June 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

    The June Previews catalog is sitting on my desk, available for your perusal when you stop by. Meanwhile I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might interest you.

    These solicitations are for comics and products that will begin shipping in August. If there’s anything that you’d like please try and let me know by the twenty first of the month so I can be sure to have enough copies on hand to fill your requests and subscription orders.

    Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), OGN (original graphic novel-not a reprint or collection), MMPB (mass market paperbacks), AF (action figure), T/C (trading cards), T/S (tee shirt) and
(to denote an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion).

    Besides the monthly Previews catalog there is also an ‘Adult Supplement’ which showcases the ‘adults only’ comics, books and videos. If you are interested in seeing what’s available (and you’re over eighteen) please send me an email and I will email you this month’s adult catalog in a .pdf format with images, descriptions and prices.

    The theme this month is Kids Comics so expect a lot of new items for the younger readers, but also keep in mind that ‘Kids Comics’ doesn’t mean they’re only for kids. Many books that fall under this category are just brilliant stories for all ages; think ‘Bone’, ‘Takio’, ‘Tintin’, ‘Uncle Scrooge’, etc.

    DARK HORSE: Film luminary Guillermo del Toro and novelist Chuck Hogan begin the final arc of their trilogy with THE STRAIN: THE NIGHT ETERNAL #1 scripted by David Lapham with Mike Huddleston’s art, a story of a vampire police state where humans are harvested for their blood. The television series begins on FX in July. The multiple award winning anthology returns with DARK HORSE PRESENTS #1. Now in a forty eight page format for five bucks this first issue features a return to ‘Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot’ by Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow and lots of other cool stories. EDGAR ALLAN POE’S SPIRITS OF THE DEAD HC collects all of Richard Corben’s brilliant adaptations of these classic horror tales. The PROJECT BLACK SKY: SECRET FILES TP is a jumping on point for Dark Horse’s super hero universe, a government agency’s nineteen thirties plan to protect Earth from extraterrestrials. VACHSS: UNDERGROUND HC collects the three part story from ‘Dark Horse Presents’ and adds over a hundred pages of new material adapting the screenplay by novelist Andrew Vachss. The ARKWRIGHT INTEGRAL HC collects Brian Talbot’s ‘The Adventures of Luther Arkwright’ and ‘Heart of the Empire’ into one deluxe volume, the wonderful series of parallel realities and infinite realities. The CONCRETE PARK, VOL. 1: YOU SEND ME HC is by screenwriter Tony (Eraser) Puryear who also illustrates this tale of Earth’s outcasts exiled to a distant desert planet. POP #1 OF 4 is described as We 3 meets True Romance as the wealthiest people grow their own celebrities, until one escapes, written by Curt Pires with art by Jason Copland, two up and coming creators to watch. Tim Seeley launches another new ongoing series with SUNDOWNERS #1 featuring art by Jim Terry, a super hero team meant to protect against interdimensional invaders. I’m very excited about USAGI YOJIMBO: SENSO #1 OF 6, an all new story from Stan Sakai set twenty years in the samurai rabbits’ future. Also the USAGI YOJIMBO SAGA, VOL. 1 is offered in both soft and hard cover volumes, six hundred pages with a full color cover gallery. Mike Norton offers BATTLEPUG, VOL. 3: SIT. STAY. DIE! HC collecting the Eisner Award winning web comic with additional exclusive content. The MISFITS OF AVALON, VOL. 1: THE QUEEN OF AIR AND DELINQUENCY TP is by Kel McDonald, the first of three projected volumes described as magical-girl manga with an Arthurian twist. THE ART OF THE VENTURE BROTHERS HC, THE ART OF DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION HC and THE ART OF NAUGHTY DOG HC are just what the titles says, The first six issues are collected in the HALO: ESCALATION, VOL. 1 TP. Fans of Wendy and Richard Pini’s fantasy epic will appreciate ELFQUEST: THE ORIGINAL QUEST-GALLERY EDITION HC; scanned from Wendy’s original art the entire ‘Fire and Flight’ saga is collected in an oversize format for a hundred and twenty five dollars. The PREDATOR VERSUS JUDGE DREDD VERSUS ALIENS HC has both series, the first by John Wagner and Alcatena with Henry Flint’s art and the second by Andy Diggle with Brian Bolland and Greg Staple’s art. The LOVERBOYS HC is an original graphic novel written and illustrated by Gilbert Hernandez. The ACTION PHILOSOPHERS! HC collects all three volumes of the fun series by Fred Van Lente with Ryan Dunlavey’s art plus a new eight page story. DARK AGES #1 OF 4 is written by Dan Abnett with art by I. N. J. Culbard involving a demonic force interfering with a medieval war.

