February 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

    The February Previews catalog arrived on Wednesday, January thirty first. (I’ll do my best to get this to you as soon as possible.) These solicitations are for comics and products that will begin shipping in April of 2018. I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might interest you. If there’s anything that you’d like, please try to let me know by the twenty first of the month so I can be sure to have enough copies on hand to fill your requests and subscription orders. Don’t feel obligated to subscribe to a whole series; if you’d just like a copy of the first issue of a new series to try it out, let me know and I’ll be sure to put a copy aside for you. And if it’s past the twenty first there’s still a very good chance that I’ll be able to place your order and still get the books you want.


    The theme this month is Black History Month so expect lots of new and relisted books featuring African American characters and biographies. If you’d like more information or would like to see some images of covers and artwork you can go to www.PreviewsWorld.com
and there are other articles at www.Scoop.PreviewsWorld.com, or you could sign up for the newsletter and maybe win prizes in the weekly giveaways at www.PreviewsWorld.com/subscribe.



    DARK HORSE: Frank Miller writes and illustrates the long awaited sequel to 300 with XERXES: THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF DARIUS AND THE RISE OF ALEXANDER #1 OF 5 as Alexander the Great enters the fray; this will be published in a deluxe format priced under six dollars. After the limited series delving deeper into the cast members (Sherlock Frankenstein & the Legion of Evil) we return to the ongoing Eisner Award winning series with BLACK HAMMER: AGE OF DOOM #1 by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston while the Doctor Star & the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows four part limited series ships concurrently. ALIENS: DUST TO DUST #1 OF 4 will be a coming of age story written and illustrated by Gabriel Hardman. The NEIL GAIMAN: STUDY IN EMERALD HC features art by Eisner Award winner Rafael Albuquerque, a supernatural murder mystery with shades of Lovecraft and Holmes. The DAVE McKEAN SHORT FILMS HC is filled with stills and behind the scenes commentary along with a Blue-Ray disc of the films under discussion with words and art by the artist who you know from all of the covers of Sandman as well as his wonderful Cages graphic novel. And Peter Hogan returns with RESIDENT ALIEN: ALIEN IN NEW YORK #1 OF 4. (With all of this tremendous award winning talent it’s amazing that Dark Horse isn’t the best selling comic publisher.) HELLBOY: THE COMPLETE SHORT STORIES, VOL. 1 TP is the first of two, this one featuring art by Richard Corben, Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon and more, while the HELLBOY OMNIBUS, VOL. 2: STRANGE PLACES TP is the second of four putting all the adventures in chronological order. A tremendous series, long out of print, returns in its entirety with the BEANWORLD OMNIBUS, VOL. 1 TP collecting all twenty one issues. Eisner and Harvey Award winning series MICHAEL CHABON’S THE ESCAPIST: PULSE POUNDING THRILLS TP inspired by the Pulitzer Prize winning novel ‘The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay’ features creators Howard Chaykin, Will Eisner, Matt Kindt, Jeffrey Brown and more. PLANTS VS ZOMBIES, VOL. 10: RUMBLE AT LAKE GUMBO HC will make one of my customers and friends very happy. (Hi, Jude!) The popular anime series begins again with GANTZ: G, VOL. 1 TP.


