May 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends:

The new Previews catalog arrived on the second of May and features the comics and product due to begin arriving July. If you see things that you like please let me know by the third week of the month so I can make sure to have it available for you.

Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), AF (action figure) T/S (tee shirt) and ☼(an excellent writer or creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion). Here are the top creators along with their current projects, creations and titles.
☼ ☼

AARON: All of Jason’s stories take place in the Marvel Universe this month; WOLVERINE AND X-MEN #13 will have art by Nick Bradshaw and #14 by Jorge Molina and both are ‘Avengers vs X-Men’ (AVX) tie-ins; INCREDIBLE HULK #11 has Renato Guedes’ art and continues the ‘Stay Angry’ story.

ABNETT/LANNING: The prolific and talented team of Dan and Andy (DnA) co-write their own creation with RESURRECTION MAN #11 illustrated by Jesus Saiz while the first seven issues are collected as the RESURRECTION MAN TP 01: DEAD AGAIN with art by Fernando Dagnino and Fernando Blanco. Dan writes his creation at Vertigo, the NEW DEADWARDIANS #5 OF 8 illustrated by I.N.J. Culbard while Andy inks Phil Jimenez’ pencils on ☼FAIREST #5. At Marvel Dan and friends write NEW MUTANTS #45 and #46 with art by Leandro Fernandez.. At Boom! Studios DnA begin a newly created series with the HYPERNATURALS #1 with Brad Walker’s pencil art, an ongoing galaxy spanning science fiction series set in the future so if you liked their work on Marvel’s ‘Annihilation’ series then you might want to check this one out.

ADAMS: The latest work of legendary creator Neal Adams is collected in the BATMAN: ODYSSEY HC which Neal wrote and illustrated. His controversial and most well known work comes back into print in the GREEN LANTERN GREEN ARROW TP, written by Dennis O’Neil and Elliot S. Maggin. IDW also offers the NEAL ADAMS THRILL KILL ARTIST EDITION PORTFOLIO, an entire adventure scanned from Neal’s original art.

ANDREWS: This incredibly versatile artist’s work is gracing the covers of ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN BY NICK SPENCER PREMIERE HC 02, ULTIMATE COMICS: HAWKEYE BY JONATHAN HICKMAN TP and ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN BY BENDIS TP 01. Kaare will also write and illustrate one of the two battles in AVX: VS #4 of 6 (although Marvel won’t tell me who Thor is going to fight).

ARAGONÉS: Sergio’s work is featured in the AMAZINGLY STUPID MAD TP but Sergio’s work has been in every single issue of Mad Magazine for over fifty years. He also writes and draws the ‘Maggie’s Crib’ feature in BART SIMPSON COMICS #73.

ARCUDI: I’m not sure what John will be writing in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #14 but he co-writes the conclusion with Mike Mignola on B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH-DEVIL’S ENGINE #3 of 3 with the art of Tyler Crook.

ASMUS: James’ work is collected in the X-MEN/STEVE ROGERS: ESCAPE FROM THE NEGATIVE ZONE TP with Nick Bradshaw and friends illustrating.

☼AZZARELLO: Brian writes BEFORE WATCHMEN: COMEDIAN #2 of 6 with J. G. Jones’ art, WONDER WOMAN #11 with Cliff Chiang’s art beginning a new story arc and, at Vertigo, SPACEMAN #8 of 9 with Eduardo Risso’s art. Also Brian and Eduardo’s epic is getting the deluxe treatment with the 100 BULLETS HC 03.

BARKER: Clive co-writes HELLRAISER #16 with Mark L. Miller and the art is by Janusz Ordon.

BEDARD: Antony writes GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #11 with art by Tyler Kirkham inked by Batt Banning where it’s Larfleeze versus the New Guardians, and BLUE BEETLE #11 with Ig Guara’s art with Booster Gold coming to Jaime’s defense, (unless it’s a trap).

BEECHEN: When Adam isn’t busy writing the animated adventures for Cartoon Network he writes the main story in BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #6 with Norm Breyfogle’s artwork. The monthly comic also has extra stories featuring other future incarnations of the DC heroes such as ‘Superman Beyond’ and ‘Justice League Beyond’.

BENDIS: Comicdom’s most prolific writer pens AVENGERS #28 with Walt Simonson’s art, NEW AVENGERS #28 with Mike Deodato’s art and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #5 with Mark Bagley’s art as well as AVENGERS VS X-MEN #8 OF 12 with Adam Kubert’s art. He also writes ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #12 with David Marquez’ art and ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN BY BENDIS TP 01 and SPIDER-MEN #3 of 5 with Sara Pichelli’s art, the latter being a crossover between the ‘regular’ Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Marvel Universe (which they promised that they’d never do). Brian Michael’s creator owned work for Marvel this month includes POWERS: FBI #1 and the POWERS TP 14: GODS, both for mature readers, and ☼TAKIO #2 for all ages; all three of these are illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming.

BRANDON: Ivan writes WOLVERINE #309 with art by Rafael Albuquerque and Jason Latour, a stand alone untold tale with Elixir.

BRUBAKER: At Image Ed’s critically acclaimed noir horror series continues with ☼FATALE #7 illustrated by Sean Phillips; Sean also illustrates the noir crime tales collected in the ☼CRIMINAL: DELUXE EDITION HC 02. Ed’s other work at Marvel revolves around the super soldier: CAPTAIN AMERICA #14 is illustrated by Patrick Zircher, CAPTAIN AMERICA #15 is co-written with Cullen Bunn and penciled by Scot Eaton and WINTER SOLDIER #8 is drawn by Michael Lark. The CAPTAIN AMERICA BY BRUBAKER TP 01 is illustrated by Steve McNiven and Guiseppe Camuncoli and the CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY TP: LIFE OF BUCKY BARNES is co-written by Marc Andreyko and illustrated by Chris Samnee.

BUCCELLATO: Brian continues co-writing the scarlet speedster with series artist Francis Manapul in FLASH #11 and Brian begins an original series with FOSTER #1, about a haunted war veteran who becomes the guardian of a six year old boy who happens to be a person of interest to a bunch of supernatural monsters; the art will by by Noel Tauzon.

BUNN: Cullen has become a rising star since his western title ‘Sixth Gun’ debuted at Oni Press. He and Rick Remender will co-write VENOM #20 and #21 with Lan Medina’s art, he and Ed Brubaker will write CAPTAIN AMERICA #15 with Scot Eaton’s art, and Cullen will write CAPTAIN AMERICA AND IRON MAN #634 with Barry Kitson’s art.

