March 2017 Newsletter

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    The March Previews catalog arrived on Wednesday, March first. I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might interest you. These solicitations are for comics and products that will begin shipping in May of 2017. If there’s anything that you’d like, please try and let me know by the twenty first of this month so I can be sure to have enough copies on hand to fill your requests and subscription orders. (Don’t feel obligated to subscribe to a whole series; if you’d just like a copy of the first issue of a new series to try it out, let me know and I’ll be sure to put a copy aside for you.)

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    DARK HORSE: Chris Warner, who has been working with Dark Horse since they first began will write PREDATOR: HUNTERS #1 with art by Francisco Ruiz Velasco, a tale of Predators hunting space aliens on Earth. MASS EFFECT: DISCOVERY #1 ties into the new Andromeda game coming to Playstation 4 and X-Box One written by Jeremy Barlow and John Dombrow with art by Gabriel Guzman. DRAGON AGE: KNIGHT ERRANT #1 is written by the team of Nunzio DeFillippis and Christina Weir with art by Fernando Heinz Furukawa, canonical tales from Bioware’s best selling fantasy franchise. And from the mind of Kaare (Immortal Iron Fist, Renato Jones) comes the BLACK SINISTER HC with art by Troy (Lobster Johnson) Nixey, a tale of a billionaire psychotic vigilante who is more feared then the criminals he takes down. The DOTA 2 COMIC COLLECTION HC has all of the comics that tie into the Valve ‘Death of the Ancients’ online game while LEAD POISONING: THE PENCIL ART OF GEOFF DARROW HC features art and commentary on the meticulously detailed art work of the artist of Shaolin Cowboy, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot and Hard Boiled. The second collected edition of Matt Kindt’s brilliant series, DEPT H HC, VOL. 2: AFTER THE FLOOD with issues seven through twelve and his first collection of his collaboration with David Rubin in the ETHER, VOL. 1 TP are offered and both highly recommended. The GUILD LIBRARY EDITION HC, VOL. 1 has the three issue limited series plus the five one shots taking place before the web series, for under fifty dollars. The USAGI YOJIMBO: LEGENDS TP (also available in hard cover) collects all of the tales that are outside of the regular series’ collected in the omnibus volumes including the Space Usagi: Warrior three part as well as the Space Usagi: Death three part that ran in the back of the early TMNT issues, plus the color special, the six part SENSO, the graphic novel Yokai and the Gagged one shot from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. And there’s something new from the Mignola-Verse every month and this is no exception with JOE GOLEM-DETECTIVE: OUTER DARK #1, co-written with Christopher Golden and illustrated by Patric Reynolds. The HP LOVECRAFT: HOUND & STORIES TP features three of the masters stories adapted by Gou Tanabe, his first manga to be translated to English.

