July 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The July Previews catalog arrived on Wednesday, June twenty-seventh (I’ll do my best to get this to you as soon as possible.) These solicitations are for comics and products that will begin shipping in September of 2018. I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might interest you. If there’s anything that you’d like, please try to let me know by the twenty first of the month so I can be sure to have enough copies on hand to fill your requests and subscription orders. Don’t feel obligated to subscribe to a whole series; if you’d just like a copy of the first issue of a new series to try it out, let me know and I’ll be sure to put a copy aside for you. And if it’s past the twenty first there’s still a very good chance that I’ll be able to place your order and still get the books you want.


The new catalog has the listings for all the Halloween Comic Fest selections which are offered in two formats: full sized comics and half sized ones.  The full-sized ones cost me between twenty-five and thirty-five cents each while the half-sized ones come in bundles of twenty-five copies which cost me three dollars per bundle.  I’m telling you this because I’m happy to offer these to you at my cost if you’d like to buy a quantity of them to hand out to trick or treaters or to use in the classroom.  Just let me know which ones and how many before the twenty first of July and I’ll have them for you around the tenth of October.  On to the new titles!


IMAGE:  Skottie Young writes and Aaron Conley illustrates BULLY WARS #1, an ongoing comedy series set in high school.  MAN-EATERS #1 is also an ongoing series written by thriller novelist Chelsea (Mockingbird) Cain with art by Kate (Mockingbird) Niemczyk where a mutation causes menstruating women to turn ferocious and dangerous.  MCMLXXV #1 (that’s 1975 for the Roman numerally challenged) is by Joe Casey and Ian MacEwan, a paranormal modern mythology with a woman taxi driver wielding an enchanted tire iron.  BURNOUTS #1 is by Dennis (E is for Extinction) Culver and Geoffo, a darkly humorous science fiction tale where only the high school kids are aware of the alien invasion and they can only see them when they’re thoroughly wasted.  CEMETERY BEACH #1 is an action suspense series by Warren (Trees) Ellis and Jason Howard, an extraction on an off-world colony established a century ago and filled with lunatics.  GREEN MONK: BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS OGN TP, a coming of age mythic fantasy by Brandon Dayton is a YALSA Award winner set in a mythic Russia.  THE HCHOM BOOK TP collects illustrations and essays from Marian Chuchland’s blog, Hchom.com.  ME THE PEOPLE HC is written and illustrated by Pia (Y: The Last Man) Guerra, a collection of her most recent editorial cartoons dealing with the current administration, gun violence and corruption.  As I write this the final issue of Kill or Be Killed is on the shelf but fret not; Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips offer a new noir crime story with the MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES OGN HC, their first original graphic novel, seventy-two pages priced under seventeen dollars.  The first five issues are collected in the ANALOG, VOL. 1 TP, currently in development for film.  Kyle Higgins and Stephen Mooney’s THE DEAD HAND, VOL. 1: COLD WAR RELICS collects the six-issue espionage tale.  Pornsak Pichetshote and Aaron Campbell’s INFIDEL TP collects the five-issue series currently being adapted for film by Oscar winning producer Michael Sugar.  The first five-issue arc of Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl’s ISOLA TP, VOL. 1, a fantasy series for fans of Hayao Miyazaki and the just completed MEDIEVAL SPAWN/WITCHBLADE, VOL. 1 TP by Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin is offered.  OBLIVION SONG BY KIRKMAN & DE FELEICI, VOL. 1 TP collects the first six issues, while SKYWARD, VOL. 1: MY LOW-G LIFE TP collects the first five issues by Joe Henderson and Lee Garbett.  New arcs begin with BIRTHRIGHT #31, CURSE WORDS #16, HEAD LOPPER #9, KICK-ASS #7 by Steve Niles and Marcelo Frusin, OBLIVION SONG #7, RAT QUEENS #11, REGRESSION #11, SKYWARD #6 and SLEEPLESS #7.  Other collected editions include DEADLY CLASS DELUXE EDITION, BOOK TWO: THE FUNERAL PARTY HC, DESCENDER, VOL. 6: THE MACHINE WAR TP which is the final volume, ETERNAL EMPIRE, VOL. 2 TP, THE FIX, VOL. 3 TP, KICK-ASS: THE NEW GIRL, VOL. 1 TP, MONSTRESS, VOL. 3 TP, MOONSHINE, VOL. 2: MISERY TRAIN TP, PORT OF EARTH, VOL. 2 TP, SAGA, VOL. 9 TP and THE WALKING DEAD, VOL. 30: NEW WORLD ORDER TP.  After selling out of multiple printings the GIDEON FALLS #1: DIRECTOR’S CUT in black and white with the full script is priced under five dollars.


