January 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends:
The new Previews catalog has arrived and features the comics and product due to begin arriving in March. If you see things that you like please let me know by the third week of the month so I can make sure to have it available for you.
My web site features this and all the past newsletters as well as event news, coloring pages for the kids and if you like the digital comics you can purchase them from the web site and help to support my business and our community (through the taxes) at the same time. Please check out the event news as I have a big event scheduled for the second of February to benefit St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and there will be raffles, superheroes, creators and artists providing sketches, a silent auction, prizes, a coloring contest for the kids and more. The site is at www.charliescomics.com of course; bookmark it please.
Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), MMPB (mass market paperback), AF (action figure), T/C (trading cards), T/S (tee shirt), B&W (black and white), FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) and (an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion). 
By the way, besides the monthly Previews catalog there is also an ‘Adult Supplement’ for the ‘adults only’ comics, books and videos. If any adults are interested in seeing what’s available please send me an email and I will send you a pdf formatted copy of this and future month’s adult catalog.
Also this month’s catalog features all of the comics that I order to give away on Free Comic Book Day, the first Saturday in May each year. The comics are inexpensive, ranging from a quarter to fifty cents each and quite a few of my customers who are teachers buy these to give out to their students; as I fully support education (who doesn’t) I sell these to teachers at my cost. (Educators also get a ten percent discount on anything they buy to use in their classrooms all year round.)
Below I’ll list all of the most popular writers and artists and their current projects but first I’ll go through the publishers and point out anything new or noteworthy that may not be included in the lists below.
DARK HORSE: Peter Bergting writes and illustrates the DOMOVOI TP, a dark fairy tale with roots in European folklore and award winning Spanish fantasy artist Victoria Francés writes and illustrates the MISTY CIRCUS TP for fans of magic and Gothic romanticism. Dean Motter writes and illustrates a new one shot of an old classic indie character withMISTER X: HARD CANDY. David Gaider and Alexander Freed write and Chad Hardin illustrates DRAGON AGE: UNTIL WE SLEEP #1 OF 3 and, also for video game fans there is the MASS EFFECT LIBRARY EDITION: VOLUME #1 HC containing every ‘Mass Effect’ comic to date and THE ART OF REMEMBER ME HC which is self explanatory. Corrina Bechko co-writes STAR WARS LEGACY: PRISONER OF THE FLOATING WORLD #1 with artist Gabriel Hardman; this is a new ongoing series introducing Han and Leia’s great-great-grandaughter to the saga. The FREAKS AMOUR TP is written by and based on Tom DeHaven’s great cult novel with art by Gary Panter and Phil Hester described as ‘a shocking look at body horror and plastic surgery in a sex-obsessed culture’, long out of print and highly recommended for those not easily offended. The LONE WOLF AND CUB OMNIBUS: VOLUME 1 TP collects the first two and part of the third volumes of the manga in a 5” X 7” soft cover with covers by Frank Miller, maybe the best historical martial arts manga ever.
DC: A couple of books not mentioned in the lists below include JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA’S VIBE #2 by Andrew Kreisberg with art by Pete Woods and Sean Parsons and BATGIRL #18 by Ray Fawkes with art by Daniel Sampere and Vicente Cifuentes. You may have heard that Gail Simone was fired from the Batgirl title; well, after hearing the outcry DC has relented; Ray will write two issues and then Gail will return to the title and character that she loves. Jim Zub is the new regular writer of BIRDS OF PREY #18 with art by Romano Molenaar and Vicente Cifuentes, you may know him from his Image title ‘Skullkickers’. Christy Marx writes SWORD OF SORCERY #6, Michael Alan Nelson writes THE RAVAGERS #10 with art by Ig Guara and Norm Rapmund, Derek Fridolfs writes BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED #12 with the art of Jheremy Raapack, B. Clay Moore writes JSA LIBERTY FILES: THE WHISTLING SKULL #4 OF 6 with the art of Tony Harris and Paul Pope’s BATMAN: YEAR ONE HUNDRED TP comes back into print. At Vertigo STIEG LARSSON’S THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO: BOOK TWO HC is adapted by Denise Mina with the art by Leonardo Manco and Andrea Mutti; this will be the second of three books to complete the adaptation of the first novel in the trilogy.
IDW: THE COMPLETE SAUCER OF ZILK collects the three issue psychedelic series written by Brendan McCarthy and Al Ewing and illustrated by Brendan, all for under seven bucks. Matt Smith writes JUDGE DREDD: YEAR ONE #1 OF 6 with the art of Simon Coleby. The MY LITTLE PONY MICRO-SERIES #2 OF 6 features Rainbow Dash this month, KISS SOLO: THE DEMON #1 OF 4 is written by Chris Ryall with art by Angel Medina and, as you might suspect, each issue will focus on a different band member and the TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: BUMBLEBEE is by John Barber with David Daza’s art. THE ROCKETEER: HOLLYWOOD HORROR #2 OF 4 is written by Roger Langridge with the art of J. Bone and the new DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS #1 presents strips never before reprinted and in color for the first time.
IMAGE: The FIVE GHOSTS: THE HAUNTING OF FABIAN GRAY #1 OF 5 is by Frank J. Barbiere with the art of Chris Mooneyham, the tale of a treasure hunter possessed by five literary ghosts, LOST VEGAS #1 OF 4 is by the Eisner Award winning team of Jim McCann with art by Janet Lee where, if you bet it all and lose you become indentured servants to the casino, the SAVAGE SKULLKICKERS #1 is really issue twenty with a new adjective, the series is written by Jim Zub with Edwin Huang’s art and the MAXIMUM MINIMUM WAGE HC collects all the brilliant stories by Bob Fingerman in one volume plus all the cover paintings and guest pinups by just about everyone in the business.
MARVEL: The AGE OF ULTRON #1, #2 and #3 of 10 is by Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch and will span the Marvel Universe crossing into Fantastic Four and Superior Spider-Man this month. New series includeGUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 by Bendis and McNiven (a great creative team on any title) and WOLVERINE #1 by Paul Cornell and Alan Davis, so expect it to be old style. Frank Cho writes and illustratesSAVAGE WOLVERINE #3 and Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan write DEADPOOL #6, the finale of the ‘Dead Presidents’ story with the art of Tony Moore. JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #650 concludes the arc featuring Sif and the Berserkers written by Kathryn Immonen with art by Valerio and another stunning cover by Jeff DeKal. NYT Best selling author Jeff Lindsay writes DEXTER #2 OF 5 with art by Dalibor Talajic. Jason Latour writes and Nic Klein illustrates WINTER SOLDIER #16 introducing the Electric Ghost. X-TERMINATION #1 begins an eight part cross over spanning through March and April and running through two issues of ‘Age of Apocalypse’ and two of ‘X-Treme X-Men’ plus X-TERMINATION #2. With their Professor X insane let’s see if the leaderless teams can find and repair the rip in the dimensions before it’s too late. WOLVERINE MAX #5 is the final showdown between Logan and Creed written by Jason Starr with art by Roland Boschi
Marvel’s all age titles include the conclusion of another volume with ROAD TO OZ #6 OF 6 adapted by Eric Shanower with art by Skottie Young as well as the collected edition of the series, OZ: ROAD TO OZ HC, plus there’s MONSTERS, INC: THE PERFECT DATE #1, PHINEAS & FERB #17 and their two superhero books, MARVEL UNIVERSE: ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #12 and MARVEL UNIVERSE: AVENGERS-EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES #12.
