December 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends:

The new Previews catalog has arrived and features the comics and product due to begin arriving in February. If you see things that you like please let me know by the third week of the month so I can make sure to have it available for you.

I am very pleased to announce that my new web site is up and running (as of a couple hours ago) at  Some friends and customers built this for me as a surprise and I am SO grateful!  It has a couple of slide shows with pictures from previous events and if you would be so kind as to email me any pictures you might have of any events at the shop over the past decade I would love to be able to post them if it’s all right with you.  There is blog space, a page to allow me to post local creators’ links and promotions, an event page that is currently incomplete but will soon have a time line showing the newspaper articles and related info on the benefits that I’ve already held as well as those yet to come.

I post comments and comic related news articles often on the shops’ Facebook page and many of the local creators also post news of their upcoming releases and projects:

(After I finish this newsletter and send it out I’ll be sending another letter to all of you telling of the new shop, the grand opening and the upcoming benefit for St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.)

Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), MMPB (mass market paperback), AF (action figure), T/C (trading cards), T/S (tee shirt) and ☼(an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion).

Below I’ll list all of the most popular writers and artists and their current projects but first I’ll go through the publishers and point out anything new or noteworthy that may not be included in the lists below.

By the way, besides the monthly Previews catalog there is also an ‘Adult Supplement’ for the ‘adults only’ comics, books and videos.  If any adults are interested in seeing what’s available please send me an email and I will send you a pdf formatted copy of this month’s adult catalog.


DARK HORSE: Besides Brian Wood’s new ongoing Star Wars series and the two limited series in progress STAR WARS-DARK TIME: FIRE CARRIER #1 OF 5 is written by Randy Stradley with art by Gabriel Guzman, a tale of a Jedi Master and a group of young Padawans on the run from Vader.  DRAGON AGE: THE WORLD OF THEDAS: VOLUME #1 HC is a comprehensive volume by the games creators.  B.P.R.D.: 1948 concludes this month leading into the B.P.R.D.: Vampire arc next month which will feature art by Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon. 


DC: BEFORE WATCHMEN: DOLLAR BILL is a one shot written by Len Wein with the art of Steve Rude focusing on the actor who portrayed a hero for a bank until he was killed when his cape got caught in the revolving door during a robbery.  The DOCTOR MANHATTAN, RORSCHACH, COMEDIAN and OZYMANDIAS series’ all offer their final issues this month.  New titles, mentioned in more detail below, include JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 with fifty two variant covers, KATANA #1 and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA’S VIBE #1.  Green Arrow gets a new writer, Jeff Lemire, Grant Morrison writes his final issue of Action Comics, ‘Death of the Family’, ‘Rotworld’ , and ‘Throne of Atlantis’ concludes as does the ‘H’el on Earth’ cross over.  The ‘Rise of the Third Army’ story, however leads right into the ‘Wrath of the First Lantern’ cross over as the Lanterns finally take the war to the Guardians of Oa.  The YOUNG ROMANCE: A NEW 52 VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL features six stories by top talent plus perforated Valentine’s Day cards.  The MARSHAL LAW: THE DELUXE EDITION HC collects all the one shots and limited series by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill for the first time. 


IDW: The incredible success of the sell out first issue of ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ spawns another series, MY LITTLE PONY MICRO SERIES #1 OF 6: TWILIGHT SPARKLE with each issue focusing on one of the ponies.  MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC #4 completes the first arc of the ongoing series.  As the original team have been spirited away to some dastardly dimension THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS #1 introduces their replacements; this is a new ongoing series by the same creative team as the previous series.  THE ROCKETEER: HOLLYWOOD HORROR #1 is written by Roger Langridge with the art of J. Bone under a Walter Simonson cover.  Besides the three ongoing series and the limited series in progress TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: MEGATRON is a one shot with Nick Roche providing both story and art.  FEVER RIDGE: A TALE OF MacARTHUR’S JUNGLE WAR #1 OF 8 is a tale of WWII from the perspective of the Marine’s ‘Sightseein’ Sixth’ Infantry Division written by newcomer Mike Heimos with art by Nick Runge.  VITRIOL THE HUNTER #1 OF 6 is a gothic science fiction adventure; Billy Martin, the guitarist of ‘Good Charlotte’ co-writes and illustrates.  KILL SHAKESPEARE: THE TIDE OF BLOOD #1 OF 5 is the further adventures of Hamlet; the first collected edition just went into it’s fifth printing.


IMAGE: ☼ZED: A COSMIC TALE GN collects remastered editions of all of Michael Gagné’s eleven years of comic books chronicling the tales of this cute little alien trying to save his home world.  I know there are a few customers who have bemoaned the lack of an issue of ‘Bomb Queen’ for quite some time so you’ll be happy to know that Jimmie Robinson has a new project, ☼FIVE WEAPONS #1 OF 5, a series recommended for teens is about a thirteen year old who plans to excel at a specialized assassin school although he has no weapon skills; he’s confident he can beat his classmates due to his superior mind.  Stjepan Sejic who has been providing photo realistic fantasy art for Top Cow’s ‘Artifacts’ and ‘Witchblade’ titles for quite some time branches out into his first creator owned and original property, an oversized perfect bound 128 page graphic novel offered for just ten bucks.  It’s a story of a world divided by an endless ravine due to an ancient magic spell and the sample art looks incredible so keep an eye out for ☼RAVINE: VOLUME #1.  When a young professor at MIT finds he is the bastard son of the world’s greatest wizard he is forced to put aside his skepticism and embrace an unknown world of magic in SON OF MERLIN #1 written by Robert Napton with art by Zid and with an introductory first issue price of one dollar.  Jim Zub and Edwin Huang after three volumes of collected adventures have decided to add an adjective for increased success and so they offer THE UNCANNY SKULLKICKERS #1. 


