January 2014 Newsletter


Dear Friends,

                It’s a new year and the first of January is the anniversary of my shop which I opened at the beginning of 2002; having worked at another comic shop for sixteen years prior to opening my own shop, I’ve now been selling comics in Tucson for thirty years.  That’s half of my life (as I turned sixty last month)!  So I want to thank you all for your support, I want to thank you all for participating in my quarterly charity events and I want to thank you all for being my friend.  The fact that we all share interest in comics, the fact that we spend our entertainment dollars on reading material puts us all in a small minority and it’s a minority group that I’m pleased and proud to be part of and I will continue to attempt to read every comic book on the rack each week so we can continue to share these stories while trying to figure out what they’ll do next. 


                The January Previews catalog is sitting on my desk available for your perusal when you stop by. Meanwhile I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might hold interest for you. These solicitations are for comics and products that will begin shipping in March. If there’s anything that you’d like please try and let me know by the twenty first of the month so I can be sure to have enough copies on hand to fill your requests and subscription orders.


                Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), OGN(original graphic novel-not a reprint or collection), MMPB (mass market paperbacks), AF (action figure), T/C (trading cards), T/S (tee shirt) and(to denote an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion).


                By the way, besides the monthly Previews catalog there is also an ‘Adult Supplement’ which showcases the ‘adults only’ comics, books and videos. If you are interested in seeing what’s available (and you’re over eighteen) please send me an email and I will send you this month’s adult catalog in a .pdf format with images, descriptions and prices.


                Most of you know that the first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day (and May third will also be the date of the second of my quarterly charity events) and I think most of you know that these books aren’t actually free to the retailers; they are priced from twenty three to thirty cents per comic.  I point this out because I’m always happy to order these and sell them at my cost to any educators who wish to have them for their class rooms.  (Other books purchased for use in the class by educators always receive a ten per cent discount here.)  Stop by, look through the catalog and tell me how many copies you’d like of which titles and I will let you know when they arrive and sell them to you at my cost.  There are more selections than ever before and if you’d like to see what the selections are this year, you can check them out here: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/1/1/27/206?articleID=142953 .  This site will be updated regularly with any changes or additions to the line up.


                So here are the new titles and notable offerings from the ‘Big Five’ publishers:


                DARK HORSE: A new title from Greg Rucka, one of my favorite novelists and the writer of Lazarus is illustrated by Toni Fejzula and titled VEIL #1 OF 5, about a girl waking up in an abandoned subway station with no knowledge of how she got there but when men try to hurt her they wind up dead.  After their successful run on Angel & Faith, Christos Gage writes and Rebekah Isaacs illustrates BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON TEN #1.  Last month the new Serenity series was offered and next month expect the return of Angel & Faith.  Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson offer BEASTS OF BURDEN: HUNTERS AND GATHERERS, a one shot featuring the animal characters that won them the 2005 Eisner Award.  Steve Niles and menton3 have the NOSFERATU WARS collecting the four part tale that was serialized in Dark Horse Presents featuring the undead amidst the Black Plague.  Frank Barbiere and Randy Stradley writes and Colin Lorimer provides the art for BLACKOUT #1 OF 4, Dark Horse’s newest super hero with a mysterious suit that allows him to travel unseen and untouchable in a parallel dimension.  Adam Warren is joined by Brandon Graham for the latest EMPOWERED SPECIAL: INTERNAL MEDICINE.  Gerard Way’s latest endeavor is offered as a limited edition hard cover as well as a not so limited trade paperback with THE TRUE LIFE OF THE FABULOUS KILLJOYS and the hardcover includes an extensive sketchbook with art by Becky Cloonan, Gabriel Bá, Paul Pope, Gerard, Fábio Moon, Rafael Grampá and more.  Paul Tobin writes and Joe Querio illustrates THE WITCHER #1 OF 5, a story based on the monster hunting video game.  MURDER MYSTERIES: SECOND EDITION HC is written by Neil Gaiman with the art of P. Craig Russell along with sketches, high res scans and more bonus material, telling the story of a murder in paradise.  The MANDALA TP is written by Stuart Moore with the psychedelic art of Bruce Zick dealing with a global mind control system that has all of humankind in thrall.  ALLEY OOP: THE COMPLETE SUNDAYS, VOL 1 HC is a full color collection of all of V. T. Hamlin’s Sunday strips, a strip still running after ninety years. 


