January 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The January Previews catalog arrived on Thursday, the second of January for comics and products that will begin shipping in March of 2020. I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might interest you. If there’s anything that you’d like, please let me know so I can be sure to have enough copies on hand to fill your requests and subscription orders. Don’t feel obligated to subscribe to a whole series; if you’d just like a copy of the first issue of a new series to try it out, let me know and I’ll be sure to put a copy aside for you. And, especially with DC, if you’d like a particular cover let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

This months’ theme is artists and art books so if that’s your thing flip through the catalog next time you stop by; new and old volumes are offered.

If anyone would like to order copies of the Free Comic Book Day selections for 2020 please let me know and I’ll be happy to sell them to you at my cost, because, I think we can all agree that more comics in the hands of more readers is always a good thing.

IMAGE: There’s already been quite a buzz for ✪♥DECORUM #1 from Jonathan (Powers of X) Hickman and Mike Huddleston, the story of the most well-mannered assassin in the known universe with the world building skills of Hickman and Huddleston’s best work yet, this will be big. Mirka Andolfo has made a big splash in the industry with her critically acclaimed Unnatural series which she’s followed up with the art chores on DC’s Rwby series and the release of her first series UnSacred; now Image begins MIRKA ANDOLFO’s MERCY #1, a murder mystery of Gothic horror (and if you’d like more information check out www.gotmercy.me). STEALTH #1 OF 6 was created by Robert Kirkman and Marc Sylvestri and is written by Mike Costa with art by Nate Bellegarde and Tamra Bonvillain, a story of an aging crime fighting Chicago vigilante suffering from Alzheimer’s. The surprise, ultra violent series that ran eight issues last year returns for a second story arc with DIE!, DIE!, DIE! #9 written by Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple and illustrated by Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn. We thought that Chelsea Cain’s twelfth issue was the end of the feminist dystopian series but the MAN-EATERS: TOMORROW BELONGS TO YOU! one shot, still with art by Lia Miternique says differently. John Layman writes OUTER DARKNESS/CHEW #1 OF 3 with art by Afu Chan and Rob Guillory, an unlikely cross over between these two disparate series. Remy (The Pervert GN) Boydell writes and water colors the 920LONDON TP, the story of a doomed emo romance and an attempt to grow ‘shrooms before the world ends, an anthropomorphic slice of life tale. Jeff Lemire’s FAMILY TREE #5 begins a second arc with art by Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur and Ryan Cody. New collections include Dan Watters crime horror series with incredible art by Dani in the COFFIN BOUND, VOL. 1 TP, David Hine and Brian Haberlin’s magic tattoo fantasy tale with THE MARKED, VOL. 1: FRESH INK TP, Marco B. Bucci and Jacopo Camagni’s fantasy horror story in NOMEN OMEN, VOL. 1: TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART TP and Derek Hunter and Jason Young’s bloody superhero comedy in PRETTY VIOLENT, VOL. 1 TP. Mark Millar’s sequel with Eric Canete’s art in the CHRONONAUTS, VOL. 2 TP continues the time traveling fiasco, DEADLY CLASS, VOL. 9: BONE MACHINE collects issues forty through forty four, OBLIVION SONG, VOL. 4 TP has issues nineteen through twenty four and Kickliy’s violent western comedy continues in the PERDY, VOL. 2 HC. Bryan Hill’s crime mystery with Raffaele Ienco’s art is collected in POSTAL: DELIVERANCE, VOL. 2 TP, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Ríos’ PRETTY DEADLY, VOL. 3: THE RAT TP has the five part series, SNOTGIRL, VOL. 3: IS THIS REAL LIFE? TP by Bryan Lee (Scott Pilgrim) O’Malley and Leslie Hung has issues eleven through fifteen and Warren Ellis and Jason Howard’s TREES, VOL. 3 TP, currently being adapted for television, collects the five part ‘Three Fates’ story. Netlix is also adapting Greg Rucka’s ‘The Old Guard’ and New Republic is adapting Snyder and Soule’s ‘Undiscovered Country’.

