forgotten where he is; fans of ‘Darkness’ and ‘Witchblade’ will want this one.  Jimmie Robinson’s outrageous series (not for kids) gets the deluxe treatment in BOMB QUEEN DELUXE EDITION: VOLUME #1 HC. 


MARVEL:  The ‘House of Ideas’ continues it’s relaunch, planning on fifty new first issues in fifty weeks; this month there’s UNCANNY X-FORCE #1, NEW AVENGERS #1, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1, YOUNG AVENGERS #1 and MORBIUS, THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1 spinning out of the pages of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #699.  All of these are mentioned below under their respective creators.  I didn’t mention SAVAGE WOLVERINE #1 which will take place in the Savage Land and is written and illustrated by Frank Cho.  Other new titles that aren’t mentioned below include: DEADPOOL #4 which is written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn with art by Tony Moore as the merc fights Abe Lincoln, PUNISHER: NIGHTMARE #1 OF 5, a weekly series by Scott Gimple with art by Mark Texiera, except an injured Special Forces soldier named Jake Niman is the lead character; not Frank Castle, SILVER SURFER BY STAN LEE & MOEBIUS reprints both issues of ‘Silver Surfer: Parable’, DARK TOWER-THE GUNSLINGER: SHEEMIE’S TALE #1 OF 2 is written by Robin Furth with the art of Richard Isanove, X-MEN #40 is written by Seth Peck with the artist TBD (to be determined) and Jason Starr writes and Roland Boschi illustrates WOLVERINE MAX #4.


INDEPENDENTS: ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT begins an ongoing all age sports series with NFL RUSH ZONE: SEASON OF THE GUARDIANS #1 and the limited series that serves as a prologue is also available in a collected edition.  ANDREWS McMEEL offers the COMPLETE CALVIN & HOBBES HC, three hard covers in a slip case for a hundred and fifty dollars; all seventeen of the soft cover collections have also come back into print. ANTARCTIC PRESS offers HONEY BADGER VS THE WORLD.  BOOM! STUDIOS successful all age imprint, KaBOOM! begins a new spin off limited series with ADVENTURE TIME: FIONA & CAKE #1 OF 6 written and illustrated by the creator, Natasha Allegri.  COMIXTRIBE launches THE STANDARD #1 about a super hero turned celebrity trying to step up and be a hero again.  DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT has VAMPIRELLA STRIKES #1 OF 6 written by Tom Sniegoski with the art of Johnny Desjardins.  JIM BUTCHER’S DREDEN FILES: GHOUL GOBLIN #1 begins an original comic series set in the official ‘Dresden Files’ continuity written by Mark Powers with art by Joseph Cooper.  The BIONIC MAN VS THE BIONIC WOMAN #1 OF 6 is written by Keith Champagne with Jose Luis’ art.  DRAWN & QUARTERLY offers ☼AYA: LOVE IN YOP CITY VOLUME #2 GN completing the saga of life on the Ivory Coast in the late seventies.  GRAPHIX, Scholastic Books graphic novel imprint offers ☼BONE: QUEST FOR THE SPARK-BOOK THREE NOVEL by Tom Sniegoski which concludes the trilogy.  KINGSTONE is a new company offering Christian graphic novels; THE CHRIST: VOLUME #1 TP is the first of the trilogy of the life of Jesus adapted by Ben Avery with art by Sergio Cariello, the KINGSTONE BIBLE: VOLUME #1 TP tells six clasic stories from the Old Testament and THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS: VOLUME #1 and VOLUME #2 TP’s adapts John Bunyan’s classic British work for younger readers.  NBM offers ☼THE INITIATES HC GN written and illustrated by Etienne Davodeau a comic artist who traded jobs with a wine maker for more than a year, both learning the others’ craft and this is the story; an examination of people’s life choices and passions.  ONI PRESS releases PENNY ARCADE VOLUME 9: PASSION’S HOWL.  RED 5 collects MOON GIRL TP a fifties pulp crime adventure featuring the character originally created by Gardner Fox and Sheldon Moldoff in an adventure originally published by Moonstone with fully painted art by Rahzzah.  VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT collects the first five issues in HARBINGER VOLUME #1: OMEGA RISING TP written by Joshua Dysart with art by Khari Evans plus HARBINGER #8 also by Dysart with Phil Briones’ art.  ZENESCOPE has GRIMM FAIRY TALES: MYTHS & LEGENDS #25 which is the double sized final issue of the series and the GRIMM FAIRY TALES ANIMATED ONE SHOT is based on the pilot episode for the animated series coming this fall.


AARON: Jason writes one of the two tales in A PLUS X #4 where Storm and Black Panther meet up for the first time in the wake of ‘AVX’ illustrated by Pasqual Ferry.  The second tale is by Jason Latour with Mark Brooks’ art.  Jason writes THOR, GOD OF THUNDER #4 as King Thor makes his last stand against the legions of the God Butcher in a post apocalyptic Asgardian future featuring painted art by Esad Ribic.  In WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #23 Logan fights Frankenstein (the doctor?) and in issue #24 it’s date night featuring Kitty and Iceman plus Storm and Wolverine; the former issue with art by Nick Bradshaw and the latter with an artist TBD (to be determined).  The WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN BY JASON AARON TP #2 collects issues five through eight with art by Nick Bradshaw and Chris Bachalo.

ABNETT/LANNING: Dan Abnett’s recent, eight issue tongue-in-cheek Vertigo tale of Victorian vampires is collected as the NEW DEADWARDIANS TP with art by I. N. J. Culbard.  Dan and Andy write HYPERNATURALS #7 with art by Andres Guinaldo and Tom Derenick.

ADAMS: Neal illustrated and co-wrote the adventures of the mutants before the advent of Professor Xavier with Christos N. Gage which is now collected as the FIRST X-MEN PREMIERE HC.

AGUIRRE-SACASA: Roberto begins a limited series within the pages of ARCHIE #641 which is part one of ‘Archie meets Glee’; the art is by Dan Parent and, as Roberto is a writer of the Fox program I suspect it will be very true to the characters.

ALLRED: Mike illustrates ‘Our Friend the Ant’ written by Damon Gentry, one of the tales in Dark Horse’s EERIE COMICS #2.  Brian Clevinger of ‘Atomic Robo’ fame writes a tale of insidious alien invasion.  Mike and his lovely wife, Laura provide the cover for IT GIRL AND THE ATOMICS #6 featuring a solo Mr. Gum story, a character from Mike’s ‘Madman’ comic written by Jamie S. Rich with the art of Chynna Clugston Flores.  At Marvel Mike illustrates FF #3 which is written by Matt Fraction.