    DC: ACTION COMICS #979 begins the ‘Revenge’ story with the Eradicator, ALL STAR BATMAN #10 is chapter one of ‘The First Ally’ featuring art by Rafael Albuquerque, AQUAMAN #23 begins ‘Crown of Atlantis’ as the people of Atlantis try to depose Arthur, BATMAN #23 is an ‘Aftermath’ tale as the Dark Knight deals with the destruction left by his battle with Bane and DETECTIVE COMICS #957 is ‘The Wrath of the Spoiler’ as Stephanie Brown tackles the Wrath without Batman’s help. GREEN LANTERNS #22 begins ‘Lost in Space’ HARLEY QUINN #20 begins ‘Future Kill’ as our hero confronts Bat-Fan, JUSTICE LEAGUE #20 is part one of ‘Endless’ as the team is caught in a time loop, a two part tale that finishes in issue twenty one and NIGHTWING #21 begins the ‘Blockbuster’ arc. SUPERGIRL #9 is ‘Escape From the Phantom Zone’ as Kara and Batgirl try to do just that, SUPERMAN #22 begins ‘Black Dawn’ as Dead Man’s Swamp tests our hero’s conviction and SUPERWOMAN #10 is part one of ‘Rediscovery’ involving Natasha Irons, Skyhook, Crash and delving into Steel’s origin. ‘The Lazarus Contract’ is a four part cross over between TITANS #11, TEEN TITANS #8, DEATHSTROKE #19 and concluding in the TEEN TITANS LAZARUS CONTRACT SPECIAL #1 as Deathstroke feels that the return of Wally West brings hope for the return of his son. TRINITY #9 begins ‘All Along the Watchtower’ as the trio is trapped in the Justice League Watchtower with a traitor in their midst while the TRINITY ANNUAL #1 tries to school Lex Luthor on the repercussions of messing with Ra’s Al Ghul and Circe. The WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #1 is a collection of short stories chronicling time just after ‘Year One’ where Diana meets Batman and Superman for the first time, with Nicola Scott’s art, and their evolved relationship later with Liam Sharp’s art. Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, creators of the man who broke the Bat return to their character with BANE: CONQUEST #1 OF 12 as the villain puts his old band together to try and create a new criminal empire. While INJUSTICE: GROUND ZERO #12 concludes the series based on the original game INJUSTICE 2 #1 prequels the highly anticipated new game. Gerard Way’s YOUNG ANIMAL
imprint launches a fifth title with BUG!: THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER #1 OF 6 by Lee, Michael and Laura Allred, the New God from the mind of Jack ‘King’ Kirby travels alternate dimensions on a mission for the evil General Electric. New Rebirth collected editions include: BATMAN BEYOND TP, VOL. 1: ESCAPING THE GRAVE, HARLEY QUINN TP, VOL. 2: JOKER LOVES HARLEY, NEW SUPER-MAN TP, VOL. 1: MADE IN CHINA, NIGHTWING TP, VOL. 2: BACK TO BLÜDHAVEN, SUPERMAN-ACTION COMICS TP, VOL. 3: MEN OF STEEL, SUICIDE SQUAD TP, VOL. 2: GOING SANE, TEEN TITANS TP, VOL. 1: DAMIAN KNOWS BEST and in hard cover TRINITY HC, VOL. 1: BETTER TOGETHER and JUSTICE LEAGUE VS SUICIDE SQUAD HC. And if you’re new to the Superman Rebirth adventures there’s the SUPERMAN-ACTION COMICS REBIRTH DELUXE COLLECTION HC, VOL. 1 with the New 52 stories from Action Comics nine fifty-seven to nine sixty-six plus Justice League issue fifty two with the introduction of the Clark doppelganger. The ABSOLUTE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: WORLD’S GREATEST SUPERHEROES HC gathers the six fully painted graphic novels by Paul Dini and Alex Ross into an oversize slip cased deluxe volume for seventy five dollars. Other collected editions offered this month include: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: THE ROAD TO REBIRTH TP, BATMAN: THE COURT OF OWLS COLORING BOOK TP, BATWOMAN BY GREG RUCKA & J.H. WILLIAMS III TP, BATMAN-DETECTIVE COMICS TP, VOL. 09: GORDON AT WAR, DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS TP, VOL. 04: QUEENS, DC COMICS/DARK HORSE: BATMAN VS PREDATOR TP, DC HORROR: HOUSE OF SECRETS HC, VOL. 1, FLASH TP, VOL. 09: FULL STOP, DEATH OF HAWKMAN TP, HAWKMAN BY GEOFF JOHNS TP, VOL. 01, SUPERBOY & THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES HC, VOL. 01, LEGION OF SUPERHEROES-SILVER AGE OMNIBUS HC, VOL. 01, SUPERMAN-ACTION COMICS TP, VOL. 09: LAST RITES, SUPERMAN-THE GOLDEN AGE TP, VOL. 03 and WONDER WOMAN BY GEORGE PEREZ TP, VOL. 02. The creator owned imprint, VERTIGO offers DARK KNIGHT: A TRUE BATMAN STORY TP, the story of Eisner Award winner Paul Dini’s personal recovery from a brutal assault and the strength and inspiration he derived from Batman, available in soft cover for the first time. Also THE AMERICAN WAY TP: 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION collects the alternate US history tale by Academy Award winner John (Twelve Years a Slave, Three Kings) Ridley where super heroes and villains are a staged government program with actors who are forced by circumstances to step up and attempt to be real heroes. And the ABSOLUTE Y: THE LAST MAN HC, VOL. 3 completes the series’ run. The collectible imprint, DC DIRECT

    IDW: Ideas and Design Works has set up a tie to the popular Funko toy line and these five one shots are the result: GHOSTBUSTERS FUNKO UNIVERSE, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES FUNKO UNIVERSE, X-FILES FUNKO UNIVERSE, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE FUNKO UNIVERSE and JUDGE DREDD FUNKO UNIVERSE and all of their subscription covers will be Funko type variants this month. STAR TREK: TNG-THE MIRROR BROKEN #1 OF 6 is written by Scott and David Tipton with art by JK Woodward. Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly begin SAUCER STATE #1 OF 6 about a woman once abducted by aliens who is now the President. The HASBRO HEROES SOURCEBOOK #1 covers characters from A to D including paper craft projects, a map of the G.I. Joe headquarters, tons of bios, an exclusive comic and more for under five dollars. And the POWERPUFF GIRLS: TIME TIE #1 OF 3 has Mojo trying to send the girls to another time.