    DC: The much anticipated series begins with THE MULTIVERSITY #1 as Grant Morrison takes us on a tour of the fifty two alternate Earths where we’ll meet the Vampire League of Earth-43 and the Nazi New Reichsmen of Earth-10. In this first issue, with art by Ivan Reis President Superman of Earth-23 puts together a team, including Captain Carrot like you’ve never seen him before, to deal with a threat to all Reality. The exciting and fast paced weekly series’ continue in THE NEW 52: FUTURE’S END #14 through #17 and BATMAN ETERNAL #18 through #21. SECRET ORIGINS #5 features Cyborg, Red Hood and Mera this month. TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA #14, TRINITY OF SIN: THE PHANTOM STRANGER #22, BIRDS OF PREY #34, BATWING #34, ALL-STAR WESTERN #34 and SUPERBOY #34 are all the final issues of their respective series. The surprising ‘Superman: Doomed’ series continues in SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #11, a second one shot, SUPERMAN: DOOMED #2, ACTION COMICS #34 and a tie-in in SUPERGIRL #34 with just one more chapter to go. BATMAN #34 is a big issue in the aftermath of ‘Zero Year’, still written by Scott Snyder and now with artist Matteo Scalera. Like the ‘Adventures of Superman’ and ‘Legends of the Dark Knight’ series’, the new SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN #1 will have stand alone stories by different creators each issue with this first issue featuring a story by Gail Simone with art by Ethan Van Sciver and one by Amanda Deibert with art by Cat Staggs. SMALLVILLE-SEASON 11: CHAOS #1 OF 4 continues with Lex and Ted Kord at odds and experiments gone wrong at the Antarctic compound. I think that I mentioned last month that DC has declared the twenty third of July as BATMAN DAY, being the closest date to the seventy fifth anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27; the celebration continues with BATMAN ESSENTIALS: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS-SPECIAL EDITION, a sixty four page reprint of Frank Miller’s ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1’ for one dollar. Also the BATMAN 75TH ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVE COLLECTION is a slip cased collection of ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns TP’, ‘Batman: Hush TP’ and ‘Batman, Vol. 1: The Court of Owls TP’ for fifty bucks. Also in collected hard cover editions this month are the DC COMICS: ZERO YEAR HC, BATMAN, VOL. 5: ZERO YEAR-DARK CITY HC, EARTH 2, VOL. 4: THE DARK AGE HC, GREEN LANTERN, VOL. 5 HC: TEST OF WILLS, WONDER WOMAN, VOL. 5: FLESH HC, BATMAN’66, VOL. 2 HC, HARLEY QUINN, VOL. 1: HOT IN THE CITY HC, the RONIN DELUXE EDITION HC and the BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM 85TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION HC and TP-NEW EDITION. New soft cover collected editions include: FOREVER EVIL: ARKHAM WAR TP, FOREVER EVIL: A.R.G.U.S. TP, FOREVER EVIL: BLIGHT TP, FOEVER EVIL: ROGUES REBELLION TP, BATWOMAN, VOL. 4: THIS BLOOD IS THICK TP, JUSTICE LEAGUE, VOL. 4: THE GRID TP, MARTIAN MANHUNTER: RINGS OF SATURN TP, BATMAN: GORDON OF GOTHAM TP, HARLEY QUINN: VENGEANCE UNLIMITED TP, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: THE CURSE TP, NEW TEEN TITANS, VOL. 1 TP, and TOE TAGS FEATURING GEORGE ROMERO TP. VERTIGO collected editions are FABLES-DELUXE EDITION: BOOK NINE HC, ASTRO CITY: THROUGH OPEN DOORS TP, FBP: FEDERAL BUREAU OF PHYSICS, VOL. 2: WISH YOU WERE HERE TP, EX MACHINA: BOOK THREE TP, PUNK ROCK JESUS: DELUXE EDITION HC, THE UNWRITTEN: TOMMY TAYLOR AND THE SHIP THAT SANK TWICE TP and the new edition of Y: THE LAST MAN: BOOK ONE TP. DC DIRECT has new action figures including the BATMAN ANIMATED SERIES: BATMAN, CATWOMAN, MR. FREEZE and TWO FACE AF’s, DC COMICS-THE NEW 52: STARGIRL and HAWKMAN AF’s, the DC UNIVERSE ANIMATED MOVIES figures including DEATHSTROKE, BATMAN, ROBIN and NIGHTWING from the ‘Son of Batman’ and CYBORG from ‘Justice League War’ plus the BATMAN: 75TH ANNIVERSARY ACTION FIGURE 4-PACK: SET 2 featuring the Greg Capullo version, the Alex Ross version from ‘Justice’ the Super Friends version and the Frank Miller version from ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, all four for seventy five dollars.