ANDREYKO: Marc writes DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #16 completing the Black Lightning/Blue Devil team up story with art by Robson Rocha and Oclair Albert.  Marc and Christy Marks write SWORD OF SORCERY #4, fantasy tales of Amethyst, the Princess of Gemworld now on Earth and guest starring John Constantine with art by Travis Moore and Andrei Bressan.

ARCUDI: John collaborates with Mike Mignola on B.P.R.D.: 1948 #4 OF 5 with art by Max Fiumara.

ASMUS: James along with Jim Festante offer a new and original limited series from Image titled END TIMES OF BRAM & BEN #1 OF 4; illustrated by Rem Broo this is about two people in the Biblical ‘End Times’, one a victim of a clerical rapture error who will try to use Armageddon to his benefit, recommended for fans of ‘Chew’ and ‘Battle Pope’.  James and Robert Kirkman write THIEF OF THIEVES #12 with Felix Serrano inking the pencils of Shawn Martinbrough.  James is the writer of the new GAMBIT #8 with the art of Pasqual Ferry as the mutant thief gets in over his head (again).

AZZARELLO: Brian writes ☼BEFORE WATCHMEN: COMEDIAN #5 OF 6 with J. G. Jones’ beautifully detailed art.  Brian with artist Cliff Chiang continues the stellar run with WONDER WOMAN #16 and Brian also wrote the eleven issues collected in the SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW TP illustrated by Jim Lee where millions of people have vanished from the Earth; could Superman be responsible? 

BEDARD: Antony writes GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #16, part of the ‘Rise of the Third Army’ cross over with art by Aaron Kuder as Kyle begins to gain mastery over the spectrum of ring powers.  Antony also writes BLUE BEETLE #16 with Marcio Takara’s art; this is the final issue of the series but leads directly into the new ‘Threshold’ series.  The ‘Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual’ will also lead into ‘Threshold’ (which I’ll mention again in Keith Giffen’s listing). 

BEECHEN: Adam completes his first year telling the future tales of Gotham in BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #12 wit Norm Breyfogle’s art; also a future Lobo story in this issue.

BENDIS: Brian continues with the relaunch of the flagship mutant title with ☼ALL NEW X-MEN #5 and #6; issue five finishes the first arc with the art of Stuart Immonen (and an original team member changed forever) and issue six begins a three issue story with David Marquez’ art.  While David does the art for the mutants Sara Pichelli draws ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #19 where Miles meets the new and hungry Venom.  Brian and David Mack write ☼DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS #4 OF 8 with Klaus Janson’s art. (Did I tell you that the first issue was incredible?)  In collected editions the AVENGERS BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS PREMIERE HC #5 collects his final arc on the series as does the NEW AVENGERS BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS PREMIERE HC #5.  The ULTIMATE COMICS: DIVIDED WE FALL, UNITED WE STAND HC collects a six part story that went through all three ‘Ultimate’ series and was written by Brian Wood, Sam Humphries and Brian Bendis.

BRUBAKER: At Image Ed writes his FATALE #12 with series artist Sean Phillips, a flashback issue and a good place to jump on board.  At Marvel Ed finishes the ‘Black Widow Hunt’ in WINTER SOLDIER #14 with artist Butch Guice.  The CAPTAIN AMERICA: DEATH OF CAPTAIN AMERICA ULTIMATE COLLECTION TP collects the whole tale; ‘Captain America’ #22-#42 plus the ‘Winter Soldier: Winter Kills’ one shot.

BUCCELLATO: Brian continues to co-write tales of the fastest man alive with series artist Francis Manapul; in FLASH #16 we see if Gorilla Grodd can survive being taken into the speed force.  Brian is also co-writing a new science fiction series with David Wohl, ORIUS #1 OF 3 is illustrated by Pat Lee and deals with a race of grays who, facing extinction seek a new planet.  (Go ahead and guess what planet they pick.)

BUNN: Cullen writes VENOM #29 and #30, both with art by Thony Silas as Flash Thompson’s first adventure in Philadelphia becomes ‘Toxic’.  Cullen will also be writing DEADPOOL KILLUSTRATED #1 OF 4 as the mutilated mentally deranged mercenary hunts down famous literary personages, illustrated by Matteo Lolli and focusing on Captain Ahab and Moby Dick this issue.  The CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BLACK WIDOW TP collects Cullen’s work with artist Francesco Francavilla.  And at Oni Press Cullen continues the series that made the powers that be sit up and take notice; SIXTH GUN #28 features art by Brian Hurtt.

BYRNE: John begins a new limited series at Image, HIGH WAYS #1 OF 4, a story of space faring cargo transport in out solar system.

CAREY: Mike has zombies, a hungry vampire journalist and a homicide in the next issue of his hit Vertigo series: UNWRITTEN #45 with series artist Peter Gross.

CASEY: Joe’s collaborative work with Robert Kirkman gets the deluxe treatment with the HAUNT: IMMORTAL EDITION HC #2 featuring the art of Greg Capullo and others and Joe writes HAUNT #30 with Nathan Fox’ artwork revealing the mystery of Mirage.

CHAYKIN: Howard completes the sequel to his adult series with BLACK KISS II #6 OF 6, one of the few adult series’ that is built on plot and characterization rather than sexual fantasies (although, as with the first series, there are plenty of graphic sexual situations).

COOKE: Darwyn writes and illustrates ☼BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN #6 OF 6, he also has a regular strip running in CREATOR OWNED HEROES #8.

CORNELL: Paul writes his creator owned title for Vertigo, SAUCER COUNTRY #11, a stand alone tale with art by Mirko Colak of ‘Conan’ fame, as Michael meets the ‘Things at the Bottom of the Garden’ while trying to determine what is causing him to slip between different realities.

COSTA: Mike writes COBRA ONGOING #21 with Antonio Fuso and Werther Dell’edera’s art and the G.I. JOE: COBRA TP: SON OF THE SNAKE also features Fuso’s art.

DAVID: Peter is writing CASTLE: A CALM BEFORE THE STORM #2 OF 5, an adaptation of the ABC television show that was created by comic luminaries Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick; this story is illustrated by Robert Atkins.  Peter also writes X-FACTOR #250 with Leonard Kirk’s art; this begins the ‘Hell on Earth-War’ story as the birth of the planet’s seven billionth child begins a war for dominance among the lords of Hell.  X-FACTOR TP #18: BREAKING POINTS collects issues #241 through #245 and some older work of Peter’s comes back in print with the SPIDER-MAN: THE DEATH OF JEAN DeWOLFF TP illustrated by Rich Buckler and Sal Buscema.