MARVEL: New first issues this month include: FEARLESS DEFENDERS #1, ALPHA: BIG TIME #1, SECRET AVENGERS #1, UNCANNY X-MEN #1, DEXTER #1, NOVA #1 and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #0.1 all which are mentioned in the listings below by writer and artist except for DEXTER #1 OF 5 written by Jeff Lindsay, the author of the ‘Dexter’ novels with art by Dalibor Talajic. (Marvel has offered this series a couple of times now; maybe it will actually come out this time.)  Other books that aren’t listed below include: DEADPOOL #5 written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan with art by Tony Moore as the merc goes up against Reagan, SAVAGE WOLVERINE #2 written and illustrated by Frank Cho and WINTER SOLDIER #15 written by Jason Latour with the art of Nic Klein.  Robin Furth writes DARK TOWER-THE GUNSLINGER: SHEEMIE’S TALE #2 OF 2 which links Marvel’s ‘Dark Tower’ comics to Stephen King’s later ‘Dark Tower’ novels.  Eric Shanower adapts and Skottie Young illustrates ROAD TO OZ #5 OF 6, Jason Starr writes and Roland Boschi pencils WOLVERINE MAX #5 and Seth Peck writes X-MEN #41 with art by Jefte Palo and this is the final issue of the series.


INDEPENDENTS: Cavewoman: Oasis #1 from AMRYL ENTERTAINMENT is written and illustrated by Devon Massey (rather than Budd Root) for fans of the top heavy woman who battles dinosaurs.  APE ENTERTAINMENT offers THE CROODS: PREQUEL DIGEST GN, an officially licensed prequel to Dreamworks’ upcoming family film.  The folks at ANTARCTIC PRESS launch ACTION TIME BUDDIES #1 based on the popular internet series, THE LAST ZOMBIE: THE END #1 OF 5 is the final chapter of the series picking up on the heels of ‘Before the After’ and BAD KIDS GO TO HELL II #1 OF 3 picks up four years after the previous series.  ARCHAIA ENTERTAINMENT has an original hard cover graphic novel titled PANTALONES, TX: DON’T CHICKEN OUT following the adventures of a band of misfit kids trying to outrun and outwit the sheriff and his giant chicken in the town where underwear was invented.  Written and illustrated by animator Yehudi Mercado the book is intended to appeal to kids five to fifteen (or fans of Adult Swim).  Also JUDGE BAO-VOLUME ONE: JUDGE BAO AND THE JADE PHOENIX HC is written by Patrick Marty with the art of Chongrui Nie; the Judge is China’s answer to Sherlock Holmes.  David Wohl writes LEGEND OF THE SHADOW CLAN #1, a new ongoing series from ASPEN STUDIOS offered for one dollar with art by Cory Smith.  The fun folks at BONGO COMICS have PROFESSOR FRINK’S FANTASTIC SCIENCE FICTIONS #1, a one shot focusing on Springfield’s mad scientist and, diverging from their regular ‘Simpson’s’ related titles they offer MYLO XYLOTO #1 which tells the back story to Coldplay’s 2011 release of the same name, written by the band and Mark Osborne, illustrated by Alejandro Fuentes and scheduled to be a six issue series. DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT begins a new limited series with DEJAH THORIS AND THE GREEN MEN OF MARS #1 OF 4 written by Mark Rahner with the art of Lui Antonio and another with RED SONJA: UNCHAINED #1 OF 4 by Peter V. Brett with Jack Jadson’s art.  HUMANOIDS, a French publisher has the MUSE: DELUXE HC, written by Denis Pierre Filippi with art by Terry Dodson; this is the first time the work has been available in it’s original size and format and in English.  Publisher KINGSTONE offers comic tales from the Bible and have eleven new one shots this month including THE BEGINNING (from Genesis), ELIJAH (from 1 Kings and 2 Kings), MOSES (from Exodus) and more.  KODANSHA COMICS has BATTLE ANGEL ALITA: LAST ORDER VOLUME 17 TP so I’ll assume that the license has reverted and Dark Horse won’t be publishing these anymore.  MOONSTONE has the CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT SPECIAL written by Brian Augustyn with Jay Piscopo’s art.  British publisher TITAN BOOKS has DEAD SPACE: LIBERATION GN written by Ian Edginton with the art of Christopher Shy; this is the prequel to ‘Dead Space 2’ and a prelude to ‘Dead Space 3’.  UBIWORKSHOP offers ASSASSIN’S CREED: THE CHAIN GN written and illustrated by Karl Kerschl and Cameron Stewart.  VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT offers HARBINGER #0 as well as HARBINGER #9 both by Joshua Dysart, the former with art by Mico Suayan and the latter by Matthew Clark.  Also the VALIANT MASTERS: NINJAK VOLUME #1: BLACK WATER HC collects the characters’ solo debut from the original Valiant Universe written by Mark Moretti with art by Joe Quesada and Moretti.  And ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT launches THE JUNGLE BOOK: LAST OF THE SPECIES #1 OF 5 as well as MADNESS OF WONDERLAND #1 OF 4, a follow up the the ‘Call of Wonderland’ series.  They also have the GRIMM FAIRY TALES VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL.


