March 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The March Previews catalog arrived on the twenty sixth of February for comics and products that will begin shipping in May of 2020. I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might interest you. If there’s anything that you’d like, please let me know so I can be sure to have enough copies on hand to fill your requests and subscription orders. Don’t feel obligated to subscribe to a whole series; if you’d just like a copy of the first issue of a new series to try it out, let me know and I’ll be sure to put a copy aside for you. And, especially with DC, if you’d like a particular cover let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

The theme this month is Women In Comics drawing attention to the talented female writers and artists as well as the women characters.


IMAGE: The twelfth issue of the third run of Criminal brought another brilliant crime story to an end so before the unmatched masters of crime comics begin their next project Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips offer the ✪♥PULP OGN HC, a crime story set in the old west with all the trapping of pulp fiction and the superior story telling abilities have me thinking there’s another Eisner Award about to be won. The colorist is Jacob Phillips who also launches his first project as solo artist with writer Chris Condon with THAT TEXAS BLOOD #1, an ongoing neo-western crime series. The brutal biblical-noir series gets a surprise second chapter when Jason Aaron and R. M. Guéra release ✪♥THE GODDAMNED: THE VIRGIN BRIDES #1 OF 5. Justin (Reaver) Jordan with artist Benjamin Tiesma tell a revenge adventure tale in DEAD BODY ROAD: BAD BLOOD #1 OF 6. Stephanie (Butcher of Paris, Descendent) and Craig (Red Team, Voltron) Cernak begin a pirate adventure on the high seas with Anne Bonny and Mary Read as they hoist the skull and crossbones in A MAN AMONG YE #1 from the Top Cow imprint. New story arcs provide good jumping on points for Gerry Duggan and John McCrea’s DEAD EYES #4, Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans’ DIE #11, Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s GIDEON FALLS #22 and Steve Niles and Marcelo Frusin’s KICK-ASS #19 where the vigilante fights Hit-Girl. Also Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso’s MOONSHINE #18 and Todd McFarlane and Ken Lashley’s SPAWN #309 begin new tales. New collections include Matt Fraction and Kieron Dwyer’s LAST OF THE INDEPENDENTS OGN HC returning to print, the first twelve issues are released as the OBLIVION SONG BY KIRKMAN AND DeFELICI, BOOK ONE HC along with covers and a sketchbook, Jeff Lemire’s ROYAL CITY: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION HC has the entire fourteen issues with bonus behind-the-scenes features, SFSX (SAFE SEX), VOL. 1: PROTECTION TP has issues one through seven by Tina Horn and ASCENDER, VOL. 2: THE DEAD SEA TP has Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s issues six through ten. THE COMPLETE WITCHBLADE, VOL. 1 HC has over six hundred pages of the earliest stories priced under fifty dollars, the CROWDED, VOL. 2 TP has issues seven through twelve by Christopher Sebela and Ro Stein and EAST OF WEST, VOL. 10 TP is the grand finale of Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta’s epic science fiction western. FARMHAND, VOL. 3: ROOTS OF ALL EVIL TP has eleven through fifteen of Rob Guillory’s dystopian horror series, MANIFEST DESTINY, VOL. 7: TALPA LUMBRICUS & LEPUS TP has issues thirty seven through forty two of the supernatural adventure set in 1804, MOONSHINE, VOL. 3: RUE LE JOUR TP has thirteen through seventeen from Azzarello and Risso and SAVAGE DRAGON: THE SCOURGE STRIKES TP collects issues two forty one through two forty six by Erik Larsen. The SPAWN: VENGEANCE TP has two ninety one through two ninety seven and Matt Hawkins writes the romantic erotica SWING, VOL. 3 OGN TP illustrated by Yishan Li and Linda Sejic. DEATH OR GLORY #11 is the final issue of Rick Remender and Bengal’s series as is Skottie Young and Jorge Corona’s MIDDLEWEST #18 and Kirkman and Azaceta’s OUTCAST #48.


