February 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

What with moving to my new location and setting up the benefit for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital I’m sorry to say that I just don’t have the time for my regular long rambling newsletter this month. Also I wanted to let you know that I’m going to be out of town for a weekend. I’ll be closing the shop around noon on Friday, the fifteenth, my wife, Stephanie will run the shop Saturday, Sunday and Monday and I’ll be back on Tuesday, the nineteenth.

I do have to mention a couple of things in the new catalog, though.

DARK HORSE has ABE SAPIEN: DARK AND TERRIBLE #1 OF 3 and a couple of the best books currently on the market, both of which were Pick’s of the Month when offered, are being reprinted so if you missed out you can try them for only one dollar: THE MASSIVE #1 and MIND MGMT #1. X #0 begins a new tale of Arcadia’s vigilante, STAR WARS: DARTH VADER AND THE NINTH ASSASSIN #1 OF 5 is also offered.

DC: April is WTF month; you’ll see a lot of DC titles with the WTF CERTIFIED stamp on the cover, all of the DC comics will feature a fold out cover and will have a WTF moment that DC says will leave readers in a state of shock, beginning with DETECTIVE COMICS #19, an eighty page special issue. DC UNIVERSE #19 and I, VAMPIRE #19 are final issues of these series. New 52 titles getting their first soft cover collected editions include AQUAMAN VOLUME 1: THE TRENCH TP, THE PHANTOM STRANGER VOLUME 1: A STRANGER AMONG US TP, THE RAVAGERS VOLUME 1: THE KIDS FROM N.O.W.H.E.R.E. TP and SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS VOLUME 1: SUPERMAN AND THE MEN OF STEEL TP. In hardcover format there is BATMAN AND ROBIN VOLUME 2: PEARL HC, ABSOLUTE SUPERMAN/BATMAN VOLUME 1 HC and the SOLO: DELUXE EDITION HC. The BATMAN: L’IL GOTHAM #1 launches an all age series, HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1 begins a new, ongoing series written by Keith Giffen with art by Pop Mhan and, at Vertigo LUCIFER: BOOK ONE TP is offered, a series that has been long out of print but still in demand.

IDW: As they restart the franchise G.I. JOE: THE COBRA FILES #1 replaces the ‘Cobra’ ongoing series. DANGER GIRL: TRINITY #1 OF 4 tells the teams origin in three stories all written by Andy Hartnell, each focusing on one of the three girls with each illustrated by a different artist. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: CUTTER #1 OF 5 is co-written by R.A. and Geno Salvatore, TRANSFUSION is an original graphic novel by Steve Niles and artist menton3, THE COLONIZED #1 OF 4 is an aliens vs zombies vs militiamen story by Chris Ryall with covers by Dave Sim and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES VILLAIN MICROSERIES #1 OF 4 focuses on Krang and the TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: TRAILCUTTER #1 is self explanatory.

IMAGE: The long awaited super hero series written by Mark Millar with artist Frank Quitely is finally offered and JUPITER’S LEGACY #1 is February’s Pick of the Month; don’t miss this one! CHIN MUSIC #1 is a one shot by Steve Niles with the art of Tony Harris, ’68: JUNGLE JIM #1 OF 4 continues the adventures of the Vietnam War with zombies, MICE TEMPLAR IV: LEGEND #1 begins the final arc in Michael Avon Oeming’s saga and MINIATURE JESUS #1 OF 5 is written and illustrated by Ted McKeever; his work just keeps improving of late and this looks like his best yet. Colleen Doran begins the final chapter of her long running series with A DISTANT SOIL #39. INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE #1 picks up in the aftermath of ‘The Death of Everyone’ from ‘Invincible’ issue one hundred. Season Two begins with the first chapter offered for only one dollar with MORNING GLORIES #26 and Grant Morrison’s wonderful limited series is collected in the HAPPY! TP; see how corrupt ex cop Nick Sax’ world is changed at Christmas by a tiny blue horse named Happy.