For those of you who pick up the Marvel Previews catalog please note that Marvel ‘inadvertently omitted’ (their words, not mine) the following titles from their January catalog: MARVEL UNIVERSE: IRON MAN COMIC READER TP #1 $3.99
     RED SHE-HULK TP: HELL HATH NO FURY $15.99 (listed online as $16.99, it’s actually $15.99)
    FANTASTIC FOUR TP VOL. 1: NEW DEPARTURE, NEW ARRIVALS (listed online as $16.99, it’s actually $15.99)
     AVENGERS #8 $3.99
     DEADPOOL #6 $2.99
     GAMBIT #10 $2.99 (solicited as #11 with the wrong text)
     ULTIMATE COMICS: WOLVERINE #2 $3.99 (no text/art)
INDEPENDENTS: That’s the ‘big five’; here’s what the smaller publishers are offering of note this month. I wish I could tell you about every title but the length of these newsletters is already mind numbing, probably to both of us but make a point to look through the catalog when you stop by the shop. There’s a BAZOOKA JOE AND HIS GANG HC fromAbrams Comicarts celebrating sixty years with over 200 classics strips (jokes, fortunes and mail order ads included) plus a profile of Joe’s creator, Wesley Morse; the same publisher offers HOW TO FAKE A MOON LANDING: EXPOSING THE MYTHS OF SCIENCE DENIAL SC in which Darryl Cunningham uses critical thinking and research to expose the manipulation of documented information. Antarctic Press expands their steampunk line with the VICTORIAN SECRET: GIRLS OF STEAMPUNK COLLECTION TP with all the pin ups from the recent specials, VICTORIAN SECRET ANGELS: OWLS OF THE IRONWORK ISLE #1 OF 5 written by Stephen Phillips with Will Terrell’s art and STEAM WARS #1, a one shot with story and art by Fred Perry. Writer Robb Horan and artist Osvaldo Pestana Montpeller offer DREW HAYES’ POISON ELVES #1 continuing the master work of the departed indie legend. Art of Fiction offers ALL CRIME #1, two crime stories under a cover by Bruce Timm and with a recommendation from Ed Brubaker makes it look good to me although I don’t recognize the names of the writers, Erik Warfield and Paul Grimshaw or the artists Edward Laroche and Marc Sandroni. Aspen Studios begins SHRUGGED II #1 OF 6 written by Frank Mastromauro with art by Jonathan Marks with the first issue for one dollar. Bongo Studios reaches a landmark with SIMPSONS COMICS #200. Boom! Studios begins ALIENS VS PARKER #1 OF 4 by Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannettie with art by Manuel Bracchi about a bunch of video gamers who get to put their skills to use in real life. ORPHANS #1 OF 4 is by Michael Alan Nelson with art by Scott Godlewski, a spy thriller involving six orphaned kids raised by ‘the Council’ for a career in espionage.FREELANCERS #6 finishes the first arc written by Eric M. Esquivel (!) with art by Joshua Covey. Boom’s all age imprint, KaBoom! offers the ADVENTURE TIME MATHEMATICAL EDITION VOLUME #1 HC.Dynamite Entertainment has the VAMPIRELLA: NUBLOOD one shot written by Mark Rahner with the art of Cezar Razek and the first six issues are collected in the PANTHA: VOLUME #1: THE GODDESS AND THE DANGEROUS GAME TP written by Brandon Jerwa and illustrated by Pow Rodrix. Also THE BIONIC MAN ANNUAL #1 is written by Scott Beatty with Dietrich Smith’s art and GEORGE R. R. MARTIN’S A GAME OF THRONES #16 is adapted by Daniel Abraham with Tommy Patterson providing the artwork. Digital Manga begins an all age manga by Osamu Tezuka with UNICO VOLUME #1, the story of a little unicorn with the power to bring happiness to those who love him. Drawn & Quarterly also gets on the manga bandwagon with the KITARO GN, the popular one eyed monster boy by Shigeru Mizuki in a big 432 page book. Fantagraphics has ZIPPY: THE DINGBURG DIARIES comprising two and a half years’ worth of dailies and full color Sundays of Bill Griffith’s adventures of the pinhead in a city of pinheads. New Press offers a B&W graphic novel, ARMY OF GOD: JOSEPH KONY’S WAR IN CENTRAL AFRICA by David Axe and Tim Hamilton beginning in 1991 when Kony first claimed that spiritual beings were guiding his brutality, through the chaos, through the campaign to defeat him for good. Oni Press has SCOTT PILGRIM COLOR HARDCOVER VOLUME #3: SCOTT PILGRIM & THE INFINITE SADNESS. 3 Finger Prints has ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS II #1 written by Steven L. Frank with art by Matt Hebb and a cover by Mike Debalfo. Top Shelf has the fifth volume of the popular all age title, theJOHNNY BOO DOES SOMETHING HC created, written and illustrated by James Kochalka. Valiant begins their first company wide crossover with ‘Planet Death’ as X-O MANOWAR #11 and SHADOWMAN #5 begin new arcs. W.W. Norton book publishers reissues the classic KINGS IN DISGUISE TP, a story of hobos, anti communist mobs and the Great Depression written by James Vance with the art of Dan Burr in conjunction with the long awaited sequel, the ON THE ROPES HC. AtZenescope Entertainment there is a ROBYN HOOD VS RED RIDING HOOD one shot and a ST. PATRICK’S DAY one shot, both written by Pat Shand. And that’s all of the comics but in the book and magazine section THE CATS OF TANGLEWOOD FOREST HC by Charles De Lint and Charles Vess is an original fantasy folktale, the next DOC SAVAGE DOUBLE NOVEL and THE SHADOW DOUBLE NOVEL is offered, the apparel section has an AQUAMAN SYMBOL T/S and two new ADVENTURE TIME T/S’s, DOCTOR WHO T/S’s and five DOCTOR WHO SOCK designs. And there are toys, statues, models, DVD’s and lots of other stuff.
AARON: Jason writes THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #6 starting his second arc retaining the heroic painted art of Esad Ribic; this is ‘Godbomb’ part one where all the gods of the universe (except for Thor) are enslaved and building a machine for their masters at the end of time. Jason writes WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #26 and #27 with artist Ramon Perez, the second and third parts of a story that features the return of Dog while the students are on their own in the Savage Land. At the moment this is the best Wolverine series out; we’ll have to wait and see if Frank Cho’s ‘Savage Wolverine’ can provide some competition.
ABNETT/LANNING: Dan and Andy wrote the material collected in the LEGION WORLDS TP spotlighting six characters in the wake of ‘Legion Lost’ with the art of Yvel Guichet and others. Dan is one of the contributors to Vertigo’s latest science fiction anthology, TIME WARP #1. Dan and Andy begin a new arc in HYPERNATURALS #9 with art by Andres Guinaldo and Tom Derenick for Boom! Studios and from British publisher, Titan, JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #334 now features a free graphic novel with each issue, this month being DOWNLODE TALES: BOOK TWO from Dan with art by Chris Weston and Simon Davis. Andy writes one of the two stories in the new DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS #1 from IDW with stories from the magazine printed in full color for the first time; both stories are of the Seventh Doctor. For Doctor Who’s fiftieth anniversary expect to see a lot of new related projects and items in 2013.
ADAMS: The BATMAN ILLUSTRATED BY NEAL ADAMS TP #2 features material written by Bob Haney and Dennis O’Neil from the pages of ‘Batman’, ‘Detective’, ‘Brave and the Bold’ and ‘World’s Finest’, all with Neal’s distinctive art style. ALTER EGO #116 is a magazine about comics and this issue is a tribute to the late Joe Kubert and features art by Neal along with Russ Heath, Murphy Anderson and others. A new magazine, COMIC BOOK CREATOR #1 features an interview with Neal and Dennis O’Neill and traces the history of Kirby’s poor treatment over the years at Marvel. Also Alex Ross, who provides the cover, is interviewed along with Kurt Busiek and a color feature showcases all the valentines that Will Eisner drew for his loved ones. And the famous cover from ‘Green Lantern/Green Arrow’ #76 by Neal makes its’ way to a new tee shirt; you know the cover, where Hal walks in and finds Ollie’s sidekick, Speedy shooting heroin?
ALLRED: Mike provides the cover to IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS: ROUND ONE-DARK STREETS, SNAP CITY TP as well as IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS #8, both written by Jamie S. Rich and Image brings Mike’s first tales of his flagship character back into print with the MADMAN TP #1. Matt Fraction writes FF #5 with interior art and cover by Mike and Mike also illustrates one of the stories in the FANTASTIC FOUR TP #1: NEW DEPARTURE, NEW ARRIVALS, also by Fraction with additional art by Mark Bagley.