DARK HORSE: Neil Gaiman’s wonderful collection of tales gets adapted by frequent collaborator P. Craig Russel in ✪♥NORSE MYTHOLOGY #1 and, like the recently completed American Gods series, the variant covers will be by David Mack. Mike Mignola writes and Tiernen Trevallion illustrates HELLBOY AND THE B.P.R.D.: HER FATAL HOUR one shot, a follow up to The Beast of Vargu. With season two beginning soon THE MAKING OF THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY HC explores the development and production of the Netflix series with behind-the-scenes images and exclusive commentary and they also have THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY PROP REPLICA FIGURE COLLECTION, six figures priced under thirty dollars each. NOIR: A COLLECTION OF CRIME COMICS HC has thirteen stories, over a hundred pages priced under twenty dollars featuring top talents such as Azzarello, Lemire, Brubaker, Dean Motter, Rick Geary, Joëlle Jones, Sean Phillips and more. The BABOON TP is a wordless graphic novel by Spanish writer/artist Pau, perfect for younger readers. The latest three issues are collected in the DRAGON AGE: BLUE WRAITH HC and BLACKSAD: THE COLLECTED STORIES, VOL. 1 TP is a twentieth anniversary collection with five major stories, some never before published in English. PREDATOR: THE ESSENTIAL COMICS, VOL. 2 TP has the ‘Hell and Hot Water’, ‘Nemesis’ and ‘Bad Blood’ limited series’ as well as some short stories and the ALIEN VS PREDATOR: THICKER THAN BLOOD TP has the recent four issue series. THE ATOMIC LEGION TP tells of retired heroes from the past returning to action to save their benefactor, written by Mike (47 Ronin) Richardson and Bruce Zick. The HARROW COUNTY OMNIBUS, VOL. 1 TP collects the first half, issues one through sixteen by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook, CRIMINAL MACABRE: THE BIG BLEED OUT TP has Steve Niles and Byula Németh’s four issue adventure with the supernatural detective Cal McDonald and THE BUTCHER OF PARIS TP has Stephanie Phillips and Dean Kotz’ five issue true story of the serial killer using the chaos of WWII as his personal hunting ground. The WHAT’S MICHAEL? FATCAT COLLECTION, VOL. 2 TP has the long out of print volumes seven through eleven while the HELLSING DELUXE EDITION, VOL. 1 HC has the first four volumes.


DC: Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo provide an encore with DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL #1 OF 6; as soon as it was announced on social media I had dozens of customers get in touch to add it to their orders and they’ll be releasing the original first issue as DOLLAR COMICS: DARK NIGHTS-METAL #1 to coincide with the release, ICYMI. One of DC’s offerings on Free Comic Book Day this year is the GENERATION ZERO: GODS AMONG US one shot followed by GENERATION ONE: AGE OF MYSTERIES by Andy Schmidt and Doug Mahnke, the first of a series of prestige one shots with top talents spotlighting each generation of their super heroic legacy, this one focuses on the first hero, Wonder Woman. I’ve also had a lot of customers add this one to their orders, too: BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE #1 OF 6 with original creators Paul Dini, Alan Burnett and Ty Templeton coinciding with DC CLASSICS: THE BATMAN ADVENTURES #1 facsimile edition as well as a new line of action figures. The GREEN LANTERN 80TH ANNIVERSARY 100 PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR, like their predecessors is priced under ten dollars with a main cover and eight more reflecting the characters throughout their eight decade history. James Tynion IV’s first arc ‘Their Dark Designs’ finishes in issue ninety four with more on Punchline and BATMAN #94 leads into the second arc; in BATMAN #95 by Tynion and Jorge Jimenez as the ‘Joker War’ begins, tying into BATGIRL #22 and DETECTIVE COMICS #1023 this month. BATMAN: THE SMILE KILLER is an unexpected epilogue one shot to Lemire and Sorrentino’s Joker: Killer Smile from the Black Label imprint. A Sandman Universe title begins a new series with a new creative team as THE DREAMING: WAKING HOURS #1 OF 12 by G. Willow (Ms Marvel, Wonder Woman) Wilson and Nick (Euthanauts) Robles under a Bill Sienkiewicz cover. DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: WEIRD SCIENCE TP by Amanda Deibert is the next in the line of DC Graphic Novels for Kids. MAN-BAT #1 OF 5 by Dave Wielgosz and Sumit Kumar has Kirk Langstrom at his lowest point, battling both the GCPD and Batman coinciding with the MAN-BAT #1 FACSIMILE EDITION by Gerry Conway and Steve Ditko. Marc Andreyko returns to his classic crime fighter with art by Renato Guedes in MANHUNTERS: THE SECRET HISTORY #1 OF 5 spinning out of Event Leviathan. BATMAN: SECRET FILES #3 will focus on Gotham’s assassins, Deathstroke, Cheshire, Merlyn and new threats Mr. Teeth and Gunsmith; five stories by five creative teams. CATWOMAN #23 begins a two part story written by Sean (Batman: White Knight) Murphy who also provides the cover, and Blake (Vampirella) Northcott, illustrated by Cian Tormey. In NIGHTWING #72 Dick Grayson returns to Gotham seeking out Barbara Gordon in an effort to ‘fix’ his identity only to be confronted by the Joker’s new henchperson, Punchline. SUPERGIRL #42 by Jody Houser and Rachael Stott will be the final issue of the series. With the reveal of his secret identity, some think that Clark may have been compromised by magical influences so it’s time to call the doctor; SUPERMAN #23 by Bendis and Kevin Maguire guest stars Doctor Fate. Deluxe collections this month include ✪♥ABSOLUTE SWAMP THING BY ALAN MOORE, VOL. 2 HC, BATMAN BY GRANT MORRISON OMNIBUS, VOL. 3 HC, LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT: MATT WAGNER HC and the ✪♥DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: THE GOLDEN CHILD DELUXE EDITION HC including behind-the-scenes bonus material. DC COMICS: THE ASTONISHING ART OF AMANDA CONNER HC has more than two hundred and fifty pages of art and stories from Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, Harley Quinn, Batman, Kamandi and Supergirl and GREEN LANTERN: 80 YEARS OF THE EMERALD KNIGHT HC collects stories with Alan Scott from 1940, Hal Jordan from 1959 plus John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Jessica Cruz and more, four hundred pages priced under thirty dollars. JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL OMNIBUS, VOL. 2 HC has everything that wasn’t in the first volume, rounding out the series while the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA BY BRAD MELTZER: THE DELUXE EDITION HC has his complete run from 2006. The LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: FIVE YEARS LATER OMNIBUS, VOL. 1 HC collects over fourteen hundred pages including the thirty nine issues, the three annuals, the five part Timber Wolf limited series and more, while the NIGHTWING: YEAR ONE DELUXE EDITION HC has the first arc with Grayson going solo from issues one hundred and one through one hundred and six. The PLASTIC MAN: RUBBER BANDED-THE DELUXE EDITION HC has the entire twenty issue fun from Kyle Baker and Scott Morse, ✪♥THE SANDMAN DELUXE EDITION: BOOK ONE HC is just what it sounds like, the SUPER FRIENDS SATURDAY MORNING COMICS, VOL. 1 HC has the whole twenty six issue run of Super Friends plus two of the Limited Collector’s Editions and the rare Aquateers Meet the Super Friends #1 and the BATMAN/WONDER WOMAN: THE HIKETEIA DELUXE EDITION HC returns Greg Rucka and J.G. Jones’ tale to print. Soft cover collections include AQUAMAN, VOL. 2: AMNESTY TP with forty eight through fifty two and AQUAMAN, VOL. 3: MANTA VS MACHINE TP with fifty three through fifty seven, BATGIRL, VOL. 7: ORACLE RISING with thirty seven through forty four and BATMAN ADVENTURES: BATGIRL-A LEAGUE OF HER OWN TP with previously uncollected all-age tales in the smaller format priced under ten dollars. The ✪♥BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM TP gets a new edition and a new cover by Dave McKean, BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS, VOL. 2: ARKHAM KNIGHT TP has the story from issue one thousand through one thousand and five plus the second annual, CATWOMAN, VOL. 3: FRIEND OR FOE? TP has sixteen through twenty one and the DIAL H FOR HERO, VOL. 2: NEW HEROES OF METROPOLIS TP has issues seven through twelve. The DC POSTER PORTFOLIO: FRANCESCO MATTINA TP has twenty covers on heavy card stock, 12″ X 16″, suitable for framing as does the DC POSTER PORTFOLIO: DCEASED TP which has art by Greg Capullo, Mattina, Andy Kubert and Joshua Middleton. THE FLASH, VOL. 11: THE GREATEST TRICK OF ALL TP has issues sixty six through sixty nine plus the second annual, THE FLASH, VOL. 12: DEATH AND THE SPEED FORCE TP has seventy six through eighty one and the FLASH FORWARD TP has the continuity important six issue series. HARLEY QUINN: THE NEW 52 BOX SET has her first solo volume, Hot in the City, Suicide Squad, Vol. 1: Kicked in the Teeth and The Joker: Death of the Family TP’s in a slipcase, HAWKMAN, VOL. 3: DARKNESS WITHIN TP has thirteen through nineteen, JUSTICE LEAGUE, VOL. 5: JUSTICE/DOOM WAR TP has twenty nine through thirty nine and RED HOOD: OUTLAW, VOL. 3: GENERATION OUTLAW TP has thirty seven through forty one. YEAR OF THE VILLAIN: HELL ARISEN TP has the four issue series plus the Year of the Villain one shot while YEAR OF THE VILLAIN: THE INFECTED TP has the two lead ins from Supergirl #36 and Hawkman #18 plus the four one shots. The DC GRAPHIC NOVELS FOR KIDS BOX SET #1 has Dear Justice League, Superman of Smallville, Black Canary: Ignite and The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid, in a slip case and priced under forty dollars while the DC GRAPHIC NOVELS FOR YOUNG ADULTS BOX SET #1 has Mera: Tidebreaker, Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale and Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass in a slipcase and priced under fifty dollars. From DC Collectibles the new BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE ACTION FIGURES include THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS, CATWOMAN, VAMPIRE BATMAN and BATMAN: VERSION TWO priced at thirty dollars each while the DC ESSENTIALS has four new DCEASED figures: HARLEY QUINN, SUPERMAN, FLASH and SUPERGIRL priced at twenty eight dollars each.