                DC:  FOREVER EVIL #7 concludes the series with the final tie ins including JUSTICE LEAGUE #29, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #13, FOREVER EVIL: A.R.G.U.S., ARKHAM WAR and ROGUES REBELLION #6 OF 6, and SUICIDE SQUAD #29 and the final chapters of the side story, ‘BLIGHT’ are in TRINITY OF SIN: THE PHANTOM STRANGER #17, CONSTANTINE #12, TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA #9 and JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #29, the grand finale that may spell the demise of John Constantine.  The SUICIDE SQUAD: AMANDA WALLER #1 is a one shot looking at how she will survive after leading A.R.G.U.S. and the Squad with a merciless iron hand all these years, now that they’ve abandoned her leadership.  The four part story titled ‘First Contact’ that began last month concludes with the last two chapters in BATMAN/SUPERMAN #9 and WORLD’S FINEST #21 as our heroes meet some of their Earth Two counterparts for the first time.  In SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #6 Zod breaches the Phantom Zone.  SUPERGIRL #29 continues the ‘Red Daughter of Krypton’ tale as Kara now wields a red ring.  BATMAN #29 is the final chapter of ‘Dark City’, the penultimate chapter of ‘Zero Year’ and DETECTIVE COMICS #29 concludes ‘Gothtopia.  CATWOMAN #29 begins ‘The Race of Outlaws’ storyline as Selina makes her bid for high society.  In BATGIRL #29 Barbara teams with the Talon, Strix to stop Silver, a villain with ties to Andrew I, Vampire Bennett.  The savage Man-Bat story concludes in BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #29 which is also the final issue of this series.  Batman goes after Ra’s al Ghul with revenge in mind and encounters the King of the Seas in BATMAN AND AQUAMAN #29.  A tenuous connection to Forever Evil ties into NIGHTWING #29 as our hero battles Mr. Zsasz in Chicago.  The fourth part of ‘Red Daughter of Krypton’ is in RED LANTERNS #29 and, when Supergirl is too much for Guy Gardner to handle he decides to hand her off to her cousin who is distinctly unimpressed with Guy’s leadership skills.  TALON #17 will be the last issue of the series as Calvin Rose and Anya fight the final battle with Lord Death Man and Dr. Darrk and another series finale occurs in ANIMAL MAN #29 with Jeff Lemire providing the story and the art.  THE MOVEMENT #10 by Gail Simone will guest star Batgirl, in TEEN TITANS #29 the team returns from their time travel foray to the trial of Kid Flash and SWAMP THING #29 begins a three part story, the ‘Gift of the Sureen’ where Alec Holland deals with a cult intending to usher in major changes in the Green.  A great story teller and the creator of Harley Quinn, Paul Dini has written an original graphic novel illustrated by Joe Quinones, BLACK CANARY AND ZATANNA: BLOODSPELL HC.  ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #11 tells the story of the meeting between the Last Son of Krypton and the troubled alien who was once Krypton’s Green Lantern, written by Jim Krueger with the art of Neil Edwards as inked by Scott Hanna.  New hard cover collected editions include AQUAMAN, VOL 4: DEATH OF A KING HC, BATMAN, VOL 4: ZERO YEAR-SECRET CITY HC, the JSA OMNIBUS, VOL 1 HC, BATGIRL, VOL 4: WANTED HC, TALES OF THE BATMAN: CARMINE INFANTINO HC and the ABSOLUTE ALL-STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN THE BOY WONDER HC collecting the nine issues written by Frank Miller with Jim Lee’s artwork.  Softcover collections include GREEN LANTERN, VOL 3: THE END TP, JUSTICE LEAGUE, VOL 3: THRONE OF ATLANTIS TP, THE JOKER: DEATH OF THE FAMILY TP, SUICIDE SQUAD, VOL 4: DISCIPLINE AND PUNISH TP, EARTH TWO, VOL 2: THE TOWER OF FATE TP, THE GREEN TEAM: TEEN TRILLIONAIRES, VOL 1-MONEY AND POWER TP, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, VOL 1 TP, ARROW, VOL 2 TP, BATMAN BEYOND: BATGIRL BEYOND TP, DC UNIVERSE VS THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE TP, DEADMAN, BOOK FIVE TP, FINAL CRISIS TP: NEW EDITION, SUPERMAN: RED SON TP: NEW EDITION and the SUPERMAN/BATMAN, VOL 1 TP.  At DC’s mature readers imprint, VERTIGO launches AMERICAN VAMPIRE: SECOND CYCLE #1, a forty page first issue picking up after the hiatus the series begun by Stephen King and continued by Scott Snyder with artist Rafael Albuquerque.  Denise Mina adapts STIEG LARSSON’S THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE HC illustrated by Leonardo Manco and Andrea Mutti under a Lee Bermejo cover and STEIG LARSSON’S THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO TP by the same team gets the soft cover treatment.  The first volume was a beautiful and faithful adaptation.  New collected Vertigo editions include 100 BULLETS: BROTHER LONO TP, Neil Gaiman’s THE BOOKS OF MAGIC TP: NEW EDITION, ASTRO CITY: SHINING STARS TP collecting the one shots and two part stories that finished the previous run of the series, HINTERKIND, VOL 1 TP collecting the first six issues for just ten bucks, FLEX MENTALLO: MAN OF MUSCLE MYSTERY TP by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely and JONAH HEX: SHADOWS WEST TP by Joe R. Lansdale and Timothy Truman with Sam Glanzman.  And new figures and statues from the toy line, DC DIRECT include the NEW 52-EARTH TWO figures of BATMAN (Thomas Wayne), GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH and WONDER WOMAN, a BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY RABBIT HOLE BATMAN ACTION FIGURE, a COVER GIRLS: POISON IVY STATUE designed by ‘Artgerm’ Lau, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL STATUE designed by Ed McGuinness, the FLASH VS GORILLA GRODD MINI STATUE, a fifty dollar SUPER-VILLAINS: ARMORED SUIT LEX LUTHOR DELUXE ACTION FIGURE and the DC NATION: DEADMAN & CROW PLUSH FIGURE 2-PACK.