BYRNE: John writes and illustrates his latest superhero team series with TRIO #3 at IDW and Marvel collects the series that he and Ron Wilson co-wrote and illustrated in THING CLASSIC TP 02.

CAREY: Mike writes UNWRITTEN #39 with regular series artist Peter Gross.

CASEY: Joe writes HAUNT #28 with artist Nathan Fox.

☼COOKE: Darwyn writes and illustrates BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN #2 OF 6 and he writes BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE #2 OF 4 with art by Amanda Conner. If you’ve read Darwyn’s great re-imagined origin of the Justice League in ‘DC: The New Frontier’ then you already know that he’s going to knock both of these tales out of the park.

CORNELL: Paul writes DEMON KNIGHTS #11 with art by Diogenes Neves and Oclair Albert at DC and his own SAUCER COUNTRY #5 with artist Ryan Kelly at Vertigo, a timely series about a Mexican-American Presidential candidate whose experience with extraterrestrials may affect her election chances adversely.

COSTA: Mike and Ben Epstein will co-write the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: MICRO SERIES #5-CASEY JONES issue with art by Mike Henderson and Mike and Jon Armstrong complete their SMOKE AND MIRRORS #5 of 5 with Ryan Browne’s art. On his own Mike writes COBRA ONGOING #15 which Antonio Fuso illustrates and the GI JOE VOLUME 2: COBRA COMMAND TP 02 was written by Mike and Chuck Dixon and is illustrated by Alex Cal and Bennie Lobel.

DANIEL: Tony writes DETECTIVE COMICS #11 with the art of Ed Benes and Rob Hunter as the attacks on Wayne Enterprises are apparently connected to the villain Hypnotic. The Two-Face back up story is by Daniel and Szymon Kudranski.

DAVID: Peter’s work with Robin Furth is collected in the DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER-THE BATTLE OF TULL TP with Michael Lark’s art and Peter continues his long run on X-FACTOR #239 with artist Paul Davidson and #240 drawn by Leonard Kirk and X-FACTOR TP 14: SUPER UNNATURAL with Valentine DeLandro’s artwork.

DeCONNICK: Kelly Sue is writing the return of ‘Ghost’ in the pages of DARK HORSE PRESENTS #14 with Phil Noto’s art and at Marvel she writes AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #9 with Terry Dodson’s art and the web spinner teams up with Captain Marvel. Kelly Sue also writes CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 with Dexter Soy providing the art beginning a new ongoing series for Carol Danvers and guest starring Captain America.

DeFALCO: Tom writes LEGION LOST #11 with Pete Woods illustrating. Tom also wrote the forward to WEB SPINNING HEROICS SC, a book of analysis and essays about the wall-crawler and other super heroes.

DIGGLE: Andy has a story titled ‘Snapshot’ illustrated by Jock in JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #326.

DIXON: Chuck writes war stories in GI JOE VOL 2 ONGOING #15 with Will Rosado’s art and SNAKE EYES & STORM SHADOW #15 with Robert Atkins’ art; Chuck and Mike Costa wrote the stories collected in the GI JOE V2 COBRA COMMAND TP 2, and Chuck and Gianluca Piredda wrote AIRBOY DEADEYE #4 of 5 with Ben Dunn’s art. Chuck writes westerns in THE LONE RANGER: SNAKE OF IRON #1 with Esteve Polls’ art and Chuck co-wrote WYATT EARP VS CISCO KID NOIR HC with Len Kody and the art is by Eric J and Enrique Villagran. And beyond the war and western stories Chuck writes zombies in INFESTATION II TP 2 and science fiction in ROBERT JORDAN’S WHEEL OF TIME: EYE OF THE WORLD #27 illustrated by Francis Nuguit.

EDMONDSON: Nathan begins a new arc with ACTIVITY #7, an issue co-plotted with Navy Seals and illustrated by Mitch Gerads and DANCER #3 continues his espionage series with ballet; Nic Klein provides the art. Both series are creator owned and are published by Image.

ELLIS: Some of Warren’s older work is collected in the COUNTER X TP: X-FORCE RAGE WAR co-written with Ian Edgington with Jorge Pereira Lucas and Whilce Portacio’s artwork.

ENNIS: Garth’s early DC work is being reprinted in HITMAN TP 07: CLOSING TIME which was illustrated by Doug Mahnke and others. Garth’s new ongoing mature title at Marvel continues with FURY MAX #4 with Goran Parlov’s art. At Avatar they colorize Garth’s offensive series in DICKS COLOR EDITION #6 with John McCrea. The rest of Garth’s work is at Dynamite Entertainment including THE SHADOW #4 with Aaron Campbell’s art, BOYS #68 with Russell Braun and the BOYS DEFINITIVE EDITION HC 04 illustrated by Darick Robertson and GARTH ENNIS’ JENNIFER BLOOD #17 is written by Al Ewing with Kewber Baal’s art.

FIALKOV: Joshua Hale writes I, VAMPIRE #11 with artist Andrea Sorrentino, this issue answering the age old question of what happens when a zombie bites a vampire.

FRACTION: Matt writes INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #520 and #521 with Salvador Larroca’s art, MIGHTY THOR #17 with Peppe Larraz’ art and DEFENDERS #8 with Jamie McKelvie’s art; the story is ‘classified’ on the latter. He writes AVENGERS VS X-MEN #7 with Oliver Coipel. And the latest story of his award winning creator owned series is collected in CASANOVA: AVARITIA TP with Gabriel Bá’s art.

GAGE: Christos’ SUNSET: FIRST LOOK is a one-shot for one dollar featuring the first twenty two pages of Christos’ SUNSET HC, an original graphic novel with the art of Jorge Lucas. This is a noir tale of a former mob enforcer’s decision to get revenge and go out with guns blazing. And at Marvel he writes AVENGERS ACADEMY #33 with artist Timothy Green II and X-MEN LEGACY #271 with Rafa Sandoval’s art, both of which are AVX tie-ins.

GAIMAN: Neil is one of many contributors to SHADOW SHOW: ALL-NEW STORIES IN CELEBRATION OF RAY BRADBURY SC. Twenty six authors including Neil, Joe Hill, Margaret Atwood and more, all inspired by the legendary works of Ray Bradbury are collected here for less than sixteen dollars.

GATES: Co-written with series artist Rob Liefeld, Sterling’s work is collected in the HAWK AND DOVE TP 01: FIRST STRIKES gathering the entire eight issue run of the now canceled title.

GIFFEN: Keith illustrated and co-wrote this eight issue series with DC editor in chief Dan DiDio and it’s collected in its entirety as O.M.A.C.TP 01: OMACTIVATE.