IDW: Ideas and Design Works often have the most unlikely cross overs between their licensed characters and MY LITTLE PONY/TRANSFORMERS #1 OF 4: FRIENDSHIP IN DISGUISE fits the bill; the series will ship weekly. Their STAR WARS ADVENTURES #1 restarts and for this season will feature two stories per issue. Multiple Eisner Award winner John (Chew, Detective) Layman joins Nick (Spider-Man) Bradshaw for ✪♥BERMUDA #1 OF 4 starring sixteen year old Bermuda who lives on an uncharted island in the Atlantic where strange things happen, and Bradshaw has pulled out all the stops; the art looks beautiful. A horror series set in the aftermath of the Great War involving underwater salvage comes from the Road of Bones team of Rich Douek and Alex Cormack in SEA OF SORROWS #1 OF 5. Brian Level and Andy Eschenback (Darth Vader, Thanos) and Kate (Invader Zim) Sherron bring a tale of magic and murder in the Wild West with CHAINED TO THE GRAVE #1 OF 5. The charming popular series gets a new one shot with CANTO AND THE CLOCKWORK FAIRIES by the original creative team of David M. Booker and Drew Zucker. Six full issues scanned from the original art and printed at full size are collected in the MICHAEL GOLDEN’S MICRONAUTS ARTIST’S EDITION HC. ✪♥RICHARD STARK’S PARKER: THE MARTINI EDITION: LAST CALL HC collects The Score and Slayground plus over a hundred pieces of never-before-seen artwork from Darwyn Cooke, a round table discussion on Parker and Cooke with Ed Brubaker, Sean Philliips, Bruce Timm and Scott Dunbier and a new seventeen page story by Brubaker and Phillips, this is a loving tribute to the legacy of both Darwyn Cooke and Parker. James Stokoe writes and draws the GODZILLA: THE HALF-CENTURY WAR HC; beginning in 1954 Lieutenant Ota Murakami sees the King of the Monsters make landfall the first time and follows the destruction throughout his lifetime.


MARVEL: The Avengers and the Fantastic Four are battling the Kree-Skrull alliance in their big cross over which is still growing, this month with the addition of EMPYRE: X-MEN #1 OF 4 by Jonathan Hickman and Tini Howard with art by Matteo Buffagni and it looks like each issue will have multiple creators. Then there’s EMPYRE: SAVAGE AVENGERS #1, a one shot by Gerry Duggan and Greg Smallwood, EMPYRE: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 OF 3 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Ariel Olivetti, EMPYRE: STORMRANGER #1 OF 3 by Saladin Ahmed and Steven Cummings following the Kree nanosuit once worn by Ms Marvel, EMPYRE: THOR #1 OF 3 by Ram V. and Pasqual Ferry, EMPYRE: SQUADRON SUPREME #1 OF 2 by Mark Waid and Dio Neves, EMPYRE: THE INVASION OF WAKANDA #1 OF 3 by Jim Zub and Lan Medina, EMPYRE: GHOST RIDER #1, a one shot by Ed Brisson and Jefte Palo, LORDS OF EMPYRE: CELESTIAL MESSIAH #1, a one shot by Alex Paknadel and Alex Lins focusing on Quoi’s ascension and interloper Mantis and THE UNION #1 OF 5 by Paul Grist and Andrea DiVito, a kind of British Avengers with Union Jack, Brittania and others. The Empyre story will also have tie ins this month in FANTASTIC FOUR #22, X-MEN #11 and CAPTAIN MARVEL #18 and #19. Not part of the cross over is JUGGERNAUT #1 OF 5 from Fabian Nicieza and Ron Garney. Jonathan Hickman writes and Rod Reis illustrates GIANT-SIZE X-MEN: FANTOMEX #1, a one shot focusing on the Weapon Plus program’s Weapon XIII. The GIANT-SIZE X-MEN: TRIBUTE TO WEIN & COCKRUM #1 is a forty page one shot priced under six dollars re-presenting the original story with thirty seven artists each drawing one page. CABLE #3 by Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto has the hero reunited with one of his oldest and best friends who he’s never met before, Deadpool. Another cross over currently in progress is ‘Outlawed’; with a new super hero registration act targeting only the teen heroes, the story will go through CHAMPIONS #2, MAGNIFICENT MS MARVEL #15, GHOST-SPIDER #10, NEW WARRIORS #2 OF 5, MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN #18 and POWER PACK #2 OF 5. Reading every book that comes through the shop, I’m having a hard time keeping some of the recent solicitations straight in my head due to these concurrently running series: THE MARVELS #1 is an ongoing series written by Kurt Busiek and spanning the entire history and pantheon of the shared universe spinning out of the Marvels series, illustrated by Yildiray Cinar under Alex Ross covers. MARVELS X #5 OF 6 is written by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger with art by Well-Bee and this one spins out of the Earth-x/Universe-X/Paradise-X trilogy which extrapolated a far future also with covers by Alex. MARVEL #3 OF 6 is an anthology