DARK HORSE:  The inevitable STRANGER THINGS #1 limited series based on Will’s unseen journey from season one of the Netflix series will be written by Jody Houser with art by Stefano Martino.  Another Netflix property coming to comics is MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 #1, illustrated by Todd Nauck and Mike Manly and written by the five creators as Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo are thrust into the 2-D world of public domain comics.  CALL OF DUTY: ZOMBIES 2 #1 is a prequel and introduction to the cast of the new game as told by Justin Jordan and Andres Ponce.  OLIVIA TWIST #1 is from the Berger Books imprint written by internationally best-selling author Darin Strauss and illustrated by Emma (Supergirl) Vieceli, a reimagining of the Dickens classic.  The first of the Berger Books titles gets collected in the MATA HARI HC with additional historical material and the artists’ sketchbook, by Emma Beeby and Ariela Kristantina.  Margaret (Handmaid’s Tale, Angel Catbird) Atwood begins WAR BEARS #1 OF 3 with artist Ken Steacy, historical fiction with a Nazi fighting superheroine.  The GIGANTIC LIBRARY EDITION HC collects Rick Remender and Eric Nguyen’s five issue tale of a brain washed super hero deposited on Earth as an unknowing star in a reality show, a twist on The Truman Show.  Ulises Fariñas writes and illustrates GAMMA #1 OF 4, a mature readers tale featuring kaiju described as Pokêmon meets Power Rangers.  RESIDENT ALIEN, VOL. 5: AN ALIEN IN NEW YORK TP collects the latest series by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse recently optioned for television.  Mike Mignola’s JOE GOLEM: THE DROWNING CITY #1 OF 5 will be written by Christopher Golden with Peter Bergting’s art and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER-SEASON 12: THE RECKONING #4 OF 4 features the return of Fray and is the culmination of all Buffy seasons.  The HALO OMNIBUS, VOL. 1 TP collects the initial three-issue ‘Initiation’ and the twelve-issue ‘Escalation’ series’ and ALIENS: DUST TO DUST TP collects the recent four-issue series from Gabriel Hardman.  THE ONCE AND FUTURE TARZAN TP is by Alan Gordon with Thomas Yeates and Bo Hampton’s artwork with the tale originally serialized in Dark Horse Presents and with forty pages of new material of the Lord of the Jungle in the future.  THE COMPLETE ELFQUEST, VOL. 5 TP collects ‘Hidden Years’ sixteen through twenty-nine plus the entire ‘Wild Hunt’.  THE COLOSSAL KING CONAN HC from Timothy Truman and Tomäs Giorello adapting Howard’s ‘The Scarlet Citadel’, The Phoenix on the Sword’, ‘Wolves Beyond the Border’ and the twelve issues adapting Howard’s only Conan novel, ‘The Hour of the Dragon’. 


DC:  While many of us are loathe to see the word ‘crisis’ on a DC comic Tom King and Clay Mann’s HEROES IN CRISIS #1 OF 7 seems to have many excited as the tale revolves around Sanctuary, a secret safe place for super heroes to deal with PTSD, manned solely by robots and holograms, so why are all the heroes who were there now dead?  Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette offer WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE, VOL. 2 as Diana tries to carry out her mission of peace and love in a world that can’t get out of its own way.  One of several new imprints is launched with BATMAN: DAMNED #1 OF 3. The first BLACK LABEL title will be written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, shipping bi-monthly in a forty-eight-page prestige format and priced under seven dollars, the Joker is dead, Batman can’t remember if he’s responsible and teams up with John Constantine to solve the murder mystery.  The BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT TP offered this month is also under the Black Label imprint.  The relaunch of the VERTIGO imprint begins with Tucson’s own Eric Esquivel writing and Ramon Villalobos illustrating BORDER TOWN #1, an ongoing series involving an army of monsters from Mexican folklore in Devil’s Fork, Arizona and the high school misfits who try to figure out what’s really going on in this town torn between worlds. Spinning out of last month’s one shot special, Sandman Universe comes THE DREAMING #1 by Simon Spurrier and Bilquis Evely, the place where stories are born, now in chaos and HOUSE OF WHISPERS #1 by Nalo Hopkinson and Dominike ‘Domo’ Stanton, set in this new house which appeared mysteriously, with a party in full swing. The next offering from Brian Michael Bendis’ creator owned JINXWORLD imprint begins COVER #1 OF 6 illustrated by David Mack and built on the premise that traveling comic creators may make good spies.  Bendis’ UNITED STATES VS. MURDER, INC. #1 OF 6, another Jinxworld offering, is illustrated by series artist Michael Avon Oeming where the US gave up part of our country to the five organized crime families. The JINXWORLD SAMPLER #1 is an eighty-page comic priced at one dollar reprinting Scarlet #1, Powers #1 and The United States of Murder, Inc. #1. Bendis also writes ACTION COMICS #1003 with Yanick Paquette and SUPERMAN #3 with Ivan Reis; these books are now monthly titles priced under four dollars and both have ‘B’ covers by David Mack.  As many of DC’s open-to-order ‘B’ covers have gotten very popular I will try to list the hot artists for those; feel free to request specific covers for your subscriptions, or even multiple copies if you’d like.  The ‘Sink Atlantis’ tale crosses into SUICIDE SQUAD #46 by Rob Williams and Jose Luis with a ‘B’ cover by Francesco Mattina and is concluded in AQUAMAN #40 by Dan Abnett and Rob Williams with art by Vicente Cifuentes and a ‘B’ cover by Joshua Middleton. BATGIRL #27 by Mairghread Scott and Paul Pelletier has an ‘A’ cover by Sean Murphy and a ‘B’ cover by Joshua Middleton (so many of you will need both).  Batman and Nightwing fight together again in BATMAN #54 by Tom King and Matt Wagner and the Dark Knight battles the KGBeast by Tom King and Tony S. Daniel in BATMAN #55, both featuring ‘B’ covers by Francesco Mattina.  CATWOMAN #3 by Joëlle Jones has a ‘B’ cover by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau.  