    IMAGE: REGRESSION #1 is by Cullen (Harrow County) Bunn and Danny (Haunted) Luckert, a tale of a man with ghastly dreams who finds that regressive hypnotherapy creates more problems rather than less. After twenty five years YOUNGBLOOD #1 returns written by Chad Bowers with art by Jim Towe (and Rob Liefeld provides one of the variant covers). As part of the anniversary celebration comes the SPAWN #1 25TH ANNIVERSARY DIRECTOR’S CUT. Jonathan (Girls, Ada + Alex) Luna with Sarah (Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love) Vaughn bring ETERNAL EMPIRE #1, an epic fantasy. The return of GRRL SCOUTS: MAGIC SOCKS #1 is written and illustrated by series creator Jim (Tank Girl) Mahfood. PAKLIS #1 is written and illustrated by Dustin Weaver, an anthology series asking the question ‘Do you accept the life you’ve been handed or do you step into the unknown even as it leads you into the shadows?’ SAMARITAN #1 has no connection to the character of the same name from Astro City; it’s the story of a woman determined to take down the largest military contractor in the world by stealing all of their research and giving it away for free, written by Matt Hawkins with art by Atilio Rojo. I’m excited about the return of Kaare Andrews’ with RENATO JONES: SEASON TWO #1 OF 5, the adventures of a wealthy heir who would rather collapse the 1% than join them. Whether you’re following issue by issue or by collected editions I think you’ll all want to pick up SAGA #43; it’s the first issue of the new arc after the incredible cliffhanger at the end of issue forty two (or the end of the seventh trade paperback which comes out first) and it’s priced at just twenty five cents as part of the twenty fifth anniversary celebration at Image. After the success of the one shot which took place in 1831, here comes WICKED + THE DIVINE 445 A. D., another one shot (and if you follow the regular series then I’ll be sure that you get this too). Collected editions this month include: the MAYDAY TP, MOTOR CRUSH TP, VOL. 1, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER TP, a new original graphic memoir type tale from Sina Grace, PIX TP, VOL. 2: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL, ROCKSTAR TP, VOL. 1: NATIVITY IN BLACKLIGHT, the USER HC with the complete three part series originally published by Vertigo written by Devin Grayson with art by Sean Phillips and John Bolton, the story explores sexual identity and online role-playing, VIOLENT LOVE TP, VOL. 1: STAY DANGEROUS, NAILBITER TP, VOL. 6: BLOODY TRUTH, NO MERCY TP, VOL. 3 and the REVIVAL DELUXE HC, VOL. 4 concluding the series. And finally the IMAGE COMICS 25TH ANNIVERSARY BLIND BOX which consists of twenty five comics in opaque black poly bags with seventeen all new 2017 issues, limited variants available only in this box plus other exclusive rarities including rare sketch covers. They’re only producing 1,992 of these which I suspect will be allocated and they’re priced at a hundred and twenty five dollars each.