series curated and with covers by Alex and this issue has a Namor story by Alan Weiss, a Warlock story by Bill Sienkiewicz, a Rocket Raccoon tale by Scott Gustafson and a Golden Age Black Widow adventure by Ryan Heshka. The Marvels Snapshots one shots also have covers by Alex Ross and take a deeper look at past events throughout the Marvel Universe, this month with AVENGERS: MARVELS SNAPSHOT #1 by Barbara Randall Kesel and Kurt Busiek with Staz Johnson’s art with Iron Man, Beast, Wonder Man, Count Nefaria and more and SPIDER-MAN: MARVELS SNAPSHOT #1 by Howard Chaykin and Busiek with Howard’s art with Cloak & Dagger. The 2020 iWOLVERINE #1 OF 2 is by Larry Hama and Roland Boschi with Elsie Dee and Albert, the robot Wolverine. Sin-Eater is back in ‘Sins Rising’ part one beginning in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #45 by Nick Spencer and Mark Bagley; meanwhile Spidey’s girl friends are fighting crime as MJ hunts a killer in AMAZING MARY JANE #8 and Green Goblin interrupts the sports event at Standard High in GWEN STACY #4 OF 5. Donny Cates and Iban Coello begin the next story in VENOM #26 with ‘Venom Beyond’ where we find out why the Maker is so fascinated with symbiotes. The heroes enter the ‘Age of Khonshu’ when a godlike Moon Knight reshapes the world in the image of ancient Egypt, by Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón. After the DAREDEVIL ANNUAL #1 by Chip Zdarsky and Chris Sprouse DAREDEVIL #21 reunites Chip with artist Marco Checchetto and our hero is back in red. Deluxe collections this month include THE MARVEL ART OF ADAM KUBERT HC, MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE DEFENDERS, VOL. 7 HC, the VENOMNIBUS, VOL. 3 HC, the WAR OF THE REALMS OMNIBUS HC, THANOS: THE INFINITY SAGA OMNIBUS HC and THE ETERNALS: THE COMPLETE SAGA OMNIBUS HC. Soft cover collected editions include MORBIUS: PRELUDES AND NIGHTMARES TP with six tales from the earliest to the latest adventures, SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN: ALIEN REALITY TP with the five issue series by Peter David and Greg Land, X-MEN/FANTASTIC FOUR: 4X TP has the four issue series by Zdarsky and the Dodsons’, DR. STRANGE: SURGEON SUPREME, VOL. 1: UNDER THE KNIFE TP has one through six of the latest series by Mark Waid and Kev Walker and KING DEADPOOL, VOL. 1: HAIL TO THE KING TP also with one through six of the latest series, this time by Kelly Thompson and Chris Bachalo. CAPTAIN MARVEL, VOL. 3: THE LAST AVENGER TP has issues twelve through seventeen by Kelly Thompson and Lee Garbett, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN BY NICK SPENCER, VOL. 8: THREATS & MENACES TP has thirty seven through forty two with art by Ryan Ottley and Iban Coello, VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER, VOL. 2: AT THE END OF ALL THINGS TP has issues six through ten by Al Ewing, Jason Aaron and Torunn Grønbekk with art by Pere Pérez, Cafu and Ramon Rosanas and SAVAGE AVENGERS, VOL. 2: TO DINE WITH DOOM TP with six through ten plus the first annual by Gerry Duggan with art by Kim Jacinto, Patch Zircher and Ron Garney. FANTASTIC FOUR, VOL. 5: POINT OF ORIGIN TP has fourteen through nineteen by Dan Slott with art by Paco Medina and others, REVENGE OF THE COSMIC GHOST RIDER TP has the third series by Dennis Hallum and Donny Cates with Scott Hepburn and Geoff Shaw’s art and the PUNISHER: SOVIET TP is by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows. SPIDER-HAM: APORKALYPSE NOW TP has Zeb Wells and Will Robson’s recent five part series, ACTS OF VENGEANCE: MARVEL UNIVERSE TP collects all the tie ins outside of the main Avengers story, SPIDER-MAN: THE GAUNTLET-THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, VOL. 2 TP has all the travails of the Grim Hunt leading to the showdown with Kraven, AVENGERS BY JONATHAN HICKMAN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, VOL. 1 TP has his stories from 2012 through his New Avengers run and AVENGERS: LIVE KREE OR DIE TP with the nineties cross over. The SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE POSTER BOOK TP and THE MARVEL ART OF MONDO POSTER BOOK TP each have twenty posters at 11″ X 16″ suitable for framing and priced under twenty five dollars each. X-MEN MILESTONES: SECOND COMING TP and X-MEN/AVENGERS: ONSLAUGHT, VOL. 2 TP return classic stories to print, the MARVEL-VERSE: CAPTAIN AMERICA GN TP and SPIDER-GWEN: AMAZING POWERS GN TP are both aimed at ages ten and up while OZ: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION-OZMA,DOROTHY & THE WIZARD GN TP is almost four hundred pages of all age adaptations by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young.