GILLEN: Keiron writes UNCANNY X-MEN #15 and #16, Daniel Acuña will provide the art and the stories are ‘classified’. Keiron also writes JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #641 with Richard Elson’s art, revealing the origin of the Manchester Gods. The JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY PREMIERE HC; TERRORISM MYTH features the art of Mitch Breitweiser and Richard Elson.

GISCHLER: Victor’s recent limited series is collected in the X-MEN/FF TP illustrated by Will Conrad.

GLASS: Adam has just the one title again this month, but he’s been doing a great job with it: SUICIDE SQUAD #11 with Fernando Dagnino’s art.

GRAY/PALMIOTTI: Justin and Jimmie write the main story in ALL STAR WESTERN #11 with Moritat’s art, they write the ‘Unknown Soldier’ back up story in G.I. COMBAT #3 with Dan Panosian, they write THE MONOLITH HC with artist Phil Winslade, this was a DC series now being collected for the first time in an oversized format and with an introduction by Jim Steranko. Another series from several years back returns to print; GATECRASHER TP 01: RING OF FIRE written by Jimmie and Mark Waid and illustrated by Amanda Conner with Jimmie inking. Justin and Jimmie are also the creators and writers of CREATOR OWNED HEROES #2 where they write the ‘Triggergirl 6’ story with the art of Phil Noto.

HAMA: Larry writes GI JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #180 with artist S. L. Gallant and Larry co-wrote the Marvel stories remastered and collected in the CLASSIC GI JOE TP 15 with art by Phil Gosier and others.

HICKMAN: As you might know Jonathan is one of my favorite of the current comic writers and he continues his two wonderful series at Image, ☼MANHATTAN PROJECTS #5 with artist Nick Pitarra and ☼SECRET #4 with Ryan Bodenheim. At Marvel he continues his already legendary tales of Marvel’s first family in FANTASTIC FOUR #608 with Giuseppe Camuncoli’s art and FF #20 with Nick Dragotta’s art. Jonathan’s work is collected in the FANTASTIC FOUR BY JONATHAN HICKMAN PREMIERE HC 05, ULTIMATE COMICS: ULTIMATES BY HICKMAN PREMIERE HC 02, FANTASTIC FOUR BY JONATHAN HICKMAN TP 02 with Greg Tocchini’s art and ULTIMATE COMICS: HAWKEYE BY JONATHAN HICKMAN TP with Rafael Sandoval’s art.

HIGGINS: Kyle continues on NIGHTWING #11 with Eddy Barrows art and Kyle’s entire eight issue arc with artist Joe Bennett is collected in the DEATHSTROKE TP 01: LEGACY.

HILL: Joe has a short prose story in the previously mentioned SHADOW SHOW: ALL-NEW STORIES CELEBRATION OF RAY BRADBURY SC. He begins a new story in CAPE: 1969 #1 OF 4 which he co-writes with Jason Ciaramella with art by Nelson Daniel. The first ‘CAPE’ series was optioned for a television program but the pilot episode wasn’t up to par even though the comic book series was excellent. Also Joe’s first collaboration with his father is collected in the STEPHEN KING/JOE HILL: ROAD RAGE HC which Nelson Daniel and Raffa Garres illustrated.

HINE: David is just writing one title this month; DARKNESS #105 with art by Jeremy Haun.

HUMPHRIES: Sam writes ULTIMATE COMICS: ULTIMATES #13 a ‘classified’ story with Billy Tan’s art and Sam completes the JOHN CARTER: GODS OF MARS #5 OF 5 series with art by Raoman K. Perez. At Boom! Studios he writes HIGHER EARTH #3 with artist Francisco Biangini and FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES #4 with Jerry Gaylord’s art.

HURWITZ: Greg’s second issue as new writer on BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #11 still features the art of David Finch inked by Richard Friend where Commissioner Gordon is caught between Batman and the Scarecrow.

JOHNS: Geoff continues his three hit ‘New 52’ titles with JUSTICE LEAGUE #11 with artist Jim Lee, AQUAMAN #11 with artist Ivan Reis and GREEN LANTERN #11 with artist Doug Mahnke beginning ‘The Revenge of Black Hand’ story. The Justice League issue also has Geoff’s back up story continuing the origin of Shazam! with Gary Frank’s art. The AQUAMAN HC 01: THE TRENCH collects the first six issues and if you’re curious about the way Geoff writes, he’ll be interviewed in BACK ISSUE #58 this month.

JOHNSON: Mike along with Michael Green writes SUPERGIRL #11 featuring Mahmud A. Asrar’s artwork. At IDW Mike writes STAR TREK ONGOING #11 with artist Claudia Balboni and the STAR TREK ONGOING TP is illustrated by Joe Corroney.

JURGENS: Dan writes JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #11 with Aaron Lopresti’s pencils and Matt Ryan’s inks and people have been telling me that, since Dan began writing and penciling SUPERMAN #11 that the series has picked quite a bit from it’s unsteady beginning.

KEATINGE: A couple of new creators on the list this month. Joe seems to be stepping up at Image and that’s the place where the new creators come from these days. Joe is writing GLORY #28 with art by Ross Campbell, the creator, writer and artist of the beautiful series of ‘Wet Moon’ graphic novels and Joe is also completing the first arc of the creator owned series HELL YEAH #5 OF 5 with art by Andre Szymanowicz.

KINDT: Matt is another creator, writer, artist who has had many accolades for his works ‘3 Stories’ and ‘Super Spy’ and has a new ongoing series at Dark Horse, MIND MGMT #3, described as ‘Akira’ meets ‘Apocalypse Now’ and Matt is also writing FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #11 with art by Alberto Ponticelli and Wayne Faucher, ‘Son of Satan’s Ring’ part two where Frankenstein and Nina are swallowed by the Leviathan.

KIRKMAN: Robert reaches WALKING DEAD #100 with art by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn, offered with ten different covers including a chromium edition and a one in two hundred wrap around cover variant which is also available as the latest WALKING DEAD POSTER. Robert’s super hero series isn’t far behind with INVINCIBLE # 94, art by Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker and INVINCIBLE TP #16: FAMILY TIES is still dealing with the repercussions of the Viltrumite War. The all age series, SUPER DINOSAUR #12 is illustrated by Jason Howard and finally ☼THIEF OF THIEVES #6 Robert co-writes with Nick Spencer, the art is by Shawn Martinbrough and I understand it’s been optioned for television with AMC, the folks doing Robert’s other television program.