DEATHSTROKE #35 is the final chapter in the battle between Slade Wilson and Bruce Wayne as told by Christopher Priest and Carlo Pagulayan with a ‘B’ cover by Francesco Mattina.  DETECTIVE COMICS #988 begins a new arc by James Robinson with Stephen Segovia’s art with, perhaps Two-Face behind the scenes, ‘B’ cover by Mark Brooks.  Kaare Andrews provides ‘B’ covers for GREEN ARROW #44 and the big HARLEY QUINN #50 by Sam Humphries and John Timm guest stars continuity cop Jonni DC as our hero breaks reality by reading a mysterious Harley Quinn comic book.  HAWKMAN #4 by Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch has a ‘B’ cover by Stjepan Sejic who also provides interior art for JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #3 written by Joshua Williamson.  NIGHTWING #38 by Benjamin Percy and Amancay Nahuelpan returns to twice monthly shipping and guest stars the Silencer.  SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP #42 guest stars Congorilla, Sam Simeon, Detective Chimp and Titan, the Super Ape and SIDEWAYS #8 by Dan DiDio and Kenneth Rocafort guest stars the Seven Soldiers.  TITANS #25 by Dan Abnett and Brandon Peterson has the team split into thirds battling the Source Wall event and this title now ships twice monthly.  Batman Day will be on the fifteenth of September this year and DC has made available the BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT-BATMAN DAY 2018 SPECIAL EDITION #1 that retailers can purchase to give away.  Deluxe collected editions include the ABSOLUTE DAYTRIPPER HC written and illustrated by brothers Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon.  BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS: THE REBIRTH DELUXE EDITION, BOOK THREE HC collects issues nine-sixty-three through nine-seventy-three plus the first Annual, BATMAN: THE DARK PRINCE CHARMING HC collects the two deluxe issues by Enrico Marini into one volume with a sketchbook section and a new cover.  GREEN ARROW: THE REBIRTH DELUXE EDITION, BOOK ONE HC has one through eleven plus the one shot that started it, while the HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE OMNIBUS HC has every comic, almost fifteen hundred pages priced at one-hundred and fifty dollars.  The JOHN CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER 30THANNIVERSARY EDITION HC features the first appearance, eight of the best stories, the first ever timeline and a new introduction by Sting.  JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE REBIRTH DELUXE EDITION, BOOK THREE HC has issues twenty-six through thirty-three and THE MAN OF STEEL BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS HC has the prelude tale from DC Nation #0 plus the six-issue series.  The SANDMAN OMNIBUS, VOL. 3 HC collects the six-issue Sandman OvertureSandman: The Dream Hunters illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano, Sandman: The Dream Hunters four-issue series adapted by P, Craig Russell, Sandman: Endless Nights, Sandman Midnite Theater one shot, both three-issue Death series’, stories from Vertigo: Winter’s Edge and more.  The SUPER SONS OMNIBUS HC has all sixteen issues plus the Annual plus stories from around the DCU. Also SHAZAM!: THE MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL-DELUXE EDITION HC with the whole twenty-four-chapter serial by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck, essays from Fawcett Comics expert P. C. Hamerlinck and stories from Captain Marvel Adventures issues twenty-two through forty-six and the SUICIDE SQUAD UNWRAPPED BY JIM LEE HC with issues one through eight plus the Suicide Squad April Fool’s Special all scanned from the pencil art.  New soft cover collections include BATMAN, VOL. 7: THE WEDDING TP including the prelude story from DC Nation #0BATGIRL, VOL. 4: STRANGE LOOP TP collecting issues eighteen through twenty-four, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT DETECTIVE, VOL. 2 TP from Detective Comics issues five-eighty-three through five-ninety-one plus the first Annual, BLACK LIGHTNING: COLD DEAD HANDS TP with the recent six-part series from Tony Isabella and Clayton Henry, BOMBSHELLS UNITED, VOL. 2: WAR BONDS TP with seven through twelve, the DEATHBED TP with Joshua Williamson and Riley Rossmo’s recent six issue Vertigo series, DEATHSTROKE, VOL. 5: THE FALL OF SLADE TP with twenty-six through twenty-nine plus the Annual, THE DEMON: HELL IS EARTH TP with the six issues from Andrew Constant and Brad Walker and THE FLASH BY MARK WAID, BOOK FIVE TP with Flash issues one-hundred-six through one-hundred-eighteen plus Impulse ten and eleven.  THE FLASH: STARTING LINE-DC ESSENTIAL EDITION TP collects issues zero through twelve plus the first Annual for under twenty-five dollars, GREEN LANTERNS, VOL. 7: SUPERHUMAN TRAFFICKING TP has issue forty through forty-three plus the first Annual and the JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE DARKSEID WAR-DC ESSENTIAL EDITION TP has Justice League issues forty through fifty, the Justice League Darkseid Special #1 and a story from DC Comics Divergence #1.  RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS, VOL. 1 TP has the first six issues of the twelve-part series currently in progress, RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS, VOL. 4: GOOD NIGHT GOTHAM TP has nineteen through twenty-five and the new DC edition of POWERS: BOOK ONE TP has the first eleven issues plus an extensive section on the creation of the series and SCARLET: BOOK ONE TP has one through five, both from the Jinxworld imprint.  SUICIDE SQUAD, VOL. 7: DRAIN THE SWAMP TP has issues thirty-three through forty, SIDEWAYS, VOL. 1: STEPPIN’ OUT TP has the first six issues, SUPERGIRL, VOL. 4: PLAIN SIGHT TP has fifteen through twenty with an ‘Artgerm’ cover and SWAMP THING: THE BRONZE AGE, VOL. 1 TP has the first appearance from House of Secrets ninety-two and issues one through thirteen all by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson with Nestor Redondo.  TEEN TITANS, VOL. 3: THE RETURN OF KID FLASH TP has six issues plus a story from the DC Holiday Special 2017 and THE TERRIFICS, VOL. 1: MEET THE TERRIFICS TP has the first six issues.