ANDREYKO: Marc writes the back up ‘Stalker’ story in SWORD OF SORCERY #6 with art by Aaron Lopresti; the main story of Amethyst is by Christy Marks with art by Andrei Bressan.
ARCUDI: John along with Mike Mignola writes B.P.R.D.-HELL ON EARTH: COLD DAY IN HELL #1 OF 2 with the art of Peter Snejberg and Mike and John begin a new series, SLEDGEHAMMER 44 #1 set in 1944 with art by Jason Latour, the story of a soldier in an iron suit fighting Nazis.
ASMUS: James along with Robert Kirkman wrote the stories collected in the THIEF OF THIEVES TP #2 with pencils by Shawn Martinbrough and inks by Felix Serrano and along with Jim Festante, James writes END TIMES OF BRAM & BEN #3 OF 4 with art by Rem Broo and a cover by Jim Mahfood. James continues his work on Marvel’s new series with GAMBIT #10 with art by Clay Mann.
AZZARELLO: Brian writes WONDER WOMAN #18 with art by Tony Akins and Dan Green delving into the motives of Ares, the God of War. The BATMAN NOIR: EDUARDO RISSO DELUXE EDITION HC collects all of Risso’s work on Batman including the twelve part story from ‘Wednesday Comics’, the brilliant ‘Flashpoint-Batman: Knight of Vengeance’ three part, the story from ‘Batman: Gotham Nights’ #8, and the five part ‘Broken City’ tale.
BARKER: Clive’s new ongoing series continues with HELLRAISER: DARK WATCH #2 co-written by Brandon Seifert of ‘Witch Doctor’ fame with the art of Tom Garcia and the last arc of the previous series is collected in the HELLRAISER TP #5 which Clive wrote with Mark L. Miller; the art is by Janusz Ordon and Tom Garcia.
BEDARD: Antony writes GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #18, a chapter in the ‘Wrath of the First Lantern’ cross over with art by Aaron Kuder and Tony’s second arc is collected in the BLUE BEETLE TP #2: BLUE DIAMOND with art by Ig Guara and others.
BEECHEN: Adam continues with his tales of a future Dark Knight in BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #14 illustrated by Norm Breyfogle and the issue also follows ‘Superman Beyond’ and other future tales of the DC Universe.
BENDIS: Image releases the SAM & TWITCH: COMPLETE COLLECTION HC #1 gathering the first thirteen issues with art by Angel Medina and others. When Brian agreed to write the crime series he told creator Todd MacFarlane that if there were any editorial changes needed that Brian would be happy to rewrite whatever. After Brian saw that Todd had been editing and changing the story without Brian’s knowledge it became time for Todd to find a new writer. Brian does all of his work for Marvel these days and he’s writing AGE OF ULTRON #1, #2 and #3 OF 10 which will feature the art of Bryan Hitch. Brian is so far ahead of any concept of deadlines that the first three issues of the series are offered this month. Brian will also write GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 with Steve McNiven’s art, UNCANNY X-MEN #3 with Chris Bachalo’s art,ALL NEW X-MEN #8 and #9 with art by David Marquez andULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #21 with Sara Pichelli’s art. With David Mack, Brian also writes the incredible DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS #6 OF 8 with art by Klaus Janson and Bill Sienkiewicz. POWERS: BUREAU #3 is by Brian and artist Michael Avon Oeming and Brian says that it’s actually going to ship on time. (Marvel has a tendency to put their ‘creator owned’ titles on the back burner, so Brian’s ‘Powers’, ‘Takio’, ‘Brilliant’ and ‘Scarlet’ seem to never come out even though, as you can see Brian has no problem meeting deadlines; he has ten titles just this month.)
BRUBAKER: At Image Ed offers FATALE #14, the final stand alone tale flashback issue and a good jumping on point with art by Ed’s longtime collaborator Sean Phillips. At Marvel the CAPTAIN AMERICA BY ED BRUBAKER TP #3 collects a four issue battle with the Scourge illustrated by Patrick Zircher plus a classic tale by Mark Gruenwald with Cap facing the Power Broker. I hope the fact that this seems an unusually light output for Ed that he’s hard at work on a new ‘Criminal’ series.
BUCCELLATO: Brian writes FLASH #18, a series he’s been co-writing with regular artist Francis Manapul; this issue has Marcio Takara providing the art as the Scarlet Speedster tries to clear the Trickster of murder; also featuring a twist ending involving the world of ‘Dial H’. Brian, along with co-writer David Wohl completes their tale of alien invasion with ORIUS #3 OF 3 with art by Pat Lee.
BUNN: Cullen writes FEARLESS DEFENDERS #2 as Dani Moonstar joins Valkyrie and Misty Knight’s team with the art of Will Sliney and VENOM #32 has art by Declan Shalvey as Flash Thompson battles Toxin in Philly. Cullen begins a new limited series with ULTIMATE COMICS: WOLVERINE #1 OF 4 and Ramon Rosanas illustrates and Cullen also writes the bizarre DEADPOOL KILLUSTRATED #3 OF 4 as the merc murders literary characters Scrooge and Gulliver this month with Matteo Lolli’s artwork. Cullen’s first arc is collected in VENOM: DEVIL’S PACK TP as Flash tries to control the symbiote in battle with Hellstrom and the Monsters of Evil with art by Thony Silas. The WOLVERINE: COVENANT TP has art by Paul Pelletier and features Logan battling martial arts, magic and the Murderous Lion. Cullen got his start at Oni Press and his original series now has a spin off, SIXTH GUN: SONS OF THE GUN #2 OF 5 co-written with Brian Hurrt with art by Brian Churilla and Cullen launches a new series, HELHEIM #1 featuring art by Joëlle Jones, a gothic horror tale in the age of the Vikings; I must say the art I’ve seen looks incredible.
BUSIEK: Kurt’s work with Stuart Immonen, SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY TP gets a new printing, the tale of a young man by the name of Clark Kent struggling to be a writer in the real world. On the other side of the spectrum is Kurt’s collaboration with artist Dave Wenzel, the WIZARD’S TALE TP; Bafflerog Rumplewhisker has lost interest in maintaining the darkness spells to keep the Land of Ever-Night dark and gloomy. As previously mentioned Kurt is interviewed in COMIC BOOK CREATOR #1, a new publication chronicling the comics medium.
BYRNE: IDW has been publishing ‘artists editions’ of key comics the past couple of years; won an Eisner for the concept and this month they offer the JOHN BYRNE: FANTASTIC FOUR ARTIST EDITION HC. These are reprints scanned from the original art pages and reproduced full sized and this volume has six issues including the first that John wrote, penciled and inked. Also at IDW John’s latest is HIGH WAYS #3 OF 4 which he writes, pencils and inks.
CAREY: Mike continues with his critically acclaimed Vertigo series, UNWRITTEN #47 which begins a new arc, ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’ with the art of Peter Gross.
CASEY: Joe begins a new series at Image; SEX #1, the art is by Piotr Kowalski, the main character, Simon Cooke returns to the city where he once worked in law enforcement and is now retired and an average citizen. That’s all I know so far (but please don’t tell people you’re coming to my shop to buy sex; I don’t want to give people the wrong impression).
CHAYKIN: Howard tells his alternate history of Custer in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #22 and Howie discusses the influences of Alex Raymond’s art style in the DEFINITIVE FLASH GORDON & JUNGLE JIM HC #3.
CORNELL: Paul continues his creator owned Vertigo series with SAUCER COUNTRY #13 with the art of Ryan Kelly; it’s election night and the final decision may be heavily influenced by which candidate the aliens support. At Marvel Paul writes WOLVERINE #1, an all new ongoing series with the art of Alan Davis. Paul also writes the introduction to HARVEY HORRORS: WITCHES TALES SLIPCASED EDITION #2.
