March 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends:

Here’s the monthly newsletter for March; most of the comics and merchandise I will discuss will begin arriving in May although I hope if you see anything that interests you that you’ll let me know my the third week of March so I can be sure to have enough time to fill your orders. 

Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), AF (action figure) T/S (tee shirt) and ☼ (an excellent writer or creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion). Here are the top creators along with their current projects, creations and titles:

AARON: Jason began his career writing mature tales for DC’s Vertigo imprint; now he offers SCALPED #59, the penultimate issue of the series. The bulk of his work is now super hero stories for Marvel; he’ll write AVENGERS VS X-MEN #4 of 12 with John Romita, Jr., and WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #10 and #11 with Chris Bachalo’s art and both of those issues are tie-ins to the previously mentioned Avengers vs X-Men (which I will refer to as AVX for the duration). Jason also begins the next arc of everyone’s favorite gamma monster in INCREDIBLE HULK #7.1 with Jefte Palo and INCREDIBLE HULK #8 with Steve Dillon.

ABNETT/LANNING: At DC, Dan and Andy write RESURRECTION MAN #9 with artist Fernando Dagnino, at Vertigo Dan writes his new Gothic zombie creation, the NEW DEADWARDIANS #3 of 8 with I.N.J. Culbard’s art while Andy is a contributing artist on FAIREST #3. At Marvel Dan and Andy write NEW MUTANTS #42 and #43 with Carmine DiGiandomenico and these two issues cross over with the two ‘Journey Into Mystery’ issues. Dan and Andy’s recent work is collected in the VILLAINS FOR HIRE TP: KNIGHT TAKES KING.

ADAMS: BATMAN ILLUSTRATED BY NEAL ADAMS TP VOLUME 1 collects some of Neal’s legendary tales from World’s Finest and Brave and the Bold, he provides the cover for the SUPERMAN: KRYPTONITE NO MORE TP and he also supplies some of the interior art in the NEW AVENGERS BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS PREMIERE HC VOLUME 3.

AGUIRRE-SACASA: Roberto adapted Stephen King’s THE STAND TP VOLUME 3: SOUL SURVIVORS with the artwork of Mike Perkins.

ALLRED: Mike illustrates the interior as well as the cover of I, ZOMBIE #25; he also provides the variant cover for MYSTERY IN SPACE #1, a one shot anthology that I’ll be mentioning again.

ARAGONÉS: Sergio writes one of the stories in BART SIMPSON COMICS #71 this month.

ARCUDI: John collaborates with Mike Mignola on a tale in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #12 as well as on B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH-DEVIL’S ENGINE #1 of 3 and LOBSTER JOHNSON: THE BURNING HAND #5 of 5.

ASMUS: James co-wrote the stories collected in the CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY: OLD WOUNDS PREMIERE HC featuring the artwork of Francis Francabilla, and James wrote the story in the GENERATION HOPE: END OF A GENERATION TP.

☼AZZARELLO: Brian writes WONDER WOMAN #9 with series artist Cliff Chiang and Brian’s work introducing pulp heroes Doc Savage and the Spirit to Gotham City is collected in the FIRST WAVE TP featuring the art of Rags Morales and Phil Noto.

BARKER: Clive co-writes HELLRAISER #14 while the third arc is collected as the HELLRAISER TP VOLUME 3. Clive also has a short story in the WEIRD COMPENDIUM OF STRANGE & DARK STORIES which is offered in both SC and HC formats.

BEDARD: Antony continues on GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #9 with Tyler Kirkham’s art and BLUE BEETLE #9 with Marcio Takara’s art. He co-wrote material collected in the GOTHAM CITY SIRENS TP VOLUME 3: STRANGE FRUIT as well as GREEN LANTERN CORPS: REVOLT OF THE ALPHA LANTERNS TP.

BEECHEN: Adam writes one of the stories in BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #4, which has Superman Beyond and Justice League Beyond stories in each issue, too.

☼BENDIS: Brian consistently writes solid characters, often when the character’s haven’t been well developed throughout their history. He recently took the two dimensional Squirrel Girl character, once of the West Coast Avengers and made her intriguing, powerful and interesting with apparent ease, catching me totally by surprise. He’s been handling most of the ‘Avengers’ titles for years now and, even through the sometimes tedious and repetitious cross overs he manages to hold my interest. This month he writes AVENGERS #26 with the art of Walter Simonson and NEW AVENGERS #26 with Mike Deodato, both of which tie in to the AVX story. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #3 with long time collaborator Mark Bagley tells new stories in continuity with the film. David Marquez illustrates ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #10, a comic series that you’ll find in the Guinness Book of World Records. BRILLIANT #6 is a series created by Brian and Mark Bagley. Last year Brian collaborated with long time partner Michael Avon Oeming to create his first all age series and the results were beyond expectations. That volume is available in hard cover (and in stock) and now ☼TAKIO #1 begins the ongoing series. You’ll like it yourself, but if you have kids at home to share it with, you’ll like it even more. Brian’s collected editions offered this month includes NEW AVENGERS BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS PREMIERE HC VOLUME 3, AVENGERS BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS PREMIERE HC VOLUME 3, MOON KNIGHT BY BENDIS AND MALEEV PREMIERE HC VOLUME 2, MOON KNIGHT BY BENDIS AND MALEEV TP VOLUME 1 and the ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN-DOSM FALLOUT TP, ‘DOSM’ standing for the Death of Spider-Man.

BRUBAKER: Ed’s creator owned title illustrated by co-creator and collaborator, Sean Phillips ☼FATALE #5 is his strongest work of late and highly recommended. At Marvel he writes AVENGERS VS X-MEN #3 of 12 with John Romita’s art, CAPTAIN AMERICA #11 and #12 with artist Patrick Zircher and WINTER SOLDIER #5 with Butch Guice. Ed’s collected editions include CAPTAIN AMERICA BY ED BRUBAKER PREMIERE HC VOLUME 2, and DAREDEVIL BY BRUBAKER AND LARK ULTIMATE COLLECTIONS TP VOLUME 2. He also co-wrote CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY: OLD WOUNDS PREMIERE HC with James Asmus.

BUCCELLATO: Brian co-writes FLASH #9 with Francis Manapul, the series’ artist.

BUNN: Cullen’s work on his creator owned project at Oni Press, SIXTH GUN #22, has obviously impressed the editors at Marvel as they seem to be giving him a lot of work. He’ll be co-writing VENOM #17 and #18 with Rick Remender, he’ll write CAPTAIN AMERICA AND HAWKEYE #630 and #631 with Alessandro Vitti’s artwork as well as WOLVERINE #306 and #307 with Paul Pelletier’s art.

