March 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

    The March Previews catalog arrived on Wednesday, February twenty eighth (I’ll do my best to get this to you as soon as possible.) These solicitations are for comics and products that will begin shipping in May of 2018. I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might interest you. If there’s anything that you’d like, please try to let me know by the twenty first of the month so I can be sure to have enough copies on hand to fill your requests and subscription orders. Don’t feel obligated to subscribe to a whole series; if you’d just like a copy of the first issue of a new series to try it out, let me know and I’ll be sure to put a copy aside for you. And if it’s past the twenty first there’s still a very good chance that I’ll be able to place your order and still get the books you want.


    The theme this month is Women in Comics so expect lots of new and relisted books featuring female creators, characters and biographies. If you’d like more information or would like to see some images of covers and artwork you can go to
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    DARK HORSE: The brilliant team of Matt (Mind Mgmt) Kindt and David (Black Hammer) Rubin offer their second science fiction/fantasy series in ETHER: THE COPPER GOLEMS #1 OF 5 (and, if you missed the first series the collected edition is in stock). Perhaps the most intricately detailed artwork ever comes from Geoff Darrow who won a much deserved Eisner Award for the original seven issue series published by Burleyman and now the complete seven issue run is offered in the SHAOLIN COWBOY: START TREK HC in the over sized format matching his two latest collections. The DORK HC collects the cult humor anthology of the nineties by multiple Eisner Award winner Evan (Milk & Cheese, Beasts of Burden) Dorkin who also launches a new series, BLACKWOOD #1 OF 4 with art by Veronica (Archie, Slam!) Fish, a tale of four kids enrolled in a college that teaches the occult. Garth (Preacher, Punisher, The Boys) Ennis with artist PJ Holden begins a story inspired by the popular game with WORLD OF TANKS: CITADEL #1 OF 5; even if you’re not into the game, Ennis excels at telling gripping war stories. The DRAGON AGE: HARD IN HIGHTOWN HC is a new crime noir novel from prolific dwarven author Varric Tethras. After showing his talent for alternative history with Northlanders and his Rebels series Brian Wood releases the ROME WEST TP co-written with Justin Giampaoli and illustrated by Andrea Mutti the story takes place in 323 A.D., a century before Columbus. The BROOKLYN BLOOD TP collects the sixteen part tale originally serialized in Dark Horse Presents, the tale of a homicide detective returning to work and suffering from PTSD after his Afghanistan deployment, making him question himself from Paul Levitz and Tim Hamilton. The occult adventures of Sir Edward Grey continue in WITCHFINDER: THE GATES OF HEAVEN #1 OF 5 by Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson with D’israeli’s artwork. New collections include DEPT. H, VOL. 4: LIFEBOAT HC, USAGI YOJIMBO, VOL. 32: MYSTERIES LTD. ED. HC signed by the creator, Stan Sakai, HELLBOYOMNIBUS, VOL. 3: THE WILD HUNT TP, ABE SAPIEN: THE DROWNING AND OTHER STORIES HC, RASPUTIN: THE VOICE OF THE DRAGON TP, the BUFFY: SEASON 10 LIBRARY EDITION, VOL. 1 HC and the CONAN OMNIBUS, VOL. 3 PIRACY AND PASSION TP. As the Conan license has just been renewed by Marvel, this will be the final volume published by Dark Horse and they won’t be able to print of distribute their other volumes anymore. Hopefully Marvel will bring them all back to print.