    IDW: An all new, all ages series written by multiple Eisner Award winner Eric Shanower with interior art by Gabriel Rodriguez begins with LITTLE NEMO: RETURN TO SLUMBERLAND #1. The fourth series tying into the popular video game is based on the 2012 release; SILENT HILL DOWNPOUR: ANNE’S STORY #1 is written by Tom Waltz with art by Tristan Jones. GODZILLA: CATACLYSM #1 OF 5 is written by Cullen Bunn with the art of Dave Wachter, JUDGE DREDD: ANDERSON, PSI-DIVISION #1 is written by Matt Smith with art by Carl Critchlow. The one shot tie in to the Cartoon Network crossover this month is SUPER SECRET CRISIS WAR!: THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY. The first four issues get their first deluxe treatment with the MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, VOL. 1 HC and TRANSFORMERS: PRIMACY #1 begins the final chapter of the Cybertron War Trilogy. The WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE NEWSPAPER COMICS HC gathers every daily strip of the Amazon’s adventures as written and illustrated by the original creators, William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peters. BLUE MOON: FROM THE JOURNALS OF MAMA MAE AND LEELEE HC is an inspirational and interactive book from 15 time Grammy Award winner, Alicia Keys, a story of a young Native American girl from the 17th century as told by magical grandmother Mama Mae that works in conjunction with the interactive story-telling app.

    IMAGE: As the ‘Fatale’ series reaches it’s finale the stellar team of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips lend their considerable talents to a new crime series set in 1948 Hollywood beginning with the forty page THE FADE OUT #1, also available in a movie magazine type variant. IMPERIAL #1 OF 4 is written by Steven T. Seagle with art by Marc Dos Santos and involves a man having to decide whether to marry the woman of his dreams or become his world’s only super hero. DEAD @ 17: THE BLASPHEMY THRONE #1 OF 7 has Josh Howard returning to his flagship character for the final chapter. GENIUS #1 OF 5 is a weekly series, the winner of Top Cow’s ‘Pilot Season’ written by Adam Freeman and Marc Bernardin with art by Afua Richardson. HOWTOONS: (RE)IGNITION #1 is an adventure series combined with science projects which two kids on their own use to save the world, this issue written by Fred Van Lente with art by Tom Fowler and Jordie Bellaire. NIGHTWORLD #1 OF 4 is written by Paolo Leandri and Adam McGovern with art by Leandri and Dom Reagon, featuring a haunted castle, the mystic Soul Key and blockbuster monster fights. WAYWARD #1, described as ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a new generation; is written by Jim Zub with art by Steve Cummings and John Rauch. The original graphic novel DISPLACED PERSONS is written by Derek McCulloch with art by Anthony Peruzzo, a drama with three crimes, thirty years apart, taking place in San Francsico in 1939, 1969 and 1999. And two new collected editions this month are SATELLITE SAM, VOL. 2: SATELLITE SAM AND THE KINESCOPE SNUFF TP and ZERO, VOL. 2: AT THE HEART OF IT ALL TP.