BYRNE: John has resurrected his creator owned team of super heroes for their last hurrah with NEXT MEN: AFTERMATH #43. Meanwhile, also at IDW he launches a new series which he also writes and draws: TRIO #1 features three characters with the code names ‘one’, ‘two’ and ‘three’ but the public refers to them as ‘Rock’, ‘Paper’ and ‘Scissors’.

CAREY: Mike has just one comic offered this month, UNWRITTEN #37 with series artist Peter Gross; as he’s been getting two issues out per month of late I suppose he’s earned his respite.

CASEY: Joe has brought some more readers into MacFarlane’s and Kirkman’s floundering creation since taking over the writing chores on HAUNT #26 with artist Nathan Fox. Joe also writes HULK SMASH AVENGERS #2 of 5 with artist Max Fiumara; this is a weekly series with each issue featuring a different art team and a different decade’s Avengers and Hulk persona; issue one will be the sixties team while this one will feature the seventies version.

CORNELL: At DC Paul continues on DEMON KNIGHTS #9 with art by Diogenes Neves and beginning a new arc, ‘The Murder of Merlin while at Vertigo he teams up with Ryan Kelly for their creator owned title, ☼SAUCER COUNTRY #3. The story is about Arcadia Alvarado, the Mexican-American governor of New Mexico who is also an alien abductee who may be able to save the world if she can become the President of the United States. Paul says he’s been working this story in his head for decades and I think it may be the breakout title that defines his career.

COSTA: Mike begins a new arc in COBRA ONGOING #13 with artist Antonio Fuso and, also at IDW he co-writes SMOKE & MIRRORS #3 of 5 with co-creator Jon Armstrong and with art by Ryan Browne.

DANIEL: Tony writes pencils and provides the cover for DETECTIVE COMICS #9, part of the Night of the Owls, and he also writes the back up Two-Face story with artist Szymon Kudranski who drew Spawn for a while after Greg Capullo left to draw Batman.

DAVID: Peter continues his long run on X-FACTOR #235 and #236 with artist Leonard Kirk; the team is in Seattle hunting a serial killer targeting super heroes and the all-new villain Scattershot is involved. Also the X-FACTOR PREMIERE HC: THEY KEEP KILLING MADROX features artist Emanuela Lupacchino.

DeFALCO: Tom co-writes TEEN TITANS #9 with Scott Lobdell and he also writes LEGION LOST #9 with artist Pete Woods. Both of these issues are part of ‘The Culling’, a five part cross over which will begin and end this month. At Marvel Tom writes HULK SMASH AVENGERS #1 of 5 with Ron Frenz’ art.

DIGGLE: Andy is one of many contributors to the one shot 100 page anthology MYSTERY IN SPACE #1 from DC and, from across the pond Andy pens a tale titled ‘Snapshot’ with artist Jock that will be in JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #324.

DIXON: Chuck’s forte is war stories and fight scenes so it’s appropriate that he writes G.I. JOE, VOLUME 2 ongoing, #13 and SNAKE EYES AND STORM SHADOW #13. He co-writes AIRBOY/DEADEYE #2 of 5 and his adaptations continue in ROBERT JORDAN’S WHEEL OF TIME-EYE OF THE WORLD #25 and ROBERT JORDAN’S WHEEL OF TIME-EYE OF THE WORLD HC VOLUME 2.

EDMONDSON: Nathan begins a new series at Image with DANCER #1, a tale of a retired assassin and his ballerina companion fleeing a sniper in the streets of Milan. Nathan (‘Who is Jake Ellis?’) is joined by artist Nic (‘Viking’) Klein. Nathan also continues on ACTIVITY #6 with guest artist Marc Laming for this stand alone issue.

ENNIS: A one shot that brought Garth a lot of attention about a decade ago comes back into print with ☼THE PRO: NEW PRINTING. This is for adults only and, if you’re not easily offended then you’ll ROTFL at this tale of a super powered prostitute in the Justice League; the art is by Amanda Conner and the new edition also includes ‘The Pro meets the Ho’ story that was created for the deluxe hard cover edition. At Marvel Garth joins artist Goran Parlov for FURY: MAX #1 and #2 taking place at the end of WWII. At Avatar, Garth’s STICHED #5 continues as well as the newly colorized DICKS COLOR ED #4. At Dynamite Entertainment he writes THE SHADOW #2 and BOYS #66, plus two titles that Garth created are written by Al Ewing, NINJETTES #4 and the JENNIFER BLOOD ANNUAL #1. By the way, BOYS #66 is the first issue of the final arc of the series.

FIALKOV: Grant Morrison co-writes ACTION COMICS #9 with Joshua, and Gene Ha illustrates this tale of three worlds which introduces new villain, Superdoom and features President Superman from an alternate Earth. Joshua also writes I, VAMPIRE #9 with artist Andrea Sorrentino.

FINCH: David will provide interior art and cover art for BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #9 which is a ‘Night of the Owls’ tie-in. Judd Winick will be the guest writer as Red Robin returns to Gotham. The ‘Night of the Owls’ will run through most of the Batman related titles this month. David will also provide covers this month for JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #9, HELLBLAZER TP VOLUME 3: THE FEAR MACHINE and the variant cover for DIAL H #1.

FRACTION: Matt writes the MIGHTY THOR #14 with artist Pepe Larraz and INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #516 and #517 with Salvador Larocca’s artwork and the DEFENDERS #6 with Mitch Breitweiser’s art. His recent work writing the Norse God of Thunder is collected in the MIGHTY THOR BY MATT FRACTION TP VOLUME 1 and the MIGHTY THOR BY MATT FRACTION PREMIERE HC VOLUME 2.

GAGE: At Dark Horse Christos writes ANGEL & FAITH #10 while at Marvel he writes AVENGERS ACADEMY #29 and #30 with Tom Grummett’s art, both issues tie-in to the AVX cross over. He also writes X-MEN LEGACY #266 and #267 with artist Rafael Sandoval where the Avengers occupy the Jean Grey School. Matt’s work is collected in the AVENGERS ACADEMY PREMIERE HC: SECOND SEMESTER.

GAIMAN: ☼ NEIL GAIMAN’S MIDNIGHT DAYS DELUXE EDITION HC is a collection of the work that Neil did for Vertigo outside the pages of his Sandman series including his two stories from the ‘Swamp Thing Annual #5’, the ‘Hold Me’ story from ‘Hellblazer’ #27 with Dave McKean, ‘Sandman Mystery Theater’, ‘Welcome Back to the House of Mystery’ and more. Neil also has a story in the WEIRD COMPENDIUM OF STRANGE AND DARK STORIES which is available in HC and SC formats. One of his award winning novels comes back to print with NEIL GAIMAN’S AMERICAN GODS 10TH ANNIVERSARY SC and the NEIL GAIMAN AND PHILOSOPHY SC is an analytical overview of his work in comics, fiction and film.