    DC: The DC NATION #0 will be on the stands, priced at just twenty five cents on the weekend of Free Comic Book Day, a thirty two page comic featuring the prelude to the Batman wedding by Tom King and Clay Mann, the prelude to Justice League: No Justice by Scott Snyder and a prelude to the Man of Steel by Brian Michael Bendis and José Luis García-López. Then there’s the two forty eight page one shots, the ACTION COMICS SPECIAL #1 dealing with whether Lex Luthor is actually the ally that he’s been portraying or not and the SUPERMAN SPECIAL #1 where Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason get an opportunity to tie up their stellar run chronicling the adventures of the Superman family. Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Joshua Williams team up to write the weekly JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #1 OF 4 illustrated by Francis Manapul in the Metal transformed DCU as the heroes attempt to stop the destruction of Brainiac’s home world. The HARLEY QUINN: HARLEY LOVES JOKER #1 OF 2 is by the character’s creator, Paul Dini and Bret Blevins wrapping up the flash back tale that began as back ups in the monthly series last year (and possibly wrapping up their relationship as well). The latest title to spring from Metal to the New Age of Heroes will be the NEW CHALLENGERS #1 OF 6 written by Scott Snyder and Aaron Gillespie with Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson providing the artwork as the return of Challengers Mountain to the DCU also gives the six Challengers of the Unknown a second chance at life. BATGIRL & THE BIRDS OF PREY #22 will be the final issue of the series as the Calculator’s question, ‘Who is Oracle’ is finally answered. The translation of European super star Enrico Marini’s BATMAN: THE DARK PRINCE CHARMING: BOOK TWO HC completes the tale begun in the sold out first volume and BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #8 OF 8 will be a forty page finale. BATMAN BEYOND #20 is part one of ‘Target’ by Dan Jurgens and Marco Castiello and BOMBSHELLS UNITED #17 begins the final arc of the series. FLASH #46 and #47 are the next two chapters in ‘The Road to Flash War’ that began in the annual and the GREEN LANTERNS ANNUAL #1 will feature a done-in-one tale by Andy Diggle and Juan Ferrerya. GREEN ARROW ANNUAL #2 by Julie and Shawna Benson with Carmen Carnero’s art is a tie in to the Justice League: No Justice limited series and NIGHTWING #44 by Benjamin Percy and Christopher Mooneyham begins ‘The Bleeding Edge’. SUPER SONS #16 will be the final issue of the series although I’m sure we’ll see plenty more adventures of Jon and Damian. Rob Williams writes and Jose Luis and Jordi Tarragona illustrates ‘Constriction’ part one in SUICIDE SQUAD #41 and James Robinson writes and Stephen Segovia illustrates ‘The Dark Gods’ part one in WONDER WOMAN #46 followed by a complete story in the WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #2 featuring Marc Laming’s art. Collected editions this month include the DC/YOUNG ANIMAL: MILK WARS TP collecting the five one shots, the AQUAMAN: TEMPEST TP collects the adventures of the character better know as Aqualad, BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS, VOL. 6: FALL OF THE BATMEN TP, BATMAN: THE REBIRTH DELUXE EDITION, BOOK TWO HC, BATMAN: A LOT OF LI’L GOTHAM TP collecting the whole twelve issue series with the water color art of Dustin Nguyen, BATMAN: THE ARKHAM SAGA OMNIBUS HC with over fifteen hundred pages of comics tying to the video game, the BATMAN BY JEPH LOEB AND TIM SALE OMNIBUS HC with the complete Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Catwoman: When In Rome and more, the DEATHSTROKE BY TONY S. DANIEL OMNIBUS HC with more than twenty issues and more than five hundred pages, the BOMBSHELLS UNITED, VOL. 1 TP and the ELSEWORLDS: BATMAN, VOL. 3 TP with the caped crusader’s adventures in the twenties, in the future, in Camelot and more. FINAL CRISIS: THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OMNIBUS HC with every issue and tie in for the event that asked ‘What happens when evil wins?’, THE FLASH, VOL. 6: A COLD DAY IN HELL TP, GOTHAM CITY GARAGE, VOL. 1 TP, the GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW: HARD-TRAVELING HEROES DELUXE EDITION HC with the famous story from the seventies illustrated by Neal Adams and including the Flash issues that tied in, GREEN LANTERNS, VOL. 6: A WORLD OF OUR OWN TP, HAL JORDAN & THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS, VOL. 5: TWILIGHT OF THE GUARDIANS TP, the HARLEY QUINN BY AMANDA CONNER AND JIMMY PALMIOTTI OMNIBUS, VOL. 2 HC and JUSTICE LEAGUE, VOL. 6: THE PEOPLE VS. THE JUSTICE LEAGUE TP. THE LEGION BY DAN ABNETT AND ANDY LANNING, VOL. 2 TP collects the twelve issue Legion Lost series, the MYSTIK U TP collects the recent three issue series, starring Zatanna, issues thirteen through nineteen are collected in the NEW SUPER-MAN, VOL. 3: EQUILIBRIUM TP, the RUFF AND REDDY SHOW TP collects the six issue series written by Howard Chaykin and the SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW TP collects the cross over that ran through Super Sons, Superman and the Teen Titans. SUPERMAN: ZERO HOUR TP collects the time travel paradox tale, TRINITY, VOL. 2: DEAD SPACE TP has issues seven through eleven and the WONDER WOMAN/CONAN HC has the six issue collaboration published in conjunction with Dark Horse. (As Marvel has just purchased the license for Conan chances are this book will not return to print for quite some time, so get it quickly if you’d like it.) From DC’s creator owned imprint, VERTIGO comes the ABSOLUTE TRANSMETROPOLITAN, VOL. 3 HC completing the series and SWEET TOOTH, BOOK TWO TP with issues thirteen through twenty five of Jeff Lemire’s story. Their collectible imprint DC DIRECT offers new DC ESSENTIALS ACTION FIGURES with BRAINIAC, SUPERMAN, AQUAMAN and BLACK MANTA priced at twenty six dollars each and a DOOMSDAY CLOCK: OZYMANDIAS & DR. MANHATTAN ACTION FIGURE TWO-PACK priced at fifty dollars with two more ‘two packs’ to follow.