    MARVEL: Lots of new series’ beginning (again) plus another big new cross over beginning with SECRET EMPIRE #1 OF 9. Although Marvel provided no information on creators associated with their many new releases at the time of the catalog’s publication I see online now that this series will be written by Nick Spencer with art by Steve McNiven and will deal with Steve Rogers‘ connection to Hydra and its’ repercussions. To follow all of the tie ins during the month of May will cost about fifty five dollars; issues one through three are offered plus SECRET EMPIRE: UPRISING #1, a one shot written by Derek Landy with art by J. Cassara. Tie ins include: CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #17, US AVENGERS #6, CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #22, DOCTOR STRANGE #21, ULTIMATES 2 #7, DEADPOOL #31, MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #5 and SECRET WARRIORS #1 and #2, the latter which will be written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Javier Garron and feature a large cast of Inhumans but not just Inhumans. There are a dozen new series’ beginning in May. The ALL NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 written by Gerry Duggan with art by Aaron Kuder and it will feature Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax, but Groot is stuck in his tiny form and Drax is now the Pacifier rather than the destroyer. I AM GROOT #1 comes from Chris (Gwenpool) Hastings with artist Flaviano and will feature the Baby Groot, while ROCKET #1 is by Al Ewing and Adam Gorham taking everyone’s favorite raccoon back into space and back into a life of crime. There’s also GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: MOTHER ENTROPY #1 OF 5, a weekly series by Jim Starlin and Alan Davis meant to appeal to fans of the film with action and comedy but little continuity. But enough about the Guardians; let’s get back to the mutants relaunch with JEAN GREY #1, the third of the new ongoing mutant books, this will be written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Victor Ibanez and will involve Phoenix. GENERATION X #1 from Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna will be led by Jubilee with Quentin Quire, Eye-Boy, Benjamin Deeds and other mutants that don’t quite fit in elsewhere. CABLE #1 will be by James Robinson and Carlos Pacheco and will play on the characters’ time sliding abilities. BLACK BOLT #1 will be written by novelist Saladin (The Crescent Moon Kingdoms) Ahmed with art by Christian (Ultimates) Ward where the star will be imprisoned with the likes of the Absorbing Man and will have to make some unusual allies to escape incarceration. LUKE CAGE #1 will be by David F. Walker and Nelson Blake II where Harlem’s hero will be investigating a mystery in New Orleans dating back to his origins. The ZOMBIES ASSEMBLE #1 OF 4 is actually an English edition of a manga from a couple of years back written by Yusaka Komiyama and adapted by Jim Zub and featuring the Avengers. VENOM #150 obviously returns to legacy numbering by adding up eighteen limited series, three one shots and three ongoing series’, it will be written by Mike Costa, Robbie Thompson and David Mickelinie with art by Tradd Moore, Gerardo Sandoval and Ron Lim. Eddie Brock will regain the symbiote in the preceding issue, number six. The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: MISSION BREAKOUT #1 will be a one shot with the story tied to the coming Disney theme park attraction of the same name. STAR WARS: THE SCREAMING CITADEL #1 is a one shot by Kieron Gillen and Marco Chechetto beginning with a reluctant team up between Luke Skywalker and Doctor Aphra and launching a five part cross over that will continue in STAR WARS #31 and STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #7 described as a horror story. Star Wars collected editions this month include the hundred dollar STAR WARS UK OMNIBUS HC and the hundred dollar STAR WARS: DARTH VADER BY GILLEN AND LaROCCA OMNIBUS HC plus STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA TP, VOL. 1: APHRA, STAR WARS: POE DAMERON TP, VOL. 2: GATHERING STORM and STAR WARS TP, VOL. 5: YODA’S SECRET WAR. Other collected editions include: INFAMOUS IRON MAN TP, VOL. 1: INFAMOUS, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN: IRONHEART PREMIERE HC, VOL. 1: RIRI WILLIAMS, the AVENGERS FOUR TP collecting the recent ‘point one’ issues about the time that Captain America recruited villains for the Avengers and ret-conning history to tie in to the upcoming Secret Empire cross over, AVENGERS UNLEASHED TP, VOL. 1: KANG WAR ONE, BLACK PANTHER: WORLD OF WAKANDA TP, VOL. 1: DAWN OF MIDNIGHT ANGELS, OCCUPY AVENGERS TP, VOL. 1: TAKING BACK JUSTICE, STAR-LORD TP, VOL. 1: GROUNDED, SOLO TP, VOL. 1: ONE MAN WAR ON TERROR, ULTIMATES 2 TP, VOL. 1: TROUBLESHOOTERS, DEADPOOL THE DUCK TP, VOL. 1, SQUADRON SUPREME TP, VOL. 3: FINDING NAMOR, WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN TP, VOL. 4: OLD MONSTERS, SPIDER-WOMAN TP, VOL. 3: SHIFTING GEARS, SCARE TACTICS, VENOM TP, VOL. 1: HOMECOMING, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS TP, VOL. 1: BRAWL IN THE FAMILY, SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL TP, VOL. 2: SIDE PIECES, SPIDER-GWEN TP, VOL. 3: LONG-DISTANCE, the SPIDER-MAN/DOCTOR STRANGE TP: WAY TO DUSTY DEATH, a story that began in the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 collected and the meticulously illustrated YOUNG AVENGERS BY HEINBERG & CHUNG: CHILDREN’S CRUSADE TP.