                IDW: G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #200 is a forty eight page landmark issue, still by Larry Hama with art by S. L. Gallant and TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE #100, also a forty eight page book, still by Simon Furman with Andrew Wildman is described as the ‘conclusion to the one hundred issue original Transformers epic’.  The twelve part crossover event concludes in the TRANSFORMERS: DARK CYBERTRON FINALE.  One of Walt Simonson’s earliest works returns in the

STAR SLAMMERS: REMASTERED #1, scanned from Walt’s original art and newly recolored this is a story of space mercenaries for hire.  The X-FILES: CONSPIRACY #2 OF 2 concludes the series but not before the X-FILES: CONSPIRACY-THE CROW one shot.  ROCKY & BULLWINKLE #1 OF 4 is written by Mark Evanier with art by Roger Langridge, the first comic of the Jay Ward characters since the eighties.    The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: UTROM EMPIRE #3 OF 3 completes the series with the fate of the Utrom race at risk.  The first six issues are collected in the STAR TREK: GOLD KEY ARCHIVES, VOL 1 HC, THE CROW: PESTILENCE #1 OF 4 is by Frank Bill with art by Drew Moss, MONSTER & MADMAN #1 OF 3 is written by Steve Niles with art by Damien Worm telling the secret history of Jack the Ripper and Frankenstein’s Monster.  The ALICE IN COMICLAND HC features a host of different artists renditions of the beloved character including Charles Shultz, Walt Kelly, Alex Toth, Dan DeCarlo, Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Davis, Dave Berg and more.  The MEAN STREETS: A CRIME ANTHOLOGY TP collects four stories: ‘Easy Way’ by Christpher E. Long and Andy Kuhn, ‘The Devil’s Concubine’ by Palle Schmidt, the Eisner nominated ‘Fishtown’ by Kevin Colden and ‘Baja’ by Ben Wagner and Nathan St. John.