    IDW: The weekly series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION: THROUGH THE MIRROR #1 OF 5 follows the recent Mirror Broken series with lots more plans for the franchise promised this year. The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: URBAN LEGENDS #1 begins reprinting the twenty three issues by Gary Carlson and Frank Fosco in full color for the first time; originally published by Image, there will also be three final issues never seen before. Mark (The Flintstones) Russell writes and Max Dunbar illustrates the new JUDGE DREDD: UNDER SIEGE #1. The MY LITTLE PONY: PONYVILLE MYSTERIES #1 is a limited series tied to the popular prose books. After the first four weekly issues SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #5 begins a new story and goes to a monthly schedule. Their BLACK CROWN imprint releases it’s first collection with the KID LOBOTOMY, VOL. 1 TP by Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler. Steve Niles and Nat Jones begin a new horror series in space with DELTA 13 #1. The MICHAEL ALLRED’S MADMAN ARTIST SELECT HC celebrates twenty five years with nearly five hundred pages hand picked by the creator, limited to less than a thousand copies all hand numbered and signed in a slipcase. JOHN BYRNE’S STOWAWAY TO THE STARS #1 SPECIAL EDITION is a forty eight page comic with every page a ‘splash page’ with a new accompanying prose story. Their TOP SHELF imprint offers STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONIST: BOOK TWO TP by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Milly Ostertag as our no-longer-a-super-hero Allison Green begins college in NYC as well as an expanded edition of the LOST GIRLS HC by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie.


    IMAGE: A couple of the best talents in the industry, Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin are releasing BARRIER #1 OF 5, printed in landscape format and originally released digitally through Syndicate Press as their previous Private Eye project was, this is a science fiction tale involving language and illegal immigration, these issues will only be printed once and there are no plans to ever collect them so this is the only way to get the tale in hard copy. The first and last issues are fifty six pages each priced under five dollars, two through four are thirty two pages priced under four dollars each (and the first issue will be available to mature readers as a Free Comic Book Day offering in May). A new ongoing series from Rick Remender and artist Bengal is titled DEATH OR GLORY #1, a high speed heist tale on the open roads of America. FLAVOR #1 is a high stakes culinary competition in a walled city where chefs are the ultimate celebrity written by Joseph Keatinge with art by Wook Jim Clark. Brian Holguin and Brian Haberlin begin MEDIEVAL SPAWN/WITCHBLADE #1 OF 4 and, though it’s solicited as a cross over, there’s no information on how it will cross over but it’s priced under three dollars per issue and has a ‘special augmented reality cover’ whatever that may be. WHERE WE LIVE: LAS VEGAS SHOOTING BENEFIT ANTHOLOGY TP is over two hundred and fifty pages, priced under twenty dollars with all proceeds to benefit an existing GoFundMe campaign for the survivors and it features tons of top creators including Neil Gaiman, Gail Simone, Kurt Busiek, Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Allred, Geof Darrow, Jeff Lemire, Sean Phillips, Bill Sienkiewicz and more! Collected editions include ANGELIC, VOL. 1: HEIRS AND GRACES TP, THE BEAUTY, VOL. 4 TP, BLACK MAGICK, VOL. 2: AWAKENINGS 2 TP, BONEHEAD, VOL. 1 TP, EXTREMITY, VOL. 2: WARRIOR TP, INVINCIBLE ULTIMATE COLLECTION, VOL. 12 HC, the IT WILL ALL HURT TP by Farel Dalrymple, MAGE, VOL. 4: THE HERO DEFINED, BOOK TWO TP, MOTOR CRUSH, VOL. 2 TP, NO. 1 WITH A BULLET TP, REBORN TP, REDNECK, VOL. 2: THE EYES UPON YOU TP, SNOTGIRL, VOL. 2: CALIFORNIA SCREAMING TP, SON OF HITLER HC, STRAY BULLETS: SUNSHINE & ROSES, VOL. 1 TP, STREET ANGEL GOES TO JUVIE HC, a new original story that will be released the same week as Free Comic Book Day (which will have the FCBD ‘Street Angel’s Dog’ comic), THROWAWAYS, VOL. 3 TP, VOID TRIP TP and YOUNGBLOOD, VOL. 2: REBRANDED TP. Titles beginning new story arcs this month include: BLACK SCIENCE #35, COPPERHEAD #19, GRAVE DIGGERS UNION #6, PORT OF EARTH #5, THE REALM #6, ROYAL CITY #11 and YOUNGBLOOD #12.