IDW:  Idea & Design Works loves to mash up their licenses so STAR TREK VS TRANSFORMERS #1 OF 4 is no surprise; written by John Barber and Mike Johnson with art by Phillip Murphy this is the Transformers eighties cartoon series meeting Star Trek: The Animated Series.  G.I JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO-SILENT OPTION #1 OF 4 is a forty-page issue focused on character Dawn Moreno and introducing Agent Helix.  BATMAN/THE MAXX #1 OF 5 is by John Layman and Sam Kieth and begins when The Maxx becomes the newest patient in Arkham Asylum.  DICK TRACY: DEAD OR ALIVE #1 OF 4 is written by Lee and Michael Allred and illustrated by Rich Tommaso and Michael Allred, sure to be a pop art masterpiece.  The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: MACRO-SERIES: DONATELLO is the first of four, forty-eight-page one shots, each an individual story setting up the climactic story line leading to TMNT issue one-hundred.  And TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: RISE OF THE TMNT #1 OF 2 spins out of the new animated series.  TANGLED: HAIR-RAISING ADVENTURES #1 OF 3 features new adventures written by Katie Cook and featuring Rapunzel, Pascal and more.  The V-WARS, VOL. 1: CRIMSON QUEEN TP is by best-selling novelist Jonathan Maeberry with art by Alan Robinson, a vampire epidemic, coming soon to Netflix.  The WRAITH TP is the graphic novel prequel to Joe Hill’s horror novel NOS4A2 illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson, III.  BUBBA HO-TEP AND THE COSMIC BLOOD-SUCKERS TP collects the recent series sequel to the cult classic film, and, from their BLACK CROWN imprint, the first six issues are collected in PUNKS NOT DEAD, VOL. 1: TEENAGE KICKS by David Barnett and Martin Simmonds.  Their TOP SHELF imprint offers the FROM HELL: MASTER EDITION #1, sixty-four pages priced under eight dollars, fully restored and in color for the first time, this volume contains the prologue the first two chapters and the original annotations written by Alan Moore, illustrated and colored by Eddie Campbell.  Alan also provides the introduction for the RICK VEITCH’S THE ONE HC, remastered with new scans and updated colors by the creator, a revisionist super hero epic, predating Watchmen presenting a worldview like today’s political climate.


MARVEL:  Although his return was heralded in the Marvel Legacy one shot in September of last year, in August we’ll see THE RETURN OF WOLVERINE #1 OF 5 written by Charles Soule with art by Steve McNiven and sixteen variant covers.  The FRANKLIN RICHARDS: A FANTASTIC YEAR #1 is an all ages one shot, over one-hundred pages priced under eight dollars.  THANOS LEGACY #1 is a forty-page one-shot by Donny Cates and Gerry Duggan with art by Brian Level, a story that connects his ‘Thanos Wins’ story with the Infinity Wars and, spinning out of those Infinity Wars comes ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 written by Cullen Bunn, illustrated by Matteo Lolli and featuring Angela, Valkyrie, Skurge the Executioner, Throg, the frog of thunder, Thunderstrike and the Destroyer.  After being cancelled after eleven issues ICEMAN #1 by Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman returns, guest starring Bishop.  The four-issue Edge of Spidergeddon leads, of course to SPIDERGEDDON #0 by Christos Gage and Clayton Crain, a tie in to the upcoming video game available in September.  INFINITY WARS: IRON HAMMER #1 OF 2 by Al Ewing and Humberto Ramos expands on Stark Odinson’s tale while INFINITY WARS: SOLDIER SUPREME #1 OF 2 by Gerry Duggan and Adam Kubert tells of the sorcery that made Stephen Rogers the Soldier Supreme.  The CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #1 is by Tini Howard and Chris Sprouse. A tale from World War II with Bucky.  AVENGERS #8 is ‘World Tour’ part one and IMMORTAL HULK #6 begins ‘The Green Door’.  The romantic interest is revealed in TONY STARK: IRON MAN #4 by Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti and the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1 by Saladin Ahmed and Garry Brown reveals that, in the early days of the ‘black costume’ Peter’s symbiote would have night time excursions while Spider-Man slept.  JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY: THE BIRTH OF KRAKOA is a one shot by Dennis Hopeless and Djibril Morissette-Phan set in World War II, an untold tale of Sergeant Fury and his Howling Commandos.  RUNAWAYS #13 by Rainbow Rowell and David LaFuente begins ‘That Was Yesterday’ and the MARVEL RISING: OMEGA #1 is the fourth and final one shot of the Ms Marvel/Squirrel Girl team up.  The UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #36 by Ryan North and Derek Charm guest stars Iron Man and is a silent issue.  Although he doesn’t have a series currently, the SILVER SURFER ANNUAL #1 by Ethan Sacks and André Lima Araújo, an untold tale when Norrin Radd was still a herald of Galactus.  