DANIEL: Tony S. provides the art and Andy Diggle takes over the writing chores with ACTION COMICS #18 as the New Gods come into play and Big Red goes toe to toe with Orion. The BATMAN: DETECTIVE TP #1: FACES OF DEATH collects the first seven issues as the New 52 series which was written and illustrated by Tony with our hero battling Penguin and the Dollmaker.
DAVID: Peter writes one of the two tales in A PLUS X #6 as Captain Marvel teams up with Wolverine; the artist for this story hasn’t been determined yet. Peter writes CASTLE: A CALM BEFORE THE STORM #4 OF 5 based on the hit television program that was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick, the art is by Robert Atkins as Castle attempts to divert WWIII. And Peter writes X-FACTOR #253 as he has for years now and the art is by Leonard Kirk.
DeCONNICK: Kelly Sue writes AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #13 with Pete Woods’ art as well as CAPTAIN MARVEL #11 with Filipe Andrade’s artwork introducing the new Deathbird.
DeFALCO: Tom writes SAVAGE HAWKMAN #18 with Joe Bennett inking Art Thibert’s pencils as the only possible solution is for Hawkman to join forces with the Shadow Thief and hope that her newly revealed powers won’t be turned against him. Tom also writes SUPERBOY #18 in the aftermath of ‘H’el on Earth’ as Connor is in a new city with a new identity and, of course a new foe as illustrated by R. B. Silva and Rob Lean; a good jumping on point guest starring Superman. The SUPERMAN BEYOND: MAN OF TOMORROW TP collects stories of Big Red from the time line of the ‘Batman Beyond’ series with Ron Frenz and others providing the art.
DIDIO: Dan writes PHANTOM STRANGER #6 with J. M. DeMatteis and guest artists Gene Ha and Zander Cannon as Lady Luck makes her ‘New 52’ debut with the Stranger caught up in a metaphysical poker game with the sons of Trigon.
DIGGLE: Andy will attempt to fill the big shoes of Grant Morrison as he and Tony S. Daniel take over creative chores with ACTION COMICS #18 and the Man of Steel battles Orion of the New Gods. At IDW Andy and Brandon Seifert wrote the stories collected in the DOCTOR WHO III TP #1, Andy with artist Mark Buckingham and Brandon with art by Phillip Bond. At Image Andy writes SNAPSHOT #2 OF 4 with long time collaborator Jock; this series was my Pick of the Month for December.
DIXON: A new beginning for G.I. JOE: SPECIAL MISSIONS #1 as Chuck writes and Paul Gulacy illustrates the undercover assignments. The G.I. JOE: TARGET-SNAKE EYES TP features art by Will Rosado and Alex Cal as the hunt for one of their own leads to mayhem; whose side is the silent commando on?
ELLIS: The original run written by Warren and Mark Millar comes back into print in the AUTHORITY HC #1 collecting the first twelve issues with art by Bryan Hitch and Frank Quitely. Also Warren’s IRON MAN: EXTREMIS TP gets a new printing; the art is by Adi Granov and this is the story that updated Tony Stark for the twenty first century. Marvel also releases the DOOM 2099: COMPLETE COLLECTION BY WARREN ELLIS TP; illustrated by Pat Broderick; the despotic ruler of Latveria is President Doom in this bizarre future vision.
ENNIS: Vertigo has been finally collecting all of John Constantine’s adventures in chronological order; this month is offered HELLBLAZER TP #5: DANGEROUS HABITS with stories by Garth and Jamie Delano, art by Sean Phillips and others and this volume includes several stories that haven’t appeared in a collected edition before. Garth begins the final arc on the mature series FURY MAX #10 as the origin of Barracuda is told with art by Goran Parlov. At Avatar Garth writes CROSSED: BADLANDS #25 and #26 beginning a new arc, ‘The Fatal Englishman’ with art by Raulo Caceres and at Dynamite he writes GARTH ENNIS’ RED TEAM #2 with Craig Cermak’s art as well as BATTLEFIELDS #5 OF 6, a war story taking place in Korea in 1951 with art by Russell Braun. Like the ‘Crossed’ series sometimes Garth launches a series and than hands it to others to continue; that’s what he’s done with GARTH ENNIS’ JENNIFER BLOOD TP #3; it’s written by Al Ewing with art by Kewber Baal.
ESQUIVEL: Tucson’s own, Eric writes LEGEND OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST #6 with the art of Carlos Reno for Big Dog Ink and he writes FREELANCERS #6 concluding the first arc with art by Joshua Covey. If you’ve read Eric’s ‘Black Terror’, ‘Thor: The Unkillable Thunder Christ’ and/or his ‘Electric Youth’ comic then you know he’s a creator to watch (and if you haven’t read any of these, why not? Support your local creators. I still have all of them in stock.)
FIALKOV: Joshua writes I, VAMPIRE #18 with the art of Scott Clark as the arc concludes along with the life of a major character. Joshua begins a two part story in DOCTOR WHO III #7 with art by Horacio Domingues, ‘Space Oddity’ part one of two takes place in 1965 as the first space walk goes wrong. At Marvel Joshua writes ALPHA: BIG TIME #2 OF 5 illustrated by Nuno Plati featuring the ‘greatest super hero of all’ who has had his powers restored by the Superior Spider-Man.
FINCH: David is the artist for the new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #2 written by Geoff Johns and the Martian Manhunter back up begins with this issue which is written by Matt Kindt with Scott Clark’s artwork.
FRACTION: Matt writes FANTASTIC FOUR #5, a tie in to the ‘Age of Ultron’ cross over, the artist has yet to be determined although I see that Marvel lists another FANTASTIC FOUR #5 with the team in ancient Rome and that one has Mark Bagley’s art but no Ultron cross over. Matt also writes FF #5 with Mike Allred’s art and the focus is on Medusa. I thought that the previous writer did the best run on the Fantastic Four ever and expected to be disappointed with the new series but I’ve been pleasantly surprised; Matt is going in a different direction than Hickman did but there’s a lot of ‘cosmic’ mixed in with the fun. Another big surprise to me is what a fine job Matt and David Aja are doing with Marvel’s archer, this month with HAWKEYE #9 as Clint deals with his girlfriend, the ‘work-wife’ and his ex-wife. The FANTASTIC FOUR TP #1: NEW DEPARTURE, NEW ARRIVALS collects the first three issues plus the first two of FF as the books kind of continue from one title to the other. The UNCANNY X-MEN: COMPLETE COLLECTION BY FRACTION TP #2 as the team deals with Norman Osborne and the Dark X-Men.
GAGE: Christos writes ANGEL & FAITH #20 for Dark Horse with art by Rebekah Isaacs and he and Jeff Parker conclude BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: WILLOW WONDERLAND #5 OF 5 with art by Brian Ching and Jason Gorder. Over at Marvel Christos writes SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #6, an ‘Age of Ultron’ tie-in with art by Dexter Soy and he writes one of the two all age stories in MARVEL UNIVERSE: AVENGERS-EARTH’S GREATEST HEROES #12 where Captain America ‘Hulk’s out’ and only Bruce Banner can help him; the art will be by Christoper Jones. The other story is written by ‘Batman Incorporated’ artist Chris Burnham with art by Tim Levins and requires the Avengers to try and control the war between Loki and Thor. Christos and Will Pilgrim wrote the MARVEL’S IRON MAN 3 PRELUDE TP with art by Ramon Rosanas and Steve Kurth and Christos also write the material collected in the AVENGERS VS X-MEN TP: X-MEN LEGACY with the art of Rafael Sandoval and David Baldeon and he co-wrote the material collected in the ASTONISHING X-MEN TP #11: WEAPONIZED with Kelly Sue DeConnick; the art is by Mike Perkins and David Baldeon.
GAIMAN: The DOCTOR WHO MEDIUM TALKING CYBERMAN PLUSH is new and as the Cybermen will appear in an upcoming Doctor Who episode written by Neil there is a tenuous connection that’s being exploited for promotion purposes; the plush speaks phrases like ‘upgrading is compulsory’ and ‘you will become like us or you will be deleted’.