                IMAGE: The big news this month is the return of perhaps the best crime comic the industry has ever seen.  It debuted in 1995 and left us hanging with the fortieth issue.  Image offers STRAY BULLETS #41, the conclusion to that cliff hanger. Still written and illustrated by creator David Lapham.  STRAY BULLETS: KILLERS #1 is a first issue and a new story for those just trying this series for the first time and the STRAY BULLETS: THE ÜBER ALLES EDITION TP collects everything that has come before, the first forty one issues in a twelve hundred page book for sixty bucks.  Firmly intrenched in the Millarworld Universe STARLIGHT #1 tells of the retired space hero Duke McQueen who is tasked with one final great adventure, illustrated by Goran Parlov.  REAL HEROES #1 is written and illustrated by Bryan Hitch posing the question of what happens when the only heroes on hand to save the world are the actors who play the superheroes on the big screen.  The NOAH HC is written by film maker Darren (Black Swan, The Wrestler) Aronofskey & Ari Handel with the art of Niko (The Pride of Baghdad) Henrichon, a biblical epic for the 21st Century, the Book of Genesis is melded with fantasy and science fiction.  SOVEREIGN #1 is written by Chris Roberson with art by Paul Maybury, a ‘Game of Thrones’ style epic fantasy in a world where the gods, magic and demons are returning.  TALES OF HONOR #1 is written by Matt Hawkins with art by Jung-Geun Yoon telling original stories based on the best selling military science fiction novels by David Weber.  Although the ongoing series recently reached its’ final issue after twenty years at Top Cow, THE DARKNESS: VICIOUS TRADITIONS one shot is by Ales Kot with art by Dean Ormston set during the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire.  Simon Roy, co-writer and artist of Prophet offers an original graphic novel in black and white, JAN’S ATOMIC HEART AND OTHER STORIES OGN.  Collected editions include the CBLDF PRESENTS: LIBERTY HC gathering all of the benefit annuals from 2008 to the present, CLONE, VOL 3 TP reprints issues eleven through fifteen, CHEW, VOL 8: FAMILY RECIPES TP collects issues thirty six through forty, MORNING GLORIES, VOL 7 TP with issues thirty five through thirty eight, FATALE: DELUXE EDITION, VOL 1 HC with issues one through ten, RAT QUEENS, VOL 1: SASS AND SORCERY TP collecting one through five for ten bucks, SAGA, VOL 3 TP with issues thirteen through eighteen, SECRET, VOL 1: NEVER GET CAUGHT TP with one through seven, SEX CRIMINALS, VOL 1 TP with one through five for ten bucks, WALKING DEAD, VOL 20: ALL OUT WAR PART ONE TP with issues one fifteen through one twenty and MONSTERS & TITANS: BATTLING BOY ON TOUR TP by Paul Pope showcasing the original artwork from the various touring exhibits. 