AARON: Jason writes ☼THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #5 ending the first arc as the Thor’s of three eras team up against the God Butcher with painted art by Esad Ribic.  The first issue which came out last week as I write this, began eight hundred years before Christ and spanned through millenia.  I was impressed with the scope and direction of the story as well as the artwork.  Jason also writes the popular WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #25 beginning a new arc in the Savage Land with Logan’s brother, Dog who we haven’t seen since the ‘Origin’ series.  Art will be by Eisner winner Ramon K. Perez.  The WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN BY JASON AARON TP #3 collects issues nine through thirteen of the ‘AVX’ stories with art by Chris Bachalo and Nick Bradshaw.

ABNETT/LANNING: Dan and Andy write HYPERNATURALS #8 with art by Andres Guinaldo and Tom Derenick and the HYPERNATURALS TP #1 collects the first three issues plus the Free Comic Book Day story with art by Brad Walker plus Guinaldo and Derenick.

ALLRED: Mike provides the cover and interior art for FF #4; written by Matt Fraction as it’s Valentine’s Day at the Baxter Building.  One of the stories collected in the DAREDEVIL BY MARK WAID PREMIERE HC #4 is illustrated by Mike; the rest by Chris Samnee.  Mike and his wife, Laura provide the cover for IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS #7, written by Jamie S. Rich with Mike Norton providing interior art.

ANDREYKO: Marc writes the back up story in SWORD OF SORCERY #5 featuring Stalker, the immortal without a soul who does battle with Lucifer illustrated by Andrei Bressan.  Christy Marx writes the main story with Aaron Lopresti’s art as Amy learns of her fathers’ death.

ARCUDI: John, writing in collaboration with Mike Mignola completes B.P.R.D.: 1958 #5 OF 5 with Max Fiumara as one scientist suspects that Bureau members are being replaced with beings from another universe.  John’s recent crime noir series is collected in the CREEP HC with art by Jonathan Case.

ASMUS: James co-writes END TIMES OF BREAM & BEN #2 OF 4 with Jim Festante and art by Rem Broo, a dark comedy about the end days and he co-writes THIEF OF THIEVES #13 with Robert Kirkman with art by Shawn Martinbrough and Felix Serrano, both from Image.  At Marvel James writes GAMBIT #9 and the GAMBIT TP #1: ONCE A THIEF collects the first seven issues all with art by Clay Mann.

AZZARELLO: Brian concludes ☼BEFORE WATCHMEN: RORSCHACH #4 OF 4 with the art of Lee Bermejo and ☼BEFORE WATCHMEN: COMEDIAN #6 OF 6 with art by J. G. Jones; on the one hand I can’t wait to read the endings and on the other hand I’ll be sorry to see them ending as they’ve both been brilliant.  Brian also writes WONDER WOMAN #17 continuing her introduction to the New Gods with Tony Akins’ pencil art being inked by Dan Green.  The ☼100 BULLETS HC #4 is the penultimate volume collecting issues fifty nine through eighty, all with the art of Eduardo Risso.

BARKER: After writing and overseeing the comics based on his books these past couple of years Clive has re-imagined his universe; now the new era begins with HELLRAISER: DARK WATCH #1; co-written by Brandon Seifert with the art of Tom Garcia and Janusz Ordon the Cenobites are no longer hidden.  This will be an ongoing series.

BEDARD: Antony writes GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #17 with artist Aaron Kuder; ‘Rise of the Third Army’ has ended; this is part of the ‘Wrath of the First Lantern’ crossover.

BENDIS: I think that people should be excited that Brian will be writing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #0.1 with art by Steve McNiven, the team consists of Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Iron Man.  Brian is also doing for the Marvel mutants what he’d done for the Avengers franchise over the past decade; he’ll be writing UNCANNY X-MEN #1 and #2 with art by Chris Bachalo and ALL NEW X-MEN #7 with David Marquez and Stuart Immonen’s art.  Of course he continues on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #20 where ‘Venom Wars’ continues with art by Sara Pichelli and Brian along with David Mack writes ☼DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS #5 OF 8 with Klaus Janson supplying the pencils.  The ALL NEW X-MEN PREMIERE HC #1: HERE COMES YESTERDAY NOW collects the first five issues of the current series with art by Stuart Immonen.  Brian’s super hero crime series illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming spins off into a second title with ☼POWERS: BUREAU #1 and #2 following Deena Pilgrim now that she’s become a member of the FBI. 

BRANDON: Ivan along with Cullen Bunn wrote the stories collected in the WOLVERINE: ROT TP with art by Paul Pelletier.

BRUBAKER: At Image Ed writes  horror noir in FATALE #13 with series artist Sean Phillips.  At Marvel he wrote the material collected in WINTER SOLDIER TP #3: WIDOW HUNT with the art of Butch Guice.