DARK HORSE: A new limited series from the industries’ leader in pop art, Mike Allred writes and draws ✪♥X-RAY ROBOT #1 OF 4, an inter-dimensional road trip with family man, Max and his robotic 277 year old self. Justin Giampaoli writes a thriller involving an extraterrestrial ship found buried for thousands of years under the ice of Siberia, with all of the political and cultural implications beautifully illustrated by Andrea Mutti in STARSHIP DOWN #1 OF 4. The ✪♥NEIL GAIMAN LIBRARY, VOL. 1 HC collects A Study in Emerald, Murder Mysteries, How to Talk to Girls at Parties and Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Lives in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire, over three hundred pages priced under fifty dollars, coinciding with the final volume of Neil’s AMERICAN GODS, VOL. 3: THE MOMENT OF THE STORM HC. The MINECRAFT: WITHER WITHOUT YOU TP has the first hard cover volume in the more affordable edition, written and illustrated by Kristen Gudsnuk with more to follow. New collections include INVISIBLE KINGDOM, VOL. 2: EDGE OF EVERYTHING by G. Willow (Ms Marvel) Wilson and Christian Ward from the Berger Books imprint, the PANORAMA TP, a body horror romance written and illustrated by Michel (Copra) Fiffe, the SCARY GODMOTHER OMNIBUS TP with every one of Jill Thompson’s adventures, AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER-IMBALANCE LIBRARY EDITION HC with all three volumes and the EMPOWERED OMNIBUS, VOL. 1 TP with the first three collections of Adam Warren’s work. The ✪♥LUTHER ARKWRIGHT TP collects both the Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Heart of Empire in one volume, a tale of a multiverse of infinite existences, written and illustrated by Bryan Talbot, this brilliant epic has been long out of print. ETHER, VOL. 3: THE DISAPPEARANCE OF VIOLET BELL TP collects the latest five part series from Matt Kindt and David Rubin, SPELL ON WHEELS: JUST TO GET TO YOU TP has the latest adventures, a road trip through the American southwest for the three witches and the STEAM TP is a steampunk adventure for kids by Drew Ford and Duane Leslie. THE MASK: I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE MASK TP from Christopher Cantwell and Patric Reynolds has the four issue series set in a bizarre political campaign and THE STEEPLE TP has issues one through five of John Allison’s latest work. THE CYCLE OF THE RED MOON, VOL. 1: THE HARVEST OF SAMHEIN TP is a young adult fantasy from José Antonio Cotrina, Spain’s bestselling fantasy writer, this is a prose book available in it’s original Spanish language format as well as in English for the first time.