DYNAMITE: Christopher (Deathstroke, Vampirella) Priest writes with art by Gabriel Ibarra and Jae Lee SACRED SIX #1, spinning out of the current Vampirella series with the new Draculina, Pantha, Nyx and Chastity, involving Vampirella and her mother Lilith. In celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of J. Michael Linsner’s Dawn, Dynamite has the original DAWN LITHOGRAPH on 100lb stock available plain, signed or remarked as well as the DAWN TRADING CARDS and DAWN COLLECTIBLE GOLD COINS.


BOOM! STUDIOS: The first five issues of the hit horror series by James (Batman) Tynion IV and Werther (Brigg’s Land) Dell’Edera is collected in SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN, VOL. 1 TP and the recent cross over in the Buffy-Verse is collected as the HELLMOUTH TP also available in a limited edition hardcover format. The FIREFLY LEGACY DELUXE EDITION HC has over six hundred pages with all of the stories originally published by Dark Horse and the recent fantasy series from Matt (Bang!) Kindt and Matt Smith is offered as the FOLKLORDS TP. In anticipation of the new film, the BILL & TED BOX SET has all three collected editions in a slip case and priced under forty dollars as well as the BILL & TED ARCHIVE TP Evan Dorkin’s original eleven issue series along with the Bogus Journey adaptation. Their alternative Boom! Box imprint has Gabby Rivera and Royal Dunlap’s B.B. FREE, VOL. 1 TP and the GOLDIE VANCE: LARCENY IN LA LA LAND OGN TP by Jackie Ball and Millie Rose. Their all age imprint, kaboom offers BEN 10: THE CREATURE FROM SERENITY SHORE OGN TP and their literary imprint, Archaia has A THIEF AMONG THE TREES: AN EMBER IN THE ASHES OGN TP, a new story from best selling author Sabaa Tahir with Nicole Andelfinger and Sonia Liao.


INDEPENDENTS: Scott MacGregor and Gary Dumm are the creators of the FIRE ON THE WATER GN from ABRAMS COMICARTS, historical fiction dealing with one of the earliest ecological disasters as well as a reminder of the essential role of immigrants in our history. The final issue is offered with ✪♥FIVE YEARS #10 OF 10 by Terry Moore at Abstract Studios bringing an end to the adventures of all of Terry’s series simultaneously: Strangers in Paradise, Echo, Rachel Rising and Motor Girl, all highly recommended. Zac (Undone by Blood, X-Men) Thompson writes and Jen (Moth & Whisper) Hickman illustrates and colors LONELY RECEIVER #1 from AFTERSHOCK, where a lonely woman buys an A.I. partner and, after five years her holographic wife breaks down, a devastating loss she can’t comprehend. Brandon (Excellence) Thomas and Lee (Miranda Mercury) Ferguson release SYMPATHY FOR NO DEVILS #1 where Winston Wallis keeps it secret that he’s the last remnant of mankind, surrounded by demons, monsters and ghouls. And the A WALK THROUGH HELL HC collects the complete series from Garth Ennis and Goran Sudžuka. Tom Peyer and Alan Robinson launch PENULTIMAN #1 OF 5 from AHOY COMICS, the greatest, best looking and most admired super hero in the world, the next-to-last-stage in human evolution, so why does he hate himself so? Volumes seven through nine are collected in THE GOON: BUNCH OF OLD CRAP, VOL. 3 TP from Eric Powell at ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS. On the thirty fifth anniversary ANTARCTIC PRESS offers NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #1 remastered and in full color as well as NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #177 as the series returns, still written and illustrated by Ben Dunn. On the heels of the eighth volume ASPEN COMICS offers a new limited series by J.T. Krul and Jordan Gunderson with SOULFIRE: EXILED #1 OF 3. Alex Alonso’s ambitious new company AWA (Artists, Writers & Artisans) offers OLD HAUNTS #1 OF 5 by Ollie Masters and Rob Williams with Laurence Campbell’s art, the story of three made men on the brink of retirement, faced with the ghosts of their pasts. NAKED BODY: AN ANTHOLOGY OF CHINESE COMICS TP from BEEHIVE COMICS was created in response to a prohibition on printed nudity in China, five creators, some veterans and some up and coming, this will be the first major anthology of independent Chinese comics published in the US. The ✪♥LOUD TP from BLACK MASK is written and illustrated by Maria (Faithless) Llovet and, as the hard cover sold out instantly, over a hundred pages priced under ten dollars seems like a deal, described as ‘like The Hunger if directed by Tarantino’. The VOTING IS YOUR SUPERPOWER HC collects three comics created in the fifties to encourage people to vote amidst the Cold War and Red Scare and one from the Civil Rights era in the sixties, seventy two pages in a hard cover format priced under thirteen dollars. And the TOM THE DANCING BUG: INTO THE TRUMPVERSE HC has all of Ruben Bolling’s strips from 2016 through 2019 with a foreward by Neil Gaiman in celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the strip. Robert Menegus and David