MARVEL: Marvel offers ULTRON #1, a tie in to the ‘Age of Ultron’ cross over; the art will be by Amilcar Pinna but Marvel hasn’t decided who will write the series yet. THANOS RISING #1 OF 5 is by Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi. X-MEN #1 is written by Brian Wood (!) with art by Olivier Coipel and features the X-Women, belying the title. DARK TOWER-THE GUNSLINGER: EVIL GROUND #1 OF 2 is written by Robin Furth and Peter David with art by Richard Isanove. At Marvel’s creator owned Icon imprint the KICK-ASS HC and the SECRET SERVICE PREMIERE HC collect Mark Millar’s most recent works while the TAKIO 2 GN HC collects the first four issues of Brian Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s wonderful all age super hero series.

I’ll try to mention a few of the notable new titles from the small press; AMIGO COMICS offers ROGUES! #1 illustrated and co-written by Juan Jose Ryp, APE ENTERTAINMENT offers SESAME STREET #1 with five interlocking variant covers or as a hard cover edition and ASPEN STUDIOS launches J. T. Krul’s fantasy adventure, JIRNI #1 for one dollar. AVATAR has Kieron Gillen’s new monthly series involving enhanced humans in 1945 Germany: UBER #0 with a forty eight page issue for $3.99. BIG DOG INK has THE LEGEND OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST #7 written by Tucson’s own Eric M. Esquivel; if you didn’t meet Eric at the St Jude benefit at my shop on Saturday, the second of February then you may know him as the manager of ‘Heroes & Villains’. He’s a damn good writer deserving your support. Also URSA MINOR #6 OF 6 features art by another Tucson artist who also attended the benefit, Ian Snyder. Don’t despair that the series has ended; an all new series will follow shortly. Over at KaBOOM!, the all age imprint of Boom! Studios, the REGULAR SHOW #1 comes with six covers which are also available as a boxed set plus an original graphic novel in a black and white manga sized volume is offered; the ADVENTURE TIME VOLUME 1: PLAYING WITH FIRE OGN.. BOOM! has a new series, POLARITY #1 OF 4 written by ‘Say Anything’ front man, Max Bemis and each issue comes with a free download of a new original song written and performed by Max. Dynamite has MISS FURY #1 by Rob Williams with Jack Herbert’s art, a new vision of the WWII pulp heroine. Also DARK SHADOWS: YEAR ONE #1 finally reveals the origin by Marc Andreyko with Guiu Vilanova’s art. THE PROPERTY HC is by Rutu Modan, creator/writer/artist of the acclaimed ‘Exit Wounds’ from Drawn & Quarterly. British publisher Titan Comics relaunches A-1 #1 OF 6, the award winning graphic novel series and SOLID STATE TANK GIRL #1 OF 4 features the latest adventures by Alan Martin while VALIANT begins the HARBINGER WARS #1 crossing into BLOODSHOT #10 and HARBINGER #11 this month. ZENESCOPE begins their first universe spanning series with UNLEASHED #0 and #1 along with VAMPIRES: THE ETERNAL#1 and REALM KNIGHTS, a one shot, all written by Pat Shand.

I apologize for not being able to give a more complete accounting this month; twenty four hours is just not enough hours per day!

This, as always, is YOUR newsletter. Perhaps you prefer this scaled down version to the usual tome that I write; let me know! Let me know what you would like to know from the newsletter each month and I will do my best to accommodate.

If you feel you need more information about anything comics related, stop by or send an email. Look through the latest Previews catalog and see all the stuff that I didn’t mention this month when you stop by.

I spoke prematurely when I announced that our signing sketching raffle auction event raised about $300.00; when I counted all of the money from the raffle and the silent auction the actual total was $479.00 so I sent off a check to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital for five hundred dollars this morning. I hope that you feel as good about this as I do; thank you all so much!

If you missed out, the next charity event will be on Saturday, the fourth of May which just happens to be FREE COMIC BOOK DAY so mark your calendar and plan to spend the day with creators, raffles, coloring contests, a silent auction and more!

I hope that you and yours are happy and healthy. Thank you for your orders, support and friendship. See you soon!



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