GATES: Sterling co-wrote the material collected in the GREEN LANTERN CORPS: REVOLT OF THE ALPHA LANTERNS TP with Antony Bedard, stories from ‘Blackest Night’ illustrated by Aridan Syaf and Nelson DeCastro. At Dynamite Entertainment Sterling continues KIRBY GENESIS: CAPTAIN VICTORY #8 with artist Steve Scott.

GIFFEN: Keith co-writes SUPERMAN #9 with artist/writer Dan Jurgens introducing new villainess, Masochist.

GILLEN: Keiron writes one of the two battles in AVX VS #2 of 6 when Spider-Man vs Colossus with art by Salvador Larocca. He also writes UNCANNY X-MEN #12 which is a tie-in to AVX. Keiron is one of the writers working on EXILED #1, a mash up between the ‘New Mutants’ and ‘Journey Into Mystery’. Speaking of which, Keiron continues his run with JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #637 and #638 with Richard Elson’s art; the story ties in to two issues of ‘New Mutants’ this month. His recent mutant tales are collected in the UNCANNY X-MEN BY KEIRON GILLEN PREMIERE HC VOLUME 2.

GISCHLER: Victor writes X-MEN #28 and #29 with Jorge Molina’s art and featuring an infiltration by a lost team of Skrulls.

GLASS: Adam writes SUICIDE SQUAD #9 with Fernando Dagnino’s art. This month’s story features Deadshot and continues into RESURRECTION MAN #9.

GRAY/PALMIOTTI: Like Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti work as writers and artists separately and as a team. Together they’ll be writing the ‘Unknown Soldier’ story beginning in the new anthology title, G.I. COMBAT #1 which will feature Dan Panosian’s artwork. In the western anthology, ALL STAR WESTERN #9 they write the ‘Jonah Hex’ story which is drawn by Moritat and is a tie-in to this months ‘Night of the Owls’ cross over with the Batman titles. And Jimmy provides the inks for his wife, Amanda Connor’s pencils in the new printing of THE PRO: ONE SHOT. WOLVERINE & BLACK CAT: CLAWS 2 TP is illustrated by Joseph Michael Linsner.

HAMA: Larry has been writing the adventures of ‘G.I. Joe’ for, literally decades. This month he writes G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #178 and his work is collected in the G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO TP VOLUME 4 as well as the G.I. JOE: SPECIAL MISSIONS TP BOXED SET which combines the whole twenty eight issue series in four trade paperbacks with the art of Herb Trimpe.

☼HICKMAN: Along with Nick Spencer, Jonathan is one of the writers’ to watch; his work on the licensed characters shows incredible insight into characters and motivation while his original works are ground breaking. In MANHATTAN PROJECTS #3 with Nick Pitarra’s art, FDR dies and the first artificial intelligence is created. In SECRET #2 this espionage thriller deals with the relationship between governments and private security firms, with Ryan Bodenheim’s pencils. Although I haven’t read the first issue of either of these series I feel confident recommending them both. At Marvel, Johathan writes AVENGERS VS X-MEN #4 of 12 with John Romita’s art and he co-writes ULTIMATE COMICS: ULTIMATES #10 and #11 as he passes the reins to new series writer Sam Humphries and Luke Ross takes on the art chores. Jonathan writes FANTASTIC FOUR #605.1 and #606 with Ron Garney’s art and FF #18 with Nick Dragotta where the ‘Future Foundation’ takes a field trip to Africa.

HIGGINS: Kyle writes NIGHTWING #9, another tie-in to the ‘Night of the Owls’ with artwork by Eddy Barrows.

HILL: JOE HILL’S: THE CAPE HC is self explanatory and the comic series was a much better story than the television pilot would lead one to believe. Also LOCKE & KEY TP VOLUME 4: KEYS TO THE KINGDOM is offered, another comic soon to be a television series. And Joe’s first collaboration with his father finishes with the STEPHEN KING/JOE HILL: ROAD RAGE #4 of 4, all being published by IDW. Also the LOCKE & KEY: THE GAME contains more than 150 cards with the art of Gabriel Rodriguez and the game was developed by Cryptozoic, the folks who make the ‘World of Warcraft’ games.

HINE: David’s second series with zany artist Shaky Kane continues in BULLETPROOF COFFIN: DISINTERRED #5 of 6 and, also at Image David writes DARKNESS #103 with artist Jeremy Haun.

HUMPHRIES: Sam co-writes ULTIMATE COMICS: ULTIMATES #10 and #11 for Marvel while at Boom! Studios he writes FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES #2 and begins a new ongoing series HIGHER EARTH #1, a story of people who try to take over alternate earths after they’ve spoiled their own giving a whole new meaning to the term illegal aliens. The first issue (with multiple covers) is offered at the introductory price of one dollar.

JOHNS: Geoff begins a new arc, ‘The Villains Journey’ introducing a new major villain in JUSTICE LEAGUE #9 and Jim Lee returns to the art chores for this story. AQUAMAN #9 completes the ‘Other League’ tale with Ivan Reis’ art, and Doug Mahnke illustrates GREEN LANTERN #9. And while Geoff has been juggling these three titles for the ‘New 52’ he also managed to write the ☼BATMAN: EARTH ONE HC which is illustrated by Gary Frank. This is the team that did the brilliant ‘Superman: Secret Origin’ series and will be a story of Bruce’s early years and his transformation into the Dark Knight. If this book holds interest for you, please place your orders; the ‘Superman: Earth One HC’ sold out nationally in the blink of an eye.

JOHNSON: Mike writes STAR TREK ONGOING #9 at IDW and, with long time collaborator Michael Green writes SUPERGIRL #9 with the art of Mahmud Asrar where Kara discovers her weakness where magic is involved.

JURGENS: Dan writes JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #9 which crosses into Firestorm for the fight to the finish with O.M.A.C., illustrated by Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan. Dan also co-writes SUPERMAN #9 with Keith Giffen as well as providing the pencil art.

KIRKMAN: Robert writes INVINCIBLE #92 and WALKING DEAD #97 and #98 plus he co-writes ☼THIEF OF THIEVES #4 with Nick Spencer. And the title Robert co-created with Todd McFarlane is collected as HAUNT TP VOLUME 3 and the HAUNT IMMORTAL EDITION HC VOLUME 1.

KRUL: J.T. will be writing the ‘War That Time Forgot’ feature in the new war anthology G.I. COMBAT #1 with the art of Ariel Olivetti as well as CAPTAIN ATOM #9 with Freddie E. Williams’ art.