KRUL: JT writes CAPTAIN ATOM #11 with Freddie E. Williams providing the art and our hero somehow regaining his human appearance. JT writes the ‘War That Time Forgot’ tale in GI COMBAT #3 with Ariel Olivetti’s art and, back where he began at Aspen Studios JT writes SOULFIRE: GRACE #1 with artist Pasquale Qualano. He’s also a contributing writer on BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #6.

LAPHAM: One of my favorite creators when he was just writing, drawing and publishing his own ‘Stray Bullets’ series, David is now writing almost more titles than I can keep up with and he’ll be one of the guests at the Phoenix Comic Con during Memorial Day weekend. At Dark Horse David will be part of the new, ongoing black and white horror anthology EERIE COMICS #1 where he will write and draw a tale of robotic paranoia. He hits the halfway point adapting the trilogy from director Guillermo del Toro in THE STRAIN #6 OF 12 with Mike Huddleston’s art while at Marvel he writes AGE OF APOCALYPSE #5 with artist Davide Gianfelice. And at Avatar Press he writes his ☼DAN THE UNHARMABLE #3 with artist Rafael Ortiz, he co-writes CROSSED: BADLANDS #10 with Jamie Delano and art by Jacen Burrows and continues his own FERALS #6 with Gabriel Andrade’s artwork.

LAYMAN: John, who will also be at the Phoenix Comic Con this month is writing the serialized ‘Aliens’ tale in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #14. At IDW he’s writing the new MARS ATTACKS #2 with John McCrea’s art and at Image he begins a new limited series featuring his award winning characters in CHEW: SECRET AGENT POYO #1 with Rob Guillory’s art.

LEMIRE: Jeff continues to amaze on ANIMAL MAN #11 concluding the ‘Extinction is Forever’ arc with Steve Pugh’s art while in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #11 John Constantine locates one of the DCU’s most secret artifacts illustrated by Mikel Janin, a brilliant artist to keep an eye on in my humble opinion. Jeff also writes and draws his own Vertigo title SWEET TOOTH #35 but apparently that wasn’t enough; DC has a new series and Jeff writes the first issue with art by Cully Hamner. This new series is ☼NATIONAL COMICS #1 and each issue will be a stand alone story featuring classic characters: this one will focus on Kid Eternity.

LEVITZ: Paul writes WORLD’S FINEST #3 with George Pérez’ art along with assistance by Scott Koblish and Kevin Maguire as Power Girl and Huntress try to track the invader who came through the Boom Tube with them. And of course Paul writes LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #11 with artist Francis Portela. (I say ‘of course’ because Paul has been writing all the best stories in this series since I was a small boy.)

LIEFELD: Rob Poulton will co-write SAVAGE HAWKMAN #11 with Rob Liefeld and the art will be by Art Thibert and Joe Bennett, Rob will write and illustrate DEATHSTROKE #11 and Rob along with Frank Tieri will write GRIFTER #11 featuring the art of Scott Clarke and David Beatty. Also the complete eight issue run is collected in HAWK AND DOVE TP 01: FIRST STRIKES, co-written with Sterling Gates. At Image John McLaughlin writes YOUNGBLOOD #73 with art by Jon Malin and Rob inking.

LISS: One of my favorite historical novelists, David is writing THE SPIDER #3 with art by Colton Worley.

LIU: Marjorie writes ASTONISHING X-MEN #52 with the art of Mike Perkins and someone gets married; have you guessed who?

LOBDELL: At DC Scott writes RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #11 with Kenneth Rocafort illustrating this battle in deep space, TEEN TITANS #11 with Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund revealing Wonder Girl’s past and SUPERBOY #11 has our hero looking for an apartment. R.B. Silva and Rob Lean illustrate as they did the first seven issues collected in the SUPERBOY TP 01: INCUBATION.

LOEB: Jeph writes WOLVERINE #310 with artist Simone Bianchi with the sequel to ‘Evolution’ and the story of how Sabretooth survived his beheading.

MARZ: Ron writes ARTIFACTS #20 with Stjepan Sejic’s art at Image and PROPHECY #2 with artist Walter Geovanni which is a company wide crossover series at Dynamite Entertainment featuring Red Sonja, Dracula, Athena, Pantha, Vampirella and many more battling the threat of the Mayan Prophecy.

MIEVILLE: Best selling award winning science fiction author tries his hand at comics with DIAL H #3 with artist Mateus Santolouco and China also has a short story in the THACKERY T. LAMBSHEAD CABINET OF CURIOSITIES SC, a steampunk anthology with stories by Mike Mignola, Alan Moore and many more. All stories concern the items found in the cabinet upon Thackery’s passing in 2003 at his house in Wimpering-on-the-Brook, England.

MIGNOLA: Aside from his story in the aforementioned THACKERY T. LAMBSHEAD CABINET OF CURIOSITIES SC, Mike latest collaborative prose work with Michael Golden, JOE GOLEM & THE DROWING CITY DELUXE HC is offered in the autographed edition with slipcover. Back in the world of comics Mike co-writes B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH-DEVIL’S ENGINE #3 OF 3 with John Arcudi and art by Tyler Crook, he co-writes B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH-EXORCISM #2 OF 2 with Cameron Stewart who also provides the art and he co-writes BALTIMORE: DR. LESKOVAR’S REMEDY #2 OF 2 with Christopher Golden and the art is by Ben Stenbeck.

MILLAR: Mark has two of his ‘MillarVerse’ titles up and running, ☼SECRET SERVICE #4 OF 7 features the art of Dave Gibbons and HIT GIRL #2 OF 5 is illustrated by John Romita. Mark also wrote one of the two stories featured in the JUDGE DREDD: INFERNO TP, both stories illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra and then Mark’s magazine ☼CLINT 2.0 #3 has six comics including HIT-GIRL, SECRET SERVICE, SUPERCROOKS, the CLINT exclusive, DEATH SENTENCE, REX ROYD and GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES, there are interviews with BK Vaughan and Fiona Staples about their wonderful new SAGA series and movie exclusives about ‘Kick-Ass 2’, ‘The Secret Service’ and ‘American Jesus’.

MILLIGAN: Pete continues with RED LANTERNS #11, at least those that haven’t been poisoned, with art by Miguel Sepulveda, and STORMWATCH #11 with the art of Ignacio Calero and Sean Parsons. At Vertigo Pete continues on HELLBLAZER #293 with the art of Guiseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini with the first chapter of a new arc, ‘The Curse of the Constantines’.