    DC: Eclipsing everything else this month is ACTION COMICS #1000. Priced under eight dollars with eighty pages of story and no ads the issue will have ten different covers; the main one, a blank one and one for each of the eight decades the series has been running. An unpublished tale from Curt Swan, a story by Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Lee, one by Scott Snyder and Doug Mahnke plus stories and art by John Cassaday, Olivier Coipel, Paul Dini, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Patrick Gleason, Butch Guice, Geoff Johns, Dan Jurgens, Tom King, Clay Mann, Brad Meltzer, Jerry Ordway, Tim Sale, Marv Wolfman and more! Harley Quinn takes center stage in the latest volume of the DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: OUT OF THE BOTTLE TP by Shea Montana; the first chapter will be one of the selections on Free Comic Book Day in May. New stories are beginning in the following titles if you’ve been looking for a place to try out any of these books: AQUAMAN #35 begins ‘Kingslayer’ by Dan Abnett and Ricardo Federici, BATGIRL #22 is part one of ‘Strange Loop’ by Hope Larson with art by Minku Jung and José Marzan, BATMAN #44 is a stand alone issue titled ‘Something Blue’ as Bruce and Selina go about wedding preparations by Tom King with art by Mikel Janin and Joëlle Jones and BATMAN #45 is part one of ‘The Travelers’ guest starring Booster Gold, written by Tom King with art by Sandu Florea and Tony S. Daniel. CYBORG #21 marks the return of the characters co-creator to the title as Marv Wolfman writes and Sam Lotfi illustrates. DEATHSTROKE #30 begins a six part story, ‘Deathstroke VS Batman’ where DNA evidence suggests that Slade, not Bruce is Damian’s father as told by Christopher Priest and Carlos Pagulayan while GREEN ARROW #39 begins ‘The Children of Vakhar’ by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing with Marcio Takara’s artwork. Jessica Cruz has ring malfunctions in ‘Ghosts of the Past’ part one beginning in GREEN LANTERNS #44 by Tim Seeley and Ronan Cliquet. ‘Darkest Before the Dawn’ begins in HAL JORDAN & THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #42 by Robert Venditti with art by Rafa Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona while HARLEY QUINN #42, ‘The Gangs All Here’ welcomes the return of the Gang of Harleys written by Frank Tieri with Mauricet’s art. NIGHTWING #42 has Dick in Japan fighting ‘The Crimson Kabuki’ to save Damian’s life by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing with art by Jorge Corona while NIGHTWING #43, titled ‘The Brave, the Obnoxious and the Inept’ has Grayson reluctantly helping out Robin and Arsenal against the League of Assassins by Michael Moreci with Minkyu Jung’s art. SUPER SONS #15 by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Carlo Barberi and Art Thibert is titled ‘End of Innocence’ as Damian and Jon’s friendship is threatened by Kid Amazo. The ‘Titans Apart’ story will reach its finale in TITANS ANNUAL #2 by Dan Abnett and Tom Grummett. In Rebirth hard cover collections this month there’s the BATMAN-DETECTIVE REBIRTH DELUXE COLLECTION HC, VOL. 2 with issues nine fifty to nine sixty two, the NIGHTWING REBIRTH DLX COLL HC, VOL. 2 collecting issues sixteen through twenty eight, the SUICIDE SQUAD REBIRTH DLX COLL HC, VOL. 2 with issues nine through twenty plus the War Crimes Special spinning out of the Justice League VS Suicide Squad tale and the SUPERMAN REBIRTH DLX COLL HC, VOL. 2 has fourteen through twenty six and the first Annual. There’s a new edition of the ABSOLUTE KINGDOM COME HC priced under a hundred dollars, the BATMAN BY GRANT MORRISON OMNIBUS HC, VOL. 1 beginning with the introduction of Damian Wayne and featuring two new pages by Morrison and Burnham recapping the ‘Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul‘ while the BATMAN ’66 OMNIBUS HC collects issues one through thirty plus ‘The Lost Episode’ and more. The BATMAN: BRAVE & THE BOLD BRONZE AGE OMNIBUS HC, VOL. 2 collects issues one ten through one fifty six, the NEW TEEN TITANS OMNIBUS HC, VOL. 3 has thirty five issues and an Annual from the eighties covering ‘The Judas Contract’, SUPERBOY & THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES HC, VOL. 2 has nineteen issues from the seventies, SEVEN SOLDIERS BY GRANT MORRISON OMNIBUS HC contains the whole twenty eight issue epic and ZERO HOUR: CRISIS IN TIME HC has zero through four plus an updated timeline. Soft cover collections of recent material includes the DOOM PATROL TP, VOL. 2: NADA with issues seven through eleven by Gerard Way and Nick Derrington, BATMAN & THE SIGNAL TP with the three issue Metal tie in by Scott Snyder and Tony Patrick with Cully Hamner’s art, BATWOMAN, TP VOL. 2: WONDERLAND REBIRTH by Marguerite Bennett and Fernando Blanco, CYBORG TP, VOL. 3: SINGULARITY by John