Brame offer the NECROMANCER BILL GN from DARBY POP; Pet Cemetery meets every Seth Rogan movie made as Bill is granted the power of necromancy, his tutor is a talking raven with a substance abuse problem. THE STRINGBAGS GN from DEAD RECKONING by Garth (Boys) Ennis and P.J. Holden is based on the true story of the Royal Navy’s Swordfish crews in early WWII. THE SKY IS BLUE WITH A SINGLE CLOUD GN from DRAWN & QUARTERLY is an anthology of short stories by Kuniko Tsurita, a master of the literary manga often overlooked by her male ‘gekiga’ peers. EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, INC. for the first time ever presents the complete literary works featuring Tarzan in four uniform edition prose books with covers by Joe Jusko as the EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS AUTHORIZED LIBRARY, VOL. 1: TARZAN OF THE APES HC priced under thirty dollars each. :01 FIRST SECOND releases STUCK RUBBER BABY: 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION HC GN, the late Howard Cruse’s tale of identity and resistance and being a young gay man in 1960’s Birmingham, Alabama. FLESK has THE ART OF FRANK CHO HC, over three hundred pages and exclusively available in comic shops. GALLERY 13 continues adapting Stephen King with THE DARK TOWER-THE DRAWING OF THE THREE, VOL. 3: THE LADY OF SHADOW HC GN illustrated by Jonathan Marks. The graphic novel imprint of Scholastic Books, GRAPHIX offers BONE ADVENTURES, VOL. 1: FINDERS KEEPERS GN available in hard or soft cover, two fun tales for the youngest readers written and illustrated by Jeff Smith. The RANX: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION HC from HEAVY METAL collects all the Ranxerox comics including early ones that have never been published in the US before, the adult Italian science fiction series following the anti-hero, a mechanical cyborg made from discarded photocopier parts with the incredible art of Tanino Liberatore. HUMANOIDS releases THE INCAL: DIRECT MARKET EXCLUSIVE EDITION TP in celebration of the fortieth anniversary, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius’ science fiction classic in soft cover for the first time, priced under thirty dollars. The hit indie science fiction series from IMPACT THEORY returns with NEON FUTURE, VOL. 2 #1 OF 6 from DJ/producer Steve Aoki and artist Neil (Justice League, X-Men) Edwards. Kim Hyun Sook writes and illustrates a biographical story in the BANNED BOOK CLUB GN from IRON CIRCUS, her story of attending college in South Korea, but the delights of discovering great works of illicit literature are quickly overshadowed by fear and violence in the oppressive totalitarian regime. JIMMY PATTERSON is the younger reader graphic novel of the world’s most prolific writer, James Patterson offering the JACKY HA-HA GN in either hard of soft cover editions with art by Betty Tang. PAYING THE LAND GN from METROPOLITAN BOOKS is written and illustrated by great comic journalist Joe Sacco. THE BRONTËS: INFERNAL ANGRIA GN from NORTHWEST PRESS is a fantasy portal tale written by Craig Hurd-McKenny with black and white artwork by Rick Geary. Chris Onstad writes and illustrates ACHEWOOD: THE GREAT OUTDOOR FIGHT from ONI PRESS is a fifty six page comic priced at five dollars, Time Magazine’s ‘Best Graphic Novel of the Year’, three days, three acres, three thousand men from truck-nuts-for-your-smartphone to the recumbent tai-chi fighting style. AGGRESTSUKO: METAL TO THE MAX HC is an eighty page collection priced under ten dollars. PEGASUS BOOKS offers the BLACK COTTON STAR GN, historical fiction written and illustrated by Yves Sente built on the premise that, when Betsy Ross was designing our flag, her housemaid, Angela Brown hides a black cotton star beneath one of the white ones as a secret tribute to the contributions of the Black community. GRIT #1 by Brian Wickman and Kevin Castaniero is a ‘Southern fried sword and sorcery and pulp fantasy adventure; The Witcher by way of Southern Bastards’ from SCOUT COMICS as Old Man Barrow finds himself in the company of a wannabe doomsday cult. SIMON & SCHUSTER YOUNG READERS offers a new media tie in edition of CURSED ILLUSTRATED YA NOVEL HC written by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler and coming soon to Netflix. Wild science fiction with human animal ‘splices’ and robot monsters wearing the body parts of vanquished enemies battle in space in STORM KIDS: HYPERBREED #1 from Louise Simonson and Guy Dorian under a Walter Simonson cover from STORM KING. CUTTING EDGE: THE SIREN’S SONG #1 OF 4 is by Francesco (‘the Italian Neil Gaiman’) Dimitri and Mario Alberti, described as Tomb Raider meets The Hunger Games from TITAN and they also offer a remastered version of Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel’s THE BREATHTAKER COLLECTION HC with new exclusive content and an introduction by Neil Gaiman along with a prequel one shot, BREATHTAKER: MAKE WAY FOR THE