☼MOORE: Terry has his one comic, RACHEL RISING #10, which is plenty since he writes, pencils, inks and publishes it. Now that Rachel has tracked down her killer how does she get the police on the right track before he kills more?

MORRISON: In ☼ACTION COMICS #11 learn Superman’s new secret identity and find out where he gets all of those ‘S’ tee shirts, art by Rags Morales with a back up story by Sholly Fisch and Rick Bryant. Grant also writes ☼BATMAN, INCORPORATED #3 featuring the art of Chris Burnham and the ‘New 52’ debut of Matches Malone. The ABSOLUTE FINAL CRISIS HC with the art of JG Jones and others is offered and it has just about everything in it plus seven new story pages by Grant and Doug Mahnke. And Grant wrote the second story in the previously mentioned JUDGE DREDD: INFERNO TP with Carlos Ezquerra’s art. And he wrote one of the stories in the DOCTOR WHO 100-PAGE SPECTACULAR.

MURPHY: Sean’s creator owned series at Vertigo is ☼PUNK ROCK JESUS #1 OF 6 about a reality show starring the clone of Jesus Christ. This is my Pick of the Month. Sean will write, pencil and ink this black and white series and I suspect it’s going to create quite a buzz. Sean is already a hot artist after his work on ‘Joe the Barbarian’ and ‘American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest’. This is the series that will show the full range of his considerable talents so don’t say I didn’t warn you, especially those of you that didn’t listen when I told you how good ‘Saga’ was going to be!

NELSON: The creation that made people stand up and notice Arvid gets the jumbo edition in the REX MUNDI OMNIBUS TP 01 with art by Eric J and others, Meanwhile Arvid tells some savage tales in WARLORD OF MARS #22 with artist Stefano Martino and LORD OF THE JUNGLE #8 with artist Roberto Castro and his work gets collected in WARLORD OF MARS TP 02 illustrated by Stephen Sadowski and Edgar Salazar.

NILES: Steve has the latest adventure of his intrepid and inebriated supernatural detective Cal McDonald with CRIMINAL MACABRE: THE IRON SPIRIT HC with art and cover by Scott Morse at Dark Horse. Over at IDW he writes FRANKENSTEIN: ALIVE ALIVE #2 with art by the legendary Bernie Wrightson and at Image he writes the ‘American Muscle’ story in CREATOR OWNED HEROES #2 illustrated by Kevin Mellon.

NOCENTI: Ann writes GREEN ARROW #11 beginning a new arc with Ollie back in Seattle and introducing the Dark Arrows with art by Harvey Tolibao. Ann is also co-writing TRUE BLOOD ONGOING #3 with Michael McMillian illustrated by Michael Gaydos.

OEMING: I already told you about Michael Avon’s work on POWERS: FBI #1, POWER TP 14: GODS and TAKIO #2 as they’re all written by Brian Michael Bendis. I didn’t mention the debut of ‘The Wild Rovers’ by Michael beginning in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #14, though.

PAK: Greg begins a new and ongoing mutant title at Marvel, X-TREME X-MEN #1 with art by Stephen Segovia. This title spins out of the pages of Astonishing X-Men and features multiverse adventures. The HERC TP COMPLETE SERIES BY PAK AND VAN LENTE features the art of Neil Edwards and Greg also writes DEAD MAN’S RUN #6 with art by Eisner award nominated Tony Parker.

PARKER: Jeff has had some recent Internet recognition for his wacky sexy murder mystery set in Portland, Oregon and illustrated by Erika Moen and Dark Horse has collected the entire tale as the BUCKO HC. At Marvel he writes DARK AVENGERS #177 and #178 with art by Declan Shalvey and Kev Walker, HULK #55 with artist Dale Eaglesham and the previous arc is collected as RED HULK TP: HAUNTED with art by Carlo as well as Elena Casagrande.

PÉREZ: As already mentioned George is one of the artists on WORLD’S FINEST #3. He’s also a contributing artist along with Mark Bagley on the THUNDERBOLTS CLASSIC TP 03 which Kurt Busiek wrote.

REMENDER: Rick writes one of the two battles in AVX: VS #4 OF 6; Daredevil vs. Psylocke with Brandon Peterson’s artwork plus SECRET AVENGERS #29 with Matteo Scalero’s art. He writes UNCANNY X-FORCE #27 with artist Phil Noto and #28 with artist Julian Totino Tedesco.

ROBERSON: Chris writes I, ZOMBIE #27 with Mike Allred’s art. Chris recently said some negative things about DC comics online costing him his job there so the future of this title is questionable at this time. (A word to the wise; if you have a problem with your employer’s ethics or business practices then discuss it with your employer, not your friends on Facebook.)

ROBINSON: James is writing EARTH TWO #3 telling the all-new origin of Allan Scott plus the debut of the all-new Hawkgirl with the art of Nicola and Trevor Scott, DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #11 concludes the Vandal Savage story with artist Bernard Chang. James continues on SHADE #10 OF 12 with artist Fraser Irving and James will be writing the new HE MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1 OF 6 with art by Phillip Tan and Ruy Jose.

RODI: Rob’s limited series with artist Stephen Segovia is collected as THOR: DEVIANTS SAGA TP.

RUCKA: Greg writes PUNISHER #13 with artist Mirko Colak and his first arc is collected as PUNISHER BY GREG RUCKA TP 01 featuring the art of Marco Checchetto and Max Fiumara.

SAMNEE: Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko wrote the tales illustrated by Chris Samnee and collected as the CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY TP: LIFE OF BUCKY BARNES and I list it here because I’m a big fan of Chris’; his art might be considered simplistic by some but he’s an evocative and talented storyteller. Chris also illustrates DAREDEVIL #15 written by Mark Waid.

SEELEY: Tim is one of the contributing artists in GI JOE: DISAVOWAL TP 06 written by Brandon Jerwa but the big news for Tim is his new series, REVIVAL #1 illustrated by Mike Norton. Yes, it’s another ‘undead’ story (sigh) but with a twist; the dead came back to life for one day in Wisconsin so it’s the media and the government quarantine and a brutal murder that makes this ‘farm noir’ tale something different. Tim is also writing BLOODSTRIKE #30 with artist Franchesco Gaston and WITCHBLADE #159 with artists Diego Bernhard and Fred Benes.

SHOOTER: Jim along with Gerry Conway wrote the material collected in the AVENGERS: BRIDE OF ULTRON PREMIERE HC with art by Don Heck, Sal Buscema, George Pérez, George Tuska and John Byrne. These are stories from 1963 being released now to set the stage for the ‘Age of Ultron’ events coming soon.