    MARVEL: I imagine that you’ve already heard that Marvel has a new editor in chief, C. B. Cebulski, and that they are rebooting their universe with ‘new creative teams, new series’, new directions and new beginnings’. The other eight reboots in the past six years ‘weren’t reboots’ according to them so here’s what to expect going forward. After the events of the currently running weekly series, AVENGERS #1 will feature Thor Odinson, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers battling the Celestials as chronicled by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness with the second issue shipping two weeks later. This will be the seventh volume of the series as is BLACK PANTHER #1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Daniel Acuña as T’Challa explores the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda as teased in Marvel Legacy #1. VENOM #1 will be by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman with the symbiote still tied to the heroic Eddie Brock and set in New York City. Halfway through with INFINITY COUNTDOWN #3 OF 5 the story expands with an INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 one shot by Jim McCann and Diego Olortegui, INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DAREDEVIL #1 one shot by Gerry Duggan and Chris Sprouse and INFINITY COUNTDOWN: DARKHAWK #1 OF 4 by Chris Sims and Chad Bowers with Gang Hyk Lim providing the art. Last month they offered the six dollar one shot Hunt for Wolverine and this month it expands into: HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: WEAPON LOST #1 OF 4 by Charles Soule and Matteo Buffagni, HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ADAMANTIUM AGENDA #1 OF 4 by Tom Taylor and RB Silva, HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: CLAWS OF A KILLER #1 OF 4 by Mariko Tamaki and Butch Guice and HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR #1 OF 4 by Jim Zub and Chris Bachalo. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 is the final chapter of ‘Go Down Swinging’, the culmination of the Peter Parker/Norman Osborn battle and Dan Slott’s farewell issue as writer of the book. Art will be by Stuart Immonen, Humberto Ramos, Guiseppe Camuncoli and Jim Cheung under the inevitable Alex Ross cover priced under ten dollars. Another milestone issue this month is DESPICABLE DEADPOOL #300 by Gerry Duggan with Matteo Lolli, Mike Hawthorne and Scott Koblish providing the artwork, priced under six dollars, and yet another is INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #600 with Brian Michael Bendis’ final issue on the series, illustrated by Stefano Caselli, Alex Maleev and others as Tony Stark returns, a new villain surfaces and the fates of Riri Williams and Victor Von Doom are revealed, priced under six dollars. YOU ARE DEADPOOL #1 OF 5 is a weekly series by Al Ewing with Salva Espin doing art on the odd numbered issues and Paco Diaz on the even numbered ones, a role playing, dice rolling, choose your own adventure tale. CAPTAIN AMERICA #701 begins the ‘Promised Land’ story by Mark Waid and Leonardo Romero with J. G. Jones and Adam Hughes telling the story of Steve Rogers’ grandson in the utopian America of 2314 with the second issue of the four part adventure shipping two weeks later also by Waid with art by Romero with Howard Chaykin and Chris Sprouse. Jonathan Hickman and Sustin Weaver produced four issues in 2011 that are collected in the S.H.I.E.L.D. BY HICKMAN & WEAVER: THE REBIRTH #1 priced under six dollars to be followed every two weeks with issues five and six, finally concluding the story involving Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Leonardo Da Vinci and Nicola Tesla. Spinning out of the current Avengers: No Surrender weekly series comes QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER #1 OF 5 by Saladin Ahmed and Eric Nguyen. One more requiem to the ‘Death of the Mighty Thor’ story comes in the MIGHTY THOR: AT THE GATES OF VALHALLA #1, a one shot by Jason Aaron with artists Ramón Pérez and Jen Bartel. SPIDER-MAN #240 is yet another final chapter