DC: Although he hasn’t had gone by his sidekick sobriquet for many years, it’s the eightieth anniversary of his first appearance so DC does the honors with the ROBIN 80TH ANNIVERSARY 100 PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR featuring variant covers for each of his eight decades, the main story from Marv Wolfman and Tom Grummett with stories showcasing Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne as well as Stephanie Brown and Carrie Kelley. The five time Eisner Award winning team of such recent series’ as Vision and the Mister Miracle team reunites for ✪♥STRANGE ADVENTURES #1 OF 12, joined by fan favorite artist Doc Shaner, the series is already being compared to Dark Knight Returns and New Frontier, a definitive story starring Adam Strange where the line is blurred between war hero or war criminal, truth or fiction. BATMAN #90 by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez, who is doing the best work of his career, has Catwoman involved in master criminal the Designer’s plans so the Dark Knight fights side-by-side with Harley Quinn. Dustin Hansen, in the switch news the director and creator of video games have many advances. find many here at wowtbcgold.com, writes and illustrates the MY VIDEO GAME ATE MY HOMEWORK GN, where thirteen year old Dewey Jenkins who is failing science, finds himself and his friends trapped in a virtual world. Melissa De La Cruz, best selling author of Alex and Eliza and the Witches of East End joins artist Thomas Pitilli for the GOTHAM HIGH TP where a sixteen year old Bruce Wayne interacts with Selina Kyle and Jack Napier. Booster Gold guest stars in HARLEY QUINN #71 and Animal Man guest stars in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #21. Now that the team is ready to bring the fight to S.T.A.R. Labs’ front door in YOUNG JUSTICE #14, the team consists of the combined forces of Dial H for Hero, the Wonder Twins and Naomi. Three reprints this month: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28 FACSMILE EDITION with the first appearance of the Justice League of America, DETECTIVE COMICS #38 FACSIMILE EDITION with the debut of Robin the Boy Wonder and MYSTERY IN SPACE #75 FACSIMILE EDITION with the book length team up between Adam Strange and the Justice League of America. Deluxe collections include Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s last word on their Dark Knight run with the ✪♥BATMAN: LAST NIGHT ON EARTH HC, BATMAN, VOL. 12: CITY OF BANE: PART ONE HC with issues seventy five through seventy nine, BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS, COL. 3: GREETINGS FROM GOTHAM HC with issues one thousand six through one thousand eleven, BATMAN/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES III HC with the final chapter of the story co-published with IDW and BATMAN/SUPERMAN, VOL. 1: WHO ARE THE SECRET SIX? HC with the first six issues. The DC FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL HC has the first thirteen issues with Kirby, Ditko, Simonson, Grell and more on characters like the Creeper, Doctor Fate and the New Gods. THE JOKER: 80 YEARS OF THE CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME HC collects his most memorable appearances from his first to the present. TALES OF THE BATMAN: STEVE ENGLEHART HC has the ‘Joker Fish’ story and more, the NEW GODS BY GERRY CONWAY HC has the tales from the late seventies and SHAZAM!: THE WORLD’S MIGHTIEST MORTAL, VOL. 2 HC collects the seventies adventures in color for the first time. The SUPERMAN: UP IN THE SKY HC has Tom King’s and Andy Kubert’s story originally serialized in the Walmart® Giants and the WONDER WOMAN, VOL. 2: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD HC has G. Willow Wilson’s stories from issues sixty six through seventy three. Soft cover collections include Gene Luen (American Born Chinese) Yang and Gurihiru’s adaptation of the classic radio serial in ✪♥SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN TP, the BATMAN: KINGS OF FEAR TP with Scott Peterson and Kelley Jones’ six issue Scarecrow tale, the DC POSTER PORTFOLIO: STANLEY ‘ARTGERM’ LAU, VOL. 2 TP with twenty more covers, CATWOMAN, VOL. 3: FRIEND OR FOE? TP with Joëlle Jones’ issues fourteen through nineteen and DOOM PATROL: WEIGHT OF THE WORLDS TP with the seven part adventure from Gerard Way’s Young Animal imprint. The FREEDOM FIGHTERS: RISE OF A NATION TP has Robert Venditti’s full twelve issue series fighting Nazi’s, GREEN LANTERN BY GEOFF JOHNS: BOOK THREE TP has the final fourteen issues of the run and SUPERMAN: THE GOLDEN AGE, VOL. 5 TP collects stories chronologically from the early forties. TEEN TITANS, VOL. 3: SEEK AND DESTROY TP has thirty one through thirty eight, TRANSMETROPOLITAN: BOOK THREE TP has the third year of Warren Ellis’ Vertigo series, WONDER WOMAN: HER GREATEST VICTORIES TP gathers her biggest stories and YOUNG JUSTICE, VOL. 1: GEMWORLD TP has the first six issues of Brian Michael Bendis’ tale. Their Collectible imprint has new BATMAN STATUES by Alex Ross and Jim Lee, new HARLEY statues by Frank Cho and by Steve Pugh and new zombie style action figures as DC ESSENTIALS: DCEASED BATMAN, DCEASED THE JOKER, DCEASED AQUAMAN and DCEASED GREEN LANTERN ACTION FIGURES. Based on the Justice League Animated Adventures comes eight more with BATMAN, SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN, MARTIAN MANHUNTER, THE FLASH, GREEN LANTERN JOHN STEWART, HAWKGIRL and AQUAMAN ACTION FIGURES.

    IDW: Set in 1984,
Skynet versus Cybertron as a deadly race of machines emerge from another time
in TRANSFORMERS VS TERMINATOR #1 by David Mariotte and Alex Milne. The GODZILLA: COMPLETE RULERS OF EARTH, VOL. 1 TP returns to print with the first twelve issues. To celebrate the second anniversary at the new publisher IDW releases the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ANNUAL 2020. MARVEL ACTION AVENGERS: THE LIVING NIGHTMARE TP has more original stories for middle grade readers. J. M. Dematteis, for the first time in forty years returns to write adventures of the Enterprise and Matthew Dow Smith illustrates STAR TREK: HELL’S MIRROR focusing on Khan Noonien Singh. Brandon (Star Trek: Year Five) M. Easton and Kei (Death’s Head) Zama bring the next adventures in Mega-City One with JUDGE DREDD: FALSE WITNESS #1. Tony Kuusisto writes and illustrates a one shot spring special, MY LITTLE PONY: CANTERLOT HIGH MARCH RADNESS. New collections include MONKEY VS ROBOT: THE COMPLETE EPIC TP with all of James Kochalka’s adventures in one place and the earliest stories in color for the first time and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: IMPEACH PEDRO TP has the recent four part series. Their Top Shelf imprint releases THE GROT: THE STORY OF THE SWAMP CITY GRIFTERS TP, about economic inequality and exploitation written and illustrated by Pat Grant, who Craig (Blankets, Habibi) Thompson calls ‘the Australian Mark Twain’.