SIMONE: Gail writes BATGIRL #11 with art by Vicente Cifuentes and Ardian Syaf, this is part two of the introduction of Knightfall and her three henchmen, Batgirl’s new and deadliest foe.

SLOTT: Dan writes AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #689 and #690 with Giuseppe Camuncoli’s art; it’s a Lizard story entitled ‘No Turning Back’ and Morbius the Living Vampire is in there too, and as Curt Connor is cured why is there a lizard… or are there multiple lizards?

SNYDER: I guess that anyone who reads comics knows that Scott is writing ☼BATMAN #11 with artist Greg Capullo which concludes ‘The Court of the Owls’ epic. Also the backup written by Scott and James Tynion IV finishes ‘The Fall of the House of Wayne’ story. Scott also writes ☼SWAMP THING #11 with artist Marco Rudy chronicling part two of the return of Anton Arcane as his role in the mythology of The Rot is revealed. The first arc is collected in the ☼SWAMP THING TP 01: RAISE THEM BONES. At Vertigo Scott writes AMERICAN VAMPIRE #29 with Rafael Albuquerque and AMERICAN VAMPIRE: LORD OF NIGHTMARES #2 OF 5 with Dustin Nguyen and AMERICAN VAMPIRE HC 04 is offered with the art of Jordi Bernet and others.

SPENCER: Another of my current favorite writers Nick finishes his work at DC with THUNDER AGENTS TP 02 co-written with frequent Stan Lee collaborator Michael Uslan and illustrated by Wesley Craig and others, an overlooked series that definitely deserved a wider audience. At Image his co-creation with Robert Kirkman, ☼THIEF OF THIEVES #6 features the art of Shawn Martinbrough. (Sorry, no MORNING GLORIES offered this month.) At Marvel Nick’s work is collected in the ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN BY NICK SPENCER PREMIERE HC 02 with art by Carlo Barberi and Paco Medina.

SPURRIER: Simon has just one title he’s working on; EXTERMINATION #2 for Boom! Studios is a tale of alien invasion that the Earthlings lost. Now the planets’ super heroes and super villains will have to put aside their differences if humans are going to reclaim their devastated world.

STURGES: Matthew is one of the writers of the stories collected in Vertigo’s HOUSE OF MYSTERY TP 08: DESOLATION featuring the art of Luca Rossi and others.

SWIERCZYNSKI: Duane continues on BIRDS OF PREY #11 at DC with artist Travel Foreman; is Poison Ivy a savior of ‘The Green’? At IDW Duane writes GODZILLA ONGOING #3 with artist Simon Gane and at the newly resurrected Valiant Comics Duane will write BLOODSHOT (ONGOING) #1 with art by Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi.

TOMASI: Peter writes BATMAN AND ROBIN #11 with artists Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray where Damian plans to defeat each Robin beginning with Red Hood. Peter also writes GREEN LANTERN CORPS #11 with artists Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna as the Alpha War concludes but, of course a new threat is coming and their troubles are just beginning.

VanLENTE: Other than the already mentioned HERC TP: COMPLETE SERIES BY PAK AND LENTE Fred also writes the HULK: SEASON ONE PREMIERE HC with art by Tom Fowler; this book like the rest of the ‘Season One’ books retells the origin of Hulk, Betty Ross, General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, Gamma Base, Rick Jones and the story introduces a new Hulk villain that will be a regular threat in current continuity.

VanSCIVER: Ethan co-writes the FURY OF FIRESTORM; THE NUCLEAR MEN #11 with Joe Harris and provides the cover art; interior art is by Yildiray Cinar and Norm Rapmund as the tale goes international with half the team in Russia and the others in Pakistan.

VAUGHAN: Brian has managed to come up with his third tremendous series proving that ‘Ex Machina’ and ‘Y: The Last Man’ were not flukes. ☼SAGA #5 by Brian with Fiona Staples’ art is tied with ‘Morning Glories’ as my most anticipated comic book, I told you it was going to be good and issue two is out and I just sold out of third printings of issue one (but fourth printings are on their way). If you haven’t already, check out this great science fiction space drama.

WAID: Mark’s creator owned series, created with Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner for Black Bull Comics, a subsidiary of Wizard magazine comes back into print as GATECRASHER TP 01: RING OF FIRE. The series is a lot of fun with a reluctant young hero led into dangerous alternate dimensions by an often scantily clad heroine who actually knows what’s going on. At Marvel Mark writes DAREDEVIL #15 with Chris Samnee’s art and Hornhead being hunted in Latveria and Mark’s previous arcs are collected in the DAREDEVIL BY MARK WAID TP 01 with art by Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin. At Mark’s Boom! Studios the INCORRUPTIBLE TP 07 with Marcio Takara’s art is the final volume of the series.

WAY: Daniel continues telling tales of the mouthy merc in DEADPOOL #57 with Shawn Crystal’s art and #58 with the art of Salvador Espin and collected in the DEADPOOL PREMIERE HC 11: DEAD with art by Carlo Barberi and Alé Garza. Wait, I take that back; the hardcover has just been canceled by Marvel with no plans to resolicit it at a future date.

WHEDON: Joss and friends wrote the material collected in the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON 8 LIBRARY HC 02: WOLVES AT THE GATE and the art is by Georges Jeanty plus others.

WILLINGHAM: Bill writes ☼FAIREST #5 with beautiful art by Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning and FABLES #119 with Mark Buckingham’s art. Bill and Mark have done every issue of ‘Fables’ together so far, I think which may make them contenders for Bendis and Bagley’s record.

WILLIAMS: J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman write the conclusion of ‘To Drown the World’ in BATWOMAN #11 with the art of Trevor McCarthy; our hero along with Chase and the D.E.O. battle the Urban Legends in hopes of finding the missing children.

WILLIAMS: Rob has his ten issues collected in the GHOST RIDER TP: COMPETE SERIES BY ROB WILLIAMS with art by Matt Clark, Valero Shiti, Brian Ching, Lee Garbett and Dalibor Talajic.

WINICK: Telling tales of Batman’s minions Judd writes BATWING #11 with Marcus To and Ryan Winn’s art as Batwing and Nightwing fight the deadly Beijing gangster dragon known as Long, and CATWOMAN #11 with artist Guillem March as Selina and her new partner, Spark hunt for Dollhouse.

WOLFMAN: Marv writes NIGHT FORCE #5 OF 7 with Tom Mandrake’s art. If you were waiting to read this one when it’s collected I’m afraid that you’re out of luck; sales weren’t high enough to justify a collected edition. Marv and Tom Taylor wrote the material collected in the DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS TP 03 with Mike S. Miller and others providing the artwork.