by Brian Michael Bendis with artist Oscar Bazaldua as, after seventeen years he moves to DC to chronicle the adventures of Superman, this issue marks the end of a stellar seven year run. Bendis and Mark Bagley earned a spot in Guinness’ Book of World Records for sticking to the series longer than any other team on a book, beating Lee and Kirby’s run on the Fantastic Four. Jason Latour writes and Robbi Rodriguez illustrates SPIDER-GWEN #32 where the Daily Bugle tells the world that Gwen Stacy and Spider-Woman are one and the same. PUNISHER #224 returns Frank Castle to the U. S. and he’s bring the War Machine armor with him, as told by Matthew Rosenberg and Stefano Landini. MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #31 is a special anti-smoking special timed to commemorate the World Health Organization’s ‘No Tobacco Day’. The X-MEN RED ANNUAL #1 by Tom Taylor and Pascal Alixe is Jean’s story as she tries to assimilate into her new altered timeline existence. X-MEN GOLD #27 and #28 lead up to the X-MEN WEDDING SPECIAL #1 written by Marc Guggenheim, Kelly Thompson and Chris Claremont with art by Greg Land, Marika Cresta and others, a forty page comic priced under five dollars. With Old Man Logan no longer fit to lead, Sabretooth becomes team leader in WEAPON X #17 by Greg Pack and Fred Van Lente with Yildiray Cinar’s art as they target Omega Red. The STAR WARS: TAG & BINK WERE HERE #1 is over one hundred pages collecting four issues and a short story originally published by Dark Horse, written by Kevin Rubio with Lucas Marangon and Rick Zombo’s artwork; the last time we saw Tag Greenley and Bink Otauna was on Leia’s ship carrying the Death Star plans, these two are the bungling comic relief of the franchise, the one shot priced under eight dollars. STAR WARS: LANDO-DOUBLE OR NOTHING #1 OF 5 is by Rodney Barnes and Paolo Villanelli and is a prequel and a set up for the upcoming film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI ADAPTATION #1 OF 6 is by Gary Whitta and Michael Walsh suggested for teen readers. (Note: IDW is also adapting this as a one shot book priced under ten dollars and suitable for all ages.) The STAR WARS ANNUAL #4 by Cullen Bunn with Marc Laming, Roland Boschi and Ario Anndito illustrating is a pod-racing adventure with Luke Skywalker, smuggler Sana Starros and a certain Dark Lord in attendance. While STAR WARS: POE DAMERON #27 continues chronicling unseen events of The Force Awakens STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #20 begins ‘Broke, Inside’ by Simon Spurrier and Kev Walker. Collected editions bring back some long absent favorites with new printings of the FANTASTIC FOUR OMNIBUS, VOL. 1 HC and the FANTASTIC FOUR BY JOHN BYRNE OMNIBUS, VOL. 1 HC. The FANTASTIC FOUR: BEHOLD…GALACTUS HC collects more than a dozen issues by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, John Buscema and John Byrne in the big tabloid size format, over three hundred pages under a new cover by Alex Ross priced at fifty dollars. There’s also the EARTH X TRILOGY OMNIBUS: ALPHA HC, the SPIDER-MAN VS. VENOM OMNIBUS HC, DEADPOOL: WORLD’S GREATEST, VOL. 5 HC, X-MEN: THE WEDDING OF CYCLOPS & PHOENIX HC, MOON KNIGHT BY LEMIRE & SMALLWOOD HC with the whole fourteen issue story delving into mental illness and MIGHTY THOR, VOL. 5: THE DEATH OF THE MIGHTY THOR HC with the finale of Jason Aaron’s story, sure to become as legendary as Walt Simonson’s epic tales of the God of Thunder. The STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA, VOL. 1 HC collects the first eight issues plus the Screaming Citadel one shot and the two tie in issues from Star Wars issues 31 and 32. Soft cover collections include ANT-MAN: ASTONISHING ORIGINS TP and ASTONISHING ANT-MEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION plus an all ages ANT-MAN AND THE WASP ADVENTURES DIGEST, TALES OF SUSPENSE: HAWKEYE & THE WINTER SOLDIER TP collecting the five issue series by Matthew Rosenberg and Travel Foreman currently in progress and CAPTAIN AMERICA BY WAID & SAMNEE: HOME OF THE BRAVE TP with issues six ninety five through