The DOMINO ANNUAL #1 will have four separate stories by four different creative teams and X-MEN BLUE #36 will be the final issue of the series.  If you read the recent X-Men wedding stories then you know that it was a bait and switch and Peter and Kitty didn’t get married and the series they’ve been calling ‘X-Classified’ is actually MR & MRS X #3 so I can now tell you that the series is by Kelly Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua and features Rogue & Gambit.  The OLD MAN LOGAN ANNUAL #1 is by Ed Brisson and Simone Di Meo, set in the Wastelands with Frank Castle.  STAR WARS: POE DAMERON #31 is the final issue of the series.  In collected editions they offer CONAN THE BARBARIAN OMNIBUS, VOL. 1 HC.  (Marvel doesn’t regain the license for Conan until January; Dark Horse still has this content available through them, so this isn’t scheduled to ship until next year).  The UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL, VOL. 4 HC has issues twenty-two through thirty-one and more, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: TOMORROW’S HEROES OMNIBUS HC collects the original team stories and SPIDER-MAN: BEN REILLY OMNIBUS, VOL. 1 HC has over thirteen-hundred pages of the early stories of Peter’s clone (who we recently learned is not a clone of Peter after all; he’s the original).  The all age MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES: TO WAKANDA AND BEYOND GN collects the five recent one shots and the HUNT FOR WOLVERINE HC collects the four, four-part limited series, the two one shots and the ‘Where’s Wolverine’ pages.  STAR WARS: LANDO-DOUBLE OR NOTHING TP and STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI ADAPTATION TP collect the two recent limited series.  MARVEL KNIGHTS BLACK WIDOW BY GRAYSON & RUCKA: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION TP collects three, three-part series’, MARVEL KNIGHTS BY DIXON & BARRETO: DEFENDERS OF THE STREETS TP features the fifteen issues of the Marvel Knights series and MARVEL KNIGHTS DAREDVIL BY BENDIS & MALEEV: UNDERBOSS TP with the six-issue story of the same name, all to celebrate the twentieth anniversary.  AVENGERS BY JASON AARON, VOL. 1: THE FINAL HOST TP has one through six of the latest relaunch and, though neither issue has shipped yet, X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN-SECOND GENESIS TP collects the second two-part history of the Marvel Universe in the oversized tabloid format.  The MARVEL RISING GN collects the five one-shots that introduced Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel and RUNAWAYS BY RAINBOW ROWELL & KRIS ANKA, VOL. 2: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER TP has issues seven through twelve.  The WAKANDA FOREVER TP collects the three issues written by Nnedi Okorafor introducing the Dora Milaje to the rest of the Marvel Universe and the YOU ARE DEADPOOL TP collects the five-issue weekly RPG style series.  HULK: WORLD WAR HULK II TP is by Greg Pak has the five recent issues featuring Amadeus ChoDOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION TP has the four-issue series, BEN REILLY: SCARLET SPIDER, VOL. 4: DAMNATION TP has issues fifteen through nineteen and DOCTOR STRANGE BY DONNY CATES, VOL. 2: CITY OF SIN has three-eighty-six through three-ninety.  NEW MUTANTS: DEAD SOULS TP collects the six issues by Matthew Rosenberg and Adam Gorham, DEADPOOL: ASSASSIN TP collects the six-issue series currently in progress, EXILES, VOL. 1 TP has one through six of the fifth relaunch, MUTANT X: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, VOL. 1 TP has issues eleven through seventeen plus the 1999 annual (although why it skipped the first ten issues, I don’t know), X-MEN: UNCANNY ORIGINS TP collects ‘X-Men: Season One’, X-MEN: THE MAGNETO WAR TP has seventeen issues, X-MEN: CYCLOPS & PHOENIX-PAST & FUTURE TP has the two, four-part ‘Adventures of’ and ‘Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix’ limited series and X-MEN: PHOENIX IN DARKNESS BY GRANT MORRISON TP has issues one-forty-six through one-fifty-four of the ‘New X-Men’ (a chunk of the best X-Men’ story ever, IMHO).  DARKHOLD: PAGES FROM THE BOOK OF SINS-THE COMPLETE COLLECTION TP has the sixteen issue series plus ‘Midnight Sons Unlimited’ one and two and ‘Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme’ issue ninety and AVENGERS/DOCTOR STRANGE: RISE OF THE DARKHOLD TP has almost five-hundred pages through various seventies titles, BLADE: BLOOD AND CHAOS TP has the three issues from ninety-eight and one through six from ninety-nine, QUASAR: COSMOS IN COLLISION TP collects issues ten through twenty-five, SPIDER-MAN/IRON MAN: MARVEL TEAM-UP TP has ten different issues where Tony Stark and Peter Parker reluctantly join forces and the AVENGERS WEST COAST EPIC COLLECTION: HOW THE WEST WAS WON TP has almost five-hundred pages of the earliest tales and tie-ins.