WOOD: Brian writes ☼MASSIVE #2 at Dark Horse with artist Kristian Donaldson and this was my number one pick of the month in last month’s newsletter; I haven’t seen it yet either but I think it’s going to be awesome. (My number one pick this month was PUNK ROCK JESUS, by the way; see Sean Murphy.) Brian also writes CONAN THE BARBARIAN #6 with James Harren’s art at Dark Horse, his SUPERNATURAL: THE DOGS OF EDINBURGH TP with Grant Bond’s art is collected at DC and his ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN #14 features Paco Medina’s art and this is part of the ‘Divided We Stand’ story crossing through all of the Ultimate Comics’ line this summer. He also writes X-MEN #32 with the art of David Lopez.

YOST: Chris writes SCARLET SPIDER #7 with Khoi Pham’s art and the SCARLET SPIDER PREMIERE HC 01: LIFE AFTER DEATH collects the first six issues plus the Point One #1 featuring Ryan Stegman and Neil Edwards’ artwork. Chris is also writing MARVEL UNIVERSE: AVENGERS-EARTH’S HEROES #4 with Adam DeKraker’s art, this is one of the new all age Marvel titles.

Just over one hundred creators this month; please let me know if there are any of your favorites that you’d like to see listed or if there are any that I’m listing that you think I should skip over. I welcome any suggestions or comments about my newsletter and my business as I’m here to try and fulfill your reading and hobby needs! Your input is welcome and desired.

Now I’ll go through the individual publishers and tell you about anything that I might have missed above starting with the ‘Big Five’ publishers.

DARK HORSE: A huge success on the Internet for the past three years with three collections available the new AXE COP: PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD #1 OF 3 is the first ‘print exclusive’ tale of this series written by an eight year old and illustrated by his thirty one year old brother. AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER-THE PROMISE PART 3 TP is self explanatory, ☼CONCRETE: THREE UNEASY PIECES collects the three stories from the first three issues of the newly relaunched ‘Dark Horse Presents’ anthology and, like all of Paul Chadwick’s work it’s highly recommended. STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL-DEATH SENTENCE #1 OF 4 is written by Tom Taylor with Bruno Redondo’s art and is a direct follow-up to the Clone Wars television series. New manga includes ANGELIC LAYER BOOK 1 TP by Clamp and OREIMO VOLUME 1 TP.

DC: BEFORE WATCHMEN: OZYMANDIAS #1 OF 6 is written by Len Wein, creator of Swamp Thing and author of the Crimson Corsair backup stories that run through every one of the ‘Before Watchmen’ titles. Jae Lee will illustrate these early tales of the planets smartest man.

Brother Blood is the villain in THE RAVAGERS #3 with Ian Chruchill’s art. THE JUDAS COIN HC is an original Batman versus Two Face story written and illustrated by Walter Simonson spanning centuries and following one of the silver coins from 73 A.D. into the year 2087. BATMAN: THE STREETS OF GOTHAM-HOUSE OF HUSH TP collects issues twelve through twenty by Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolphs. The DC COMICS PRESENTS: WONDER WOMAN ADVENTURES #1 is a hundred pages for seven ninety nine and it’s suitable for all ages. DC has been doing one of these per month and this one is the amazon in action with Green Lantern, Catwoman, Cheetah and the Justice League. WORLD OF WARCRAFT: PEARL OF PANDARIA HC is written by Micky Neilson of ‘Blizzard’ fame and illustrated by Sean ‘Cheeks’ Galloway in the landscape format and ties into the upcoming expansion pack. DC collectibles from DC Direct this month include a GRIFTER BUST and a BATGIRL BUST, action figures of THE FLASH and PARADEMON, a BEFORE WATCHMEN: RORSCHACH STATUE, a SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN STATUE based on Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight Returns’, a WONDER WOMAN STATUE and a DICK GRAYSON AS BATMAN STATUE based on the artwork of Jock. Also an AME-COMI ARISIA PVC FIGURE.

IDW: Novelist John Shirley who was one of the screen writers for the movie is writing the comic THE CROW #1 with the character reborn in Tokyo with Kevin Colden’s art. Also THE CROW MIDNIGHT LEGENDS VOL. 1: DEAD TIME TP comes back into print. JERICHO: SEASON 4 #1 continues the television series by the original writing staff. BATTLE BEASTS #1 OF 4 is written by Bobby Curnow with the art of Valerie Schiti. TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE 100-PAGE SPECTACULAR reprints the last four issues of Marvel’s series and TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE #81 picks up from there with the same creators, writer Simon Furman and artists Andrew Wildman and Stephen Baskerville. The TRANSFORMERS: AUTOCRACY TP collects the digital comic for the first time. BERNIE WRIGHTSON’S THE MUCK MONSTER: ARTIST’S EDITION PORTFOLIO is seven full size black and white prints scanned from the original art. The NEAL ADAMS’ THRILL KILL: ARTIST’S EDITION PROTFOLIO is eight prints of Neal’s work presented like the Wrightson portfolio. The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES MICROSERIES #6: CASEY JONES is offered as well as the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ADVENTURES VOL. 1 which collects two of the all age limited series once published by Archie comics. The DANGER GIRL/GI JOE # 1 OF 4 is written by Andy Hartnell with art by John Royle. INFECTED #1 OF 5 is based on the novel by Scott Sigler and is adapted and illustrated by Chad Minshew. SECRET BATTLES OF GENGHIS KHAN HC is a historical biography written by Daryl Gregory with the art of Alan Robinson.

IMAGE: Kurtis J. Wiebe (‘Green Wake’, ‘Grim Leaper’) writes and Riley Rossmo illustrates DEBRIS #1 OF 4, a post apocalyptic tale of environmental collapse, invasion and the search for the last source of pure water. ENORMOUS is a treasury sized one shot written by Tim Daniel with art by Mehdi Cheggour of Heavy Metal fame, a story of monsters and survival in yet another post apocalyptic Earth. HOAX HUNTERS #1 is written by Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley with art by Axel Medellin and I think the title tells it all. The WILD CHILDREN one shot is by Ales Kot with Riley Rossmo’s art and tells of students revolting against the system using cameras, guns and LSD. The BATULA HC is a children’s book from the creators of BEN-10, Steven T. Seagle and artist Marco Cinello about a fruit bat bitten by a vampire and becoming a reluctant vampire bat.