                MARVEL: For the past year I’ve felt that the best comics coming from the House of Ideas were Hawkeye and Daredevil and I lamented the cancellation of the latter last month only to find DAREDEVIL #1 being offered this month by the team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee with the only difference being that the blind lawyer has moved from New York to San Francisco!  NEW AVENGERS #16 begins a new story still written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Rags Morales and, although it’s issue sixteen it will bear a large ‘#1’ on the cover (because Marvel likes to keep their audience thoroughly confused).  The only crime fighter possibly more demented that Batman returns to a new series in MOON KNIGHT #1 written by Warren Ellis with art by Declan Shalvey.  IRON MAN #23 (with the ‘#1′ on the cover) begins a new arc written by Keiron Gillen with Luke Ross’ art as magic battles science with Malekith the Accursed on the scene.  SILVER SURFER #1 will be written by Dan Slott with campy art by Michael Allred as the space faring sentinel takes an Earth Girl on a galactic tour.  Last month he joined the Thunderbolts; this month he gets a new series with the ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #1 written by Felipe Smith with art by Tradd Moore and set in East Los Angeles.  UNCANNY X-MEN #19 (with the big ‘#1’) begins a new arc by Brian Michael Bendis with Chris Bachalo’s art.  Kelly Sue DeConnick wrote the new  Captain Marvel series which lasted seventeen issues and now she writes CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 again, this time with David Lopez’ art.  IRON PATRIOT #1 is written by Ales Kot with Garry Brown’s art, with Jim Rhodes on his own after leaving the Secret Avengers.  MAGNETO #1 will be written by Cullen Bunn with art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta and, after his falling out with Cyclops and the X-Men, Erik Lehnsherr is again battling for the supremacy of homo superior.  SECRET AVENGERS #1 is written by Ales Kot with art by Michael Walsh and the new team consists of Fury, Hawkeye, Spider Woman and Black Widow.  Last month I also lamented the cancellation of Wolverine and the X-Men, again, only to see WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #1 being offered this month, written by Jason Latour with art by Mahmud Asrar.  UNCANNY AVENGERS #18 begins a new arc by Rick Remender and Daniel Acuña (so it will have the confusing ‘#1’ on the cover) and it takes place on the mutant home world, Planet X, where Magneto and his All New X-Force hunt Janet Van Dyne, the last human being alive.  AVENGERS UNDERCOVER #1 is kind of the next stage for the cast of Avengers Arena as the surviving teens attempt to infiltrate the Masters of Evil, as written by Dennis Hopeless with Kev Walker’s art.  There is a one shot entitled SURVIVE written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Joe Quinones and now you know everything that I do about this 32 page, $3.99 comic (although if it’s by Bendis it’s sure to be good).  The return of the Marvel UK characters reaches a conclusion in REVOLUTIONARY WAR: OMEGA #1, the final chapter of the story that ran through eight one shots.  The SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #2 is written by Christos Gage with the art of Javier Rodriguez tying into the ‘Goblin Nation’ story running through the Superior Spider-Man comics as the Green Goblin goes after Phil Urich.  Fred Van Lente writes a one shot with Tom Grummett’s art, CAPTAIN AMERICA: HOMECOMING has the Avenger along with Black Widow returning to Steve Rogers old Brooklyn neighborhood and the comic will also reprint the first appearance of the Falcon.  HAWKEYE #18 is basically the holiday cartoon that Clint Barton let the neighbor’s kids watch at his place, illustrated by Chris Eliopolous (so I hope that you’re ready for a holiday special at the end of March).  Last month we were offered X-Men Legacy II #24; this month it’s X-MEN LEGACY #300 with three stories by three writers, Mike Carey, Christos Gage and Simon Spurrier with art by Clay Mann and Tan Eng Huat.  In my humble opinion the best Punisher story told was the twenty two issues written under the ‘Max’ imprint by Jason Aaron (and the three trade paperbacks collecting the series fell out of print recently) so I’m surprised to see the PUNISHER MAX BY JASON AARON OMNIBUS HC; the hundred dollar ticket price is a bit intimidating but I’m happy to see it’s still in print.  And for another C note you could get the WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN BY JASON AARON OMNIBUS HC collecting that entire series (minus two cross over issues).  For half the price you could get the INHUMANITY HC, a strange cross over series currently in progress without a ‘main’ limited series to tie it together.  The book collects Inhumanity #1, Avengers Assemble #21-23, Inhumanity: Medusa #1, Uncanny X-Men #15, Indestructible Hulk #17-19, New Avengers #13, Iron Man #20, Inhumanity: The Awakening #1-2, Avengers AI #7, Mighty Avengers #4-5, Inhuman #1 and Inhumanity: Superior Spider-Man.  CASTLE: UNHOLY STORM PREMIERE HC is the third original graphic novel based on the television program that was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick, this one written by Cullen Bunn with art by Robert Atkins.  The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL 1: COSMIC AVENGERS TP is written by Bendis and collects issues 0.1 and one through three plus Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Avengers’ which was a one shot by Bendis with tales to introduce Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora and Groot.