            DYNAMITE:  Jeff (Batman ’66) Parker and Bob (Green Hornet) Q offer JAMES BOND ORIGIN #1 begins with our hero during World War II at the age of seventeen, Erik Burnham writes and Ediano Silva illustrates VAMPIRELLA/DEJAH THORIS #1 set on Mars and Katy (Kim & Kim) Rex and Jonathan (Pathfinder) Lau release CHARMED: MAGIC SCHOOL MANGA OGN, based on the television program and in full color.  RED SONJA: WORLDS AWAY, VOL. 3: HELL OR HYRKANIA TP is by Amy Chu and Carlos Gomez while THE SHADOW: THE DEATH OF MARGO LANE SIGNED LIMITED EDITION HC is written, illustrated and autographed by creator Matt Wagner, priced under fifty dollars.  The first arc of Meredith Finch and Vicente Cifuentes’ tale is collected in the XENA: PENANCE TP and the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA CLASSIC OMNIBUS VOL. 2 TP collects three trade paperbacks worth of material for less than thirty dollars. 


            BOOM!:  Phillip (Aquaman) Kennedy Johnson writes and Flaviano (Grayson) illustrates LOW ROAD WEST #1 OF 5 following five teens in the aftermath of a nuclear first strike.  MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #31 has a new creative team of Marguerite (Animosity) Bennett and Simone (Doctor Who) di Meo introducing a new Power Rangers team and Ms Bennett also writes SABAN’S GO GO POWER RANGERS: BACK TO SCHOOL #1. WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER OGN TP is by Christopher (Deadpool) Hastings and Noah (Goldie Vance) Hayes in a return to Camp Firewood and the third and final volume presents the end of Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkis brilliant rural mystery in GRASS KINGS, VOL. 3 HC. Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa’s wonderful MECH CADET YU #12 is the final issue of the series. Their young adult imprint BOOM! BOX begins WELCOME TO WANDERLAND #1 OF 4 by Jackie (Goldie Vance) Ball and Maddi (Elements) Gonazlez, a coming of age story where fairytales don’t meet expectations. CLUELESS: ONE LAST SUMMER TP, based on the film is by Sarah Benson and Sarah (Heroine Complex) Kuhn with art by Siobhan (Adventure Time) Keenan as the class of ninety-seven has their last summer vacation before ‘real life’.  Their all age imprint, kaboom! has PANDORA’S LEGACY OGN TP by Kara ((Super) Natural Attraction) Leopard and Kelly & Nicole (Jim Henson’s Power of the Dark Crystal) Matthews involving three siblings and a supernatural mystery.  There is also the OVER THE GARDEN WALL, VOL. 1 DISTILLATORIA OGN TP by Jonathan (Before Tomorrowland) Case and Jim (Over the Garden Wall) Campbell and OVER THE GARDEN WALL: HOLLOW TOWN #1 OF 5 by Celia (Storyteller: Fairies) Lowenthal and Jorge (Powerpuff Girls) Monlongo set in a town of porcelain doll-people.  The RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN OGN TP adapts the classic animated special.  Their more literary imprint, ARCHAIA has the FORM OF A QUESTION OGN HC by Andrew (An Elegy for Amelia Johnson) Rostan with Kate (All Saint’s Day) Kasenow, a memoir revisiting the important life moment when the author appeared as a contestant on the Jeopardy game show.  They also have the JIM HENSON’S LABYRINTH: CORONATION, VOL. 1 HC with the first four issues, JIM HENSON’S FRAGGLE ROCK: MOKEY LOSES HER MUSE HC representing the first issue in a premium picture book format and JIM HENSON’S THE DARK CRYSTAL: A DISCOVERY ADVENTURE HC, twenty-four pages with dense artwork with hidden treasures. 