MAN #1 that leads into the new collection. SHERLOCK: A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA TP collects the third manga collection which introduces Irene Adler and the ROBOTECH ARCHIVES: THE MASTERS, VOL. 1 TP collects issues one through twenty three plus the ‘Dana’s Story’ special. Cullen (Venom) Bunn writes and Jon (Clean Room) Davis-Hunt illustrates the supernatural horror of SHADOWMAN #1 OF 12 from VALIANT. Max (Moon Knight) Bemis writes and Eryk (Memetic) Donovan illustrates HEAVY #1 from VAULT, a Preacher like series about the existential purpose of dumb boys with big guns. At the end of the ‘comic’ section and the beginning of the MANGA section where KODANSHA offers Clamps’ CLOVER HC COLLECTOR’S EDITION, five hundred pages of the science fiction classic priced under thirty five dollars and their ATTACK ON TITAN: COLOSSAL EDITION, VOL. 5 GN has over nine hundred pages collecting volumes twenty one through twenty five and priced under fifty dollars. VERTICAL begins THE DAILY LIVES OF HIGH SCHOOL BOYS, VOL. 1 by Yasunobu Yamauchi, a slice of life comedy. A new fantasy manga from TOKYOPOP by Misaki with art by Sando Momochi as Lizel finds himself in a familiar but different world in A GENTLE NOBLE’S VACATION RECOMMENDATION, VOL. 1 GN. Eisner Award winner Taiyo Matsumoto’s latest from VIZ MEDIA is PING PONG, VOL. 1 GN with both volumes in a slip case, the critically acclaimed anime adaptation and live action movie, the sports story about friendship and self-discovery has been highly anticipated among fans of literary and art house comics. NOT YOUR IDOL, VOL. 1 GN by Aoi Makino is a psychological thriller about a girl who gives up her life as an idol after being assaulted by a fan. THE KINGDOM OF THE GODS GN, complete in one volume is the comic that inspired the Netflix original zombie series Kingdom. From DIGITAL MANGA comes the WONDER 3 GN, a classic by Osamu Tezuka where three aliens disguise themselves as Earth animals and with their powers they become known as the Wonder 3. From SQUARE ENIX comes SOUL EATER: THE PERFECT EDITION, VOL. 1 HC GN, over three hundred pages priced under twenty dollars. And we’ve now reached the end of the catalog of comics, although there are sections for apparel, toys, imports, games, etc. that I’m happy to order if you’re interested; the new catalog is always on the desk for your use.


Each month I try to choose one title as the Pick of the Month
with the contenders identified by this symbol: ✪♥.
These are the contenders, many of which are already classic stories being presented in new formats or reprints. PULP OGN HC, THE GODDAMNED: THE VIRGIN BRIDES #1 OF 5, ABSOLUTE SWAMP THING BY ALAN MOORE, VOL. 2 HC, DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: THE GOLDEN CHILD DELUXE EDITION HC, THE SANDMAN DELUXE EDITION: BOOK ONE HC, BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM TP, BERMUDA #1 OF 4, RICHARD STARK’S PARKER: THE MARTINI EDITION: LAST CALL HC, FIVE YEARS #10 OF 1 and the LOUD TP but the new series I’m most looking forward to seeing is P. Craig Russell’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s ✪♥NORSE MYTHOLOGY #1 and that’s my Pick of the Month
for March.


    The incredible talented artist, Vic Hollins will be painting a large mural on the side of the shop beginning soon. Saturday, the second day of May will be the date of this years’ FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and we’ll be using the opportunity to raise money for the good works of EMERGE: Center Against Domestic Abuse so there’ll be half a dozen artists on hand providing free sketches, there’ll be a One Dollar and a Five Dollar Raffle to win graphic novels and action figures and there’ll be a Silent Auction (already in progress) to win original artwork and rare and autographed comics and, of course everyone can choose four free comics from the selections offered (and, as usual I’ll have many titles from the shops’ stock as selections that won’t be available at other shops) so I hope to see you all then to show your support so please be sure to mark your calendars and if you’d like to bid or just follow along as new auction items are added you can do so at the event page here:

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    Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), OGN(original graphic novel-not a reprint or collection), MMPB (mass market paperbacks), AF (action figure), T/C trading cards, T/S (tee shirt), (to denote a new story or product) and ✪♥ (to denote a product that’s highly recommended.

    Besides the monthly Previews catalog there is also an ‘Adult Supplement’ which showcases the ‘adults only’ comics, books and videos. If you are interested in seeing what’s available (and you’re over eighteen) just send me an email and I will send you this month’s adult catalog with images, descriptions and prices.

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