GIFFEN: Kieth writes THRESHOLD #3 with art by Tom Raney and Scott Kolins and this issue introduces Captain Krot, a tough super powered rabbit who is apparently some variation of the character from the comedic Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew, an anthropomorphic parody series of the Justice League. Keith also inks Scott Kolins’ pencils on LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #18 which is written by Paul Levitz. In BACK ISSUE #64, a magazine catering to older collectors there is an article discussing Keith’s work with Marty Pasko on the original Dr. Fate series.
GILLEN: Kieron writes YOUNG AVENGERS #3 with art by Jamie McKelvie and IRON MAN #7 and #8 with Greg Land’s art concludes the ‘Godkiller’ arc; if you’re following the series you know that Tony Stark is the ‘Godkiller’ and the Shi’ar aren’t too pleased. Kieron also writes one of the two stories in A PLUS X #6 with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli where Loki and Mr. Sinister team up. The IRON MAN PREMIERE HC: BELIEVE #1 collects the first five issues of the new series with Greg Land’s art.
GISCHLER: Victor writes the SHADOW #12 with art by Aaron Campbell for Dynamite Entertainment.
GLASS: Adam continues on SUICIDE SQUAD #18, the art is by Sandu Florea and Amanda Waller steps into the fray herself as Basilisk strikes again.
GRAY/PALMIOTTI: The prolific team of Justin and Jimmy continue chronicling the tales of Jonah Hex in ALL STAR WESTERN #18 with the art of Moritat and they write the new ongoing AME COMI GIRLS #1 with art by Eduardo Francisco and complete HUMAN BOMB #4 OF 4 with Jerry Ordway penciling, inking and providing the covers, all for DC. At Image TRIGGERGIRL #1 collects the story that has been serialized in the ‘Creator Owned Heroes’ comic, the story of an assassin sent to kill the President of the United States; the art is by Phil Noto.
GUGGENHEIM: Marc along with Andrew Kreisberg writes ARROW #5 with art by Omar Francia as Ollie conducts an investigation in China.
HAMA: Larry writes G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #188 with art by S. L. Gallant and the G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICA HERO TP #6 collects the mission at a comic book convention.
HESTER: Phil’s spin off series from the ‘Invincible’ universe is collected in the GUARDING THE GLOBE TP #2 with the art of Todd Nauck and John Rauch and the DAYS MISSING HC #3: ENOX collects more tales from the Roddenberry property illustrated by Ransom Getty; having never seen the film I nevertheless found the comic series very exciting, tense and well paced.
HICKMAN: At Image a new ongoing series from Jonathan, a science fiction western set in a dystopian America titled EAST OF WEST #1 will be illustrated by Nick Dragotta. The only hope rests in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who are trying to kill the President. This one is my Pick of the Month for January. MANHATTAN PROJECTS #12 and MANHATTAN PROJECTS TP #2 features art by Nick Pitarra and Jordie Bellair and is one of the best series on the market in my opinion. At Marvel Jonathan writes AVENGERS #7 and #8 with art of Dustin Weaver and this story starts to show the connections between this title and NEW AVENGERS #4 which has art by Steve Epting; now that Bendis has left these titles I couldn’t think of a more worthy replacement. The AVENGERS PREMIERE HC #1: AVENGERS WORLD collects the first six issues of this new series with art by Jerome Opena and Adam Kubert.
HIGGINS: Kyle continues his critically acclaimed run on NIGHTWING #18 with new artist Roger Bonet Martinez as Dick still reels from the events in ‘Death of the Family’ which may lead him to a path of vengeance.
HILL: Joe writes LOCKE & KEY: OMEGA #4 OF 7, the final arc of this series which is already a role playing game and has been optioned as a television series; the art is by Gabriel Rodriguez.
HINE: David writes DARKNESS #113 with art by Jeremy Haun and John Rauch and his own STORM DOGS #5 OF 6 with the art of Doug Braithwaite and Ulises Arreola for Image. At Avatar he writes NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: AFTERMATH #6 with German Erramouspe’s art and David along with David Lapham wrote the arc collected in the CROSSED HC #5, also available in a signed edition as well as a softcover edition and featuring the art of Jacen Burrows and Eduardo Vienna.
HOPELESS: Dennis writes the ANSWER #3 OF 4 at Dark Horse along with series artist Mike Norton. At Marvel Dennis writes AVENGERS ARENA #6 with art by Kev Walker concluding the first arc and CABLE & X-FORCE #6 also concludes the first arc while CABLE & X-FORCE #7 begins the second arc both with art by Salvador Larocca.
HUMPHRIES: Sam writes UNCANNYX-FORCE #3 with art by Ron Garney as Bishop with his new powers takes on the whole team and ULTIMATE COMICS: ULTIMATES #22 and #23 with art by Joe Bennett as the ‘West Coast Ultimates’ make their debut. At Boom! Studios Sam writes FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES #12 along with Shane Houghton with art by Jerry Gaylord.
HURWITZ: Gregg writes BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #18, a Mad Hatter origin tale with art by Ethan Van Sciver and guest starring Catwoman.
JENKINS: Paul’s most acclaimed work comes back into print with the WOLVERINE: ORIGIN HC illustrated by Andy Kubert. He completes his new fantasy series with FAIRY QUEST #2 OF 2 with Humberto Ramos’ art; this was originally a Kickstarter project just now being offered to the public., and Paul finishes the first arc of DEATHMATCH #4 with the art of Carlos Magno.
JOHNS: Geoff writes the main story in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #2 with David Finch’s highly detailed art; the Martian Manhunter back up is by Matt Kindt. Geoff writes JUSTICE LEAGUE #18 with Ivan Reis’ art as Batman questions the alliance between Superman and Wonder Woman as well as Aquaman’s future with the team setting the stage for the new arc ‘Off the Grid’ beginning next month. The ‘Shazam!’ back up story tells Black Adam’s origin. AQUAMAN #18 features art by Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons in the aftermath of the ‘Throne of Atlantis’ story. GREEN LANTERN #18 is another chapter in the ‘Wrath of the First Lantern’ cross over with Christian Alamy inking Doug Mahnke’s pencils. In collected editions Geoff wrote AQUAMAN HC #2: THE OTHERS with Joe Prado inking Ivan Reis’ pencils and he co-wrote ABSOLUTE BLACKEST NIGHT HC with Peter Tomasi also with Ivan Reis’ art as well as Oclair Albert’s.
JOHNSON: In the wake of ‘H’el on Earth’ the Maid of Might faces one of the deadliest villains in the DC Universe; the series artist remains Mahmud A. Asrar. At IDW Mike writes STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS #3 with art by David Messina; this story leads to the film sequel which will be released this spring and STAR TREK ONGOING #19 with Claudia Balboni’s art with stories focused on individual characters; both series’ are being produced in conjunction with Robert Orci, writer/producer of the film. Some of Mike’s previous work is collected in the STAR TREK ONGOING TP #4, this arc with art by Stephen Molnaar.
JORDAN: Justin writes TEAM 7 #6 with Pascal Alixe’s art and DEATHSTROKE #18 with art by Edgar Salazar and Scott Hanna as Deathstroke battles the Teen Titans and the Ravagers. At Image Justin writes his LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE #4 OF 6 with Luther going up against Jack the Ripper, illustrated by Tradd Moore. For Valiant Justin co-writes SHADOWMAN #5 with series artist Patrick Zircher.
JURGENS: Dan writes and draws FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN #18 introducing the all new Multiplex.
KEATINGE: DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #18 puts the spotlight on Starfire with the art of Tyler Kirkham (or possibly with the art of Federico Dallocchio, as I see listings indicating both). At Image Joe writes GLORY #34 which takes place a century after the previous issue; the art is by Ross Campbell and this is the final issue of the series. Also Joe’s HELL YEAH #8 begins a new arc entitled ‘The Death of Planet Earth’ featuring art by Andre Szymanowicz and Fabio Redivo. At Marvel Joe writes MORBIUS, THE LIVING VAMPIRE #3 with art by Richard Elson.