    MARVEL: The ‘House of Ideas’ continues it’s diamond anniversary with the MARVEL 75th ANNIVERSARY MAGAZINE #1 an all age 96 page issue for ten bucks with articles, interviews and insights into each decade’s highlights. The final issues, ORIGINAL SIN #7 and #8 are offered plus tie in’s in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #5, ORIGINAL SINS #5 OF 5, NOVA #20, FANTASTIC FOUR #8, DEADPOOL #33, DAREDEVIL #7, AVENGERS #34, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #18 and UNCANNY X-MEN #25 (which makes a total of fifty comics at a cost of $203.50 plus tax in this eight part crossover series). Although we were led to believe that the series ended with issue thirty one SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #32 indicates that it’s not over yet. I have no idea how Doctor Octopus is still using Parker’s body at the same time that Peter is using it so hopefully Dan Slott and Christos Gage can explain it in these two tales illustrated by Guiseppe Camuncoli and Adam Kubert respectively. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.4 is another untold tale from the early days of the web slinger’s history by Dan Slott and Ramón Pérez. The NOVA SPECIAL #1 concludes the three part story begun in the ‘Uncanny X-Men Special #1’ two months ago and the ‘Iron Man Special #1’ last month. Nathan Edmondson crosses over between two of his titles as PUNISHER #9 begins the ‘Friend From Foe’ story which concludes in the BLACK WIDOW #9. Originally a four part series scheduled to run from January to April but plagued by missed deadlines, I guess it’s now an ongoing series and Ryan Stegman, who took over the art duties with issue four is also the artist for INHUMAN #5 which is written by Charles Soule. HULK #5 debuts new series writer Gerry Duggan still with Mark Bagley’s art but now with no Bruce Banner. G. Willow Wilson writes MS MARVEL #7 with new artist Jacob Wyatt as the fledgling hero meets Wolverine. Brian Michael Bendis writes and Frank Cho illustrates the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ANNUAL #1, Elliot Kalan writes and Jonathan Marks illustrates the WOLVERINE ANNUAL #1 as the savage mutant with one month left to live takes Jubilee and little Shogo on a camping trip. And WOLVERINE #11 and the sixty four page final issue, WOLVERINE #12 features the final showdown with Sabretooth as chronicled by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods. X-MEN #18 begins a new story with a new creative team, Marc Guggenheim writes and Dexter Soy illustrates the all female team. Collected editions this month include the MARVEL 75TH ANNIVERSARY OMNIBUS HC, a twelve hundred page collection of their best stories picked by YOU, (email your votes to marvel75@marvel.com). Also the DEADPOOL: DRACULA’S GAUNTLET HC, THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, VOL. 1 HC, SHE-HULK, VOL. 1: LAW AND DISORDER TP, INFINITY TP, DAREDEVIL, VOL. 1: DEVIL AT BAY TP, MAGNETO, VOL. 1: INFAMOUS TP, ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, VOL. 5 TP and the MS MARVEL, VOL. 1: NO NORMAL TP. Plus JESSICA JONES: THE PULSE-THE COMPLETE COLLECTION TP, soon to be a Netflix Original Series. The MARVEL ICON imprint offers the SECRET SERVICE HC, written by Mark Millar with art by Dave Gibbons and arriving in a theater near you in October.