    MARVEL: While DC begins Strange Adventures Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos begin STRANGE ACADEMY #1, a kind of Marvel Hogwarts, telling the adventures of a school for sorcerers set in New Orleans with a staff featuring Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, the Ancient One, Magik, Hellstrom, the Scarlet Witch and more. Karla Pacheco writes and Pere Pérez illustrates Jessica Drew’s seventh series with SPIDER-WOMAN #1 and the third SPIDER-MAN NOIR #1 OF 5 comes from Margaret Stohl and Juan Ferreyra with a murder at the Black Cat night club in 1939. With the six titles that spun out of House and Powers of X plus Wolverine which starts next month comes the next addition with HELLIONS #1 from Zeb Wells and Stephen Segovia; the team features Scalphunter, Wild Child, Empath, Nanny, Orphanmaker, Psylocke and Havok under the leadership of Sinister; if Krakoa welcomes all mutants they’re going to have to take the good with the bad. Also beginning this month is CABLE #1 by Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto as Nathan Summers is a young mutant living in Paradise, not yet the veteran of wars to save the future. The INCREDIBLE HULK #182: FACSIMILE EDITION continues the reprinting of Wolverine’s first appearance while the THOR #229 FACSIMILE EDITION includes the ad that gave readers their first glimpse of Wolverine before his first appearance. The second of five one shots is Jonathan Hickman and Ben Oliver’s X-MEN: GIANT-SIZE: MAGNETO #1. The Incoming one shot that arrived the last week of last year continued the story begun in Marvel Comics #1000 and is the lead in for the first big cross over of 2020, the next chapter being ROAD TO EMPYRE: KREE SKRULL WAR #1 written by Robbie Thompson with art by Mattia de Iullis and Javier Rodriguez. The one shot OUTLAWED #1 by Eve Ewing and Kim Jacinto expands on the Incoming premise that teen heroes are now illegal and the crackdown has begun, reminiscent of the Super Hero Registration Act that fueled the first Civil War. MARVEL #1 OF 6 begins a project curated by Alex Ross and featuring a host of writers and artists and spinning off into other titles The first issue has a Spider-Man story with Frank (Rocketo) Espinosa’s art and an Avengers tale by Kurt Busiek and Steve Rude with a framing sequence by Alex Ross and Steve Darnell with the first two of eight spin offs being SUB-MARINER: MARVELS SNAPSHOT #1 written by Alan Brennert and Mark Waid with Jerry Ordway’s art and FANTASTIC FOUR: MARVELS SNAPSHOT #1 by Evan Dorkin, Benjamin Dewey and others, and, of course, all will feature covers by Alex Ross. The 2020 RESCUE #1 OF 2 tells of Pepper Potts activities after distancing herself from Tony while the 2020 IRON AGE #1 delves more deeply into the robot revolution. While IMMORTAL HULK #32 features Hulk as a trademark of Roxxon Energy
✪♥IMMORTAL HULK #33 is a big fifty six page ‘seven hundred and fiftieth issue’ as the story takes a very bizarre turn, from Al Ewing and Joe Bennett. In SAVAGE AVENGERS #11 it seems that Elektra and Doctor Strange have a romantic fling; (don’t tell Matt Murdock as she’s been sleeping with him over in the Daredevil comic). The appearance of a never-before-seen Elder of the Universe portends the upcoming Empyre in FANTASTIC FOUR #20 by Dan Slott and Sean Izaakse. More titles tying into the video games under the GamerVerse imprint continue with the MARVEL’S AVENGERS: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 one shot by Paul Allor and Georges Jeanty, the MARVEL’S AVENGERS: BLACK WIDOW #1 one shot by Christos Gage and Michele Bandini and MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN: THE BLACK CAT STRIKES #3 OF 5 by Dennis Hallum and Luca Maresca. Ethan Sacks writes and Paolo Villanelli illustrates STAR WARS: BOUNTY HUNTERS #1 under a cover by Lee Bermejo with cyborg Valance, Bossk and Boba Fett against the traitorous Nakano Lash. Deluxe collections this month include MARVEL CLASSICS COMICS OMNIBUS HC, over twelve hundred pages of all age adaptations of literary masterpieces in the style of Classics Illustrated with works by H. G. Wells, Homer, Mary Shelley, Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe, Jack London, Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens and more, the SPIDER-MAN: BEN REILLY OMNIBUS, VOL. 2 HC covers the end of the Clone Saga and beyond, HEROES REBORN: THE RETURN OMNIBUS HC has the second years’ stories leading into Onslaught and STAR WARS: AGE OF RESISTANCE HC has the eight one shot specials. CONAN THE BARBARIAN: THE ORIGINAL MARVEL YEARS OMNIBUS, VOL. 4 HC has more tales by Roy Thomas and John Buscema with companion volume SOLOMON KANE: THE ORIGINAL MARVEL YEARS OMNIBUS HC, ✪♥DAREDEVIL: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR, MARVEL SELECT HC has Frank Miller and John Romita Jr’s classic retelling of the origin, X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN OMNIBUS HC has all three two part series’ retelling the history of the mutants and MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, VOL. 22 HC and MARVEL MASTERWORKS: FANTASTIC FOUR, VOL. 22 HC are available in regular and ‘direct market’ variants. Since Powers and House of X revitalized the mutant line, the collected editions have each had six issues bearing the same issue number, so DAWN OF X, VOL. 4 TP has the fourth issues of the six titles and DAWN OF X, VOL. 5 and DAWN OF X, VOL 6 TP’s are also offered this month, and apparently they’re going to cover all bases as X-MEN BY JONATHAN HICKMAN, VOL. 1 TP has the first six issues as does MARAUDERS BY GERRY DUGGAN, VOL. 1 TP and EXCALIBUR BY TINI HOWARD, VOL. 1 TP. The FUTURE FIGHT FIRSTS TP has the three one shots introducing the Korean heroes Crescent and Io, Luna Snow and White Fox to the Marvel pantheon and the YONDU TP collects his five part series. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, VOL. 7: 2099 TP has issues thirty two through thirty six, GHOST RIDER, VOL. 1: KING OF HELL TP has the first four issues of the current series along with a couple of other stories, DOCTOR DOOM, VOL. 1: POTTERSVILLE TP has the first five issues of the current series as does the AMAZING MARY JANE, VOL. 1 TP. MS MARVEL BY SALADIN AHMED, VOL. 2: STORMRANGER TP has issues seven through twelve, ✪♥DAREDEVIL BY CHIP ZDARSKY, VOL. 3: THROUGH HELL TP has issues eleven through fifteen with Marco Checchetto’s art and IRON MAN: THE ULTRON AGENDA TP has issues fifteen through nineteen of the latest series which leads into the Iron Man 2020 series. The MARVEL AVENGERS TP collects five one shots from the GamerVerse: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Black Widow, the MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN POSTER BOOK TP has forty two pages of posters from the GamerVerse, CONAN: THE BOOK OF TOTH TP has the four issue series of the same name by Kurt Busiek and Kelley Jones as well as ‘The Mask of Acheron’ graphic novel from Len Wein, Stuart Moore and Gabriel Guzman and the CONAN: SERPENT WAR TP has the four part series that brings Dark Agnes, Solomon Kane and Moon Knight into the mix. RUNAWAYS BY RAINBOW ROWELL, VOL. 5: CANON FODDER TP has issues twenty five through thirty one MEPHISTO: SPEAK OF THE DEVIL TP is a ‘best of’ collection of the lord of the underworld tales and MARVEL MONOGRAPH: THE ART OF FRANK CHO TP gathers the best of Cho’s artwork from his time at Marvel. The MARVEL-VERSE: BLACK WIDOW GN TP is a collection for middle grade readers as is the SPIDER-MAN & VENOM: DOUBLE TROUBLE GN TP and UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL: BIG SQUIRRELS DON’T CRY. STAR WARS LEGENDS EPIC COLLECTION: LEGACY, VOL. 3 TP and STAR WARS LEGENDS EPIC COLLECTION: THE CLONE WARS, VOL. 3 TP both collect adventures originally published by Dark Horse by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema.