seven hundred; this is a wonderful collaboration between two creators at the top of their games. Now that Chris Samnee has departed Marvel hopefully the creators will unite elsewhere. DEFENDERS, VOL. 2: KINGPINS OF NEW YORK TP is by Bendis and David Marquez, THE PUNISHER: WAR MACHINE, VOL. 1 TP is by Matthew Rosenberg and Guiu Vilanova, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS, VOL. 3-EIGHT YEARS LATER TP has Peter and Mary Jane’s daughter Annie now in high school for the ‘Fast Times at Midtown High’ story, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: WORLDWIDE, VOL. 8 TP, WEAPON X, VOL. 3: MODERN WARFARE TP, X-MEN GOLD, VOL. 5: CRUEL AND UNUSUAL TP, THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL, VOL. 8: MY BEST FRIEND’S SQUIRREL TP, BLACK BOLT, VOL. 2: HOME FREE TP, DOCTOR STRANGE: GOD OF MAGIC BY DONNY CATES TP, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN: IRONHEART, VOL. 2-CHOICES TP, CABLE: REVOLUTION TP and WOLVERINE: THE AMAZING IMMORTAL MAN AND OTHER BLOODY TALES TP collecting a bunch of one shot adventures from creators like Jimmy Palmiotti, David Lapham, Rick Spears, Paolo Rivera, Mike Deodato, Jr., David Aja and more. WOLVERINE: SAVAGE ORIGINS TP is a retelling
of Logan’s formative years with Ben Acker and Ben Blacker writing and Salva Espin drawing; this goes from his feral times in the Canadian woods, through his time with the X-Men, his first battle with Hulk, appearances by Sabretooth and Wendigo and more. SECRET AVENGERS BY ED BRUBAKER: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION TP as well as the CHAMPIONS CLASSIC: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION TP need no explanation. There’s also a new illustrated MARVEL GRAPHIC COMIC BOX to welcome the new ‘Fresh Start’ reboot.


    INDEPENDENTS: Garth (Punisher) Ennis and Goran (Y: The Last Man) Sudzuka begin a new horror story at AFTERSHOCK titled A WALK THROUGH HELL #1 of which the author says ‘Time for another long, hard stare into deepest darkness. With the world in the shape it is these days, what else makes sense?’ Frank Tieri starts his second arc with PESTILENCE: A STORY OF SATAN #1, re-imagining the Black Plague as a zombie outbreak, illustrated by Oleg Okunev. The fifty dollar THE ART OF JIM STARLIN: A LIFE IN WORDS AND PICTURES HC sold out of it’s first printing; the second printing arrives on May second and, with the release of the Avengers: Infinity War film impending and with Starlin having created Thanos and recently cut ties with Marvel I suspect the second printing will sell out quickly as well. New collections include SHIPWRECK, VOL. 1 TP by Warren (Transmetropolitan) Ellis and Phil Hester and ANIMOSITY: EVOLUTION, VOL. 1 TP by Marguerite (Bombshells) Bennet and artist Eric Gapstur. ADHOUSE BOOKS releases the first collection of Hartley Lin’s work, created under the pen name Ethan Rilly, with the YOUNG FRANCES, VOL. 1: POPE HATS HC. AMULET BOOKS offers the LUMBERJANES: BOOK 2-THE MOON IS UP ILLUSTRATED NOVEL HC by Mariko Tamaki and Brooklyn Allen. ARCADE PUBLISHING translates the award winning JAMES JOYCE: PORTRAIT OF A DUBLINER-A GRAPHIC BIOGRAPHY by Alfonso Zapico and Jeff Zapata. Celebrating their fifteenth anniversary ASPEN COMICS begins their fifth volume with EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS #1 by Blake Northcott and Donny Tran. The second series, ‘Tablet of Destinies’ is collected by BENITEZ as the LADY MECHANIKA, VOL. 2 OVERSIZED HC and BONGO COMICS releases the MIGHTY MOE SZYSLAK #1 one shot. DISMANTLERS #1 by Aria Baci and Ashley A. Woods at BLACK MASK STUDIOS is a story of menial laborers in space, the folks who salvage what’s left after failed terraforming projects. WE ARE THE DANGER #1 is by Fabian Lelay, a high school coming of age story with rock and roll. BOOM! STUDIOS begins CODA #1 OF 12 by Simon Spurrier and Matias Bergara, a post apocalyptic broken fantasy world where a bard tries to save the soul of his wife with a foul tempered mutant unicorn as his companion. SIX FIGURE CROWDFUNDING: THE NO BULLSH*T GUIDE TO RUNNING A LIFE-CHANGING CAMPAIGN HC, the