INDEPENDENTS:  BECOMING ANDY WARHOL GN is an original graphic novel biography by Nick Bertozzi and Pierce Hargan from ABRAMS COMICARTS.  STRANGERS IN PARADISE XXV, VOL. 1: THE CHASE TP collects the first arc of Terry Moore’s brilliant series from his ABSTRACT STUDIOS.  Two new series are beginning from AFTERSHOCK in September: PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE #1 is by Patrick (We Can Never Go Home) Kindlon and Marco (Famous Monsters Presents) Ferrarri, a vengeance fueled crime story with robots and, MOTH & WHISPER #1 by Ted (My Little Pony) Anderson and Jen (Jem and the Holograms) Hickman, a young adult cyberpunk thriller starring a genderqueer super-thief.  Collected editions include MONSTRO MECHANICA, VOL. 1 TP by Paul Allor and Chris Evenhuis and COLD WAR, VOL. 1 TP by Christopher Sebela and Hayden Sherman.  Tom (Hourman) Peyer launches two titles at new publisher AHOY COMICSTHE WRONG EARTH #1 is superhero satire with artist Jamal (Supergirl) Igle while HIGH HEAVEN #1 with Greg (Black Hood) Scott’s art is the tale of a malcontent in heaven.  Eric Powell along with Steve Mannion offers SPOOKHOUSE 2 #1 through #4 weekly, a new October tradition, horror comics for an all ages audience from ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS.  The HATCHET: VENGEANCE #1 series by James Kuhoric and Puis Calzada brings terror back to Honey Island Swamp from AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY.  ARCHIE 1941 #1 OF 5 is written by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn with Peter Krause providing artwork as World War II is looming and many Riverdale teens are close to enlistment age from ARCHIE COMICS.  Every now and again AVATAR PRESS has a sale so, if ordered from this months’ catalog items like ALAN MOORE’S A SMALL KILLING GN is priced under six dollars instead of under seventeen so check out the catalog when you stop by if any of their titles tickle your fancy; there’s lots of collected Garth Ennis books.  BLACK MASK begins DEVIL WITHIN #1 OF 4 by Stephanie Phillips and Maan (Witchblade) House, a thriller asking, paranormal entities, demonic possessions or is it madness?  The BREATHLESS, VOL. 1 TP collects the first four issues described as ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer if the villains were big pharma’.  THE THREE ESCAPES OF HANNAH ARENDT HC is from New Yorker cartoonist Ken Krimstein, a biography of the most prominent woman philosopher of the twentieth century from BLOOMSBURY.  CHIEF WIGGUM’S FELONIOUS FUNNIES #1 is a one shot from BONGO COMICS focusing on Springfield’s finest.  Multiple Eisner Award winner Jeff (Bone) Smith is re-issuing RASL BOOK 2 OF 3: ROMANCE AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT TP in color; it was originally a black and white series and only available in color in the collected hard cover edition, the story of an interdimensional art thief based in Tucson, from Jeff’s CARTOON BOOKS; I highly recommend it.  Canadian publisher CHAPTERHOUSE begins a new series from Dan Parent, DIE KITTY DIE!: HEAVEN AND HELL #1.  New publisher DEAD RECKONING focuses on military history and tales of the high seas starting with THE BEST OF DON WINSLOW OF THE NAVY, VOL. 1 HC collecting the best stories from the classic Fawcett comics, THE ‘STAN GN with real life stories from the U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan.  DRAWN & QUARTERLY offers DIRTY PLOTTE: THE COMPLETE JULIE DOUCET BOX SET collecting the entire series including My New York Diary plus previously unpublished material; candid, funny and intimate, plumbing the depths of the female psyche.  FANTAGRAPHICS has NOW: THE NEW COMICS ANTHOLOGY #4, BLAMMO #10 from Noah Van Sciver and DRAWN TO BERLIN HC: COMIC WORKSHOPS IN REFUGEE SHELTERS AND OTHER STORIES FROM A NEW EUROPE by Ali Fitzgerald.  :01 FIRST SECOND offers MONK!: THELONIOUS, PANNONICA AND THE FRIENDSHIP BEHIND A MUSICAL REVOLUTION HC is a graphic biography of the friendship between jazz genius Thelonious Monk and the British baroness of the Rothschild family, Pannonica de Koenigswarter, written and illustrated by Youssef Daoudl.  RX: A GRAPHIC MEMOIR HC from GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING is an autobiography by writer artist Rachel Lindsay who, diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her twenties acquires a job for the insurance coverage handling the account for Pfizer, who makes her anti-depression medications.  She quits and, upon her decision to pursue an art career, her parents intervene, and she’s again hospitalized; this is her story of finding freedom, autonomy and the life she wants.  HEAVY METAL offers the collected edition of their first comic book series with IRON MAIDEN: LEGACY OF THE BEAST TP priced under ten dollars.  HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT solicits THE UNWANTED: STORIES OF SYRIAN REFUGEES HC, an exploration of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, balancing heartbreak, horror and hope.  POWER RANGERS: THE ULTIMATE VISUAL HISTORY HC from INSIGHT BOOKS is a reference book of the longest running kid’s action series in television history with a behind the scenes tour of the entire franchise.  KEENSPOT offers their monthly Presidential parody comic with TRUMP’S TITANS: SPACE FORCE and LAST GASP has BAREFOOT GEN, VOL. 1 back in print, the manga story of Hiroshima written and illustrated by survivor Keiji Nakazawa.  ROLLED AND TOLD #1 from QUILLION, a new imprint at LION FORGE is sixty-four pages, priced under eight dollars, a combination of a comic and a RPG; there will be a free ‘zero ‘issue available in July.  ONI PRESS begins KIM REAPER: VAMPIRE ISLAND #1 OF 4 by Sarah Graley and the RICK AND MORTY PRESENTS SLEEPY GARY #1 is by Magdalene (Kim & Kim) Visaggio with CJ Cannon’s art.  