LAPHAM: At Dark Horse David’s recent limited series is collected in KULL TP VOLUME 3: THE CAT AND THE SKULL with Gabriel Guzman’s pencils. He writes one of the stories in ROCKETEER ADVENTURES II #3 of 4 at IDW. At Marvel he writes AGE OF APOCALYPSE #3 with artist Roberto De La Torre and he begins a new ongoing series of his own, ☼DAN THE UNHARMABLE #1 with artist Rafael Ortiz. Yes, Dan can’t be hurt so he hires himself out as a private investigator or provides whatever other services that will keep him in beer and cigarettes. DEADPOOL MAX: INVOLUNTARY ARMAGEDDON TP and DEADPOOL MAX PREMIUM HC: SECOND CUT collect some of his work with artist Kyle Baker. At Avatar Press David writes his violent werewolf tale in FERALS #5 while his bloody story of tyranny is collected in the CALIGULA TP VOLUME 1, available in SC, HC and a signed and numbered HC edition.

LEE: I mentioned that Jim returns to art and covers beginning with JUSTICE LEAGUE #9; there are also two more action figures based on his art: JUSTICE LEAGUE: GREEN LANTERN AF and JUSTICE LEAGUE: AQUAMAN AF and also a new tee shirt, BATMAN RAW BY LEE T/S that features his rough pencils. There’s a new Marvel tee shirt as well, X-MEN OMEGA RED: RED T/S with Jim’s art from the cover of ‘X-Men’ #4 from 1991.

LEMIRE: Jeff is the new writer beginning with JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #9, Mikel Janin continues as artist and the team undergoes some changes: John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman and Black Orchid battle Felix Faust in this four issue arc. Jeff’s critically acclaimed work on ANIMAL MAN #9 continues with Steve Pugh’s art; if you’re not familiar with Pugh’s work you’re in for a treat-he’s kind of the British Alex Ross, only better. There is also a self contained story in the ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1 with art by Timothy Green and Travel Foreman. FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #9 has the monster hunting for the missing Animal Man with the pencils of Alberto Ponticelli. Also FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. TP VOLUME 1: WAR MONSTERS is offered. And at Vertigo Jeff’s own creation continues with a stand alone issue where Jeff writes, illustrates and provides the cover for SWEET TOOTH #33.

LEVITZ: Paul will write the new WORLD’S FINEST #1 featuring the art of George Perez inked by Kevin Maguire. This series will not be a team up between Superman and Batman but rather a team up between one character from Superman’s support team and one from Batman’s. In this first arc it will be Power Girl and Huntress of Earth 2. LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #9 begins a new arc where Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl have been abducted by the Dominators, the art will be by Francis Portela with a cover by long time Legion artist, Steve Lightle.

LIEFELD: Rob writes SAVAGE HAWKMAN #9 with Mark Poulton, art by Joe Bennett and Art Thibert, GRIFTER #9 with Frank Tieri, art by Scott Clark and DEATHSTROKE #9 which Rob writes and illustrates. YOUNGBLOOD #71 relaunches Rob’s creation where it left off, will be written by screenwriter John McLaughlin with art by Jon Malin being inked by Rob. Rob also provides covers for all four titles.

LISS: One of my current favorite writers of historical fiction David broke into comics last year with his brilliant run on Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ character. Now he takes on a great pulp character for Dynamite Entertainment writing THE SPIDER #1 with artist Colton Worley under an Alex Ross cover. I suspect that David’s historical knowledge and research skills will make this series one that creates a lot of buzz.

LIU: Marjorie writes ASTONISHING X-MEN #50 with artist Mike Perkins, promising a surprise ending. And Marjorie’s final arc is collected in the X-23 PREMIERE HC VOLUME 3: DON’T LOOK BACK featuring art by Sana Takeda and Phil Noto.

LOBDELL: Scott writes RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #9 with Kenneth Rocafort, which ties in to the ‘Night of the Owls’ and he writes SUPERBOY #9 with R. B. Silva, and TEEN TITANS #9 with Ig Guara and he co-writes the TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1 with Tom DeFalco, Brett Booth providing the pencils. All three of these titles are parts of ‘The Culling’. Scott also wrote some of the stories collected in Image’s DARKNESS ORIGINS TP VOLUME 4.

MANAPUL: Francis co-writes FLASH #9 and also provides the art and cover and his art also graces the new FLASH: WANTED T/S.

MARZ: Ron writes ARTIFACTS #18 concluding the five part story with Stjepan Sejic’s photo-realistic art. There’s also the ARTIFACTS #14 IMAGE EXPO VARIANT COVER offered and Ron’s SHINKU #7 with Lee Moder continues the samurai and vampire saga.

McDANIEL: Scott co-wrote and penciled the stories collected in STATIC SHOCK TP VOLUME 1: SUPERCHARGED.

MIEVILLE: Hugo award winning science fiction author tries his hand at comics; China will be writing the new DIAL H #1 with artist Mateus Santolouco under a Brian Bolland cover.

MIGNOLA: Mike co-writes B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH-TRANSFORMATION OF J.H. O’DONNELL, a one shot with Scott Allie, art by Max Fiumara and co-writes B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH-DEVIL’S ENGINE #1 of 3 and LOBSTER JOHNSON: THE BURNING HAND #5 of 5 with John Arcudi, art by Tyler Crook on the former and Tonci Zonjic on the latter. Also the HELLBOY LIBRARY VOLUME 5: DARKNESS CALLS/THE WILD HUNT HC features art by Duncan Fegredo and there’s one story by Mike in the FOOT SOLDIERS TP VOLUME 1.

MILLAR: Mark writes ☼SECRET SERVICE #2 of 7 with artist Dave Gibbons, SUPERCROOKS #3 of 4 with artist Lenil Yu and the KICK-ASS 2 PREMIERE HC collects the seven issue series with John Romita Jr’s art, all at Marvel’s creator owned imprint, Icon. Mark has one story in the JUDGE DREDD COMPLETE CASE FILES TP VOLUME 19 and his monthly magazine restarts as CLINT 2.0 #1. That’s a British magazine that has Mark’s comic work usually before it comes out from Marvel and this issue will have an issue of SECRET SERVICE and one of SUPERCROOKS plus an exclusive new chapter of REX ROYD, plus GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES and various articles and interviews; one hundred pages per month for $6.99.

MILLIGAN: Pete writes RED LANTERNS #9 with Ed Benes’ art and he takes over the writing with STORMWATCH #9 with artist Miguel Sepulveda. His first arc is collected in the RED LANTERNS TP VOLUME 7: BLOOD AND RAGE and at Vertigo he continues on HELLBLAZER #291 with guest artist Gael Bertrand.

MOORE: Terry writes and illustrates RACHEL RISING #8 and he also provides the cover for the OZ WONDERLAND CHRONICLES TP VOLUME 2.