DeCONNICK: Kelly Sue writes AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #11 with Stefano Caselli’s art as Spider-Woman is locked in a box with a parasite infected Hulk.  She also writes CAPTAIN MARVEL #9 which begins a new arc with Filipe Andrade’s art.

DeFALCO: Tom writes SUPERBOY #16 with art by R.B. Silva and Rob Lean which continues the ‘H’el On Earth’ crossover as the Fortress of Solitude is breached.  The story continues into the SUPERBOY ANNUAL #1 with Eber Ferreira inking the pencils of Yvel Guichet as Superman begins to learn the truth about Superboy.  Tom also writes LEGION LOST #16 with the art of Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin, guest starring the Ravagers and Superboy and this will be the final issue of the series.

DIDIO: Dan continues on the new PHANTOM STRANGER #4 series with Brent Anderson and Philip Tan illustrating and guest starring Justice League Dark along with John Constantine who question why they need this enigmatic guy around anyway.

DIGGLE: Andy begins a new arc in DOCTOR WHO III #5 with art by the talented and long absent Craig Hamilton.

DIXON: Chuck writes G.I. JOE II #21 with art by Will Rosado and the final issue of SNAKE EYES & STORM SHADOW #21, a silent issue like the original ‘GI Joe’ issue twenty one, the art is by Robert Atkins.  The G.I. JOE IDW COLLECTION HC #1 is by Chuck and Larry Hama with art by Tom Feister and others; beginning with the tales from ‘G.I. Joe: Origins’ the book follows the adventures chronologically.  Chuck also co-writes the FUBAR WINTER SPECIAL, a one shot with Jeff McComsey; the art is by Steve Becker and Shawn Aldridge and this is part of the WWII zombie series.  A busy man, Chuck also continues his adaptation of ROBERT JORDAN’S WHEEL OF TIME: EYE OF THE WORLD #33 with the art of Francis Nuguit.

EDMONDSON: The second arc of Nathan’s creator owned title is collected as ACTIVITY TP #2 with art by Mitch Gerads and the second series of his other creator owned title continues with WHERE IS JAKE ELLIS #3 OF 5 with art by Tonci Zonjic.  At Marvel Nathan concludes ULTIMATE COMICS: IRON MAN #4 OF 4 with Matteo Buffagni’s art and the final showdown with the Mandarin.  He also joins Brian Wood to write ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN #21 as the ‘Reservation X’ story continues with Carlo Barberi’s art, guest starring the Iron Patriot.

ENNIS: Garth continues the ongoing mature readers series with artist and long time collaborator Goran Parlov in FURY MAX #8 as Nick and Frank Castle become POW’s in Vietnam.  Garth continues his war tales in BATTLEFIELDS: GREEN FIELDS BEYOND, PART THREE #3 OF 6 with Carlos Ezquerra’s art.  The JOHNNY RED HC #3: ANGELS OVER STALINGRAD is the final volume collecting these aerial combat tales by Tom Tully with art by Joe Colguhoun and Garth writes a back up feature about Stalingrad.  There’s also a new tee shirt by Darick Robertson based on his work with Garth; THE BOYS BY ROBERTSON T/S will probably be the last of these now that the series has concluded.

FIALKOV: Joshua Hale writes I, VAMPIRE #16 with Dennis Calero’s art and this will tell the history of vampires in the DC Universe going from Cain up to Andrew’s plan to be the new King of the Vampires.  Also at DC Joshua writes MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: ORIGIN OF HE MAN #1 featuring the art of Ben Oliver and the first battle between Skeletor and He Man.

FRACTION: Matt is writing FF #3 which will be illustrated by Mike Allred and FANTASTIC FOUR #3 with the team beginning the new year on a new planet; Mark Bagley provides the artwork.  Matt along with artist David Aja continues the surprisingly good work on HAWKEYE #7.   The UNCANNY X-MEN COMPLETE COLLECTION BY FRACTION TP #1 features issues #500 through #511 plus the ‘X-Men: Divided We Stand’ one shot and some material from ‘X-Men Unlimited’ #9.

GAGE: Christos writes ANGEL & FAITH #18 for Dark Horse with art by Rebekah Isaacs and, along with Jeff Parker he also writes BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: WILLOW WONDERLAND #3 OF 5 with art by Brian Ching and Jason Gorder.  At Marvel he writes AVENGERS ASSEMBLE ANNUAL #1 with Tomm Coker’s art which focuses on the Vision and the MARVEL’S IRON MAN 3 PRELUDE #1 OF 2 with Steve Kurth’s art which leads up to the upcoming film plus the MARVEL’S THOR ADAPTATION #1 OF 2 with Lan Medina’s art.  Christo’s collaboration with artist Neal Adams gets the deluxe treatment with the FIRST X-MEN PREMIERE HC.

GAIMAN: The ☼ANNOTATED SANDMAN HC #3 collects issues forty through forty five with annotations by Leslie S. Klinger referencing all of the literary, historical and mythological connections and influences of the series.  Neil’s wonderful novel ☼NEIL GAIMAN’S AMERICA GODS: 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION SC is offered too.

GIFFEN: Keith writes the GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS ANNUAL #1 with the art by Scott Kolins and inks by Andrei Bressan and this will be connected to the ‘Rise of the Third Army’ and will also be the lead in to the new ongoing THRESHOLD #1, also written by Keith with art by Tom Raney.  Both of these issues focus on Jediah Caul, a disgraced and ringless Green Lantern hunted across the galaxy as part of a popular reality show; the back up story with Scott Kolins’ art is a Larfleeze solo story.  Keith also completes HE MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #6 OF 6 with Ruy Jose inking the pencils of Philip Tan.

GILLEN: Kieron will be writing YOUNG AVENGERS #1; illustrated by Jamie McKelvie the team will feature Hulkling, Wiccan, Hawkeye, Loki, Marvel Boy and Ms America.  Kieron also writes IRON MAN #5 with Greg Land’s photo realistic art debuting an all new space armor.  He is also one of the contributing authors of the AVENGERS VS X-MEN TP: CONSEQUENCES collecting the five issue ‘aftermath’ series.  The UNCANNY X-MEN BY KIERON GILLEN TP #3 has Greg Land’s art and features more ‘AvX’ tie in tales.