Semper, Jr. and Kevin Grevious with Will Conrad’s art, GREEN ARROW TP, VOL. 5: HARD TRAVELING HERO by Ben Percy and Otto Schmidt, HARLEY QUINN TP, VOL. 5: VOTE HARLEY by Conner and Palmiotti with John Timm’s art, the SUPERMAN REBORN TP with the eight issue cross over between Action and Superman which introduced Mr. Mxypztlk by Dan Jurgens and Patch Zircher, SUPERWOMAN TP, VOL. 3: THE MIDNIGHT HOUR by K. Perkins and Stephen Segovia, WONDER WOMAN TP, VOL. 5: HEART OF THE AMAZON by Shea Fontana and David Messina and the BATMAN BY SCOTT SNYDER & GREG CAPULLO BOX SET 3 with the final four volumes of the teams’ stories. Other collections include FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS TP, VOL. 1, the BATMAN: GHOSTS TP collecting Batman Confidential issues forty through forty three plus Batman/Lobo: Deadly Serious issues one and two, all written and illustrated by Sam Kieth, the DASTARDLY & MUTTLEY TP by Garth Ennis and Mauricet, DEATHSTROKE THE TERMINATOR TP, VOL. 4: CRASH OR BURN with nineties tales by Marv Wolfman, GREEN LANTERN: KYLE RAYNER TP, VOL. 2 by Ron Marz and Darryl Banks, LEGIONNAIRES TP: BOOK TWO with the founding members beginning a membership recruitment drive, NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER TP set in the near future when super heroes are outlawed as told by Kyle Higgins and Trevor McCarthy, SUPERGIRL: BEING SUPER TP collecting the beautiful series by Mariko Tamaki and Joëlle Jones, SUPERMAN BY MARK MILLAR TP with a dozen tales from Superman Adventures and elsewhere, SUPERMAN: THE GOLDEN AGE TP, VOL. 4, TITANS: TOTAL CHAOS TP with the Lord Chaos/Deathstroke cross over tale by Marv Wolfman and Tom Grummett and the WILD STORM TP, VOL. 2 with Warren Ellis’ and Jon Davis-Hunts’ issues seven through twelve. The creator owned imprint, VERTIGO offers ASTRO CITY #52 which will be the final issue of the ongoing series, as it will be taking a new format in the near future. Their collectible imprint, DC DIRECT offers the DC COVER GIRLS: BATGIRL BY JOËLLE JONES STATUE and the DC DESIGNER SERIES: BATMAN BY BRIAN BOLLAND MINI STATUE as well as the BATMAN ANIMATED: HARLEY QUINN EXPRESSIONS PACK which has a Harley action figure, the two hyenas and seven different heads plus accessories like weapons, roller skates, a fish head costume and more. The NEW TEEN TITANS: STARFIRE AND ROBIN MULTI-PART STATUES is the first of a line of statues that, when complete will recreate the famous cover of the New Teen Titans issue one, limited to five thousand copies and priced at eighty dollars per character. The DC CORE: THE JOKER PVC STATUE is the first of the line, eleven inches tall priced at fifty dollars with the second in the line to be Batman.


    IDW: I know several customers have been anxiously awaiting SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #1 and here it is, written by Ian Flynn, art by Tracy Yardley and, as they’ve offered the first four issues I guess it will be shipping weekly! DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: EVIL AT BALDUR’S GATE #1 is by Jim Zub and Dean Kotz. STAR TREK DISCOVERY: SUCCESSION #1 begins a limited series tied to the second season of the television program written by Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer with art by Angel Hernandez. X-FILES-CASE FILES: FLORIDA MAN #1 begins a line of limited series in the twenty fifth anniversary of the television program; this one’s by Delilah Dawson and Marco Castiello. The CROW: VAULT OF SHADOWS, BOOK 1 TP is a black and white collection of James O’Barr’s ‘Dead Time’ limited series that was envisioned as the second Crow film, and ‘Flesh and Blood’ by John Wagner. Award winning crime novelist Lawrence Block gets the first graphic novel adapting his work with the EIGHT MILLION WAYS TO DIE HC adapted and illustrated by John K. Snyder. ANTAR #1 is an unusual title for IDW; the prose story of one of history’s finest poets, Antar, the Black Knight written by Nnedi Okorafor featuring lavish illustrations by Eric Battle. In celebration of two decades, the J. SCOTT CAMPBELL DANGER GIRL 20TH ANNIVERSARY special reprints the prelude and the over sized first issue in black and white, showing just the pencils without even word balloons, priced under ten dollars. There’s also the MY LITTLE PONY: LEGENDS OF MAGIC ANNUAL 2018 and the all age STAR WARS ADVENTURES ANNUAL 2018 as well as an all ages STAR WARS-THE LAST JEDI GN ADAPTATION TP in Disney animation style. The eighth all ages story from James Kochalka is offered as JOHNNY BOOK AND THE ICE CREAM COMPUTER. Collected editions include TMNT ADVENTURES TP, VOL. 15, the TALES OF TMNT OMNIBUS TP, VOL. 1 and the X-FILES TP, VOL. 3 and Sampayo and Munoz’ ALEC SINNER: AGE OF DISENCHANTMENT TP with eleven detective tales imbued with political consciences and scathing critiques of corruption in society.