☼MORRISON: Grant picks up where he left off on the ‘New 52-Second Wave’ title BATMAN INCORPORATED #1 with series artist Chris Burnham and he writes ACTION COMICS #9 with Gene Ha’s art introducing new villain, Superdoom. This issue will also feature a backup story written by Sholly Fisch with Cully Hamner’s art, a story about President Superman from a parallel Earth. The SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY: VOLUME 2 TP is offered. Grant writes one of two stories in DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS: SERIES IV #4 of 6. Marvel reissues the ☼NEW X-MEN OMNIBUS HC in a new printing. In my humble opinion this is the best X-Men story ever written; I can’t even think of one that comes close. It’s about fifty five issues with art by the great Frank Quitely except the last four issues that feature While Portacio and, although it’s a hundred bucks it’s a better deal than the current version which is eight digest sized books at fifteen bucks each. I own this series, have read it at least ten times and will do so many times again; it makes all other mutant adventures pale in comparison. (Pardon my rant; it’s rare that I can promote the excellence of a Marvel superhero comic.) Grant also wrote STEED AND MRS. PEEL #5 of 6 many years ago; based on the Avengers television show the artist is Ian Gibson. Grant contributed to BARRY SONNENFELD’S DINOSAURS VS ALIENS HC and his first ‘Judge Dredd’ story is in the JUDGE DREDD COMPLETE CASE FILES TP VOLUME 19.

NELSON: Arvid writes WARLORD OF MARS #20 with artist Daniel Sampere and LORD OF THE JUNGLE #6 with Roberto Castro’s art, both titles from Dynamite Entertainment.

NILES: Steve’s collaboration with talented and atmospheric artist Greg Ruth is offered in a deluxe edition for the first time as the ☼FREAKS OF THE HEARTLAND HC. This is my favorite work of Niles’ yet, a horror story with a strong sense of Americana and an essence of John Steinbeck. At IDW Steve teams up with legendary artist Bernie Wrightson for FRANKENSTEIN: ALIVE, ALIVE #1, a sequel to Mary Shelly’s classic that Bernie illustrated back in 1983. Steve also writes 30 DAYS OF NIGHT ONGOING #7 and the first issue of the original series is collected in the tabloid sized format as 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: 10 BLOODY YEARS TREASURY EDITION.

NOCENTI: I haven’t noticed a lot of work by Ann over the past several years; she wrote ‘Daredevil’ years ago, creating the character ‘Typhoid Mary’. She’s back now and writing GREEN ARROW #9 with artist Harvey Tolibao at DC while at IDW she will co-write TRUE BLOOD ONGOING #1 with Michael McMillian who plays Steve Newlin on the television program; the art will be by Michael Gaydos.

OEMING: Michael provides art for some of the stories in the FOOT SOLDIERS VOLUME 1 TP, he illustrates HULK SMASH #5 of 5 and he provides interior art and the cover for ☼TAKIO #1, a great, all-age superhero comic written by Michael Bendis.

ORDWAY: Jerry was one of the artists, along with the young Todd McFarlane who illustrated INFINITY INC.: THE GENERATIONS SAGA VOLUME 2 HC which was written by Roy and Dann Thomas.

OSTRANDER: John writes STAR WARS: DAWN OF THE JEDI #4-FORCE STORM with Jan Duursema’s pencils and cover.

PAK: The material collected in the HERC: PRODIGAL GOD TP was written by Greg and Fred Van Lente, and Greg wrote both of the limited series collected in the X-MEN: PHOENIX ENDSONG/WARSONG ULTIMATE COLLECTION TP, the first story with Greg Land’s art and the second with Tyler Kirkham. At Aspen Studios Greg writes DEAD MAN’S RUN #4 with Tony Parker’s art, the concept is from Greg and Tony along with Gale Anne Hurd, producer of the ‘Walking Dead’ television series.

PANOSIAN: Dan will illustrate the ‘Unknown Soldier’ story in G.I. COMBAT #1 which takes place in Afghanistan and is written by the team of Gray and Palmiotti. Dan also provides the variant cover again this month for ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST #11 of 12.

PARKER: Jeff writes HULK #51 and #52 with Carlos Pagulayan’s art and THUNDERBOLTS #174 with Declan Shalvey illustrating.

PEREZ: George will pencil the ‘New 52-Second Wave’ title WORLD’S FINEST #1 with the talented Kevin Maguire inking.

REED: Brian writes the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #39 with Lee Garbett’s art placing Spider-Man in a world where Peter Parker never existed. Brian’s work is collected in the HALO-FALL OF REACH: COVENANT TP penciled by Felix Ruiz.

REMENDER: Rick’s success on ‘X-Force’ has made him one of Marvel’s most prolific writers of late. This month he writes SECRET AVENGERS #27 with Renato Guedes’ art, an AVX tie-in, with Cullen Bunn he co-writes VENOM #17 and #18 with art by Kev Walker and Lan Medina respectively, and Rick writes UNCANNY X-FORCE #25 with Mike McKone’s art beginning ‘The Final Execution’ story. In collected edition Rick has VENOM: CIRCLE OF FOUR PREMIERE HC, UNCANNY X-FORCE: OTHERWORLD PREMIERE HC and UNCANNY X-FORCE TP VOLUME 3: DARK ANGEL SAGA-BOOK 1.

ROBERSON: Chris writes I, ZOMBIE #9 with Mike Allred’s interiors and cover, while Chris’ own MEMORIAL #6 of 6 reaches the finale. Chris also scripts ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST #11 of 12 with creator Michael Moorcock.

ROBINSON: James writes the ‘New 52-Second Wave’ title EARTH TWO #1 with Nicola and Trevor Scott providing the art; this story will feature Alan Scott, Jay Garrick and the first issue will be forty pages. James is also writing the three part Vandal Savage story beginning in DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #9 with Bernard Chang drawing and SHADE #8 of 12 with guest artist for this ‘Times Past’ issue by Jill Thompson.

RUCKA: Greg writes PUNISHER #11 with Mirko Colak’s art at Marvel and for Warner Brothers Greg offers his latest crime novel, ☼GREG RUCKA’S JAD BELL: ALPHA HC introducing a new main character in his first novel.

SAMNEE: While most of the people on this list are writers, Chris has developed quite a following for his simple yet evocative art style and I have a couple of subscription customers who will order anything he draws. This month he’s the guest artist on ANGEL & FAITH #10 and he also illustrates DAREDEVIL #12 as Matt gets involved with yet another lover, Assistant District Attorney Kirsten McDuffie.