    DYNAMITE: Mark (Second Coming) Russell and Bryce Ingman with artist Craig (Flash) Rousseau begins KILLING RED SONJA #1 OF 4 while best selling novelist F. Paul Wilson brings the star of more than twenty of his novels to comics for the first time in the REPAIRMAN JACK: SCAR LIP REDUX OGN HC, a kind of anti-Jason Bourne illustrated by Antonio Fuso. The ARMY OF DARKNESS/XENA COMPLETE OMNIBUS TP collects all three volumes of adventures, JAMES BOND #4 begins a new story arc if you’ve been waiting to jump on as does VAMPIRELLA/RED SONJA #7. Collections returning to print include the WITCHBLADE: SHADES OF GREY TP, the CRYPTOZOIC MAN, VOL. 1 TP and FRANK CHO’S JUNGLE GIRL: THE COMPLETE OMNIBUS TP.

    BOOM! STUDIOS: W. Maxwell (Ice Cream Man) Prince joins Tyler (Grass Kings ) Jenkins for a new supernatural thriller, ✪♥KING OF NOWHERE #1 OF 5, a new arc begins in ONCE & FUTURE #7 by Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora and the ANGEL, SEASON 11 LIBRARY EDITION HC collects the next twelve issues of the series originally published by Dark Horse. MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: BEYOND THE GRID TP collects issues thirty one through thirty nine and RONIN ISLAND, VOL. 2 TP has issues five through eight. Their Boom! Box imprint offers FENCE: RIVALS OGN TP, a continuation of the GLAAD Award nominated sports, teen romance series from best selling novelist C.S. (Captive Prince) Pascat and Johanna the Mad. John (Giant Days, Steeple) Allison begins WICKED THINGS #1 OF 6 with artist Max Arin, following nineteen year old detective Charlotte Grote. Their all age imprint, kaboom solicits the second offering from R. L. (Goosebumps) Stine with JUST BEYOND: THE HORROR AT HAPPY LANDINGS OGN TP as well as the ADVENTURE TIME: PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM TP. And their literary imprint, Archaia offers HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW OGN HC, a memoir from Eisner nominated Mike Hawthorne telling of his story of abuse and survival and what it means to be Puerto Rican in the US. They also have JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER: GHOSTS #1 OF 4, the first issue based on Scandinavian folklore from writer artist Márk László, THE DARK CRYSTAL: AGE OF RESISTANCE: THE QUEST FOR THE DUAL GLAIVE HC collecting the four issues tying into the Netflix series and JIM HENSON’S THE DARK CRYSTAL CREATION MYTHS: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION TP.