BUCCELLATO: Brian along with series artist Francis Manapul write the conclusion of the ‘Gorilla Warfare’ arc in FLASH #17 at DC.  Brian and David Wohl write ORIUS #2 OF 3 with the art of Pat Lee, a science fiction, galaxy spanning mission for the survival of an endangered species of aliens.

BUNN: Cullen will write the new adventures of the FEARLESS DEFENDERS #1, the team of Valkyrie and Misty Knight with art by Will Sliney, VENOM #31 with the art of Thony Silas as Flash Thompson leaves New York City behind, and DEADPOOL KILLUSTRATED #2 OF 4 where the mercenary kills favorite literary characters like Tom Sawyer and the Little Women as illustrated by Matteo Lolli.  Cullen along with Ivan Brandon wrote the stories in the WOLVERINE: ROT TP with artist Paul Pelletier, all for Marvel.  At Oni Press he launches a spin off limited series from his creator owned title with SIXTH GUN: SONS OF THE GUN #1 OF 5, an untold tale of the Six with artist Brian Hurtt while SIXTH GUN #29 continues the ongoing story.

BUSIEK: Kurt and Dan Slott wrote the stories collected in the SPIDER-MAN/LIZARD TP: NO TURNING BACK with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Ron Frenz.

BYRNE: John writes and illustrates his latest creation, HIGH WAYS #2 OF 4 for IDW.

CAREY: Mike writes UNWRITTEN #46 for Vertigo with artist Peter Gross and issues thirty six through forty one are collected in the UNWRITTEN TP #7: THE WOUND with art by Peter as well as Rufus Dayglo.

CASEY: Joe writes HAUNT #31 with art by Nathan Fox; this Image series was co-created by Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane.

CHAYKIN: The G.I. COMBAT TP #1: THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT collects issues zero through seven with Howie illustrating the Unknown Soldier tales and Ariel Olivetti providing art for the ‘War That Time Forgot’ tales with modern day soldiers battling prehistoric creatures.  The IRON MAN: SEASON ONE PREMIERE HC is an original tale written by Howie with art by Gerald Parel, a modernized retelling of the origin.

CLOWES: The ☼DANIEL CLOWES READER SC features ten of his most influential stories along with interviews and twelve essays; ‘Ghost World’ is included along with several others, some reprinted for the first time.

COOKE: Darwyn continues his monthly strip in CREATOR OWNED HEROES #9 and other than some variant covers that’s all he’s up to this month.

CORNELL: Paul is the main writer for the material collected in the SUPERMAN: REIGN OF DOOMSDAY TP; Pete Woods supplies the artwork and this is the rematch.  At Vertigo Paul ends the first year with his SAUCER COUNTRY #12, illustrated by Ryan Kelly as the election is upon us.

COSTA: Mike has written a new and original graphic novel, WORLD OF WARCRAFT: DARK RIDERS HC illustrated by Neil Googe, Mike along with Chuck Dixon wrote the material collected in the G.I. JOE/COBRA: CIVIL WAR COMPENDIUM HC with Javier Saltares’ art.

DANIEL: Tony co-wrote and illustrated BATMAN: DETECTIVE HC #2: SCARE TACTICS with our hero battling the Mad Hatter and the Talons of the Court of Owls.

DAVID: Peter writes CASTLE: A CALM BEFORE THE STORM #3 OF 5 based on the ABC program created by Brian Michael Bendis; Robert Atkins provides the artwork.  And Peter continues his long run with X-FACTOR #251 and #252 with art by Leonard Kirk as the team tries to stop the Lords of Hell from taking over Earth. The previous arc is collected in X-FACTOR TP #19: SHORT STORIES. Peter wrote the AVENGERS: SEASON ONE PREMIERE HC, an original graphic novel telling the modernized version of the teams’ early years.  The MARVEL ZOMBIES: DESTROY TP is written by Peter and Frank Marraffino with art by Mirco Pierferderici and Alejandro Barionuevo.

DeCONNICK: Kelly Sue co-writes GHOST #4 with the series’ artist, Phil Noto for Dark Horse.  At Marvel Kelly Sue writes AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #12 focusing on Black Widow with the art of Pete Woods and CAPTAIN MARVEL #10 with the art of Filipe Andrade.

DeFALCO: Tom writes SUPERBOY #17, the penultimate chapter of the ‘H’el on Earth’ cross over with art by R. B. Silva and Rob Lean for DC and at Marvel he writes one of the two all age adventures in MARVEL UNIVERSE: ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #11 with Ty Templeton’s art.

DIDIO: Dan writes PHANTOM STRANGER #5 with Brent Anderson’s art and guest starring the Spectre.

DIGGLE: Andy writes the main story in the YOUNG ROMANCE: NEW 52 VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL #1 where Wonder Woman consults with Eros about her feelings for the Man of Steel with the art by Gene Ha.  At IDW Andy writes DOCTOR WHO III #6 concluding the two part story with Craig Hamilton’s art and at Image he begins a new original series with ☼SNAPSHOT #1 OF 4; the art is by Jock and the story is of a nerd who works in a San Francisco comic shop where all is fine until he finds a cell phone containing incriminating pictures of a murder.  Jock and Andy work extremely well together and the sample pages offered in this months’ catalog have led me to make this the Pick of the Month.