SEELEY: Tim wrote the script for THE OCCULTIST TP based on a concept by Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson with Victor Drujiniu’s pencils. Tim writes BLOODSTIRKE #28 and also provides the cover with Franchesco Gaston illustrating the interiors. He writes WITCHBLADE #157 and he also wrote the WITCHBLADE #152 TOP COW STORE EXCLUSIVE VARIANT and, at Dynamite Entertainment he provides the cover for ARMY OF DARKNESS ONGOING #4 which is written by Elliot Serrano with art by Marat Mychaels.

SIMONE: Gail writes BATGIRL #9 with Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes’ art; this is a chapter of ‘Night of the Owls’ with Barbara fighting the Court of Owls to protect her father, Commissioner Gordon. The first arc is collected in the BATGIRL HC VOLUME 1: THE DARKEST REFLECTION and Gail’s work with artists Ed Benes, Alvin Lee and Adriana Melo is collected in the BIRDS OF PREY TP VOLUME 1: END RUN.

SLOTT: Dan writes AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #685 with Humberto Ramos’ art and #686 with with Stefano Caselli’s art, both chapters of the ‘Ends of the Earth’ story. Dan also writes one of the three tales in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: ENDS OF THE EARTH #1, a one shot with art by Thony Silas and he’s one of three contributing writers to the SPIDER-MAN: BIG TIME-ULTIMATE COLLECTION TP.

SMITH: Kevin plots and Phil Hester scripts THE BIONIC MAN #10. There is also a SECRET STASH: STAFF T/S, HOODIE and CAP offered; ‘Secret Stash’ is the name of Kevin’s comic books shop in New Jersey which you may have seen featured in some of his films.

SNYDER: Scott writes BATMAN #9 with Greg Capullo’s art and the BATMAN ANNUAL #1 with Jay Fabok, both stories are tie-ins to the ‘Night of the Owls’ story. The Batman comic also has a back up focusing on the Pennyworth family by Snyder and James Tynion IV with Rafael Albuquerque’s art. Scott also writes SWAMP THING #9 with Yanick Paquette’s art and AMERICAN VAMPIRE #27 Roger Cruz, concluding ‘The Nocturnes’ arc.

SPENCER: At Image Nick writes his incredible suspense story in ☼MORNING GLORIES #20 with artist Joe Eisma and ☼THIEF OF THIEVES #4 which he co-writes with Robert Kirkman featuring art by Shawn Martinbrough. At Marvel Nick writes ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN #11 with Paco Medina and #12 with Carlo Barberi.

SWIERCZYNSKI: Duane writes BIRDS OF PREY #9 with Travel Foreman’s pencils; this one is a tie-in to ‘Night of the Owls’. Duane is also writing the new GODZILLA ONGOING #1 series for IDW.

THOMAS: Roy in collaboration with his wife, Dann wrote the stories in the INFINITY INC. HC VOLUME 2: THE GENERATIONS SAGA with art by Jerry Ordway, Todd McFarlane and others.

TOMASI: Peter writes BATMAN AND ROBIN #9 with Mick Gray inking Patrick Gleason’s pencils and, yes, this is also a tie-in to ‘Night of the Owls’. His first arc is collected in the BATMAN AND ROBIN HC VOLUME 1: BORN TO KILL. Peter also continues on GREEN LANTERN CORPS #9, part one of the ‘Alpha War’ with art by Fernando Pasarin.

VAN LENTE: Fred wrote the six issue series collected in the ☼COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF COMICS TP from IDW with Ryan Dunlavey’s art. This is an irreverent but accurate history telling of Kirby, Crumb, Kurtzman, Eisner, Stan Lee, Fredric Wertham, Spiegelman, Hergé, Tezuka and more. I enjoyed the series immensely; you may lose some respect for Stan Lee but I highly recommend it. The rest of Fred’s work is at Marvel including MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS: THE AVENGERS INITIATIVE, an all ages prequel to the movie with Ron Lim’s art, HULK SMASH AVENGERS #5 of 5 with Michael Avon Oeming and THE AVENGERS: BLACK WIDOW STRIKES #1 and #2 of 3, an espionage adventure set between the ‘Iron Man 2’ movie and ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ movie, the three issue series features six artists.

VAN SCIVER: Ethan and Joe Harris co-write THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN #9 with art by Yildiray Cinar and Norm Rapmund; this issue crosses over with ‘Justice League International’ #9.

VAUGHAN: Brian K. offers the third issue of his new, much anticipated series with ☼SAGA #3 with Fiona Staples’ artwork. Based solely on the quality of Brian’s previous series’, ‘Y, The Last Man’ and ‘Ex Machina’ I’m very much looking forward to this controversial science fiction series.

WAGNER: Matt co-wrote the ‘Sandman Mystery Theater’ story in the NEIL GAIMAN’S MIDNIGHT DAYS: DELUXE EDITION HC and he writes and provides the cover for ZORRO RIDES AGAIN #11 of 12 with art by long time collaborator John K. Snyder III.

WAID: Mark continues his critically acclaimed run with DAREDEVIL #12 featuring Chris Samnee’s art and DAREDEVIL #13 with Khoi Pham. At Mark’s own company he finishes his two award winning series’ with INCORRUPTIBLE #30 with Marcio Takara’s art and IRREDEEMABLE #37 with Diego Barreto. Also the IRREDEEMABLE VOLUME 9 TP collects the cross over between the two series.

WAY: Daniel writes DEADPOOL #54, the final issue of the ‘Dead’ arc and #55, both illustrated by Ale Garza. Daniel also wrote the material collected in the ASTONISHING X-MEN TP VOLUME 7: MONSTROUS and DEADPOOL TP VOLUME 9: INSTITUTIONALIZED.

WHEDON: Joss wrote the MARVEL KNIGHTS: ASTONISHING X-MEN-DANGEROUS DVD which is billed as a sequel to his run on ‘Astonishing X-Men’.

WILLINGHAM: Bill writes FABLES #117 with art by Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha and the backup story with Shawn McManus’ art, and he also writes the new, ongoing companion series focusing on the female cast in FAIREST #3 with Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning’s art under an Adam Hughes cover.

WILLIAMS: J. H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman write BATWOMAN #9, the next chapter of ‘To Drown the World’, a spy thriller with the pencil art of Amy Reeder inked by Rob Hunter.

WILLIAMS: Rob wrote the material collected in the DAKEN-DARK WOLVERINE PREMIERE HC: NO MORE HEROES, penciled by Alessandro Vitti.

WINICK: Judd writes BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #9, with David Finch’s highly detailed art, BATWING #9 with Marcus To’s art and CATWOMAN #9 with Guillem March; all three stories are ‘Night of the Owls’ tie-ins.