KINDT: Matt writes and illustrates his MIND MGMT #9 for which he deservedly receives high praise; a complex and ground breaking series in story, format and execution. At DC Matt is writing the Martian Manhunter back up story in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #2 with Scott Clarke’s artwork and, along with Jeff Lemire Matt wrote the material collected in the FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF SHADE TP #2: SECRETS OF THE DEAD with the art of Alberto Ponticelli. He’s also one of many contributors to Vertigo’s TIME WARP #1, an anthology of science fiction tales with Matt writing and illustrating a story of man versus machine.
KIRKMAN: As I mentioned at the beginning, this is the month that I’m ordering comics for Free Comic Book Day (which is the first Saturday in May; mark your calendars) and one of the free offerings this year is theWALKING DEAD SPECIAL which contains a new Tyrese short story and it reprints short stories featuring Michonne, the Governor and Morgan. If you’ve been reading the series by way of the collected editions then you should know that none of these stories will appear in the trade paperbacks. (I pay about twenty cents a piece for these to give away on FCBD; if you’d like to place a preorder on any of the ‘free’ titles to give to your friends I will give them to you at my cost.) Robert also offers theWALKING DEAD: THE GOVERNOR SPECIAL which reprints issue twenty seven, the first appearance of the character as well as the Governor’s origin story that appeared in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s ‘Liberty Annual 2012’ and WALKING DEAD #108. All of these feature regular series artists Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn. Robert’s collaboration with James Asmus is collected in the THIEF OF THIEVES TP #2 which has art by Shawn Martinbrough and Felix Serrano. INVINCIBLE #101 is the aftermath of the devastation in the hundredth issue with Ryan Ottley’s pencils being inked by John Rauch, Robert’s all age title, SUPER DINOSAUR #19 has art by Jason Howard inked by Cliff Rathburn. For news and interviews for fans of the comic and the television series the WALKING DEAD MAGAZINE #3 focuses on the importance of family in a zombie plagued world. Also the WALKING DEAD SERIES 3 AF ASST has action figures of Michonne and Dixon plus an AUTOPSY ZOMBIE AF, two different figures of Michonne’s PET ZOMBIES and a three pack of BLOODY B&W AFs.
KRUL: J.T. along with David Wohl writes the FCBD 2013 WORLDS OF ASPEN comic with art by Alex Konat and Beth Sotelo and J.T. writes SOULFIRE IV #6 with art by Mike DeBalfo.
LAPHAM: David is one of the contributing writers for the FCBD 2013 VALIANT MASTERS SHOWCASE which will preview the upcoming ‘Valiant Masters HC’ books which will be a ‘best of’ type collection of the company’s classic tales. From Dark Horse comes David’s EXILE TO BABYLON TP featuring art by Patric Reynolds and Matthew Southworth, a kind of ‘Mad Max’ type mission in the year 2040 soon to be a major motion picture. At Marvel he writes AGE OF APOCALYPSE #13, a prologue to the ‘X-Termination’ story with Roberto De La Torre’s art and he’s one of the writers on X-TERMINATION #1 which combines the teams from ‘Age of Apocalypse’, the ‘Astonishing’ and the ‘X-Treme X-Men’ with David Lopez providing the artwork as Wolverine battles Nightcrawler. David’s recent work is collected in the AGE OF APOCALYPSE TP #2: WEAPON OMEGA with art by De La Torre and Renato Arlem. At Avatar Press David co-wrote the material in the CROSSED TP #5 with David Hine, the art is by Jacen Burrows and Eduardo Vienna and the book is also available in HC as well as a limited signed HC edition. Also at Avatar David writes his wonderfully bizarre series DAN THE UNHARMABLE #11 with art by Rafael Ortiz and his FERALS #13 beginning a new arc with Gabriel Andrade’s art.
LAYMAN: John writes DETECTIVE COMICS #18 at DC with Jason Fabok’s art as the Dark Knight fights the Penguin, he writes MARS ATTACKS #8 at IDW with John McCrea’s art and CHEW #33 plus the CHEW OMNIVORE EDITION HC #3 from Image collects issues twenty one through thirty plus the ‘Poyo’ one shot, all with series artist Rob Guillory.
LEMIRE: Jeff writes GREEN ARROW #18 with Andrea Sorrentino’s art and Ray Fawkes co-writes JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #18 concluding the ‘Death of Magic’ story illustrated by talented series artist Mikal Janin. Jeff’s ANIMAL MAN #18 is the epilogue to the ‘Rotworld’ cross over and the art is by Steve Pugh and the FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF SHADE TP #2: SECRETS OF THE DEAD is written by Jeff and Matt Kindt with the art of Alberto Ponticelli. Jeff also contributes to the TIME WARP #1 science fiction anthology from Vertigo working with Damon Lindelof.
LEVITZ: Paul writes WORLD’S FINEST #10 illustrated by Kevin Maguire, he writes LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #18 with art by Scott Kolins and Keith Giffen and Paul and George Perez wrote the stories collected in the WORLD’S FINEST TP #1: LOST DAUGHTERS and George and others provide the artwork.
LIEFELD: Rob writes and illustrates BLOODSTRIKE #35 in ‘Brigade’ part two leading up to the ‘Extreme 2013 Event’ and he writes YOUNGBLOOD #77 with art by Jon Malin, both at Image.
LISS: David writes THE SPIDER #10 with art by Ivan Rodriguez featuring the return of his pulp era arch nemesis, The Fly.
LIU: Marjorie writes ASTONISHING X-MEN #60 which is part two of the ‘X-Termination’ cross over illustrated by Matteo Buffagni and Marjorie and Christos Gage wrote the stories collected in the ASTONISHING X-MEN TP #11: WEAPONIZED with Mike Perkins and David Baldeon’s art.
LOBDELL: Scott writes SUPERMAN #18 with art by Kenneth Rocafort and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #18 with Timothy Green’s art; Jason will change the Outlaw’s mission after he suffered so much at the hands of the Joker during the ‘Death of the Family’. Scott also writes TEEN TITANS #18; Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira provide art and, like Jason, Red Robin is getting worse from the events during ‘Death of the Family’.
LOEB: Jeph and Ed McGuinness are working together again on NOVA #2 and Jeph’s work with Simone Bianchi is collected in the WOLVERINE: SABRETOOTH HC.
MARZ: Ron writes the FCBD 2013 RAMAYAN RELOADED PREVIEW featuring short stories of the blue skinned avatar from Ramayan 3392 AD illustrated by a host of artists including Jim Starlin and David Peterson. At Image Ron writes ARTIFACTS #27 beginning a new arc with new artist Marco Turini.
MIÉVILLE: China writes DIAL H #10 with art by Alberto Ponticelli and Dan Green, the story delving into the history of the Dial and issues zero through six are collected in the DIAL H TP #1: INTO YOU with art by Mateus Santolouco and others.
MIGNOLA: Mike launches the much anticipated B.P.R.D.: VAMPIRE #1 OF 5 which is to be illustrated by brothers Fábio Moon and Gabriel Ba, Mike along with John Arcudi write B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH-COLD DAY IN HELL #1 OF 2 with art by Peter Snejbjerg and Mike writes and illustrates HELLBOY IN HELL #4. And, as if it seems Mike isn’t prolific enough he launches SLEDGEHAMMER 44 #1 which he co-writes with John Arcudi, featuring the art of Jason Latour; this tale takes place in 1944 when a man in a suit of iron armor drops from the sky onto a French battlefield to fight Nazi’s and their giant previously hidden war machine. Dark Horse also offers a new tee shirt; the BALTIMORE T/S based on the novels and comics created by Mike with Michael Golden features Lord Henry Baltimore, the WWI soldier trying to wipe out the vampires flooding post war Europe. Marvel offers the ROCKET RACCOON AND GROOT: COMPLETE COLLECTION which includes the four issue limited series that Mike illustrated (in 1985).