                INDEPENDENTS: ROGUES!: THE BURNING HEART #1 OF 5 is is the first work by ultra detailed artist Juan Jose Ryp; written by El Torres and published by AMIGO COMICS these hooligans have crazy and violent adventures, similar to Conan except these guy don’t always win.  ZOMBIE FAIRY TALES: DEADLANDS is a black and white one shot with several tales by Fred Perry, Rod Espinosa and others, published by ANTARCTIC PRESS.  FATHOM: KIANI, VOL 3 #1 begins another aquatic adventure at ASPEN STUDIOS written by Vince Hernandez with pencils by Giuseppe Cafaro.  AVATAR PRESS has reached CROSSED: BADLANDS #50, the bi-monthly series that makes the Walking Dead look like Sesame Street and there is a deluxe collector box set of the issue featuring the eight covers plus an exclusive edition, an ashcan edition triple signed by writer/creator Garth Ennis, six prints and an original art sketch card, the set limited to four hundred and costing a hundred bucks is due in late March.  The eighth collection is also offered in soft and hard cover formats as well as the CROSSED ANNUAL 2014.  Keiron Gillen’s series offers the UBER SPECIAL #1 delving into the origin and first missions of the characters and weaponry.  Now that Hickman’s initial run is finished Mike Costa continues the series, now bi-monthly, with GOD IS DEAD #8 and #9.  NECROMANTICAL #1 is by Massimo Rosi with art by Stefano Cardoselli, a future where the one per cent can afford organ transplants to deal with the inevitable decay associated with global pollution, and the ninety nine per cent become organ donors or organ traffickers, from ARDDEN ENTERTAINMENT.  GAME OF THRONES, VOL 3 HC is from BANTAM BOOKS and collects issues thirteen through eighteen of the twenty four issue series.  BLACK MASK COMICS offers GODKILLER: WALK AMONG US #1 written by Matt Pizzolo with art by Anna Wieszczyk and based on the animated cult hit series described as ‘Saga meets Johnny the Homicidal Maniac‘; these four issues will ship weekly.   This relatively new publisher has published some excellent titles so far including the Occupy Comics series with Alan Moore, the Ballistic series featuring a sentient gun and Liberator, about militant animal rights activists; I’m going to keep an eye on these folks.  BLUE JUICE COMICS launches a pirate adventure suitable for all ages titled ANNE BONNIE #1, written and illustrated by Tim Yates.  (I have a preview copy of the first issue if you’re interested.)  It’s become a bit of a trend for musicians to write comics (Gerard Way, Claudio Sanchez, Rob Zombie) and now BOOM! offers CLOCKWORK ANGELS #1 of 6 written by Rush‘s Neil Peart with novelist Kevin J. Anderson with art by Nick Robles, a steampunk adventure where Owen Hardy decides to challenge the rule of the Watchmaker.  Max Bemis, lead singer of Say Anything and creator of the Polarity limited series returns with EVIL EMPIRE #1 with art by Ransom Getty, a timely tale that watches a stable culture devolve, as seen through the perspective of an underground rapper.  THE RETURNING #1 OF 4 is a horror/mystery mash up involving near-death experiences, written by Jason (Wolverine Max) Starr with artist Andrea Mutti.  The BEAUTIFUL SCARS OGN HC is a heartwarming family tale where a granddaughter is told the stories associated with each of her grandfather’s scars with story and art by D.S. Talon and E. G. Thompson from Boom!’s ARCHAIA imprint.  The ADVENTURE TIME, VOL 3: SEEING RED OGN from the all age imprint, KaBoom! is in black and white, where Marceline and Jake travel to the Nightosphere and learn what it means to love someone.  THE HARLEM HELLFIGHTERS GN is the true story of the 369th  (black) Infantry of World War I, written by Max Brooks with black and white art by Canaan White and published by BROADWAY.  Last month DYNAMITE launched Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and this month they have MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER #1 written by Fred Van Lente with Cory Smith’s art.  Next month will be Solar: Man of the Atom followed by The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor.  Jim Kuhoric writes and Juan Antonio Ramirez illustrates THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN: SEASON SIX #1.  Mike Moreci and Steve Seeley, the writers of Hack/Slash are not going to make many friends with their one shot MY LITTLE PHONEY: A BRONY ADVENTURE an introduction to the world of the Horse-He, ‘middle aged men who share an unusual devotion to ‘My Little Phony’.  