WOLFMAN: Marv writes the NIGHT FORCE #3 of 6 with Tom Mandrake’s art and the whole original fourteen issue series with the art of Gene Colan’s art is collected in the NIGHT FORCE TP.

WOOD: Brian writes CONAN THE BARBARIAN #4 at Dark Horse with new artist James Harren, DMZ TP VOLUME 12: THE FIVE NATIONS OF NEW YORK at Vertigo collecting the final issues of the series with Riccardo Burfhielli’s art and WOLVERINE AND X-MEN: ALPHA AND OMEGA #5 of 5 at Marvel with Mark Brooks and Roland Boschi’s art.

YOST: Chris writes SCARLET SPIDER #5 with Neil Edwards’ art and he writes both of the stories in the all age MARVEL UNIVERSE: AVENGERS-EARTH’S HEROES #2. Chris started out writing the animated ‘X-Men’ cartoon series that debuted the X-23 character and he’s now the head writer for Marvel’s animated television series’.

There’s the list of over one hundred creators that tend to be the movers and shakers in the industry. I find that following creators rather than characters often presents a higher quality of entertainment so if you have a favorite series you might want to try another title by the same author. Now I’m going to list the different publishers and let you know about the new titles and creators that haven’t been covered yet.

DARK HORSE: W. Haden Blackman, co-writer of ‘Batwoman’ writes DARTH VADER AND THE GHOST PRISON #1 of 5 with artist Agustin Alessio. DRAGON AGE: THE SILENT GROVE HC collects the six issues previously available only online, a tie-in to the Bioware games. RESIDENT ALIEN #1 is a story of a stranded alien trying to pass as a doctor in a small American town; written by Peter Hogan with Steve Parkhouse’s art. Musician Tom Morello’s first arc is collected in the ORCHID VOLUME 1 TP, a story of class consciousness through the eyes of a teen prostitute. Felicia Day and Will Wheaton offer another one shot with THE GUILD: FAWKES and THE GUILD VOLUME 2 : KNIGHTS OF GOOD TP collects the previous one shots ‘Vork’, ‘Tink’, ‘Bladezz’, ‘Clara’ and ‘Zaboo’. DARK HORSE PRESENTS #12 has a new ‘Aliens’ story by John (‘Chew’) Layman and Sam Kieth, the return of Jim Valentino’s ‘Normalman’ and a new ‘Nexus’ story by Mike Baron and Steve Rude. The USAGI YOJIMBO VOLUME 26: TRAITORS OF THE EARTH is offered in HC and TP formats. A new ongoing science fiction series begins with Matt (‘Super Spy’) Kindt’s MIND MGMT #1 described as ‘Akira’ meets ‘Heart of Darkness’ by way of ‘100 Bullets’. Andi Watson has a one shot SKELETON KEY COLOR SPECIAL. MIKE NORTON’S BATTLE PUG VOLUME 1 HC collects the first year of the popular web comic along with extras not seen online. The CREEPY PRESENTS RICHARD CORBEN HC gathers over 300 pages of horror from the pages of ‘Creepy’ and ‘Eerie.

DC: First, some lists; last month six of the ‘New 52’ titles ended: Mr. Terrific, O.M.A.C., Blackhawks, Men of War, Hawk & Dove and Static Shock. This month six new titles begin as the ‘New 52-Second Wave’ and they are: BATMAN INCORPORATED, EARTH TWO, WORLD’S FINEST, DIAL H, G.I. COMBAT and THE RAVAGERS. That final one is written by Howard Mackie with art by Ian Churchill; it spins out of ‘The Culling’ and features Fairchild, Thunder and Lightning, Ridge, Beast Boy and Terra. The crossovers this month are NIGHT OF THE OWLS which consists of Batman #9, Batman Annual #1, Batman: The Dark Knight #9, Batman and Robin #9, Batwing #9, Birds of Prey #9, Batgirl #9, Red Hood and the Outlaws #9, Catwoman #9 and Nightwing #9 and THE CULLING which runs through Superboy #9, Teen Titans #9, Teen Titans Annual #1, Legion Lost #9. A new arc and new direction for VOODOO #9 by Josh Williamson with Sami Basri’s art. SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #1 picks up after Clark puts on the costume as written by Bryan Q. Miller with Pere Perez’ art. The MISTER TERRIFIC VOLUME 1: MIND GAMES collects the eight issues of the canceled series. The JUSTICE TP collects the twelve issue series written by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross and illustrated by Alex and Doug Braithwaite. And the SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES #1 is another new all age title by the team that’s been creating the ‘Tiny Titans’ comics for the past few years.

DC: VERTIGO: The MYSTERY IN SPACE one shot is an anthology of science fiction stories featuring creators Paul Pope, Kyle Baker, Andy Diggle and more. HELLBLAZER VOLUME 3: THE FEAR MACHINE TP collects issues 14 through 22 in the new chronological trade paperback series.

DC DIRECT: New DARK KNIGHT RISES busts and statues of Batman, Bane and Catwoman, new JUSTICE LEAGUE AF’s of Green Lantern and Aquaman, BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY DELUXE ACTION FIGURES of Mister Freeze and Killer Croc, a new AME-COMI BLACK FLASH PVC FIGURE and the GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES: ATROCITUS STATUE are offered.

IDW: STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/DOCTOR WHO-ASSIMILATION² #1 will be written by Scott and David Tipton with Tony Lee and will be illustrated by J.K. Woodward and will have our teamed up heroes battling the Borg and the Cybermen. MAGIC THE GATHERING: THE SPELL THIEF #1 of 4 is written by Matt Forbeck with Martin Cóccolo’s art. IDW’s ‘artist editions’ are collections scanned from the original art pages at full size and this month they’re offering the DAVID MAZZUCCHELLI’S DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN ARTISTS EDITION HC, written by Frank Miller, the 200 page book features the complete story plus covers and sells for $139.99. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES COLOR CLASSICS #1 is a colorized reprinting of the original comics. NIGHT OF 1,000 WOLVES #1 of 3 is a horror story set in the Dark Ages by Bobby Curnow with art by Dave Wachter. The ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS ANNUAL is self explanatory. And next month IDW hints at two new titles: ‘Mars Attacks’ and ‘Kiss’.

IMAGE: MIND THE GAP #1 begins a new ongoing series written by Jim (‘Return of the Dapper Men’, ‘One Life to Live’) McCann with art by Rodin Esquejo who you know from the stunning cover of ‘Morning Glories’, a suspense thriller. EPIC KILL #1 is created, written and illustrated by Raffaele Ienco, the story of an eighteen year old assassin named Song who has trained all her life to get revenge on the man who orchestrated her parents’ deaths, the man who is now President. GRIM REAPER #1 of 4 is by Kurtis J. Wiebe with art by Alusio Santos, a gory romantic comedy. Jim Mahfood’s autobiographical web comic is collected in LOS ANGELES INK STAINS VOLUME 1 TP with exclusive new strips and photos. Last month I mentioned that Image was relaunching ‘Supreme’ with Alan Moore’s final story of the character; this month is SUPREME #64 and it’s written and penciled by Erik Larsen.