    IMAGE: Long time writer of Deadpool Gerry Duggan begins ANALOG #1 with artist David O’Sullivan set five years in the future when Internet security is a thing of the past and armed ‘Ledger Men’ transport messages and secrets in an increasingly hostile environment. ISOLA #1 is by childhood friends Brendan K. Fletcher and Karl Kerschl, a fantasy adventure for fans of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. CRUDE #1 is by Steve Orlando and Garry Brown set in Russia, a tale of mayhem and a man journey’s to confront his son’s murderers. DEAD HAND #1 is a story of Cold War secrets and the relationship between a spy and a little boy by Kyle Higgins and Stephen Mooney. SKYWARD #1 by Joe (showrunner for Lucifer) Henderson with art by Lee Garbett and Antonio Fabela is one woman’s story on an Earth with only a fraction of the gravity the planet used to have. The CROSSROAD BLUES OGN follows a New Orleans professor who goes missing while searching for the lost recordings of Robert Johnson, written by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ace Atkins with art by Marco Finnegan this is a direct adaptation of the novel. The PERVERT OGN tells an honest account of a trans girl surviving through sex work in Seattle, written by Michelle Perez with anthropomorphic art by Remy Boydell. The SWING TP, VOL. 1 is a spin off of the Sunstone graphic novels, a slice of life romantic tale from Matt Hawkins and Jenni Cheung with art by Linda Sejic. New collected editions include 3 FLOYDS: ALPHA KING TP, DARK FANG TP, VOL. 1, EVOLUTION TP, VOL. 1, GRAVEDIGGERS UNION TP, VOL. 1, HACK SLASH: RESURRECTION TP, VOL. 1, LAZARUS SOURCEBOOK COLLECTION TP, VOL. 1, PAPER GIRLS, VOL. 4 TP, ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN, VOL. 2 TP, ROYAL CITY, VOL. 2: SONIC YOUTH TP, SAVAGE DRAGON: MERGING OF MULTIPLE EARTHS TP and PARADISO TP, VOL. 1. Plus the CLOVER HONEY SPECIAL EDITION TP collecting an expanded and remastered edition of Rich Tomasso’s brilliant tale of an aspiring hitwoman in Newark, New Jersey. Series’ beginning new arcs for good ‘jumping on’ points include DESCENDER #29 which is part one of ‘The End of the Universe’, GASOLINA #7, LAZARUS #27 which is part one of ‘Fracture: Prelude’ and Grace Ellis and Shae Beagle’s MOONSTRUCK #6.