    INDEPENDENTS: The brilliant Terry (Strangers in Paradise, Rachel Rising) Moore has done it again; created, written, illustrated and published another wonderful tale (with aliens, UFO’s and an imaginary gorilla friend) and the first arc is now collected in the MOTOR GIRL TP, VOL. 1: REAL LIFE from ABSTRACT PRESS. MEDESIN #1 is a new series from ACTION LAB dealing with health care for super villains and the exploited doctors who try to uphold their Oath in trying situations. Frank (Wolverine) Tieri writes and Disney animator Oleg Okunev illustrates PESTILENCE #1 from AFTERSHOCK speculating that the fourteenth century Black Plague was a cover up for the planets’ first zombie infestation. Adam (Rough Riders) Glass writes and Dennis Calero illustrates NORMALS #1, a story about fighting to hold on to ones’ personal reality or risk losing it. Also the first arc of the world’s first transgender hero gets collected in the ALTERS, VOL. 1 TP. I’ve posted several articles about ALTERNA switching to newsprint paper and publishing comics at retro prices: ADAM WRECK #1 OF 3 is a story of an interstellar road trip where the parents get kidnapped by space pirates and it will be priced at a dollar fifty per issue. Other new series’ at the same price include AMAZING AGE #1 OF 5 about three teens who create comics and then their comics come to life, CROAK #1 OF 3 where a camping trip goes awry and LILITH DARK #1 OF 4 where a young girl’s imaginary beasties become real. From CONSORTIUM, written and illustrated by Menorah Horwitz comes a first person story of gender transition, Judaism and gel nail polish, an autobiographical comedy titled the DIARY OF MENORAH HORWITZ GN. After a far too long absence from the shelves AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY returns to the Harvey line and offers CASPER, THE FRIENDLY GHOST #1. In the one shot TRUMP VS TIME TRAVEL LINCOLN from ANTARCTIC PRESS Abe must stop Final Trump before he builds a wall to keep his alt-reality safe. The success of the new Riverdale program has brought a renewed interest in the rebooted universe at ARCHIE COMICS and this month they offer THE ARCHIES one shot and a LITTLE JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS one shot. ASPEN STUDIOS relaunches BUBBLEGUN, VOL. 2 #1 and BLACK MASK begins LAST SONG #1, a tale of music as an eighties rock band reaches for stardom and faces disillusion. They also have CALEXIT #1; what if a fascist President was elected and California refused to let him rule them? The NOT SO SECRET SOCIETY OGN from Matthew (Lantern City) Daly and Arlene Daly with art by Wook Jin Clark at BOOM! STUDIOS is a coming of age story where a group of pre-teen friends’ Science Fair project goes wrong. Their all age KaBOOM imprint offers the STEVEN UNIVERSE ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL 2: ANTI GRAVITY as well as the ADVENTURE TIME OGN, VOL. 10: OOORIENT EXPRESS. Canadian publisher CHAPTERHOUSE begins FATOMAH #1 written by Ray Fawkes with art by Soo Lee, a family disrupted and thrown into a world of gangs, guns and ghosts. DYNAMITE launches SWORDQUEST #1 by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims with art by Scott Kawulchuk following an adult forced to move back in with his mother reigniting his obsession with an eighties Atari video game. The JAMES BOND SERVICE SPECIAL is a one shot by Keiron Gillen and Antonio Fuso where an assassin decides that if he takes out 007 it will ruin US/British relations. A new adventure co-written by the game’s creator begins with PATHFINDER: RUNESCARS #0. PIERCE BROWN: RED RISING #1 is a new adventure written by and taking place in the world of the young adult novels of the same name and illustrated by Eli Powell. PROJECT SUPERPOWERS: HERO KILLERS #1 heralds a return to the universe created by Alex Ross, this one written by Ryan (God Hates Astronauts) Browne with art by Pete (Robin, Deadpool) Woods where, in a town full of superheroes, the sidekicks work a plan to get some recognition. The much publicized SOVEREIGNS #1 is the return of the Gold Key characters set in 2025 written by Ray Fawkes and Kyle Higgins with art by Johnny Desjardins and Jorge Fornes. Tucson’s own Eric Esquivel in collaboration with artist Fernando Ruiz does ANIMAL JAM #1, a comic based on the world’s largest online playground. The REAL FRIENDS GN from ST MARTIN’S PRESS is by best selling author Shannon Hale with artist LeYuen Pham, an autobiographical journey from Kindergarten through fifth grade about