MARVEL: MARVEL ZOMBIES: DESTROY #1 and #2 of 5 is written by Frank Marraffino with Mirco Pierfederici’s art; Howard the Duck and Dum Dum Dugan versus the Nazi zombies who won WWII. EXILED #1 through #5 is a mash-up between ‘New Mutants’ and ‘Journey Into Mystery’ written by Kieron Gillen, Abnett and Lanning with Carnime DiGiandomenico’s art. The CIVIL WAR: PROSE NOVEL HC is written by Stuart Moore. OZ: OZMA OF OZ GN TP collects the eight issue series that completes the adaptation of the third L. Frank Baum novel scripted by Eric Shanower with Skottie Young’s pencils. Also Skottie was the writer of the material collected in the MAGNETO: NOT A HERO TP with art by Clay Mann. Novelist Jonathan Maberry wrote MARVEL UNIVERSE VS WOLVERINE TP, penciled by Laurence Campbell under a cover by Michael Kaluta. And there are three posters offered this month; INCREDIBLE HULK by Michael Kormarck, ASTONISHING X-MEN by Dustin Weaver and AVENGERS VS X-MEN by Jerome Opeña.

That’s the ‘big five’ premiere publishers; here are some new and interesting titles from the smaller independent publishers: ANTARCTIC PRESS offers a one shot; Z-REX: THE ZOMBISAUR which is self-explanatory and they also have a DEADPOOL-AID T/S, a mash-up of the crazy Marvel character with the Kool-Aid animated pitcher.. ARCHAIA PRESS finally offers MOUSE GUARD: THE BLACK AXE #5 of 6 by David Peterson. At AVATAR PRESS Jamie Delano, the original writer of the ‘Hellblazer’ series writes CROSSED: BADLANDS #5 and #6 of the bi-monthly series. BIG DOG INK has URSA MINOR #1 of 6 written by Tom (‘Penny for Your Soul’, ‘Legend of Oz: Wicked West’) Hutchison and illustrated by Tucson’s own Ian Snyder, the story of one girl who will try to save the world of 2022 from the vampires and werewolves. BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS offers ORBIT: J.R.R. TOLKIEN, a one shot biographical comic. I already mentioned HIGHER EARTH #1 from BOOM!; their all ages imprint, KaBOOM! Offers GARFIELD #1 written by Mark Evanier and illustrated by Gary Barker. They also offer WORDGIRL VOLUME 4: FASHION DISASTER GN. DEL REY MANGA has TSUBASA VOLUME 1 GN and XXXHOLID VOLUME 1 GN, two connected series by the team known as Clamp. They’ve already been available in English for some time but this is an opportunity to start at the beginning. DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT offers a LORD OF THE JUNGLE ANNUAL #1 and also the JUNGLE GIRL OMNIBUS VOLUME 1 TP collecting all eleven issues of the series by Doug (‘The ‘Nam’) Murray and illustrated by Frank Cho. DRAWN & QUARTERLY solicits the ED THE HAPPY CLOWN HC collecting the cult classic series by Chester Brown that was serialized in his ‘Yummy Fur’ comic in the late eighties. GEMSTONE has the OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE VOLUME 42 available in HC or TP with a choice of two covers, this book has been the comic collectors’ bible since 1970 listing every American comic with current prices in six different conditions. One cover is of the Avengers by Joe Jusko this year and the other is Catwoman by Adam Hughes. KODANSHA has picked up a lot of the manga titles that vanished with the demise of Tokyo Pop; they offer GENSHIKEN OMNIBUS VOLUME 1 TP and GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX VOLUME 3 TP this month. SELF MADE HERO has BEST OF ENEMIES: A HISTORY OF US AND MIDDLE EAST RELATIONS PART 1: 1783-1953 HC, following the Christian/Muslim conflict from the pirate choked Mediterranean Sea during the Crusades through the empire building of the British, French and Spanish. At SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT ALICE IN THE COUNTRY OF CLOVER: BLOODY TWINS VOLUME 1 GN is the all new sequel to ‘Alice in the Country of Hearts’. TITAN BOOKS offers MARADA THE SHE-WOLF HC originally serialized in Marvel’s ‘Epic Illustrated’ in 1982 the story is written by Chris Claremont with the beautiful art of John Bolton and features a never before seen fourth story and bonus material. TOP SHELF has THE LOVELY HORRIBLE STUFF HC, a graphic essay about the effect of money on, well, everything from personal finance to Ponzi schemes to the stone currency of the Micronesian island of Yap written and illustrated by Eddie (‘From Hell’) Campbell. The heavily promoted return of VALIANT COMICS begins with X-O MANOWAR #1 written by Robert Venditti with the art of Cary Nord; the original series by Bob Layton and Jim Shooter with art by Joe Quesada and Barry Windsor-Smith is also offered as X-O: MANOWAR: BIRTH HC. VIZ MEDIA has YU-GI-OH!: ZEXAL VOLUME 1 with each volume including a ‘Kachi Kochi Dragon’ card and, from the Studio Ghibli Library NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND gets all seven volumes back in print. From W.W. NORTON comes THE INFLUENCING MACHINE: BROOKE GLADSONE ON THE MEDIA SC featuring the popular NPR commentator’s opinionated ideas about modern media and it’s discontent. ZENESCOPE adds another title, THE CALL OF WONDERLAND #1 which will set the stage for an ongoing ‘Wonderland’ series and the COSPLAY ONE SHOT written by Raven Gregory and set at the Phoenix Comicon. Also the GRIMM FAIRY TALES OMNIBUS collects the first fifty issues of the series in a massive 1600 page soft cover book for $59.99.

And that’s the end of the comics for this month. The ‘Books and Magazines’ section has THE WALKING DEAD RISE OF THE GOVERNOR SC, the recent novel now available in soft cover, THE BEST OF PUNK MAGAZINE HC and Doc Savage, Doctor Who and the Shadow novels. The ‘Trading Cards’ section has THE HUNGER GAMES TRADING CARDS, the ‘Apparel’ Section has new Spider-Man, Adventure Time, Star Wars: Rebel Princess, Avengers, Punisher, Transformers, Doctor Who, Lenore and other tee shirts, caps and hoodies then there’s the ‘Toys, Statues & Models’ section, the ‘Import Toys’ section, ‘Collectibles & Novelties’, ‘Games’ and DVD’s & Digital Media sections.



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