MARVEL: I think I’ve mentioned most everything that Marvel has this month but there is the FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #33 which will be written and illustrated by Alan Davis and it will guest star Doctor Strange and will start a series of ClanDestine adventures that will continue in the Daredevil Annual in August. There is a MAN-THING OMNIBUS HC offered this month; it’s almost twelve hundred pages. I know that I haven’t mentioned SPACE PUNISHER #1 OF 4 yet; it’s written by Frank Tieri with painted art by Mark Texiera and Frank Castle begins his space war taking on the Sym-Brood-ant Queen. The MUPPETS #1 OF 4 is written and illustrated by Roger Langridge who did a great job with these characters when it was being published by Boom! Studios. The UNTOLD TALES OF PUNISHER MAX #2 OF 5 is written by Jason Latour and will be penciled by TBD (to be determined). It seems that each issue of this series is a different team so I guess they’re all be stand alone stories.

That’s the ‘big five’ so here are titles of note from the smaller publishers: AMAZE INK offers the PINOCCHIO: VAMPIRE SLAYER VOLUME 3. ANTARCTIC PRESS has DRAGON ARMS: WEAPONS OF WAR #1 OF 4 by David Hutchison and ARCHIE COMICS offers the KEVIN KELLER VOLUME 1 HC collecting Kevin’s first appearances and his limited series introducing the gay student into the Riverdale crowd. ASPEN STUDIOS is publishing five connected one shots this summer: SOULFIRE: DESPAIR #1 by David Schwartz with artist Jonathan Marks, SOULFIRE: FAITH #1 by Amanda McMurray with artist Siya Oum, SOULFIRE: POWER #1 by David Wohl with artist Khary Randolph and SOULFIRE: GRACE #1 by JT Krul with artist Pasquale Quaalano; the first of the five, SOULFIRE: HOPE #1 was offered last month. They also launch their first ever ongoing series with EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #1 by Vince Hernandez with artist Jordan Gunderson. AVATAR PRESS has Zak Penn, screenwriter of the ‘Avengers’ and ‘X-Men’ films joining Scott Murphy, writer of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ to write HERO WORSHIP #1 OF 6, an all age series about the groupies surrounding the indestructible super hero Zenith, featuring the art of Michael Dipascale. BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS offers BURT WARD: BOY WONDER #1 co-written by Burt Ward, this follows their ‘Misadventures of Adam West’ series. They also have a biographical comic of RUPAUL, the celebrity drag queen. At BONGO COMICS GROUP SPONGEBOB COMICS #10 marks the series going monthly. BOOM! STUDIOS offers MICHAEL MIDAS: CHAMPION #1 OF 6 by Jordan B. Gorfinkel with artist Scott Benefiel, a story about bullies that goes from the playground to grown up super heroics illustrated in a wide screen format. Their all age imprint, KaBOOM! has ADVENTURE TIME: MARVELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS #1, a limited series by Meredith Gran and Jen Wang in addition to the regular monthly series. CARTOON BOOKS, Jeff Smith’s company offers ☼RASL VOLUME 4: THE LOST JOURNALS OF NIKOLA TESLA TP, a great series set in Tucson, Arizona by the creator of ‘Bone”. DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT offers WITCHBLADE: DEMON REBORN #1 OF 4 written by Ande Parks with artist Jose Luis, a sequel to the original story by Mark Millar and Jae Lee which is included in this first 48 page issue. Also the TOLKIEN ART OF THE BROTHERS HILDEBRANDT 2013 CALENDAR was apparently too late to be featured with all the other calendars last month. DEL REY offers the FEVER MOON GN, written by Karen Marie Moning and David Lawrence this is connected to Ms Moning’s best selling ‘Shadowfever’ novel and is offered in hard cover featuring the art of Al Rio and Cliff Richards. FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS offers THE LOST ART OF AH POOK IS HERE: IMAGES FROM THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, a collection of visual elements from the unfinished collaboration between William S. Burroughs and artist Malcolm McNeill. Also YOUR VIGOR FOR LIFE APPALLS ME by Robert Crumb is now in paperback, an autobiographical sketchbook of words (and art). HILL & WANG has two non-fiction books this month; THE HAMMER AND THE ANVIL is the story of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass and the end of slavery in America and includes a forward by Pulitzer Prize winning historian James M. McPherson. NOT THE ISRAEL MY PARENTS PROMISED ME is Harvey Pekar’s final memoir telling the history of the Jews and how Harvey lost his faith in the state of Israel, this is illustrated by JT Waldman with an epilogue by Joyce Brabner. MOONSTONE has MOONSTONE’S MODERN MYTHS: THOR, UNKILLABLE THUNDER CHRIST #1 written by Tucson’s own Eric M. Esquivel and illustrated by Ander Sarabia, this is the second installment of ‘Modern Myths’ by Eric and Ander and features an appearance by the Blackest Terror. NBM has TAXES, THE TEA PARTY AND THOSE REVOLTING REBELS: A COMICS HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION HC by Stan Mack. ONI PRESS offers the SCOTT PILGRIM COLOR HARDCOVER VOL 1: PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE beginning the colorization of the whole series and PENNY ARCADE VOLUME 8: MAGICAL KIDS IN DANGER collecting every strip from 2007 with additional commentary from the author. TITAN BOOKS collects THE HOLE OF TANK GIRL: SLIPCASED COLLECTOR’S EDITION HC; these are the original stories by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin in a 336 page hard cover for ninety nine bucks. Alan still writes EVERYBODY LOVES TANK GIRL #2 OF 3, the current series with Jim Mahfood’s art and Titan also publishes LENORE VOLUME II #6 which has been coming out rarely but in full color with two covers per issue. VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT has been getting their line back up and running; this month they add BLOODSHOT #1 to HARBINGER #2 and X-O MANOWAR #3. ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT offers WONDERLAND #1 of an ongoing series and the ALICE IN WONDERLAND HC collecting the six issue series plus the CALL OF WONDERLAND #3 OF 4 and the WONDERLAND ANNUAL 2012 plus a WONDERLAND 2013 CALENDAR. Outside of Alice they also have GRIMM FAIRY TALES: BAD GIRLS #1 OF 5 and that brings us to the end of the comic publishers for the month.

Beyond comic books there are also Art Books, Magazines, Trading Cards, Apparel, Toys and Models, Statues, Import Toys, Collectibles and Novelties, Games and other items so feel free to look through the Previews catalog next time you stop by to pick up your subscription. You may like some of the bizarre stuff like a Domo toaster or a Star Trek pizza cutter.

Thank you for trusting me to make sure that your collections are complete, that your reading interests are fulfilled; thank you for your support, orders and friendship. Talk to you soon.



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