    INDEPENDENTS: In an original graphic novel written and illustrated by Isabel Greenberg, dealing with the eccentric childhoods of the four Brontë children, ABRAMS COMICARTS offers GLASS TOWN: THE IMAGINARY WORLD OF BRONTËS HC GN, and they also publish quite a few art books of creators like Jaime Hernandez, Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Kirby and more. Ellicott City is a town where the populace has gotten used to being stalked by the insatiable creatures that live among them in the new horror series from ACTION LAB; SWEET HEART #1 is by Dillon Gilbertson and Francesco Iaquinta. Stephanie (Butcher of Paris) Phillips writes ARTEMIS AND THE ASSASSIN #1 from AFTERSHOCK, a story of time traveling assassins illustrated by Meghan Hetrick and Francesca Fantini. Zach (Port of Earth, Eclipse) Kaplan and Piotr (Dark Tower) Kowalski begin ✪♥JOIN THE FUTURE #1 where mega-cities reward their citizens with a totally funded life to compete in a population based economy, while those who choose to live independently are pressured to join the city dwelling citizens. I’m always excited for a new title from Mark Russell and AHOY is offering ✪♥BILLIONAIRE ISLAND #1 OF 3 with art by another favorite, Steve Pugh; the team previously worked together on the Eisner Award winning Flintstones and this one is about an island where anything goes if you can afford it and the realization that ill-gotten gains come at a high price. ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS offers GRUMBLE: MEMPHIS AND BEYOND THE INFINITE #1 OF 5 by Rafer Roberts with art by Mike Norton with Eddie a small time crook stuck in a pug’s body and Tala, his estranged, part demon daughter attempting to rescue Tala’s mother who is held captive by the evil S’Taera. AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY, the comic imprint of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine begins HATCHET: UNSTOPPABLE HORROR #1 with three stories by James Kuhoric and Mike Wolfer. Navigating mis-matched suitors, gossiping aunties and societal expectations THAT CAN BE ARRANGED: A MUSLIM LOVE STORY GN from ANDREWS McMEEL is written and illustrated by Huda (Yes, I’m Hot In This) Fahmy. Frank Tieri and Ryan Jampole begins SUPER DUCK #1 OF 4, an adult comedy from ARCHIE COMICS of a down on his luck hero being hired as a personal body guard by his nemesis, corporate billionaire, Dapper Duck. A new company jumps in with four series; AWA stands for ‘Artists, Writers & Artisans’ and they begin with THE RESISTANCE #1 OF 6 written by J. Michael (Babylon 5) Stracyznski and illustrated by Mike Deodato Jr., involving a global disaster with millions dead, a few thousand survivors suddenly manifest powers. ARCHANGEL 8 #1 OF 5 is by Michael Moreci and C.P. Smith about an eighth archangel who fights in the war between Heaven and Hell who battles without God’s sanction. RED BORDER #1 OF 4 tells of a Mexican couple fleeing the Juarez Cartel into Texas only to find themselves in a house of horrors maybe more dangerous than the assassins on their trail, by Jason Starr and Will Conrad. John Lees writes and Dalibor Talajic illustrates HOTELL #1 OF 4, not on any map, but if you’re desperate for sanctuary on a late night on Route 66 you may find the Pierrot Courts Hotel where many check in but few check out. The A FOR ANONYMOUS GN from BOLD TYPE BOOKS tells how a mysterious hacker collective transformed the world, written by David Kushner, illustrated by Koren Shadmi, it’s available in either soft of hard cover editions (and the ‘A’ in the title is the ‘Anarchy’ symbol that my computer won’t type). CLOVER PRESS publishes one shot graphic novellas in a format that feels like a hard cover at a soft cover price and this month they have the BUTCHER KNIGHT GN written by Charles (writer/executive producer of the Black Lightning TV show) Holland with art by Dwayne Turner with Sir Lancelot and Merlin in modern day California and THE COMPLETE WRAITH! GN written and illustrated by Michael T. Gilbert that is like a funny animal version of Will Eisner’s The Spirit with every story scanned from the original art plus unpublished art and photos. DRAWN & QUARTERLY offers THE SWAMP HC, the first of a series of books by one of the most influential and acclaimed practitioners of literary comics in Japan, focusing on citizens lives in the post war era. The I THINK HE’S CRAZY! HC from FANTAGRAPHICS collects every Timberland Tales strip and Appletons strip that was created by cartoonist B. K. Taylor for the National Lampoon magazine with a forward by Tim Allen and an afterword by R. L. Stine. DRAGON HOOPS HC is the latest graphic novel from Eisner Award winner Gene (American Born Chinese) Luen Yang telling lessons learned from observing the basketball team where he