    MARVEL: We know that Wolverine is back, the original one was shown resurrected in the Marvel Legacy one shot in September and we’ve seen him in those one page, post credit scenes in the comics these past weeks; the HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 is billed as ‘the return of Wolverine begins here’, written by Charles Soule with art by David Marquez. The big six dollar CAPTAIN AMERICA #700 is the finale to the ‘Out of Time’ arc and, if you’re a fan of time travel paradoxes you’ll be happy about the EXILES #1 relaunch, written by Saladin (Black Bolt) Ahmed with Javier Rodriguez’ art. And another exciting relaunch is DOMINO #1 written by Gail Simone with art by David Baldeon. If there’s anyone left in the Marvel Universe who hasn’t already had a relationship with a symbiote then VENOMIZED #1 OF 5 should be able to remedy the situation; written by Cullen Bunn with art by Iban Coello, this is a continuation of the Poison X cross over that began in X-Men Blue Annual #1 and will ship weekly. AVENGERS: SHARDS OF INFINITY #1 is written by Ralph Macchio with art by Andrea DiVito where Black Widow discovers enemies building a powerful weapon on the moon powered by a piece of the Cosmic Cube. MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES #1 OF 5 is an all ages series set in Wakanda and featuring Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Task Master and more, written by Jim McCann. DOCTOR STRANGE #388 and #389 are tie ins to the four part Doctor Strange: Damnation limited series as is IRON FIST #79 and #80 and BEN REILLY: SCARLET SPIDER #17. The sixteen part weekly ‘No Surrender’ story ends with AVENGERS #690. The CHAMPIONS #19 is a jumping on point as ‘A Wider World’ begins, guest starring Ironheart and the Unstoppable Wasp. VENOM #164 begins ‘The Nativity’ by Mike Costa and Mark Bagley when Eddie Brock finds out his symbiote is keeping secrets. MOON KNIGHT #194 will reveal a childhood trauma responsible for his multiple personality disorder written by Max Bemis with art by Ty Templeton. TALES OF SUSPENSE #104 is the fifth and final issue of the series as Bucky and Hawkeye finally find Black Widow, written by Matthew Rosenberg with Travel Foreman’s artwork. The THANOS ANNUAL #1 by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw will guest star the Cosmic Ghost Rider. ALL NEW WOLVERINE #33 begins the ‘Old Man Laura’ story by Tom Taylor and Ramon Rosanas. RUNAWAYS #8 begins ‘Best Friends Forever’ by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka. Deluxe collected editions this month include the X-MEN REVOLUTION BY CHRIS CLAREMONT OMNIBUS HC collecting his early nineties work on multiple titles, the X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX SAGA OMNIBUS HC, the DEADPOOL BY DANIEL WAY OMNIBUS HC, VOL. 2, the PUNISHER MAX BY GARTH ENNIS OMNIBUS HC, VOL. 2, SPIDER-MAN: KRAVEN’S LAST HUNT DELUXE EDITION HC and the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY HC, VOL. 5. Soft cover collections include DESPICABLE DEADPOOL TP, VOL. 2: BUCKET LIST, DEADPOOL CLASSIC TP, VOL. 22: MURDER MOST FOWL, DEADPOOL CLASSIC COMPANION TP, VOL. 2, CABLE TP, VOL. 1: LAST HOPE, VENOM & X-MEN: POISON-X TP, the BLACK PANTHER: LOVE LIVE THE KING MPGN TP (which I guess stands for Marvel Premiere Graphic Novel), first time in print, written by Nnedi Okorator and Aaron Covington with art by Andre Araujo, BLACK PANTHER TP, VOL. 5: AVENGERS OF THE NEW WORLD, HULK: RETURN TO PLANET HULK TP, SHE-HULK TP, VOL. 3: JEN WALTER MUST DIE, BEN REILLY: SCARLET SPIDER TP, VOL. 3: SLINGERS RETURN, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: VENOM, INC. TP, MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL TP, VOL. 3: DARK ORIGINS, HAWKEYE: KATE BISHOP TP, VOL. 3: FAMILY REUNION, MOON KNIGHT LEGACY TP, VOL. 1: CRAZY RUNS IN THE FAMILY, STAR WARS-POE DAMERON TP, VOL. 4: LEGEND FOUND, PUNISHER INVADES THE NAM TP back in print, LEGION-SON OF X TP, VOL. 4: FOR WE ARE MANY, WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: COMPLETE COLLECTION TP, VOL. 3 and the DEATH OF WOLVERINE: COMPLETE COLLECTION TP.