DIXON: Chuck is one of the writers of the tales in SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN TP #13 featuring stories from the Marvel magazine series fully remastered, Chuck and Mike Costa wrote the stories in G.I. JOE/COBRA: CIVIL WAR COMPENDIUM HC, Chuck is a contributing writer to SIMPSONS COMICS #199 with art by Phil Ortiz and Dan DeCarlo and he adapts ROBERT JORDAN’S WHEEL OF TIME: EYE OF THE WORLD #34 with art by Francis Nuguit.

EDMONDSON: Nathan and Mitch Gerads write and illustrate ACTIVITY #13 beginning the third arc and, with artist Tonci Zonjic writes WHERE IS JAKE ELLIS #4 OF 5, both creator owned titles from Image.  At Marvel Nathan wrote the ULTIMATE COMICS: IRON MAN TP with art by Matteo Buffagni.

ELLIS: Warren developed the concept and wrote the story that is adapted by Marie Javins in the IRON MAN: EXTREMIS PROSE NOVEL HC; the Extremis concept will form the basis of the upcoming film.

ENNIS: Garth continues his mature take with FURY MAX #9 where Nick and Frank Castle become POW’s in Vietnam illustrated by Goran Parlov. And now that ‘The Boys’ has ended Garth begins GARTH ENNIS’ RED TEAM #1, a crime drama focusing on the NYPD’s elite anti-narcotics unit featuring art by Craig Cermak.  Garth also continues his war stories in BATTLEFIELDS #4 OF 6: THE FALL & RISE OF ANNA KHARKOVA with art by Russell Braun.

FIALKOV: Joshua writes I, VAMPIRE #17 with the art of Dennis Calero as Cain and Mary are involved in a vampire love triangle that’s put some stones in the road of the rescue of Andrew Bennett.  Joshua also writes the LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #5 this month with the art of Phil Hester and a story involving Slam Bradley.  Joshua and Peter Milligan write the stories in the I, VAMPIRE TP #2: RISE OF THE VAMPIRES with the art of Andrea Sorrentino.  At Marvel Joshua Hale is writing the spin off from the pages of Spider-Man: ALPHA: BIG TIME #1 OF 5 which is illustrated by Nuno Plati.

FINCH: David will draw and Geoff Johns will write JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 which will lead into the much anticipated ‘Trinity War’; the team is Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Katana, Vibe, Hawkman and Stargirl, the first story is ‘World’s Most Dangerous’ and it appears the title refers to the Martian Manhunter. The comic is offered with a variant cover for each of the fifty states plus Puerto Rico and Washington DC making fifty two variants and there’s a package that contains all the covers for a hundred and fifty bucks.

FRACTION: Matt writes FANTASTIC FOUR #4 with art by Mark Bagley and FF #4 with artist Mike Allred, he continues his surprisingly good work on HAWKEYE #8 with art by David Aja.  Matt’s work is collected in the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN TP #10: LONG WAY DOWN with the art of Salvador Larroca, the HAWKEYE TP #1: MY LIFE AS WEAPON and MIGHTY THOR BY MATT FRACTION TP #3 with artists Barry Kitson and Pepe Larraz.

GAGE: Christos writes ANGEL & FAITH #19 and the collected ANGEL & FAITH TP #3: FAMILY REUNION with artist Rebekah Isaacs for Dark Horse as well as BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: WILLOW WONDERLAND #4 OF 5 which is co-written by Jeff Parker and features the art of Brian Ching and Jason Gorder.  At Marvel he writes MARVEL’S IRON MAN 3: PRELUDE #2 OF 2 with art by Steve Kurth and MARVEL’S THOR ADAPTATION #2 OF 2 with artist Lan Medina.  Christos and Rick Remender wrote the material collected in the AVENGERS VS X-MEN TP: AVENGERS ACADEMY with Tom Grummett’s artwork.

GAIMAN: Neil teams up with artist Paul (‘Concrete’) Chadwick to tell the tale of ‘The Day the Saucers Came’ featured in ☼DARK HORSE PRESENTS #21; three new series’ begin in this issue as well.  FEMINISM IN THE WORLDS OF NEIL GAIMAN SC is a collection of sixteen new essays discussing Neil’s comics, novels and screenplays.

GIFFEN: Keith is the writer of THRESHOLD #2 with renegade Green Lantern Jediah Caul fighting Blue Beetle in outer space illustrated by Tom Raney; the Larfleeze back up story features artist Scott Kolins.  Keith is one of the artists on LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #17; Keith co-writes the story with Paul Levitz and inks Scott Kolins’ pencils as the team battles the Fatal Five.

GILLEN: Kieron writes IRON MAN #6, the art is by Greg Land and Tony is in a bar in outer space with ladies; what could go wrong?  Kieron also writes YOUNG AVENGERS #2 with artist Jamie McKelvie guest starring the Uncanny Avengers and at the time of this writing the first issue hasn’t been released yet but Marvel refers to the title as their ‘most critically acclaimed’; (they have no shame). 

GISCHLER: Best selling crime novelist, Victor writes the SHADOW #11 with Aaron Campbell illustrating and this issue concludes the ‘Revolutionary’ storyline. 

GLASS: Adam writes SUICIDE SQUAD #17 with art by Sandu Florea as a dangerous surprise from Yo-Yo’s past and an unsuspected familiar face returns.