MILLAR: Mark has CLINT 2.0 #8, his British magazine with a new chapter of ‘Hit-Girl’, the latest ‘Kick-Ass’ news, a new chapter of ‘Death Sentence’ and the conclusion of the first mission for the SECRET SERVICE with lots of interviews, artist spotlights and more.
MOORE: Dark Horse releases the STAR WARS OMNIBUS: WILD SPACE TP #1 collecting the rarest Star Wars comics including Alan’s Marvel UK tales as well as the three issues that Blackthorne originally published in 3-D and promotional tales that were available in cereal boxes, toy packages and more. Alan’s FASHION BEAST #7 was originally written as a screenplay and is now adapted to comics with art by Facundo Percio. Alan writes the introduction to the BREAD AND WINE HC, a long out of print biographic love story based on the poem by German lyric poet Frederick Holderlin. Written by science fiction writer Samuel Delany it tells of his meeting and romance with Dennis, an intelligent man living on the streets while Delany was a professor at Philadelphia’s Temple University. Mia Wolff’s evocative pencil and ink artwork manages to convey all of the body language and nuances that makes this the brilliant opus that it is.
MOORE: Terry writes and illustrates his RACHEL RISING #15, a horror and suspense story about Lilith, the first woman to walk the Earth and her vendetta against the modern town of Manson. Terry also provides one of the covers to DREW HAYES’ POISON ELVES #1 continuing the masterwork of the late indie legend now written by Robb Horan with the art of Osvaldo Pestana Montpeller.
MORRISON: Grant is no longer writing Action Comics but he continues on with BATMAN INCORPORATED #9 with series artist Chris Burnham and after the previous issue the question seeking an answer is whether or not Batman is a murderer. Also the first arc of the ‘New 52’ is collected in BATMAN INCORPORATED HC #1: DEMON STAR and SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS HC #2: BULLETPROOF collects issues zero, nine through twelve and the first annual featuring President Superman, The Forgotten Superman, Nimrod the hunter and more.
MURPHY: In my humble opinion the PUNK ROCK JESUS TP collecting the six issue black and white limited series from Vertigo is the best comic of the year; Sean wrote, penciled and inked this tale of a reality show revolving around the return of Jesus Christ through an in vitro virgin birth with DNA extracted from the Shroud of Turin. If you didn’t pick up the issues (and you should have; it was my Pick of the Month when the first issue was offered in May), then pick up the collected edition; it’s brilliant.
NELSON: Arvid writes WARLORD OF MARS #29, the penultimate chapter of the ‘Savages of Mars’ story with the art of Leandro Olivieira.
NICIEZA: Fabian writes BATWING #18 with art by Fabrizio Fiorentino and things aren’t going well for Batman Incorporated’s African agent as his headquarters have been destroyed and Matu has been killed.
NILES: Steve concludes the story uniting his two most popular series with CRIMINAL MACABRE/FINAL NIGHT: 30 DAYS CROSS OVER #4 OF 4 illustrated by Christopher Mitten. The CRIMINAL MACABRE: NO PEACE FOR DEAD MEN TP collects five stories including a cross over with the Goon written by Eric Powell; the rest are written by Steve and all are illustrated by Christopher Mitten, all from Dark Horse. At IDW Steve has the MYSTERY SOCIETY SPECIAL 2013 with the art of Andrew Ritchie and the trade paperback collecting the previous Mystery Society tales is also offered.
NOCENTI: Ann writes KATANA #2 with art by Alex Sanchez; Steve Trevor wants to talk to her but she’s not looking to be a hero, just to get even. Ann also writes CATWOMAN #18 with art by Rafael Sandoval, Catwoman and Batman spend the night in a museum fighting over stolen art.
OEMING: Michael contributes to DARK HORSE PRESENTS #22 and he writes and draws WILD ROVER FEATURING THE SACRIFICE, a one shot of stories from Dark Horse Presents plus a new short story with art by Victor Sanchez. Michael writes and illustrates one of the three stories in LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #6 involving a dragon(?) in Gotham. The MICE TEMPLAR TP #3 collects Michael’s work also with some writing by Bryan J. L. Glass and some art by Victor Sanchez. Michael provides the art for Brian Michael Bendis’ POWERS: BUREAU #3 which Brian says is now ‘on track’ and will start coming out on a regular basis (although I have my doubts).
ORDWAY: Jerry pencils and inks the conclusion of HUMAN BOMB #4 OF 4 written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.
OSTRANDER: John writes the finale in STAR WARS-DAWN OF THE JEDI: PRISONER OF BOGAN #5 OF 5 with art by Jan Duursema and Dan Parsons.
PAK: Greg writes X-TREME X-MEN #12, the art is by Andre Arujo and the mission is to close the tear between dimensions and it will have to be done without their Xavier as he’s been driven insane.
PARKER: With Christos Gage, Jeff concludes BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: WILLOW WONDERLAND #5 OF 5 featuring art by Brian Ching and Jason Gorder for Dark Horse. Jeff wrote one of the three stories in LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #6, a tale focusing on Batman’s relationship with Gotham illustrated by Gabriel Hardman for DC and for Marvel he writes RED SHE-HULK #63 beginning a new arc. In collected editions Jeff wrote RED SHE-HULK TP: HELL HATH NO FURY both with art by Carlo Pagulayan and Wellington Alves. In DARK AVENGERS #188 Marvel’s ‘dirty dozen’ team battles Iron Man with art by Neil Edwards.
REMENDER: Rick writes UNCANNY AVENGERS #6 with new series artist Daniel Acuña and a new arc with Thor fighting Apocalypse in the eleventh century and Rick also writes CAPTAIN AMERICA #5 as the odd war of Dimension Z begins with John Romita providing the artwork. The UNCANNY AVENGERS PREMIERE HC #1: RED SHADOW collects the first arc with John Cassaday and Olivier Coipel’s art and UNCANNY X-FORCE TP #6: FINAL EXECUTION-BOOK ONE features Mike McKone’s art and begins the story that could lead to the end of the team.
RICH: Jamie’s work in Mike Allred’s universe gets it’s first collected edition with IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS-ROUND ONE: DARK STREETS, SNAP CITY TP with art by Mike Norton and Chynna Clugston Flores and IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS #8 concludes the third arc with Mike Norton’s artwork.
ROBERSON: Chris writes FCBD 2013: STRANGERS #1 with art by Scott Kowalchuck from Oni Press; this is the complete first issue of a new series of a dangerous group that no one will ever see, unless they want you too (and then it’s probably too late). Chris begins a sequel to his popular IDW series with MEMORIAL: IMAGINARY FIENDS #1 OF 3 illustrated by Rich Ellis and, at Dynamite Entertainment he writes MASKS #5, a pulp hero free-for-all with art by Dennis Calero.
ROBINSON: James writes EARTH TWO #10 with art by Nicola and Trevor Scott as Khalid must accept his destiny as Doctor Fate. The TALES OF BATMAN: ARCHIE GOODWIN HC features one story by James and the art is by Walt Simonson and others.
SAMNEE: Chris illustrates DAREDEVIL #24 written by Mark Waid; since Marvel’s recent relaunch of fifty of their titles a couple of gems have emerged: ‘Thor: God of Thunder’, ‘Hawkeye’, the two ‘Fantastic Four’ titles and Bendis’ ‘X-Men’ books are all solid but Daredevil has been well written and beautifully illustrated for a couple years now and shows no sign of declining.
SEELEY: Tim finishes another arc with HACK/SLASH #25 and, sadly this is the final issue of the series, one of the most character driven horror comics of recent memory; art by Elena Casagrande. Tim’s critically acclaimed REVIVAL #8 continues however with art by the increasingly prolific Mike Norton. Tim also writes WITCHBLADE #165 with the art of Diego Bernard and Fred Benes.
SHOOTER: Jim’s work is featured in the FCBD 2013 VALIANT MASTERS SHOWCASE ED with samples of the best of the classic Valiant titles in promotion of the upcoming hardcover collection.