    INDEPENDENTS: Dave Sim of AARDVARK-VANAHEIM continues his one shot parody comics, this month roasting Los Hernandez Bros. With LOVE AND AARDVARKS #1. LIVE/WORK #1 OF 6 is from ADHOUSE BOOKS, a gathering of artists in 2007 NYC trying to cut out a niche for themselves one year before the financial crash, written and illustrated by Pat Palermo. BROTHERS DRACUL #1 from Cullen Bunn and Mirko Colak at AFTERSHOCK is the story of a teen Vlad the Impaler when he hunted vampires. They also begin HER INFERNAL DESCENT #1 by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson with art by Kyle Charles, a modern retelling of Dante’s Inferno as a mother battles through the nine rings of hell for the sake of family. Both ANIMOSITY HC, VOL. 1 with the first eight issues plus the World of Animosity one shot priced under forty dollars and ANIMOSITY: THE RISE HC with the three issues priced under twenty dollars get deluxe over sized collections while DARK ARK TP, VOL. 1 is offered. ALTERNATIVE COMICS offers a three hundred page black and white anthology titled COMICS FOR CHOICE: ILLUSTRATED ABORTION STORIES, HISTORY AND POLITICS TP. The STEAMPUNK GLAMOUR GAZETTE #1 from ANTARCTIC, a collection of art and photography featuring women in steampunk styles and they also launch ROCHELLE: VOL. 2, #1 OF 3, more tales of the teen girl with cockroach powers. Disney has given ARCHIE COMICS the license to print and distribute one digest featuring Marvel characters per month with the provision that there will be one printing of each, this month the MARVEL COMICS DIGEST #6 is an Avengers VS Thanos: Infinity War collection priced under seven dollars. ASPEN STUDIOS launches PORTAL BOUND #1 OF 5 written by Mark Roslan and Gabe Carrasco with art by Alex Arizmendi, a fantasy series with alternate Earths, an evil Emperor with bio-mechanical beasts and a soldier princess. BLACK MASK begins SURVIVAL FETISH #1 OF 5 by Patrick Kindlon and Antonio Fuso, political intrigue in sniper alley, Downtown Honolulu. Also, spinning out of the popular Black limited series comes BLACK AF: WIDOWS & ORPHANS #1 from Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith asking, in a world where only African Americans have powers, what are they worth on the Black Market? The BLACK HC collects the original series, priced under thirty five dollars. BOOM! STUDIOS launches ROBOCOP: CITIZENS ARREST #1 from Brian Wood and Jorge Coelho in a future where police are no more, citizens turn in each other and justice is crowd sourced. They’re also offering the WWE WRESTLEMANIA 2018 SPECIAL and the AMORY WARS HC: KEEPING SECRETS OF SILENT EARTH 3. The GRASS KINGS HC, VOL. 2 collects issues seven through eleven. Their ARCHAIA imprint offers the ABOUT BETTY’S BOOB OGN HC written by Vèro Cazot with art by Julie Rocheleau; ‘Betty lost her left breast, her job and her guy-she doesn’t know it yet, but this is the best day of her life’. Their JIM HENSON’S DARK CRYSTAL ARTIST TRIBUTE HC with art from the original concept artist Brian Froud and featuring art from Jae Lee, David Petersen, Mark Buckingham and many more is priced under twenty five dollars. THE COMPLETE THE KILLER TP is over seven hundred pages of hard boiled crime noir written by Matz and illustrated by Luc Jacamon priced under forty dollars that Brian Michael Bendis calls ‘One of the best graphic novel series of the last ten years’. Their all age imprint, KaBOOM has the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS 2018 ANNUAL and the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS ARCHIVE TP, VOL. 1 collecting all of the previous Power Rangers comics published by Marvel, Papercutz, Image and Hamilton, priced under twenty dollars. ADVENTURE TIME #75 will be the final issue of the series. I suppose the RUGRATS: R IS FOR REPTAR 2018 SPECIAL needs no explanation. The OVER THE GARDEN WALL TP, VOL. 4 collects the final arc of the series. Jeff Smith’s CARTOON BOOKS releases the BONE CODA: BEHIND THE SCENES BUNDLE; it’s the Bone Coda volume with the new thirty seven page Bone story bundled with the Emmy Award winning documentary ‘The Cartoonist’ that has interviews with Jeff, Paul Pope, Scott McCloud, Colleen Doran, Terry Moore, Harvey Pekar and more; it’s a limited edition priced under fifteen dollars. DYNAMITE offers SWASHBUCKLERS SAGA CONTINUES #1 by Marc Guggenheim and Andrea Mutti after recently releasing the whole original Bill Mantlo and Butch Guice series in a collected edition, a space pirate adventure. JEEPERS CREEPERS #1 is the story of a student researching American myths who finds himself a potential victim of