In addition to the regular monthly issue and the ASH AND THE ARMY OF DARKNESS ANNUAL 2014, the ARMY OF DARKNESS OMNIBUS, VOL 1 TP returns to print, collecting the first eighteen issues.  THE HOLLOWS: A HOLLOWLAND GRAPHIC NOVEL TP is a digest sized book with Tony Lee adapting Amanda Hocking’s best selling novel with art by Stephen Uy.  EUREKA PRODUCTIONS adapts classic tales into graphic novels, Poe, Lovecraft, Twain, O’Henry, etc. and this month they offer GRAPHIC CLASSICS, VOL 24: NATIVE AMERICA CLASSICS with stories and poems from Indigenous Americans.  :01 FIRST SECOND offers THE GLORKIAN WARRIOR DELIVERS A PIZZA available in both soft and hard cover editions, the latest from James Kochalka.  BUDDY BUYS A DUMP TP is from FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS and is the first new book of Buddy stories from Peter Bagge since 2007.  KODANSHA offers some new manga with ATTACK ON TITAN: BEFORE THE FALL, VOL 1 and ATTACK ON TITAN: JUNIOR HIGH, VOL 1 which is kind of Japan’s Walking Dead, and THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS, VOL 1 which is being hailed as the next Dragon Ball ZMICROCOSM releases HENRY AND GLENN: FOREVER AND EVER #4 OF 4, a gay comedy series where you’ll no doubt recognize Henry, Glenn and their neighbors Daryl and John.  MOONSTONE has SHEENA #1 where the Will Eisner jungle girl gets a reboot from Die Hard screenwriter Steven E. de Souza, bringing the character into the 21st Century with art by Jake Minor and Rick Bonk.  NBM has SILK ROAD TO RUIN GN, comic journalism by Ted Rall asking the question, ‘Is Central Asia the new Middle East?’.  The AUTEUR #1 is by Rick Spears and James Callahan, published by ONI PRESS and billed as the ‘most deranged, notorious and hilarious comic of 2014, the story of a Hollywood producer with a failing career who finds salvation at a strip club by huffing glue and a chance encounter with cable news.  British publisher TITAN COMICS releases DRAGONS: RIDERS OF BERK, VOL 1 based on Dreamworks ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ cartoon written and illustrated by Simon (Transformers) Furman.  STORM KING offers JOHN CARPENTER’S ASYLUM #6 which concludes the first arc, written by Bruce Jones with Leonardo Manco’s art.  The latest entry in the saga of Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was the Nemo: Heart of Ice HC from TOP SHELF and the sequel is now offered: NEMO:THE ROSE OF BERLIN HC with regular series artist Kevin O’Neill.  In the VALIANT Universe UNITY #5 begins a new arc by Matt Kindt with art by CAFU and X-O MANOWAR #23 is ‘Prelude to Armor Hunters-Part One’ leading to 2014’s big company crossover, ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #18 begins ‘Mission Improbable’, a four part continued in BLOODSHOT AND H.A.R.D. CORPS #20.  VIZ MEDIA returns to print a fun, gender shifting, romantic martial arts comedy to print with RANMA ½, VOL 1 in the 2-in-1 Edition and printed right to left for the first time.  This long running series has been out of print for quite a while.  The folks at ZENESCOPE continue their ‘Age of Darkness’ crossover with a new entry, NEVERLAND: AGE OF DARKNESS #1 OF 4 plus a new limited series that isn’t connected to the cross over: ROBYN HOOD: LEGEND #1 OF 5.  And, if you’re getting  into this universe late there is the GRIMM FAIRY TALES OMNIBUS collecting the first fifty issues of their flagship title, 1,352 pages in full color for sixty bucks. 


                You know when I reach the Zenescope listings that I’ve reached the end of the comic section.  Check out the whole catalog when you stop by, check out the books, trading cards, toys, statues, tee shirts, magazines, novelties, etc.; lots of cool stuff, most that you won’t see anyplace else.  I would go into more detail (but I’m trying to keep the newsletter under seven pages) but I can’t forget the Pick of the Month and, although there are a bunch of deserving books this month (Veil, The Girl Who Played With Fire, Starlight, the new Nemo book) the one that wins, hands down in my mind is STRAY BULLETS!


                I hope that holidays were great for everyone, (I got new jeans!), and I hope that the new year brings better things for all.  Thank you for trusting me to keep your collections current and your reading entertaining; I’m honored.  See you soon!



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