cliques, bullies and friendship. The SHATTERED WARRIOR GN is by Sharon Shinn with artist Molly Ostertag about a woman working for the alien overlords who is reunited with her lost niece forcing her to consider joining the resistance movement against the invaders. Lamentably out of print for too long POCKET BOOKS reissues Stephen King and Bernie Wrightson’s CREEPSHOW GN which became the storyboard for the film of the same name. HUMANOIDS offers the MAGICAL TWINS DELUXE HC by Alejandro Jordowosky and Georges Bess. Disney subsidiary JOE’S BOOKS offers HARVEY HITS #1 with Casper, Richie Rich, Wendy the Good Little Witch and all the rest. French publisher NBM offers the BILLIE HOLIDAY HC, a biography written and illustrated by Carlos Sampayo and Jose Munoz, the team who brought the incredible Joe’s Bar series. And from their all age imprint PAPERCUTZ comes the LOUDHOUSE GN, VOL. 1 written and illustrated by the creator of the Nickelodeon show creator and available in both soft and hard cover editions as is ANA AND THE COSMIC RACE GN, VOL. 1 by Amy Chu and Kata Kane. Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurrt begin a prohibition era tale with demons pulling the strings of the crime bosses at ONI PRESS titled THE DAMNED #1 and the first issue is priced at just one dollar and, in collected editions offers the INVADER ZIM HC, VOL. 1 collecting zero through ten. The ANDERSON: DEAD END from REBELLION is a one shot featuring the PsiJudge of Mega-City One. ST. MARTIN’S offers CONCRETE REVOLUTIO: COMPLETE SAGA GN: manga based on the hit anime series this tells the story of a proliferation of super heroes, aliens, robots, and supernatural creatures that brings about the Super Human Bureau to assess and control. SOARING PENGUIN releases HEROINES #1 where Marcy Madison has super powers and is recruiting other women to help, written and illustrated by Ted Naifeh. British publisher offers TEKKEN #1 OF 4 based on the video fighting game as well as LITTLE NIGHTMARES #1 OF 4 based on the upcoming game following Six, a young girl trying to find a way out of the horrifying world of The Maw. Also BLOOD BOWL: MORE GUTS, MORE GLORY #1 OF 4 based on the vicious fantasy football game and IAN LIVINGSTONE’S FREEWAY FIGHTER #1 OF 4 is based on the cult followed series of game books. RANDOM HOUSE has the WONDER WOMAN OFFICIAL NOVELIZATION MMPB priced under eight dollars, the as well as the ART AND MAKING OF WONDER WOMAN HC for under forty. Matt Kindt writes and Mico Suayan illustrates RAPTURE #1 from VALIANT with Ninjak, Shadowman and Punk Mambo teamed with twelve year old mystic, Tama to try and stop an elder god from piercing the heavens. Robert Venditti writes and Renato Guedes illustrates ETERNAL WARRIOR: AWAKENING #1, a stand alone one shot taking place before civilization. ZENESCOPE begins GRIMM FAIRY TALES: WONDERLAND-THE BIRTH OF MADNESS #1 set before Alice.

    While comics have become much more than muscular guys in tights punching each other, the super hero comics still have validity, maybe Jack ‘King’ Kirby’s more than most, and my Pick of the Month
is BUG!: THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER #1 OF 6 written by Lee Allred and illustrated by Mike and Laura Allred, three family members who share our love and devotion to the King and will do his creation justice. (Other contenders this month were SAMARITAN #1 and SAGA #43.)

    And that reaches the end of the comic listings this month, although there are also sections on Books, Magazines, Trading Cards, Apparel, Statues, Toys, Models, Games, Imports and more so feel free to look through the catalog, always on my desk, and I’ll be happy to order whatever you’d like.

    Thank you all for your tremendous support and assistance moving the shop to it’s new permanent location. Pete and Nate coordinated a great number of friends and customers and got an overwhelming amount of work done while I tried to keep the ‘old’ shop running. Pete, Nate and more than twenty five others worked their day jobs and then worked on into the nights and weekends to help make the new shop the place it should and will be: a gathering of like minded individuals interested in stories, art and community and I’ll never be able to thank you all enough.

    And, if you haven’t visited the new shop yet, come on by! It’s at 1421 S. Kolb Road, just south of 22nd Street next to the Wienerschnitzel. Still open seven days a week. See you soon!



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