GISCHLER: Best selling crime novelist, Victor continues on SHADOW #10, part three of the four part ‘George Orwell’ story with the art of Aaron Campbell.

GLASS: Adam writes SUICIDE SQUAD #16 as many mysterious happenings have Amanda Waller in a quandary; the issue features the art of Sandu Florea under a cover by Ken Lashley.  Adam’s work is collected in the SUICIDE SQUAD TP #2: BASILISK RISING with Federico Dallocchio and others providing the artwork.

GOLDEN: The MICHAEL GOLDEN G.I. JOE ARTIST EDITION PORTFOLIO HC is the ‘G.I. Joe Yearbook #2’ as photocopied from the original pencils in full size.  IDW has been doing these for a while now, the series won the Eisner Award.  The original story was written by Larry Hama.

GRAY/PALMIOTTI: Justin and Jimmy write ALL STAR WESTERN #16 with Moritat’s art on the Jonah Hex story which is tied to the ‘Black Diamond Probability’ cross over and Phil Winslade on the backup with Tomahawk.  They write AME COMIC GIRLS #4 FEATURING POWER GIRL with art by Mike Bowden and Emanuela Lupacchino and HUMAN BOMB #2 OF 4 with Jerry Ordway providing the art.

GUGGENHEIM: Marc along with Andrew Kreisberg writes ARROW #3 with art by Mike Grell and others; as both of these writers have experience as screenwriters as well as comic book writers I suspect they will do well with both the television program and this companion comic series.

HAMA: Larry writes G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #186 with art by Ron Wagner, Larry and Chuck Dixon wrote the material in G.I. Joe IDW COLLECTION HC #1 beginning a chronological deluxe reprinting of the whole series and the MICHAEL GOLDEN: G.I. JOE ARTIST EDITION PORTFOLIO HC is also a Larry Hama tale.

HESTER: Phil, along with J. Michael Straczynski wrote the tales in the WONDER WOMAN: ODYSSEY TP #2 with Don Kramer’s art and Phil writes GUARDING THE GLOBE #5, a spin off series from the pages of ‘Invincible’ with art by Todd Nauck.

HICKMAN: Jonathan writes the brilliant ☼MANHATTAN PROJECTS #10 with art by Jordie Bellair inking the pencils of Ming Doyle which will be an in-depth look at the first decade of the ongoing war inside Oppenheimer’s brain.  At Marvel Jonathan will attempt to fill the very large shoes of Brian Bendis as he takes over ☼NEW AVENGERS #1 and #2 with Steve Epting’s art.  The team will consist of leader Black Panther with Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Black Bolt, Mister Fantastic, Namor and the Beast with the enemy being an infinite variety of parallel universes.  Jonathan has also taken the reins of Bendis’ AVENGERS #3 and #4 both with art by Jerome Opena.  Issue three finishes the first arc as the Avengers battle the Garden on Mars and issue four begins the ‘Death and Resurrection of Major Titans’ as the legacy of the Garden is explored.

HIGGINS: Kyle writes NIGHTWING #16, a ‘Death of the Family’ tie-in with art by Eddie Barrows and Eber Ferreira as Dick’s past literally burns down around him.

HINE: David continues as the scribe on Top Cow’s DARKNESS #111 with art by Jeremy Haun in ‘Wrath of the Witchblade’.  For Image he writes STORM DOGS #3 OF 6 with Ulises Arreola inking the pencil art of Doug Braithwaite.  At Avatar Press David writes NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: AFTERMATH #4 with art by German Erramouspe.

HOPELESS: Dennis co-writes ANSWER #1 OF 4 with series artist Mike Norton for Dark Horse; the Answer is a crime fighter with an exclamation point on his face teamed up with an insomniac librarian with a knack for solving puzzles.  At Marvel Dennis writes CABLE AND X-FORCE #3 with art by Salvador Larroca and AVENGERS ARENA #3 with Kev Walker’s art features a battle between X-23 and Annihilation’s Cammi.

HUMPHRIES: Sam writes the new UNCANNY X-FORCE #1 with artist Ron Garney; the team consists of Psylocke, Storm, Puck, Spiral and Cluster and their first battle will be against Bishop.  Sam also writes ULTIMATE COMICS: ULTIMATES #20 with Scot Eaton’s art and featuring President Captain America and Black Widow as director of S.H.I.E.L.D.  The ULTIMATE COMICS: DIVIDED WE FALL, UNITED WE STAND HC collects a six part story that went through all three ‘Ultimate’ series and was written by Brian Wood, Sam Humphries and Brian Bendis. Sam co-writes FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES #10 with Shane Houghton and Jerry Gaylord providing the artwork and he writes the final issue of HIGHER EARTH #9 with artist Francesco Biagini.

HURWITZ: Gregg writes BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #16 with new series artist Ethan Van Sciver as the caped crusader goes up against the twisted Mad Hatter.

JENKINS: Paul is one of the contributing writers of the material collected in STORMWATCH TP #2: ENEMIES OF THE EARTH and Paul is writing DEATHMATCH #2, a super hero battle royale with Carlos Magno’s art and SITUATION #1, described as James Bond meets the Sopranos with art by Talent Caldwell.

JOHNS: Geoff writes JUSTICE LEAGUE #16 with artist Ivan Reis and AQUAMAN #16 with Paul Pelletier’s art and these are the next two chapters of the cross over series, ‘Throne of Atlantis’.  Geoff also writes GREEN LANTERN #16, a new chapter of the ‘Rise of the Third Army’ cross over with art by Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy.  The material collected in the ABSOLUTE BLACKEST NIGHT HC is by Geoff and Peter Tomasi with art by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert.

JOHNSON: Mike writes SUPERGIRL #16 with series artist Mahmud A. Asrar continuing the assault on the Fortress of Solitude as the ‘H’el on Earth’ cross over continues.  Mike also writes STAR TREK ONGOING #17 with Claudia Balboni’s art, setting the scene for the upcoming movie.  Mike is also writing STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS #1, the official prequel to the film with David Messina’s artwork.  Mike also wrote the STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN series that was the prequel to the previous movie and is available in hard cover and soft cover formats.  And he’s also writing TRANSFORMERS: PRIME RAGE OF THE DINOBOTS #3 OF 4 with Mairghread Scott and art by Agustin Padilla.