GRAY/PALMIOTTI: Best friends and long time collaborators, Justin and Jimmy write ALL STAR WESTERN #17 telling the terrible secret history of Gotham City illustrated by Moritat; the back up story with art by Staz Johnson introduces Jenny Freedom and the Stormwatch team of the nineteenth century.  They also write AME COMI GIRLS #5 OF 5 featuring Supergirl who, with Power Girl confronts an alien invasion with art by Santi Casas and HUMAN BOMB #3 OF 4 with artist Jerry Ordway.  In collected editions their ALL STAR WESTERN TP #2: LORDS AND OWLS has tentative ties to the ‘Court of Owls’ tale and G.I. COMBAT TP #1: THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT features today’s military at war with prehistoric creatures, plus the Haunted Tank and the Unknown Soldier stories with art by Ariel Olivetti and Howard Chaykin.  Besides their work for DC Jimmy and Justin have an original ongoing story each month in CREATOR OWNED HEROES #9 at Image.

GUGGENHEIM: Marc along with Andrew Kreisberg writes ARROW #4 with Mike Grell’s art; as these two also write the television program of the same name I expect that the comic will be as good as the show.

HAMA: Larry writes G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #187 with the art of S. L. Galant.  If you’re a fan check out Fred Van Lente’s listing as he’ll be writing a new series.

HESTER: Phil provides the art for LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #5, a story featuring Slam Bradley written by Joshua Hale Fialkov for DC and Phil writes GUARDING THE GLOBE #6 with art by Todd Nauck and John Rauch, a spin off title from the ‘Invincible’ universe.

HICKMAN: At Image Jonathan writes ☼MANHATTAN PROJECTS #11 with the art of Nick Pitarra; now that the Science Lords of Manhattan control Earth will they make it better?  At Marvel Jonathan writes NEW AVENGERS #3 with Steve Epting’s art as a new member joins the Illuminati; would you trust them to use the Infinity Gems wisely?  In AVENGERS #5 Smasher, the first human to ever become a member of the Imperial Guard fights against an invading force while in AVENGERS #6 the universe gains sentience; both feature the art of Adam Kubert.

HIGGINS: Kyle writes NIGHTWING #17, a ‘Death of the Family’ tie in featuring the hyper detailed art of Juan Jose Ryp as Dick Grayson’s life is in ruins and he wonders if his career as Nightwing is over.

HILL: Joe writes LOCKE & KEY: OMEGA #3 OF 7 with art by Gabriel Rodriguez; this is the final arc of the series which has been optioned as a television series.  Joe writes under a pseudonym so as not to benefit from the fame of his father, Stephen King.  The LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES SPECIAL EDITION HC gathers the second volume along with the original scripts in a leather and foil embossed oversized edition for a hundred dollars.

HINE: David has been writing Top Cow’s flagship title for a while now; his work with artist Jeremy Haun is collected in the DARKNESS: REBIRTH TP #1 and DARKNESS: REBIRTH TP #2 and they also offer DARKNESS #112.  David is also writing a creator owned project with artists Doug Braithwaite and Ulises Arreola at Image: STORM DOGS #4 OF 6, a space faring war tale.  At Avatar he writes NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: AFTERMATH #5 with art by German Erramouspe.

HOPELESS: Dennis is co-writing a bizarre hero title set in Cincinnati with series artist Mike Norton for Dark Horse, ANSWER #2 OF 4.  At Marvel he writes AVENGERS ARENA #4, a battle royale style death match with the Runaways versus the Avengers Academy and in AVENGERS ARENA #5 the Braddock Academy vs themselves, the former with art by Alessandro Vitti and the latter with Kev Walker.  Dennis also writes CABLE AND X-FORCE #4 as the team commit acts that will brand them criminals which is illustrated by Salvador Larroca.

HUMPHRIES: Sam writes UNCANNY X-FORCE #2 where the team battles Bishop with art by Ron Garney and ULTIMATE COMICS: ULTIMATES #21 where Iron Patriot battles Cap with Scot Eaton providing the artwork.  At Boom! Studios Sam and Shane Houghton write FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES #11 illustrated by Jerry Gaylord.

HURWITZ: Gregg writes BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #17 with new series artist Ethan Van Sciver as the Caped Crusader fights the demented Mad Hatter.

JENKINS: Paul launches a new fantasy series for Boom!; FAIRY QUEST #1 OF 2 with art by Humberto Romos.  Set in Fablewood where all stories live side by side this project was originally a Kickstarter project and is being released in individual issues for the first time.  Paul also writes DEATHMATCH #3 with the art of Carlos Magno.

JOHNS: Geoff writes JUSTICE LEAGUE #17, a full issue conclusion to the ‘Throne of Atlantis’ with Joe Prado inking Ivan Reis’ pencils; the epilogue to the tale will be in Geoff’s AQUAMAN #17 with artists Paul Pelletier and Art Thibert as the discovered history of Atlantis poses more questions than it answers.  Geoff writes JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 which will lead up to the much anticipated ‘Trinity War’; David Finch provides the artwork.  Billed as ‘not the most popular, but the world’s most dangerous’ the team consists of Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Katana, Vibe, Hawkman and Stargirl.  DC is offering a different variant cover for every state in the union with a complete package of all fifty two covers offered for a  hundred and fifty bucks.  Geoff will also be writing JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA”S VIBE #1 along with author Andrew Kreisberg, a new monthly series featuring a character who the fans voted off the team the last time he was in comics; Geoff must have a new angle on the character to convince DC to not only put him on the team but to give him a regular series; the art will be by Pete Woods.  Geoff continues to write GREEN LANTERN #17, part of a follow up cross over to the ‘Rise of the Third Army’ titled ‘Wrath of the First Lantern’; Doug Mahnke remains the series artist.  One of Geoff’s first projects for DC is collected in the DAY OF JUDGEMENT TP, an adventure in Hell starring the Demon Etrigan with art by Steve Mitchell, the book also contains the related ‘Secret Files’.  The SUPERMAN VS ZOD TP was co-written with Richard Donner with art by Rags Morales plus some older battles with Zod with art by Curt Swan.  DC also has the DC COMICS NEW 52 T/C and BINDER featuring art and information from the relaunch.