DRAWN TO SEX: THE BASICS TP by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan is ‘an invaluable resource for teens growing up in areas where accurate sex education is not on the curriculum’ says NPR.  PANTHEON BOOKS offer MARVELOCITY: THE MARVEL COMIC ART OF ALEX ROSS HC, over three-hundred pages for fifty dollars.  SCHOLASTIC has the LEGO STAR WARS: THE OFFICIAL FORCE TRAINING MANUAL HC which includes a buildable Rey LEGO mini figure and SCOUT COMICS collects the eight-issue crime series SMOKETOWN TP by Philip Kennedy Johnson and Scott Van Domelen.  ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR RAMONES GN by Bruno Cadene and Xavier Betaucourt and illustrated by Eric Carter is the biography of the band as told through the eyes of Dee Dee Ramone, published by SELFMADE HERO.  FANTASMAGORIA #1 from STARBURNS INDUSTRIES is written by your friend and mine, Eric Esquivel and illustrated by James A. Fino and others, a horror anthology inspired by Tales from the Crypt and their ilk, the series explores horror and mythology specific to Mexico and the American Southwest; 32 pages priced under two dollars!  Michael Moorcock’s cult fantasy saga returns to comics at TITAN with ELRIC: THE WHITE WOLF #1 OF 2 and THE ROAD TO THE THIRTEENTH DOCTOR #3 OF 3: THE TWELFTH DOCTOR is offered; (on Doctor Who Comics Day, the twenty-fourth of November Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #0 will be released).  George Mann’s popular steampunk adventure novels come to comics with NEWBURY & HOBBES #1 OF 4 illustrated by Dan Boultwood and hard case crime novelist Christina Faust has adapted Alan Moore’s BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE NOVEL HC weaving new details into the classic tale.  VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT begins FAITH: DREAMSIDE #1 OF 4 by Eisner Award nominated Jody Houser with art by MJ Kim and HARBINGER WARS 2: AFTERMATH #1 by Matt Kindt and Adam Pollina has the survivors sorting through the rubble.  Collected editions include X-O MANOWAR, VOL. 5: BARBARIANS TP, the VALIANT HIGH TP and NINJAK VS THE VALIANT UNIVERSE TP, each priced under ten dollars.  VAULT COMICS offers FEARSCAPE #1 by Ryan O’Sullivan and Andrea Mutti, telling of a world beyond our own populated by manifestations of our worst fears.  WAYNE ALAN HAROLD PRODUCTIONS solicits P. CRAIG RUSSELL’S JUNGLE BOOK AND OTHER STORIES: FINE ART EDITION HC, a black and white two-hundred and twenty-four page collection of scans of the original art at full size including blue pencils, notes and corrections with the complete Jungle Book stories: ‘The King’s Ankus’, ‘Red Dog’, and ‘The Spring Running’ plus other early works, priced at one-hundred and twenty-five dollars. W.W. NORTON offers KAFKAESQUE: FOURTEEN STORIES HC collecting Peter Kuper’s adaptations that he’s been illustrating since nineteen-eighty-eight. ZENESCOPE of course has their GRIMM TALES OF TERROR 2018 HALLOWEEN EDITION and, with the new restructuring of the Previews catalog, the MANGA section now follow the comic section (although Dark Horse, DC and Dynamite all had some manga in their sections this month).  TOKYO POP has DISNEY MANGA: NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: ZERO’S JOURNEY GN, VOL. 1, the sequel to the ‘Disney Manga: Nightmare Before Christmas GN’ that came out in September of last year.  And the I LUV HALLOWEEN TP: ULTIMATE EDITION is almost five hundred pages in color by Keith Giffen and Benjamin Roman for teens sixteen and up. UDON offers OTHERWORLDLY IZAKAYA NOBU, VOL. 1, a gourmet fantasy in a strange Japanese style pub.  VIZ releases DR. STONE, VOL. 1, one of the most popular stories serialized in Shonen Jump, where, millennia ago all of humanity was turned to stone and now two high school students have broken free of their petrification and want to use science to free everyone else.  KODANSHA releases GHOST IN THE SHELL: GLOBAL NEURAL NETWORK HC with four new stories by Western creators in full color, limited to only twelve hundred and fifty copies.


            Each month I try to determine what will be the best title offered and this month there are twenty contenders.  From Image Chelsea Cain’s feminist MAN-EATERS #1, BURNOUTS #1, Warren Ellis’ CEMETARY BEACH #1 and Brubaker and Phillips MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES OGN, from Dark Horse STRANGER THINGS #1, OLIVIA TWIST #1 from the new Berger imprint and Margaret Atwood’s WAR OF BEARS #1 of 3, from DC HEROES IN CRISIS #1, BATMAN: DAMNED #1 from the new Black Label imprint, DREAMING #1 and HOUSE OF WHISPERS #1 spinning out of Sandman Universe and COVER #1 of 6 from Bendis’ Jinxworld imprint, from IDW BATMAN/THE MAXX #1 of 5, DICK TRACY: DEAD OR ALIVE #1 OF 4 from the Allred’s and the color FROM HELL: MASTER EDITION #1 from Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, from Marvel JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY: BIRTH OF KRAKATOA, from Albatross Funnybooks, the weekly SPOOKHOUSE 2 #1, from ArchieARCHIE 1941 #1 OF 5 by Mark Waid and, from Starburns, Eric Esquivel’s FANTASMAGORIA #1, but the title I’ve chosen is Eric Esquivel’s BORDER TOWN #1, the new, ongoing series from the relaunch of Vertigo illustrated by Ramon Villalobos as the Pick of the Month.


            I am humbly grateful for your friendship, your orders and your support as well as your generosity during the quarterly charity events.  As soon as we’re past the Midnight Sale for Batman’s Wedding on Wednesday I’ll be posting the next event which will be on the fourth of August, benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Thank you all!!  See you soon!





Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), OGN(original graphic novel-not a reprint or collection), MMPB (mass market paperbacks), AF (action figure), T/C trading cards, T/S (tee shirt) and (to denote an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion).

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