JORDAN: Justin is writing TEAM 7 #4 with Jesus Merino’s art as the team fights Eclipso and appropriately reveals the origin of Deathstroke as Justin also writes DEATHSTROKE #16 with art by Scott Clark as Slade faces the anger of Jericho.  At Image Justin writes the LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE #2 OF 6 with artist Tradd Moore and at Valiant he co-writes SHADOWMAN #3 with the series’ artist Patrick Zircher.

JURGENS: Dan writes and pencils the FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN #16 as Ronnie and Jason’s alias is now Public Enemy #1.  Dan and Jerry Ordway’s most famous work is now collected in the SUPERMAN: DEATH AND RETURN OF SUPERMAN OMNIBUS HC priced at a hundred dollars.

KEATINGE: Joe is one of the nine writers contributing to ☼DIAS DE LAS MUERTAS #1 OF 3; all the stories will be illustrated by Riley Rossmo.  Also at Image, Joe’s own HELL YEAH #6 begins a new arc with art by Andre Szymanowicz and Fabio Redivo and Joe writes GLORY #32 with Ross Campbell’s art.  At Marvel he writes MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1 with Richard Elson providing the art; the first issue spins out of the penultimate issue of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’.

KINDT: Matt writes and draws his own ☼MIND MGMT #7 and begins to expand the cast at Dark Horse.  At DC Matt writes FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #16, the final issue of the series with Wayne Faucher inking the pencils of Alberto Ponticelli.

KIRKMAN: Robert reaches another milestone with INVINCIBLE #100 (with at least nine different covers) concluding ‘The Death of Everyone’ story with art by Ryan Ottley and John Rauch.  The HAUNT: IMMORTAL EDITION HC #1 collects the first twelve issues of the series co-created with Todd McFarlane and featuring Greg Capullo’s art.  The HAUNT: IMMORTAL EDITION HC #2 has the next twelve issues when Robert hands over the reigns to Joe Casey as the series’ scribe.  INVINCIBLE TP #17: WHAT’S HAPPENING? collects issues ninety one through ninety six, SUPER DINOSAUR #18 has Jason Howard’s art, THIEF OF THIEVES #12 is co-written by James Asmus and the art is by Shawn Marinbrough and Felix Serrano and WALKING DEAD #106 has art by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.  There are also some new tee shirts tied to the series: WALKING DEAD T/S: FLAG and WALKING DEAD T/S FLAG-WOMEN’S featuring Charlie Adlard’s artwork.

KRUL: The GREEN ARROW: SALVATION TP collects J.T.’s story from just after ‘Brightest Day’ with art by Diogenes Neves and Agustin Padilla and the J. T. KRUL LOST SPARK NOVEL is a fantasy novel being published by Aspen Press.  J.T. Also continues on SOULFIRE VOLUME 4, #5 with art by Mike DeBalfo.

LANSDALE: Horror novelist Joe teams up with Keith Lansdale and artist Brian Denham for a tale of terror in the wild west titled CRAWLING SKY #1 OF 3 from Antarctic Press.

LAPHAM: David writes THE STRAIN #10 OF 12 with art by Mike Huddleston at Dark Horse.  He writes the AGE OF APOCALYPSE #11 with Roberto De LaTorre’s art for Marvel and his DEADPOOL MAX TP: SECOND CUT features art by Kyle Baker and is for mature readers only (like most of David’s work).  The ☼DAN THE UNHARMABLE TP #1 collects the first six issues with art by Rafael Ortiz and a story that defines the phrase ‘darkly humorous’.  And ☼DAN THE UNHARMABLE #9 is also offered along with David’s CALIGULA: HEART OF ROME #2 OF 6 with art by German Nobile and CROSSED: BADLANDS #21 and #22 with Miguel Garrido’s art; ‘Crossed’ is the zombie series for those that find the ‘Walking Dead’ too tame.  FERALS #12 has art by Gabriel Andrade and all of these books are mature, violent and published by Avatar Press.

LAYMAN: John is writing DETECTIVE COMICS #16, a ‘Death of the Family’ tie in with art by Jason Fabok and Andy Clarke as Batman is forced to make a deal with the Penguin.  At Image he continues with CHEW #31 beginning the second half of the series with artist Rob Guillory.  Hopefully you all met John when he attended the fifth annual Tucson Comic Convention on Sunday.

LEMIRE: Jeff writes ANIMAL MAN #16, part four of ‘Rotworld: The Red Kingdom’ with Steve Pugh’s art and JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #16 with Ray Fawkes co-writing and art by Mikel Janin.

LEVITZ: Paul writes WORLD’S FINEST #8 with George Perez’ art and LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #16 with art by Scott Kolins, where it’s time to elect a new team leader.

LISS: Historical fiction novelist, David writes THE SPIDER #8 with art by Ivan Rodriguez and the first arc is collected as THE SPIDER TP #1: TERROR OF THE ZOMBIE QUEEN which is illustrated by Colton Worley.

LIU: Marjorie writes ASTONISHING X-MEN #58 with art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta and with Warbird labeled an enemy of Earth and of the Shi’ar; will the X-Men defend her or capture her?

LOBDELL: Scott writes SUPERMAN #16, a ‘H’el on Earth’ tie in guest starring the Justice League with art by Kenneth Rocafort and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #16, a ‘Death of the Family’ tie in which involves Tim Drake and Jason Todd trying to keep their respective teams from killing each other (and we know they set such a good example on how to get along); the art is by Timothy Green.  Scott also writes TEEN TITANS #16 another ‘Death of the Family’ tie-in, this one marks the return of Raven, illustrated by Norm Rapmund and Brett Booth.

LOEB: Jeph and Simone Bianchi’s sequel to ‘Evolution’ is collected as the WOLVERINE: SABRETOOTH REBORN PREMIERE HC.

MACKIE: The GAMBIT CLASSIC TP #2 is written by Howard and Terry Kavanagh with art by Mike Wieringo and Klaus Janson collecting the four issue ‘Rogue’ and the four issue ‘Gambit’ limited series’ from the late nineties.

MIÉVILLE: Award winning science fiction writer, China writes DIAL H #8 with Alberto Ponticelli’s art; having to create multiple new characters each issue is something that has made this a tough book to write for many but China has come up with such great characters it’s almost a shame that by the end of each issue, they’re gone.  Check out how cool the ‘Centipede’ is in this issue.

MIGNOLA: Mike along with Scott Allie writes B.P.R.D.-HELL ON EARTH: ABYSS TIME #1 OF 2 with James Harren’s art and, along with John Arcudi Mike writes B.P.R.D.: 1948 #4 OF 5 with art by Max Fiumara.  Mike is writing and illustrating ☼HELLBOY IN HELL #2; this is the first time since the ‘Conqueror Worm’ that Mike has worked with his character solo.