JOHNSON: Mike writes the penultimate chapter of ‘H’el on Earth’ in SUPERGIRL #17 with series artist Mahmud A. Asrar and the prequel to the upcoming movie with START TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS #2 with artist David Messina as well as STAR TREK ONGOING #18 which he co-writes with Ryan Parrott and the art is by Claudia Balboni.  Mike and Mairghread Scott write TRANSFORMERS PRIME: RAGE OF THE DINOBOTS #4 OF 4 with artist Agustin Padilla.

JORDAN: Justin writes the popular new TEAM 7 #5 revealing the secret history of the DCU’s Cyborg Program with art by Pascal Alixe and he writes DEATHSTROKE #17 as the mercenary takes a job that may be too reprehensible for him to complete; the art is by Edgar Salazar and Scott Hanna.  At Image Justin writes the second series of his creator owned series with LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE #3 OF 6 with art by Tradd Moore and at Valiant he and the series artist Patrick Zircher co-write SHADOWMAN #4.

JURGENS: Dan writes and pencils FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN #17 guest starring the Teen Titans whose assistance is needed to stop Firestorm from losing control of his powers.

KEATINGE: Joe writes DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #17 focusing on Roy ‘Arsenal’ Harper and guest starring Red Hood and Starfire; Ricken provides the art as Arsenal battles Killer Croc in Japan.  At Image Joe writes GLORY #33 with art by Ross Campbell, the third of this teams’ four issue arc.  Joe also continues his creator owned title, HELL YEAH #7 with the art of Andre Szymanowicz.  At Marvel he writes MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE #2 with Richard Elson as Michael tries to curb his tendencies in this series that Marvel says ‘fans have been demanding’.  Hrrm.  Joe also writes one of the two stories in the all age MARVEL UNIVERSE: AVENGERS-EARTH’S HEROES #11 as Captain America fights Nightmare in his dreams, the art for this story is by Khoi Pham.

KINDT: Matt offers ☼MIND MGMT #8 as well as the ☼MIND MGMT HC #1 which he writes and illustrates, a tale of a psychic spy agency who may just ‘disappear’ your memories.  A fascinating and complex series executed in a personal and original style, this is highly recommended. 

KIRKMAN: Robert’s all age series is offered as the SUPER DINOSAUR TP #3 with art by Jason Howard, Robert and James Asmus write THIEF OF THIEVES #13 with Shawn Martinbrough’s art; the series was created by Kirkman and Nick Spencer and has been picked up by AMC for some kind of film treatment and, of course Robert writes WALKING DEAD #107 with art by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

LAPHAM: David  concludes this series that I suspect we’ll see on the big screen before too long, THE STRAIN #11  with art by Mike Huddleston at Dark Horse,  He writes AGE OF APOCALYPSE #12 with art by Renato Arlem for Marvel and at Avatar he writes his creator owned ☼DAN THE UNHARMABLE #10 with the art of Rafael Ortiz.  Also at Avatar David writes CALIGULA: HEART OF ROME #3 OF 6 with artist German Noble as the demon Nero begins to compete for the heart of Rome and CROSSED: BADLANDS #23 and #24 with artist Miguel Garrido, the zombie series for those who find the ‘Walking Dead’ too tame.

LAYMAN: John’s recently serialized story that’s been running in the pages of Dark Horse Presents features the art of industry legend Sam Kieth and is now collected as ALIENS HC: INHUMAN CONDITION, at DC he writes DETECTIVE COMICS #17, a ‘Death of the Family’ tie in as Batman tracks the League of Smiles, a psychopathic group of Joker sycophants; the art is by Jason Fabok and Andy Clarke.  At IDW John writes MARS ATTACKS #7 with art by John McCrea and the first arc is collected in the MARS ATTACKS TP #1: ATTACK FROM SPACE and at Image he writes his award winning series with artist Rob Guillory, CHEW #32.  Rob Guillory also offers the CHEW POSTER #1: SECRET AGENT POYO depicting the battle between Poyo and Mecha-Turducken.

LEMIRE: I’ve heard some dissatisfaction with the direction DC has been taking with their archer; apparently they heard the same; GREEN ARROW #17 welcomes the new creative team of Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino.  Now that Ollie has lost his fortune, company and heritage he learns new information about his father.  Oh, and he battles the archer Komodo.  Jeff is a brilliant writer so if you’ve been unhappy with recent issues you may want to give it another shot when issue seventeen arrives.  In ANIMAL MAN #17 Scott Snyder joins Jeff to write the penultimate chapter of ‘Rotworld’ with Steve Pugh’s art, then Jeff joins Scott for the final chapter with the art of Marco Rudy in SWAMP THING #17.  Jeff also continues with JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #17 as the team is captive on a world of magic where Tim Hunter is king; Jeff shares the writing with Ray Fawkes and the art is by the talented Mikel Janin.