SLOTT: Dan writes SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #5 with Giuseppe Camuncoli’s art and #6 with Humberto Ramos’ art; if you’ve read ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #700, the final issue, then you know that Peter Parker is dead (which caused Dan to get lots of angry emails and death threats); if you’re not too upset about this event and want to continue reading the adventures of Spidey (but not Peter Parker) then this is the main title, ‘Avenging Spider-Man’ also features the ‘new’ Spidey in team up tales and the ‘Superior Spidey’ will be showing up all over the Marvel Universe (as he is a member of the Avengers, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four still, right?).
SNYDER: Scott writes BATMAN #18 with guest artist Andy Kubert as Batman is in danger of losing his humanity in the aftermath of ‘Death of the Family’; can Harper Row help him? Scott also writes TALON #6 with the art of Guillem March and SWAMP THING #18 with Yanick Paquette’s art, the heart breaking epilogue to ‘Rotworld’ as our hero makes the ultimate sacrifice. The SWAMP THING TP #2: FAMILY TREE collects issues zero, eight through eleven plus the annual. Also, from Image comes the SEVERED TP collecting the complete seven issue horror series from Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft and NYT best selling artist Attila Futaki.
SPENCER: For those of you with more patience than I, MORNING GLORIES TP #4: TRUANTS collects issues twenty through twenty five with Joe Eisma’s artwork. At Marvel Nick writes SECRET AVENGERS #2 with art by Luke Ross as Nick Fury wants to recruit the Taskmaster who is locked in the only cell in a Bagalia, a nation-state built by and for super villains.
SPURRIER: Simon writes X-MEN LEGACY #7 and #8 both with art by Tan Eng Huat focusing on David Haller and Blindfold; the first arc is collected in the X-MEN LEGACY TP #1: PRODIGAL with art by Huat and Jorge Molina.
STRACZYNSKI: Joe’s best original work in my opinion comes back in print with the MIDNIGHT NATION TP illustrated by Gary Frank.
STURGES: Matthew writes the FCBD 2013 DAMSELS, an all ages fairy tale featuring the Little Mermaid with the art of Jean-Paul Deshong and a lead in to the ongoing series from Dynamite Entertainment.
SWIERCZYNSKI: Duane’s work is collected in the BIRDS OF PREY TP #2: YOUR KISS MIGHT KILL with Javier Pina’s art and at IDW he writes JUDGE DREDD #5 with art by Nelson Daniel and David Williams and GODZILLA ONGOING #11 with Simon Gane’s art. At Valiant he writes BLOODSHOT #9 with art by Manuel Garcia.
THOMAS: Roy wrote some of the stories collected in the MMW (Marvel Masterworks) AVENGERS HC #13 and the MMW GOLDEN AGE HUMAN TORCH TP #1 and he wrote the sixty year old tales in the ACG COLLECTED WORKS: OUT OF THE NIGHT HC #2. The ROY THOMAS PRESENTS CAPTAIN VIDEO HC #1 collects the full run from 1951 tied to the largely forgotten ‘Star Trek’ type television show.
TOMASI: Peter writes BATMAN AND ROBIN #18 with art by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray; DC says ‘this is one you can’t miss; the Batman and Robin story of the year’. Peter writes GREEN LANTERN CORPS #18 a ‘Wrath of the First Lantern’ tie in with Scott Hanna inking Fernando Pasarin’s pencils and Peter along with Geoff Johns wrote the stories collected in the ABSOLUTE BLACKEST NIGHT HC featuring art by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert.
Van LENTE: Fred writes the new G. I. JOE #2 with art by Steve Kurth for IDW and the MARVEL UNIVERSE IRON MAN COMIC READER TP #1 which collects two all age comics with art by James Cordeiro and Ronan Cliquet. At Valiant he writes ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #8 with artist Emanuela Lupacchino and the first arc is collected in the ARCHER & ARMSTRONG TP #1 with the art of Clayton Henry.
Van SCIVER: Ethan illustrates BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #18 telling the origin of the Mad Hatter with crime writer Gregg Hurwitz.
VAUGHAN: Brian writes the wonderful science fiction drama SAGA #11 with the art of Fiona Staples, my Pick of the Month last April and still one of the best books on the rack.
VENDITTI: Robert will write CONSTANTINE #1 with the art of Renato Guedes; now that ‘Hellblazer’ has ended with issue three hundred the star of Justice League Dark gets his own title and Robert also writes DEMON KNIGHTS #18 with Bernard Chang providing the art. At Valiant Robert writes X-O MANOWAR #11 which introduces Planet Death, bringing about the event that will define this character and Cary Nord returns as artist for this arc. The previous arc is collected in the X-O MANOWAR TP #2: ENTER NINJAK illustrated by Lee Garbett.
WAGNER: Matt writes the SHADOW: YEAR ONE #2 OF 8 with Wilfredo Torres’ art as our hero saves Margo Lane for the first time and sets up his initial hidden Sanctum. Also the TOWER CHRONICLES GN #4 OF 4: GEISTHAWK with the art of Simon Bisley concludes this supernatural crime series, an epic tale in a deluxe square bound format.
WAID: Mark is one of the contributing writers for ELIZABETH’S CANVAS TP based on and benefiting the non profit organization of the same name that works with cancer patients, providing artistic outlets and classes at no cost; David Messina is one of the artists who contributed to this big hearted project. At Marvel Mark writes the INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #5 with the art of Leinil Francis Yu as the Green Goliath battles Attuma and Mark continues with DAREDEVIL #24 with Chris Samnee’s art. At Dynamitehe writes the MARK WAID GREEN HORNET #1 with art by Daniel Indro.
WAY: Daniel writes THUNDERBOLTS #6 ending their first mission with the art of Steve Dillon and #7 beginning the next arc with Phil Noto’s artwork.
WILLINGHAM: Bill continues with his very successful FABLES #127, part three of the ‘Snow White’ story illustrated by Mark Buckingham. I think there are a couple of television shows that were ‘inspired’ by Bill’s comic series. The spin off series concludes the ‘Hidden Kingdom’ tale featuring Rapunzel; FAIREST #13 is written by Lauren Beukes with the art of Inaki Miranda.
WILLIAMS: J. H. illustrates BATWOMAN #18 which he co-writes with Haden Blackman beginning a new story arc and consequently a good place to jump on the series as Batwoman learns to work with her new partner; Batman guest stars.
WOLFMAN: Marv’s most well known work gets collected in the NEW TEEN TITANS OMNIBUS HC #3 co-written and illustrated by George Perez.
WOOD: Brian writes CONAN THE BARBARIAN #14 with Mirko Colak’s art and his own MASSIVE #10 with Gary Erskine’s artwork plus he writes the new STAR WARS #3, the ongoing series that picks up right after the destruction of the Death Star with the art of Carlos D’anda, all for Dark Horse. At Image he writes MARA #4 OF 6 with Jordie Bellair inking the pencils of Ming Doyle. Brian is a great and inventive writer; ‘Massive’ was my Pick of the Month last March and ‘Mara’ was Pick of the Month in October. For Marvel Brian writes ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN #24 with a new artist coming on mid story, Mahmud A. Asrar who has been illustrating the ‘Supergirl’ comic for the past year and a half. The X-MEN: RESTLESS ABANDONMENT TP was written by Brian and Seth Peck with art by David Lopez and others.
YOST: Christopher writes AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #18 now featuring the ‘Superior’ Spider-Man who faces off with Thor as Electro returns and the story will drawn by Marco Checchetto. SCARLET SPIDER #15 with art by Khoi Pham.
I hope that you are all checking my web site; all the past newsletters are posted there, news about events (like the one on the second of February), coloring pages for the kids, pictures of past events at the shop as well as a place to buy your digital comics locally. In my next newsletter I’ll give you a password that will let you access ‘hidden’ pages on the web site containing free surprises.
Thank you all for your support, your orders and your friendship. A special thanks to those who worked themselves to a state of near exhaustion on New Year’s Day helping to move everything into the new shop. I hope to see you all soon; stop by and check out the back issue selection that has been in storage for more than a year! See you in the funny pages.

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