MILLIGAN: Pete writes RED LANTERNS #16, a ‘Rise of the Third Army’ tie in with art by Miguel Angel Sepulveda and Atrocitus raising a large army, plus STORMWATCH #16 with Will Conrad’s art and Midnighter part of an assassination plot; (he plays the part of the victim).  Pete along with Paul Jenkins wrote STORMWATCH TP #2: ENEMIES OF THE EARTH with the art of Ignacio Calero and Pete’s work is also collected in the ANIMAL MAN TP #4: BORN TO BE WILD; this is the previous series from Vertigo with art by Chaz Truog being inked by Mark Farmer.  And speaking of Vertigo, Pete has been writing their flagship title for some time now; he continues with HELLBLAZER #299, part two of ‘Death and Cigarettes’ featuring John Constantine’s funeral with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stephano Landini.  As Constantine is playing such a major role in the ‘regular’ DC Universe these days it has been announced that the long running Vertigo flagship title will be canceled.

MOORE: Terry writes, pencils and inks his latest creation, ☼RACHEL RISING #14; who would have thought that he could do a horror story?  There is also a RACHEL RISING BY MOORE T/S offered for those who would like to wear his art without the time and cost of tattoos.

MORRISON: Grant writes ACTION COMICS #16 with Rags Morales’ art as Big Red battles Superdemon; now that the ‘Little Man’ has been revealed you probably suspect who and what this villain is.  Grant also writes BATMAN INCORPORATED #7 with Chris Burnham’s art as the team finally takes the offensive against Talia and Leviathan in a battle to reclaim Gotham City.

NELSON: Arvid writes WARLORD OF MARS #27 for Dynamite Entertainment with Leandro Oliveira’s art as John Carter visits the North Pole…of Mars.

NICIEZA: Fabian writes BATWING #16, a tie in to the ‘Death of the Family’ story with Eddy Barrows’ pencils being inked by Eber Ferreira as Dick’s past literally burns down around him.

NILES: Steve continues on CRIMNAL MACABRE/FINAL NIGHT: 30 DAYS CROSSOVER #2 OF 4 with Christoper Mitten’s art tying Steve’s two most popular series together and Steve’s latest tale of horror from Vertigo, LOT 13 #4 OF 5 is illustrated by Glenn Fabry.  Steve is also one of the contributing writers on CREATOR OWNED HEROES #8 as the two part ‘Meatbag’ with art by Scott Morse concludes.

NOCENTI: Ann writes GREEN ARROW #16 with art by Rob Hunter inking the pencils of Freddie E. Williams.  (I hear that there’s a new writer coming on this title soon.)  Ann also writes CATWOMAN #16 where Selina is possessed by the power of Eclipso as illustrated by Rafael Sandoval.  At IDW Ann co-writes TRUE BLOOD ONGOING #9 with Michael McMillian and art by Michael Gaydos, concluding this arc.

OEMING: Michael Avon’s ‘Victories’ appear in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #20 beginning a three issue arc now that the first limited series has ended.

ORDWAY: Jerry pencils and inks HUMAN BOMB #2 OF 4 for DC which is written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti and Dan Jurgens and Jerry are responsible for the material collected in the SUPERMAN: DEATH AND RETURN OF SUPERMAN OMNIBUS HC.

OSTRANDER: John writes STAR WARS-AGENT OF THE EMPIRE: HARD TARGETS #4 OF 5 with art by Davide Fabbri and Christian Dalla Vecchia and STAR WARS-DAWN OF THE JEDI: PRISONER OF BOGAN #3 OF 5 with art by Jan Duursema and Dan Parsons.  John also wrote a one shot story included in the DOCTOR WHO OMNIBUS TP #1.

PAK: Greg writes X-TREME X-MEN #9 with art by Paco Diaz as Howlett versus Hercules and Dazzler wonders if she’ll be able to take back control of her team.

PARKER: Jeff along with Christos N. Gage writes BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: WILLOW WONDERLAND #3 OF 5 with art by Brian Ching and Jason Gorder for Dark Horse.  At Marvel Jeff writes RED SHE-HULK #61; witness the last stand of Machine Man rendered by Carlo Pahulayan and Wellington Alves and DARK AVENGERS #185 and #186 with art by Neil Edwards features the Deadly Doctor Strange and the return of U.S. Agent.  The DARK AVENGERS: END IS BEGINNING TP with Declan Shalvey’s art gathers the first arc as the Thunderbolts get replaced.

PEREZ: George illustrates WORLD’S FINEST #8 which is written by Paul Levitz as Huntress and Power Girl explore their connection to Earth Two.

POWELL: Eric along with Tracy Marsh completes BILLY THE KIDS’ ODDITIES & ORM LOCH: NESS #4 OF 4 illustrated by Kyle Hotz.

REMENDER: Rick writes UNCANNY AVENGERS #4 with the art of John Cassaday as the Red Skull and his minions move to take over New York.  He writes CAPTAIN AMERICA #3 with art by John Romita going back to the origin in nineteen thirty and he writes the two final issues with SECRET AVENGERS #36 and #37 concluding the ‘Rise of the Descendants’ story with art by Matteo Scalera.  Rick’s work is collected as the UNCANNY X-FORCE PREMIERE HC #2: FINAL EXECUTION with art by David G. Williams and others.

ROBERSON: Chris is writing MASKS #3, the company cross over, a team up with the Shadow, the Green Hornet, the Black Terror, the Spider and just about everyone else with art by Dennis Calero.

ROBINSON: James writes EARTH TWO #8 and the alien war criminal Steppenwolf who led the forces of Apokolips against Earth five years age has returned while secrets of the last Amazon of Earth Two are revealed; Yildiray Cinar illustrates..  James’ first arc is collected in the EARTH TWO HC #1: THE GATHERING and it was Nicola Scott who provided the art on these first six issues.  James’ recent limited series is also collected in the SHADE TP with Cully Hamner’s art.

RUCKA: Greg writes PUNISHER WAR ZONE #4 OF 5 with Carmine DiGiandomenico’s art as Castle tries to break Rachel Cole out of jail and instead gets stomped by the Avengers.  The PUNISHER BY GREG RUCKA TP #3 collects tales leading to the current ‘War Zone’ story as the Punisher takes on the NYPD in defense of Cole; this one has Mirko Colak’s art and guest stars Spider-Man and Daredevil.  Aside from being an Eisner Award winner Greg is a best selling novelist, writing crime and espionage tales and his ☼STUMPTOWN VOLUME 2 #5 concludes his crime tale in pursuit of a stolen guitar with Matthew Southworth’s art.  With no super heroes or vigilantes this series is closer to his area of expertise.  The ☼STUMPTOWN HC #1 is still available as well.