    INDEPENDENTS: Terry Moore has created, written and illustrated the wonderful ‘Strangers in Paradise’, ‘Echo’ and the in progress ‘Rachel’s Rising’ series’ from his ABSTRACT STUDIOS and now offers his first color book and his first all age book with SIP KIDS #1 featuring the first new story with these characters since 2007 with the major difference being that Katchoo, Francine, David and the gang are six years old. THE F1RST HERO #1 OF 4 is by Anthony Ruttgaizer with art by Phillip Sevy from ACTION LAB who also offers two new, all age titles this month: HERO CATS #1 and SHINOBI: NINJA PRINCESS #1 and two new mature series: ITTY BITTY BUNNIES IN RAINBOW PIXIE CANDY LAND: SAVE X-MAS #1 and SOUTHERN DOG #1. Steve (Dog Boy, Bughouse) Lafler offers DEATH IN OAXACA #1 from ALTERNATIVE COMICS, with Lucha Libre wrestlers and an ancient vampire who prefers chicken. ANTARCTIC has their one shot parody of the month title, MOMEYE, THE SAILOR SCOUT from Fred Perry, Magical Sailor Scout Momeye (she gets her bravado from fresh avocado) battles her arch frenemy, Bruta. Spin off issues from the AVATAR PRESS hit series features all new tales of Gods and Men with the GOD IS DEAD: THE BOOK OF ACTS #ALPHA with stories by Alan Moore, Simon Spurrier and Mike Costa, and GOD IS DEAD: THE BOOK OF ACTS #OMEGA with stories by Kieron Gillen, Justin Jordan and another by Mike Costa and, of course, variant covers galore as well as a deluxe collector’s box set. GEORGE R. R. MARTIN’S IN THE HOUSE OF THE WORM #1 will be adapted and illustrated by Ivan Rodriguez. A new all age comic from a new publisher, AUTISM AT FACE VALUE is titled FACE VALUE #1 featuring a Golden Age comic here who, as you might have guessed, is autistic. BIG DOG INK launches JOAN OF ARC #1 and KNIGHTINGAIL: DAWN OF DESTINY #1. BLACK MASK COMICS launches CRITICAL HIT #1, a spin off of the two previous ‘Liberator’ series with the animal activists going after a gang of rogue hunters and GODKILLER: WALK AMONG US #1 described as ‘Saga meets Johnny the Homicidal Maniac‘ as well as LAST BORN #1 asking the question, What if the Big Bang wasn’t the first of its kind…or the last. BONGO has a new one shot spin off from their ‘Futurama’ series featuring the alien enslavers in KANG & KODOS #1. BOOM! has FAIRY QUEST: OUTCASTS #1 by Paul Jenkins with Humberto Ramos’ art, a ‘Fables’ type series and, six years after the limited series Michael Alan Nelson launches HEXED #1 of a new ongoing series with art by Dan Mora. The HELLRAISER: BESTIARY #1 OF 6 features three stories expanding the re-imagined Clive Barkerverse. LUMBERJANES #5 shows that the four part limited series has found an audience as it’s now an ongoing series. In the all age imprint, KaBOOM! offers yet another title in their ever expanding line with STEVEN UNIVERSE #1. Gary Reed’s CALIBER PRESS has returned to publishing and they offer THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW TP (REVISED EDITION) with the comic adaptation, lyrics to all the songs, an art gallery and instructions for how to enjoy and participate in the viewing of the cult classic. DYNAMITE has their second title priced at $2.99 with TERMINAL HERO #1, about the effects of Treatment Q on the man dying of an inoperable brain tumor written by Peter Milligan with art by Piotr Kowalski. JUSTICE, INC. #1 OF 6 is by Michael Uslan with Giovanni Timpano’s art reuniting the the team of the thirties, The Shadow, Doc Savage and The Avenger. BOB’S BURGERS #1 is a new series from the television programs creators. Jack Kirby’s cosmic team returns, written by Joe Casey with CAPTAIN VICTORY AND THE GALACTIC RANGERS #1 with the main story illustrated by Nathan Fox with additional interior art by Jim Rugg and Ulises Farinas. STEAMPUNK BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 1880 #1 OF 4 is written by Tony Lee with Aneke’s artwork and JENNIFER BLOOD: BORN AGAIN #1 OF 5 is written by Stephen Grant with art by Kewber Baal. DEVIL’S DUE has TALES OF MR. RHEE: KARMAGEDDON #1 in black and white for $1.99 by Dirk Manning with Seth Damoose’s art under an Eric Powell cover. The critically acclaimed series from the Hernandez Brothers continues with LOVE & ROCKETS: NEW STORIES #7, an annual hundred page book from FANTAGRAPHICS. The Scholastic Books graphic novel imprint GRAPHIX offers Raina Telgemeier’s Eisner Award winning SMILE GN along with the new companion, the SISTERS GN; they’re both available in soft or hard cover editions or as a boxed set of both soft cover volumes. All four graphic novels of the BABY SITTERS CLUB GN’S are also offered in new printings, also by Raina Telgemeier. LEGENDARY COMICS begins THE TOWER CHRONICLES: DREADSTALKER #1 OF 12 written by Matt Wagner with art by Simon Bisley, a follow up to the four issue series of last year. Jules Feiffer has won a Pulitzer Prize, an Academy Award, Obie Awards, Lifetime Achievement Awards from the National Cartoonist Society and the Writers Guild of America and now releases his first noir graphic novel from LIVERIGHT, the KILL MY MOTHER HC, a tale of five formidable women linked by a hard drinking private eye. ONI PRESS has a new, young adult, science fiction book by Jeff Parker with Sandy Jarrell’s artwork, the METEOR MEN GN as a teen watches the largest meteor shower in human history, unaware that the celestial phenomena also heralds the invasion of his planet. An all age book, the COSTUME QUEST: INVASION OF THE CANDY SNATCHERS HC is written and illustrated by Zac Gorman, timed to coincide with the release of the Costume Quest 2 video game. Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt write THE SIXTH GUN: DAYS OF THE DEAD #1 OF 5 with art by Mike Norton which will delve into the origins of the Sixth Gun. NBM‘s all age imprint, PERFECT SQUARE offers the fourth volume, HELLO KITTY: JUST IMAGINE… and also has two books spinning out of the ‘Bravest Warriors’ series, THE SEARCH FOR CATBUG HC and CATBUG’S TREASURE BOOK HC. British publisher, TITAN solicits THE RAGE, VOL. 1: ZOMBIE GENERATION HC, a ten dollar book about a pandemic virus that affects only children, turning them into violent zombies and society is split on whether to guard and protect the children or to eliminate them. A new super hero series written by Martin Brenna and Michael B. Jackson with the art of Simon Bisley is 13 COINS #1, the hero being an ex-con seeking vengeance who discovers that he is descended from angels. TOP SHELF offers MADDY KETTLE, VOL. 1: THE ADVENTURES OF THE THIMBLEWITCH GN, an all age ongoing series with magic and talking animals from Spectrum Award winning cartoonist Eric Orchard. Also JOHNNY BOO ZOOMS TO THE MOON! HC, the sixth in the series by James Kolchaka. VALIANT has the DELINQUENTS #1 OF 4 written by James Asmus and Fred Van Lente with art by Kano and featuring Archer, Armstrong, Quantum and Woody in battle with the Hobo King. Also HARBINGER: OMEGAS #1 OF 3 written by Joshua Dysart and illustrated by Rafa Sandoval. VIZ begins FOOD WARS!: SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA, VOL. 1, a shonen manga series for foodies and SPELL OF DESIRE, VOL. 1, a shojo series with a witch. ZENESCOPE has INFERNO: RINGS OF HELL #1 OF 3, MASUMI #1 OF 4, GODDESS, INC. #1 OF 5 and ROBYN HOOD #1 of a new ongoing series, which brings us to the end of the comic book section of the catalog.