ultimate handbook to crowdfund a hundred grand is written by Derek Miller and Noelle Pugh and illustrated by Joy Ho. There’s a KONG OF SKULL ISLAND 2018 SPECIAL #1 as well as the WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES TP and the brilliant GRASS KINGS #15 will be the final issue of the series. Their ARCHAIA imprint begins FRAGGLE ROCK #1 OF 4 written and illustrated by Jared Cullum. And they also offer JIM HENSON’S THE DARK CRYSTAL ADULT COLORING BOOK TP. The RUN WILD HC from K. I. Zachopoulos and Vincenzo Balzano tells of two siblings, the last two people left who haven’t turned to animals, on a desperate search for safety as they discover what makes them human. Their all age imprint, KaBOOM has ADVENTURE TIME: BEGINNING OF THE END #1 OF 3 and also the ADVENTURE TIME 100 PROJECT TP, one hundred original covers by artists such as Jeffrey Brown, John Cassaday, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walt Simonson and more with all proceeds to benefit the Hero Initiative, a charity helping comic book creators in medical or financial need. Walter Geovani draws, Adam Hughes provides the cover and Gail Simone writes RED SONJA/TARZAN #1 OF 6 from DYNAMITE and Juluis Ohta illustrates while Leah Moore and John Reppion write SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE VANISHING MAN #1 OF 4. The SAVAGE TALES: VAMPIRELLA one shot is by Erik Burnham and Anthony Marques, forty eight pages priced under five dollars. Collected edition include: BETTIE PAGE, VOL. 1: BETTIE IN HOLLYWOOD TP, ASH VS. THE ARMY OF DARKNESS TP, SHEENA: QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE, VOL. 1 TP, and THE LIBRARIANS, VOL. 1: IN SEARCH OF…TP by Will Pfeiffer and Rodney Buchemi. DRAWN & QUARTERLY releases the LOVE THAT BUNCH HC collecting all of the biographical comics of Aline Kominsky-Crumb, one of the only women creators who was welcomed by the underground comic scene in the early years. FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS releases FUKISHIMA DEVIL FISH: ANTI-NUCLEAR MANGA TP by Katsumata Susumu produced in the eighties and nineties in the wake of investigative news reports of unreported accidents and dangerous working conditions at Japan’s nuclear power plants. The ALL SUMMER LONG graphic novel is available in either hard of soft cover from FARRAR, STRAUS AND GIROUX, by Eisner Award winner Hope Larson; this is a coming of age, middle grade tale of summer and friendships. FLESK offers THE ILLUSTRATED CALL OF CTHULHU HC featuring the gorgeous black and white artwork of Gary Gianni the book is a fusion of the graphic novel, the illustrated book and cinematic design. And they also have HELLBOY: INTO THE SILENT SEA-STUDIO EDITION; an over sized book showing the pencils, artwork and revealing commentary about this collaboration, merging a love of Moby Dick with Mignola’s characters and Gianni’s artwork, priced at fifty dollars. THE ADVENTURES OF JOHN BLAKE, VOL. 1: THE MYSTERY OF THE GHOST SHIP GN is written by Philip (The Golden Compass) Pullman and illustrated by Fred Forham, a time travel adventure from GRAPHIX, a subsidiary of Scholastic Books. JOE’S BOOKS, a subsidiary of Disney offers a DISNEY: CINDERELLA ONE SHOT as well as a DISNEY/PIXAR: INCREDIBLES ONE SHOT, both forty eight pages and priced under five dollars. LION FORGE has an all age imprint, CUBHOUSE that offers THE WORMWORLD SAGA, VOL. 1: THE JOURNEY BEGINS where a young boy stumbles into an alternate universe through a painting in his grandmother’s attic, over a hundred pages of beautiful colorful artwork written and illustrated by Daniel Lieske and priced under ten dollars. The SARTRE HC is a biography written and illustrated by Mathilde Ramodier and Anais Depommier telling the story of the philosopher of existentialism and the life companion of Simone de Beauvoir, from French publisher NBM. The SLUM WOLF GN from NEW YORK REVIEW COMICS is by Tadao Tsuge, largely unknown in America but one of the original alternative manga artists and this volume collects stories from the late sixties and early seventies with the lives of punks, vagrants, gangsters