SAMNEE: Chris illustrates DAREDEVIL #22, a team up with the Superior Spider-Man, Stilt Man is back and Mark Waid writes the tale.  Chris has a simple and evocative art style that is a major factor in the fact that this series is perhaps the best that Marvel is currently publishing.  His first work for Marvel is now collected in the ☼THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER TP: COMPLETE COLLECTION; written by Roger Langridge these are wonderful stories of the Thunder God’s childhood, his early conflicts with Loki as the half brothers try to impress Sif.  And, for the first time Marvel has put out something of such quality that this trade paperback is my Pick of the Month.  Chris also inspired the art on the new BEFORE WATCHMEN: NIGHT OWL SYMBOL T/S.

SEELEY: Tim illustrates the Dark Horse limited series EX SANGUINE #4 OF 5 and he also co-writes it with Josh Emmons, this is a horror comic and also a crime procedural with vampires.  At Image Tim writes the critically acclaimed REVIVAL #6 with Mike Norton’s art and this issue is a good jumping on point as it begins a new story.  He also continues on HACK/SLASH #23 with art by Elena Casagrande and writes WITCHBLADE #163 with Diego Bernard penciling and Fred Benes inking as Sara Penzini moves to Chicago.

SIMONE: Gail continues writing BATGIRL #16 with Ed Benes’ art and this is another chapter in the ‘Death of the Family’ cross over so be sure not to miss the wedding of Barbara and the Clown Prince of Crime.  Gail’s first arc on the series is collected in the BATGIRL TP #1: THE DARKEST REFLECTION.

SLOTT: Dan will write the all new, all different SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1 with art by Ryan Stegman.  This is not Peter Parker and Marvel tried to keep the secret of who would be the new web-slinger.  I know who it will be (and I’m not crazy about it) but I don’t want to spoil it for you.  Maybe you’d like to be surprised.  (If you can’t wait and you want to know, call me or email me and I’ll tell you.)  Dan also wrote ALPHA #0.1; I use the past tense because this comic is a reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #692 which came out in August featuring the art of Humberto Ramos.

SNYDER: Scott and James Tynion IV write TALON #4 with Guillem March’s artwork as Calvin Rose tries to escape from Metropolis and, of course Scott, along with James writes BATMAN #16, part of ‘Death of the Family’ story as our hero heads into his showdown with the Joker as illustrated by Greg Capullo.  And he writes SWAMP THING #16 as ‘Rotworld: The Green Kingdom’ approaches it conclusion with art by Yanick Paquette.  ☼BATMAN HC #2: THE CITY OF OWLS collects issues eight through twelve plus the annual, BATMAN: THE BLACK MIRROR TP collects issues 871 through 877 of Detective Comics prior to the ‘New 52’ with art by Jock and Francesco Francavilla.  For Vertigo Scott’s AMERICAN VAMPIRE HC #5 collects issues 28 through 34 plus the five part ‘Lord of Nightmares’ limited series with art by Rafael Albuquerque and Dustin Nguyen.

SPENCER: Nick writes ☼BEDLAM #4 with art by Riley Rossmo; this was my Pick of the Month four newsletters ago and now that the first issue has arrived I’m pleased to say that it was as cool as I had hoped; kind of a more introspective Joker type lead character but at least as insane.

SPURRIER: Simon is writing X-MEN LEGACY #4 and #5 with the art of Jorge Molina as the team fights Legion.  At Boom! Studios he writes the final issue  of EXTERMINATION #8 with V. Kenneth Marion’s art and the EXTERMINATION TP #1 collects the first four issues with art by Jeffrey Edwards and V.K. Marion.

STRACZYNSKI: Joe, along with Phil Hester wrote the stories collected in WONDER WOMAN: ODYSSEY TP #2 with Don Kramer’s art.

SWIERCZYNSKI: Duane finishes his three part story in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #20, the anthology that won a Harvey Award and an Eisner this year.  At DC he writes BIRDS OF PREY #16, the art is by Romano Molenaar and Vicente Cifuentes and the new team member is Strix, a former Talon from the Court of Owls.  At IDW Duane writes JUDGE DREDD #3 illustrated by Nelson Daniel and Godzilla Ongoing #9 with art by Simon Gane.  And at Valiant he writes BLOODSHOT #7 with Matthew Clark’s art as the characters connection with Harbinger is explored and mysteries revealed.

THOMAS: Roy was the lead writer for SUPERMAN VS SHAZAM TP collecting some classic tales with the art of Gil Kane and others and ROY THOMAS PRESENTS THE HEAP HC #3, stories of the original swamp creature from the early fifties with art by Carmen Infantino and others.

TIERI: Frank writes SAVAGE HAWKMAN #16 as ‘Hawkman: Wanted’ concludes with art by Art Thibert and Joe Bennett, and GRIFTER #16 with the art of David Beatty and Marat Mychaels.  At Marvel the IRON MAN BY JOE QUESADA TP is written by Frank along with Joe and Joe provides the cover.

TOMASI: Peter writes the ‘Death of the Family’ tie in with BATMAN AND ROBIN #16 with art by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray; this chapter will determine if Joker has succeeded in breaking Damian.  The BATMAN AND ROBIN ANNUAL #1 is a stand alone tale with Vicente Cifuentes’ inking the pencils of Ardian Syaf.  A tie in to the ‘Rise of the Third Army’ tale, GREEN LANTERN CORPS #16 has art by Renando Pasarin and Scott Hanna as new Lantern, Simon Baz helps Guy Gardner break out of jail while the Guardians unleash Hell on Oa.  The GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #1 is the final chapter to the ‘Rise of the Third Army’, the Guardians have shut down the Corps as illustrated by Chris Cross.  The ABSOLUTE BLACKEST NIGHT HC collects the whole epic written by Peter and Geoff Johns with Ivan Reis’ and Oclair Albert’s artwork.

VAN LENTE: Fred’s writing ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #6 for Valiant; the relaunch of this company’s characters has been more dynamic and well orchestrated then all of their previous tries and the books have been so tightly interconnected that every one of my customers who is reading one of the titles is reading them all.  This one features the art of Emanuela Lupacchino and deals with the Eternal Warrior.