    Another tough choice for Pick of the Month with contenders like USAGI YOJIMBO: SENSO, the LOVERBOYS OGN, THE MULTIVERSITY, BLUE MOON: FROM THE JOURNALS OF MAMA MAE AND LEELEE HC, SIP KIDS and the KILL MY MOTHER HC but I think the best new title offered this month is Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ new series, THE FADE OUT #1.

    The rest of the catalog has sections for Books, Magazines, Trading Cards, Apparel, Toys, Statues, Models, Novelties, Imports, Collectibles, Games, lots of stuff that is available only through this catalog so if you’re interested in more than just your monthly comics be sure to flip through the catalog next time you stop by the shop.

    By the way, you have until the end of June to vote for the BEST OF TUCSON, follow this link, click the tab at the top for the ballot and show your support for Tucson’s fine local artists, events, radio stations, restaurants, clubs, meteorologists, stand up comics and even comic book shops! Here’s the link: http://www.tucsonweekly.com/

    I want to thank you all for your orders and support, for recommending my shop to your friends, for your friendship and loyalty, for keeping the lights on these past fourteen years. I try to provide the best service that I’m capable of in an attempt to pay back all that you’ve provided for myself and my family. Yeah, you and I both know I’m not getting rich, but I’ve managed to make a living selling books to people who share my passion for reading and, of course, I couldn’t do it without you. Thank you; I’m very grateful to you. Talk to you soon.



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