one, as told by Marc Andreyko and Kewber Baal. The SHADOW BATMAN HC collects the recent series and it’s also offered in an edition signed by the author, Steve Orlando. The GUMBY IMAGINED HC: SIGNED EDITION tells the story of Joe Clokey from Davey & Goliath through his Gumby & Pokey years and this seventy five dollar edition is autographed by animators Joe and Joan Rock Clokey. The JAMES BOND: KILL CHAIN HC is also available in a signed edition with author Andy Diggles’ signature. Their current Pathfinder series, ‘Spiral of Bones’ gets four one shots crossing over with some of their other licensed characters with the PATHFINDER-WORLDSCAPE: DEJAH THORIS ONE SHOT, PATHFINDER-WORLDSCAPE: SWORDS OF SORROW ONE SHOT, PATHFINDER-WORLDSCAPE: REANIMATOR ONE SHOT and the PATHFINDER-WORLDSCAPE: VAMPIRELLA ONE SHOT. Josh Blaylock debuts the BITCOIN COMIC HANDBOOK at DEVIL’S DUE, a non fiction explanation of the popular currency with descriptions, explanations and exposition of where it may lead. And he also offers the IGLOO BARBECUE GLOBAL WARMING PARTY, a one shot set in a world of penguins with all the modern conveniences and problems, described as Chasing Amy meets Scott Pilgrim only with penguins. Craig (Blankets, Habbibi) Thompson’s sketchbook diary of his travels through Europe and Morrocco is released by DRAWN + QUARTERLY as the CARNET DE VOYAGE HC. FAKKU BOOKS is releasing the SUPER DIMENSIONAL LOVE GUN GN, a collection of short stories by legendary guro manga artist Shintaro Kago known for his ‘fashionable paranoia’ style, this is an ‘adult’ publication. (Fantagraphics will be releasing a more comprehensive collection of his works later in the year.) FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS‘ alternative
comics anthology NOW #3 will feature a cover by Al Columbia. New publisher HERO TOMORROW begins two ongoing series; APAMA: THE UNDISCOVERED ANIMAL #1 tells of a Cleveland ice cream truck druver who stumbles upon the spirit force of the most savage creature ever known and TAP DANCE KILLER #1 is the story of an actress who becomes a mob assassin after being cast in a horror show musical. LION FORGE offers the ALGERIA IS BEAUTIFUL LIKE AMERICA OGN HC by Olivia Burton and Mahi Grand, about a strong modern woman and her desire to understand her families origins. A book I’ve been anticipating for quite a while now is ONI PRESS’
ARCHER COE GN, VOL. 2: THE WAY OF DUSTY DEATH written by Jamie S. Rich and illustrated by Dan Christensen which David (V For Vendetta) Lloyd calls ‘absolutely terrific’. Long time customers know the artist as he’s been at some of the quarterly benefits providing free sketches and when he can’t make it to the events (he lives in France) he often sends original artwork for the silent auction. Archer Coe is a master hypnotist and a consultant to the wealthy which gets him embroiled in murder mysteries. They also offer new collections: RICK & MORTY TP, VOL. 7 and the INVADER ZIM HC, VOL. 2. RENEGADE ARTS offers A BUNCH OF JEWS AND OTHER STUFF TP originally published in Yiddish in 1938 the authors daughter, Trina Robbins and a group of artists have translated and illustrated the stories as a tribute to Jewish culture before the coming of the war that would change things forever. CYBER SPECTRE #1 is set in 2080 where the Cyber Spectre dispenses digital justice, deciding what is criminal, who is guilty and what is the punishment, written by Richard Emms with art by Ale Garza from SCOUT COMICS. The APOLLO HC is a non fiction account of the 1969 mission with Neil Armstrong, ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins to land on the moon, published by SELFMADEHERO, written and researched by Matt Fitch and Chris Baker with art by (I assume a different) Michael Collins. DAYGLOAHOLE #1 OF 4 from SILVER SPROCKET is described as ‘social and political commentary mixed with punk nonsense and gore drawn in vibrant florescent colors’ written and illustrated by Ben Passmore. British publisher TITAN COMICS offers the BEATLES: YELLOW SUBMARINE HC to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the film and album; this adaptation is written and illustrated by Bill Morrison who recently left Bongo Comics to become the editor of Mad Magazine. THE PRISONER #1 OF 4 is based on the cult television program that also debuted fifty years ago, written by Peter Milligan with art by Colin Lorimer and a cover by Mike Allred. Coinciding with the release comes the PRISONER: KIRBY & KANE ARTIST EDITION HC, an over sized collection of original and unnpublished artwork by Jack Kirby and Gil Kane from a script by Steve