VAN SCIVER: Ethan takes over the art chores beginning with BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #16 which is written by Gregg Hurwitz and deals with a murderous Mad Hatter.

VAUGHAN: Brian K. Vaughan writes ☼SAGA #9 with art by Fiona Staples; if you’re a fan of science fiction, if you’re a fan of comic books, if you’re a fan of ‘Star Wars’ then you should be reading this title.  Like Brian’s previous series (‘Y: The Last Man’, ‘Ex Machina’, the Runaways’) this series features great and likable characters, excellent pacing and dialogue and plenty of action and suspense and the artist is a brilliant storyteller in her own right.  This was my Pick of the Month back in April, the first trade paperback is now available and I highly recommend it.  For those who are reading the series, this issue the Will finally has a good day.

VENDITTI: Robert will be the new writer beginning with DEMON KNIGHTS #16; Bernard Chang remains the series artist.  Robert along with Melissa de la Cruz wrote the BLUE BLOODS: GRAPHIC NOVEL VOLUME #1 available in soft and hard cover editions with the art of Alina Urusov, a tale of well to do New York teens for whom life is all about fashion, parties and blood.  Robert made his name in the comic industry with his original series ‘The Surrogates’ but he’s getting quite a buzz of late for his work on Valiant’s X-O MANOWAR #9 and this issue begins a two part prologue to ‘Planet Death’ illustrated by Trevor Hairsine.

WAGNER: Matt writes ☼THE TOWER CHRONICLES VOLUME #3: GEISTHAWK GN OF 4 with the art of Simon Bisley and a cover by Tim Bradstreet.  This series is published by Legendary and co-created by Thomas Tull, the executive producer of ‘300’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ so I suspect that it’s being developed for some kind of film treatment.  The story follows John Tower, a supernatural bounty hunter so expect demons, poltergeists and other spectral terrors.

WAID: Mark wrote the material newly collected in the IMPULSE TP #1: RUNS IN THE FAMILY with art by Humberto Ramos.  For Marvel Mark is writing INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #3 with Leinil Francis Yu providing the art for the Green Goliath’s first official mission as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and posing the question of what and where is Bannertown, USA.  Mark also continues his critically acclaimed run with stellar artist Chris Samnee on DAREDEVIL #22 as hornhead teams up with Superior Spider-Man and heralds the return of Stilt-Man.

WAY: Daniel writes THUNDERBOLTS #3 with art by Steve Dillon, revealing the new team leader, the Red Leader.

WHEDON: Joss offers the BUFFYVERSE SAMPLER, a one shot collecting the first issues of the four titles now chronicling season nine: ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Angel & Faith’, and the two five part limited series, one focused on Spike and the other on Willow.  Also the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON EIGHT LIBRARY HC with art by Georges Jeanty collects the whole season plus the ‘Riley’ one shot.

WILLIAMS: J. H. Williams provides the definitive art and also co-writes the stories in BATWOMAN #16 with W. Haden Blackman and in this penultimate issue Wonder Woman fights monsters and everyone guest stars.

WILLINGHAM: Bill begins a new story arc in FABLES #125 focusing on Snow White (while Bigby is learning to drive), illustrated by Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha.  The spin-off title FAIREST #11 is written by Lauren Beukes with the art of Inaki Miranda.

WINICK: Judd wrote the stories now collected in CATWOMAN TP #2: DOLLHOUSE which features the art of Guillem March and introduces Selina’s new partner, Spark.

WOLFMAN: I mentioned this a couple of newsletters back but apparently there was some problem in production so the NEW TEEN TITANS: GAMES TP is offered again.  This is an original graphic novel, previously only available in hard cover that is beautifully illustrated by George Perez and picks up right where George and Marv left off twenty years ago.  The ‘games’ in the title refer to the stories villain who is using New York City as a chess board and the Titans as the pieces.  Marv also wrote the material in the FANTASTIC FOUR: REUNITED THEY STAND TP which collects the best of the stories from the seventies.

WOOD: Brian writes ☼STAR WARS #1, the first issue of a new ongoing series that chronicles the days following the destruction of the Death Star, all new stories with art by Carlos D’Anda under a cover by Alex Ross.  Also at Dark Horse Brian writes ☼MASSIVE #8, the post apocalyptic tale of environmental disaster with Garry Brown’s art and the first two arcs of this highly recommended series is collected as ☼MASSIVE TP #1: BLACK PACIFIC with art by Garry Brown as well as Kristian Donaldson.  Brian also pens the conclusion of his story ‘The Death’ in CONAN THE BARBARIAN #12 with Declan Shalvey’s art.  At Image Brian writes another new series (which was my Pick of the Month’ last month), ☼MARA #2 OF 6 with art by Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellair, the story of Mara Prince, a much loved superstar athlete until she manifests super powered abilities on live television.  At Marvel Brian writes ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN #21 continuing the ‘Reservation X’ story, guest starring the Iron Patriot, co-written with Nathan Edmondson with art by Carlo Barberi.  The ULTIMATE COMICS: DIVIDED WE FALL, UNITED WE STAND HC collects a six part story that went through all three ‘Ultimate’ series and was written by Brian Wood, Sam Humphries and Brian Bendis.  X-MEN: BLANK GENERATION TP is Brian’s first work with the mutants with art by David Lopez and Roland Boschi.  COUNTER X TP: GENERATION X-FOUR DAYS tells the story of a day in the life of the Generation X team told from four separate viewpoints.  For such an inventive creator Brian sure manages to juggle a lot of deadlines while still keeping his work fresh and intriguing.

YOST: Christopher and artist Paco Medina are the new creative team beginning with AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #16 as the Superior Spider-Man teams with Wolverine and the X-Men.  Christoper also writes SCALET SPIDER #13 beginning the three part story, ‘In the Midst of the Wolves’ with art by Khoi Pham while the first arc is offered as SCARLET SPIDER TP #1: LIFE AFTER DEATH with art by Ryan Stegman and Neil Edwards.


I don’t know if my newsletters are getting longer or I’m just getting slower.  It’s the twelfth of November and I’m finally ready to post and email this months’ newsletter; thank you for your patience.  I’ll try to do better next month.


As always thank you all for the trust you place in me to help keep your collection complete; I’m honored.  I hope that you and yours are all happy and healthy.  I wish you all plenty to be thankful for as we enter another holiday season.  Thank you for your orders, your support and your friendship.  Talk to you soon.



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