and other lost souls. ALIEN TOILET MONSTERS #1 from OMNIMORPHIC begins a limited series features forbidden worlds, circular love triangles and hard sci-fi by Eric Barnett and Carol Zara, recommended by Warren Ellis. REBELLION offers THE BALLAD OF HALO JONES, BOOK 1 OF 3 TP by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson starring an eighteen year old every-woman bored with her fiftieth century leisure-ghetto housing who goes to space. The series has been remastered and is in color for the first time. JAZZ LEGEND #1 is by JC Lacek and Vasco Duarte from SCOUT COMICS, a neo noir cosmic fantasy as a jazz musician in Motocity experiments with a new hallucinogenic drug. SELFMADEHERO releases Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO illustrated by Martin Rawson, a graphic novel adaptation of the 1848 political theory. In celebration of the thirtieth anniversary TITAN COMICS releases THE LEGEND OF TANK GIRL HC collecting Tank Girl Gold, Two Girls, One Tank and World War Tank Girl into one book, over three hundred pages priced under fifty dollars. DARK SOULS: THE AGE OF FIRE #1 OF 4 ties into the first video game by Ryan O’Sullivan and Anton Kokarev. A thirtieth anniversary edition of VIOLENT CASES HC by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean has an an expanded art section and introductions by Alan Moore, Paul Gravett and Neil Gaiman. 2021: LOST CHILDREN #1 OF 2 described as Escape From New York meets X-Men, has Detroit seceded from the U.S., it’s citizens under the control of a powered madman and four super powered children are the only hope; two fifty six page issues priced under six dollars each by Stéphane Betbeder and Stéphane Bervas. TOKYO POP has ZERO’S JOURNEY #1, the follow up to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas suitable for all ages and in full color; the ‘zero’ issue will be a Free Comic Book Day selection. THE COMIC BOOK STORY OF BASEBALL GN is by Alex Irvine and Tomm Coker from TEN SPEED PRESS, tells of the history, the heroes and the cultural impact of the sport in America and overseas. STREET FIGHTER CLASSIC, VOL. 1 TP with issues zero through six and STREET FIGHTER CLASSIC, VOL. 2 TP with seven through fourteen, both volumes including cover art and bonus stories from UDON ENTERTAINMENT features the art of Alvin Lee, Joe Madureira, Adam Warren, Kaare Andrews, Salvador Larocca, Josh Middleton, Adrian Alphona and more. The HARBINGER WARS II #1 OF 4 from VALIANT features X-O Manowar, Secret Weapons, Bloodshot, Ninjak and more as told by Matt Kindt and Tomás Giorello and they launch their first all ages adventure by Daniel Kibblesmith and Derek Charm titled VALIANT HIGH #1 OF 4. ZENESCOPE begins JASMINE: CROWN OF KINGS #1 OF 5 written by Howard Mackie which brings us to the end of the comic listings this month.


this time goes to ♥BARRIER #1 OF 5 from BK Vaughan and Marcos Martin at Image which they say will never be collected or reprinted (so be sure to get it now).


    And, as always I am deeply indebted to you all for keeping the lights on in my comic shop for all these years; your support and friendship is humbling and appreciated and your generous support of the quarterly benefits restores my faith in humanity and America. The biggest of the benefits is approaching: Saturday, the Fifth of May is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and I know that, coinciding with Cinco de Mayo will make it a busy weekend in Tucson so I hope that you’ll all mark your calendars and make a point of coming by, getting some free sketches, participating in the Raffles and Silent Auction and helping to raise money for Tucson’s wonderful YOUTH ON THEIR OWN charity organization that takes care of our school age homeless students. See you soon!






    Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), OGN (original graphic novel-not a reprint or collection), MMPB (mass market paperbacks), AF (action figure), T/C trading cards, T/S (tee shirt) and (to denote an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion).


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