Englehart priced under eighty dollars. From the web based animated show comes SUPERMANSION #1 OF 2 written by show writer Barry Hutchinson and featuring againg superhero Titanium Rex and his League of Freedom. The sequel to Joe Haldeman’s Forever War is adapted from the award winning novel, FOREVER FREE #1 OF 3 by Joe and Gay Haldeman with art by Marvano. SEASON OF THE SNAKE #1 OF 3 is written by award winning science fiction writer Serge Lehman, creator of the Chimera Brigade, with art by Marie Michaud involving space travel through tunnels and the discovery of an ancient native species. In celebration of her thirtieth anniversary the TANK GIRL: FULL COLOR CLASSICS 1988-1989 #1 collects the original Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett tales in double sized issues priced under seven dollars each and in full color for the first time. The latest prose novel ANNO DRACULA MMPB: DRACULA CHA CHA CHA by Kim Newman is offered as well as a new ALIEN MMPB: COLD FORGE written by Alan White and the second FLASH MMPB: CLIMATE CHANGELING by Richard A. Knaak. VALIANT‘s latest relaunch is collected in the NINJA-K TP, VOL. 1: NINJA FILES by Christos N. Gage and Trevor Hairsine collecting the first five issues. Manga publishers VIZ MEDIA offer Andrew Hussie’s HOMESTUCK, BOOK 1 HC collecting the first wo acts of the web comic that became a pop culture phenomenon. MAINSTREAM #1 OF 5 from ZENESCOPE is by Michael Dolce and Talent Caldwell, an interdimensional crime adventure…and we’ve reached the end of this months’ comic listings. Please feel free to look through the Previews catalog on my desk always in case there’s anything outside of comics that you’d like me to order: books, magazines, import toys, games, tee shirts, etc.


    Each month I choose what I think will be the best title from this months’ offerings and the contenders for titles shipping in April include: XERXES: THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF DARIUS #1 OF 5 and the NEIL GAIMAN: STUDY IN EMERALD HC from Dark Horse, four from Image: ANALOG #1, ISOLA #1, DEAD HAND #1 and SKYWARD #1, DOMINO #1 from Gail Simone at Marvel, ARCHER COE GN, VOL. 2: THE WAY OF DUSTY DEATH from Jamie S. Rich and Dan Christensen at Oni Press and the non-fiction APOLLO HC from Abrams Books but I suspect that everyone who follows comics will know what the biggest comic of April 2018 will be: my Pick of the Month
is ♥ACTION COMICS #1000, eighty years in the making!


    Many of you reading this have been friends and customers for a good part of the thirty three years that I’ve been doing this and I’m immeasurably grateful for your friendship and support. The shop is now in its permanent location and, for me, the next step is to get to a point where I can afford to hire an employee. (So, if you appreciate the shop please invite your friends to shop here as well!) The support that the shop gets is what led to the idea of hosting quarterly charity events and I have one coming up in TWO DAYS, on Saturday, the third of February from Ten AM until Five PM. There will be seven artists here providing free sketches, there will be a One Dollar and a Five Dollar Raffle to win graphic novels and action figures and there will be a Silent Auction to win original art and rare collectibles. This will be the first time that another comic shop has scheduled an event for the same day (although probably not the last time) so I’m really hoping to see you all on Saturday; the more money we can raise for Casa de los Niños the happier I’ll be. THANK YOU ALL greatly for your years of support and I’ll see you all on Saturday!






    Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), OGN (original graphic novel-not a reprint or collection), MMPB (mass market paperbacks), AF (action figure), T/C trading cards, T/S (tee shirt) and (to denote an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion).


    Besides the monthly Previews catalog there is also an ‘Adult Supplement’ which showcases the ‘adults only’ comics, books and videos. If you are interested in seeing what’s available (and you’re over eighteen) just send me an email and I will send you this month’s adult catalog with images, descriptions and prices.


    If you’d prefer not to receive this in the future please respond with UNSUBSCRIBE; I’m not trying to spam you! I only send this to subscription customers or those who request it. (I won’t be insulted at all if you’d like to discontinue. When I proofread it each month I know first-hand how tedious it can be. Thank you.)

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