teaches at Bishop O’Dowd High School, published by :01 FIRST SECOND. THE DARK TOWER: DRAWING OF THE THREE, VOL. 1: THE PRISONER HC is offered from GALLERY 13. NICNEVIN AND THE BLOODY QUEEN OGN TP is written by Helen Mullane, illustrated by Dom Reardon and Matthew Dow Smith, blending British folk horror and a coming of age story that Warren Ellis calls ‘a brilliantly structured murder mystery’ from HUMANOIDS. The Newbery Medal winning classic, LOIS LOWRY’S: THE GIVER TP, adapted and illustrated by the brilliant P. Craig Russell is now available in soft cover, priced under thirteen dollars from HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT. HEXAGON #1 OF 5 is the second offering from IMPACT THEORY; written by Michael Moreci with art by Jheremy Raapack it’s set in the eighties when twelve year old Don beats the video game Crucible bringing on an alien invasion. The GAMAYUN TALES, VOL. 1 GN from NOBROW is written and illustrated by Alexander Utkin featuring modern adaptations of Slavic folktales for fans of fantasy and mythology. Kurtis (Rat Queens) Weibe begins DRYAD #1 at ONI PRESS, illustrated and colored by Justin Osterling, this is an ongoing fantasy series following thirteen year-old twins, the offspring of an elf and a human. And, from their Limerence imprint comes A QUICK & EASY GUIDE TO SEX & DISABILITY TP from disabled cartoonist A. Andrews. INVADER ZIM QUARTERLY: GIR’S BIG DAY is a new format for the series, forty page issues priced under six dollars, written by Eric Trueheart with Aaron Alexovich’s art. PANTHEON reissues the ✪♥MAUS 40TH ANNIVERSARY BOXED SET, two soft cover volumes of the Pulitzer Prize winning graphic biography in a slip case priced under thirty two dollars, an essential for any comic fan. British publisher REBELLION begins the BEST OF 2000 AD #1, one hundred pages priced under five dollars with works from Alan Moore, John Wagner, Dan Abnett and more, it’s described as the ‘ultimate 2000 AD mix tape’. A new steampunk series from RED 5 is DRAGON WHISPERER #1 by Alex Deluca and Glen Fernandez. KYRRA: ALIEN JUNGLE GIRL #1 from SCOUT COMICS is described as Tarzan meets Planet of the Apes written by Rich Woodall and illustrated by Craig Rousseau and, in NORTH END #1 Brendan struggles to reconcile his personal beliefs with his DEA job using experimental mind control drugs on US citizens to help stem economic collapse and political revolution, by Ryan Ellsworth and Rob Carey. The Eisner nominated comic comes to print as ✪♥THE FUHRER AND THE TRAMP #1 OF 5 where FDR taps Charlie Chaplin to create a propaganda film to encourage support to join the war in Europe, written by Sean McArdle and Jon Judy with the art of Dexter Wee from SOURCE POINT. As part of their Hard Case Crime imprint, British publisher TITAN COMICS offers MS. TREE, VOL. 2: SKELETON IN THE CLOSET TP, more ‘hard boiled in high heels’ mysteries from Max (Road to Perdition) Alan Collins with art by Terry Beatty. Harvey Award winner Dennis ‘Hopeless’ Hallum writes and Emilio (Marvel’s Spider-Man: Velocity) Laiso launch an all new X-O MANOWAR #1 OF 12 series at VALIANT COMICS and Tim Seeley and Marc Laming’s BLOODSHOT #7 begins a new arc, if the film with Vin Diesel has you curious. Zac Thompson and Emily Horn write and Alberto Albuquerque illustrates NO ONE’S ROSE #1 where civilization is house in a domed city powered by renewable energy and one teen bio engineer would like to rebuild the planet while her brother would like to dismantle it, from VAULT. CONSPIRACY: ALIEN ABDUCTIONS is a one shot from ZENESCOPE taking a serious look at extraterrestrial phenomenon. Moving on to the MANGA section of the catalog VIZ MEDIA begins SAMURAI 8: THE TALE HACIMARU, VOL. 1 GN, a futuristic tale of samurai adventure from the creator of Naruto. HELL’S PARADISE: JIGOKURAKU, VOL. 1 GN is a gritty ninja fantasy, a Suicide Squad type story with criminals on a mission for freedom for fans of classic seinen works like Berserk and Tokyo Ghoul. KONDANSHA has KNIGHT OF THE ICE, VOL. 1 GN by Yayoi Ogawa, a rom-com manga on ice for fans of Princess Jellyfish and Wotakoi as well as the SAINT YOUNG MEN, VOL. 2 HC and YUZU, THE PET VET, VOL. 1 GN by Mingo Ito, a story where love of animals helps Yuzu deal with the grief of her mothers’ illness. METAMORPHOSE NO ENGAWA, VOL. 1 GN by Kaori Tsurutani at SEVEN SEAS is a story of a seventy five year old woman and a high school girl forming a lasting friendship over their mutual fandom for ‘boy love’ manga. Which brings us to the end of the comic listings, although there are plenty of other items in the catalog that I’m happy to order for you if you’re interested: apparel, toys, statues, cards, games, novelties, pop figures, etc., so feel free to look through the catalog when you stop by next!

    Each month I try to choose the best offering of the month and this month the contenders are DECORUM #1 from Hickman and Huddleston at Image, X-RAY ROBOT #1 OF 4 by Michael Allred and the LUTHER ARKWRIGHT TP by Bryan Talbot, both from Dark Horse, STRANGE ADVENTURES #1 OF 12 by Tom King, Mitch Gerads and ‘Doc’ Shaner at DC, IMMORTAL HULK #33 by Ewing and Bennett at Marvel, KING OF NOWHERE #1 OF 5 by W. Maxwell Prince and Tyler Jenkins at Boom!, JOIN THE FUTURE #1 from Zach Kaplan and Piotr Kowalski at Aftershock, THE RESISTANCE #1 OF 6 by Straczynski and Deodato at AWA and THE FUHRER & THE TRAMP #1 OF 5 by McArdle, Judy and Wee at Source Point Press but my Pick of the Month
goes to Mark Russell and Steve Pugh’s BILLIONAIRE ISLAND #1 OF 3 from Ahoy Comics.

    On the first of February I’ll be hosting the next quarterly benefit, this one to see how much we can raise for the good works of our COMMUNITY FOOD BANK OF SOUTHERN ARIZONA. If you’re not already following the shops’ posts on Facebook, please do, as that’s where I post updates about events, surprise sales and comic book news daily: https://www.facebook.com/TucsonComicGuru/

    Thank you all for your years of support and friendship. I can’t properly express my gratitude. I hope to see you all on February first (and plenty of times before then).



    Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), OGN(original graphic novel-not a reprint or collection), MMPB (mass market paperbacks), AF (action figure), T/C trading cards, T/S (tee shirt), (to denote a new story or product) and ✪♥ (to denote a product that’s highly recommended.

    Besides the monthly Previews catalog there is also an ‘Adult Supplement’ which showcases the ‘adults only’ comics, books and videos. If you are interested in seeing what’s available (and you’re over eighteen) just send me an email and I will send you this month’s adult catalog with images, descriptions and prices.

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