LEVITZ: Paul continues as the scribe on WORLD’S FINEST #9 with George Perez’ art and in LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #17 the team faces the Fatal Five as Keith Giffen joins Scott Kolins for the cover and interior art.  Keith and Paul worked together more than three decades ago on this team so I’d expect great things from the reunion.  There is a Sgt. Rock tale written by Paul in JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #5 OF 6 illustrated by the late legendary creator appropriately titled ‘Farewell’.

LISS: Historical fiction novelist, David writes THE SPIDER #9 with artist Ivan Rodriguez under a cover by Francesco Francavilla.  Due to his comic work I tried one of his novels earlier in the year and am presently reading the fifth of his seven (so far) novels; great tales, characters and, especially the historical details.

LIU: Marjorie continues to write ASTONISHING X-MEN #59 with art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta as Northstar and Kyle return home from their honeymoon to face a new threat.  Marjorie’s work is collected in the ASTONISHING X-MEN TP #10: NORTHSTAR which also features related stories from ‘Alpha Flight’ and ‘Nation X’ as well as the wedding.

LOBDELL: Scott writes the conclusion to the ‘H’el on Earth’ cross over in SUPERMAN #17 with artist Kenneth Rocafort; the only hope of success will require a sacrifice.  Scott also writes RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #17, a ‘Death of the Family’ tie in as Bruce confronts Jason Todd; the art is by Timothy Green.  In TEEN TITANS #17 Scott welcomes new art team Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira as the team is reunited after the events of ‘Death of the Family’; unfortunately Red Robin did not return unscathed.

LOEB: Jeph writes the return of the Human Rocket in NOVA #1 with long time collaborator Ed McGuinness.  Also Jeph’s work with Tim Sale returns to print with the X-MEN: WOLVERINE/GAMBIT TP.

MARZ: Science fiction writer Ron Marz continues the title that ties together the Top Cow Universe with ARTIFACTS #26 illustrated by Stjepan Sejic featuring Witchblade, Darkness and Tom Judge.

MIÉVILLE: China continues on DIAL H #9 in a story titled ‘Dial M for Minotaura’ set in Canada with art by Alberto Ponticelli and Dan Green.

MIGNOLA: Mike and Scott Allie write B.P.R.D.-HELL ON EARTH: ABYSS TIME #2 OF 2, set in prehistoric times with the art of James Harren, he writes B.P.R.D.: 1948 #5 OF 5 with John Arcudi with art by Max Fiumara and BALTIMORE: WIDOW & THE TANK, a one shot co-written with Michael Golden      with art by Ben Stenbeck.  Mike writes and illustrates ☼HELLBOY IN HELL #3 as our hero encounters family members in Hell and the reunions are not warm ones.  The ☼BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT TP returns to print, a Victorian era Batman tale written by Brian Augustyn with Mike’s artwork and the collection also includes the sequel, ‘Master of the Future’.

MILLAR: Mark’s ☼SUPERIOR TP collects the seven issue series illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu, the story of a twelve year old boy suffering from muscular sclerosis who becomes the world’s greatest super hero; an unusually touching story among Mark’s usual work.  Also Mark’s work has been adapted to a novel with the CIVIL WAR PROSE NOVEL with Stuart Moore writing the adaptation.

MILLIGAN: Pete writes HELLBLAZER #300, the final issue of Vertigo’s longest running title; it’s a double sized issue, the conclusion of the ‘Death and Cigarettes’ tale with the art of Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini and I’m not certain that Constantine will survive, although his adventures will continue in the DC Universe as they have for the past year as a regular in the ‘Justice League Dark’ series.  Pete writes one of the tales in the YOUNG ROMANCE VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL as well as STORMWATCH #17 with Will Conrad’s art as a team member dies and the team’s headquarters are gone as well. 

MOORE: Not Terry, Alan!  The ☼DC UNIVERSE BY ALAN MOORE TP collects just about everything Alan did for DC excepting his Vertigo work and the ‘Killing Joke’.  At Avatar Press ☼FASHION BEAST #6 OF 10 continues with art by Facundo Percio adapting Alan’s screenplay from the late eighties telling the story of a dystopic and impoverished world where advancing in the fashion industry is one of the only opportunities left.  The PETER BAGGE: OTHER STUFF TP gathers his short stories of Buddy Bradley and more including the KOOL-AID MAN tale written by Alan.  But the big news is ☼NEMO: HEART OF ICE HC, a complete and new forty eight page ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ adventure illustrated by Kevin O’Neill of course.

MORRISON: Grant writes ☼ACTION COMICS #17, an extra sized issue and, sadly, Grant’s final issue on the series.  Big Red will fight to save all of creation under the detailed pencils of Rags Morales.  In ☼BATMAN INCORPORATED #8 all of the clues and characters Grant has introduced was leading to this issue with art, as usual by Chris Burnham.  Grant’s collaboration with artist Sean (‘Punk Rock Jesus’) Murphy gets collected in the ☼JOE THE BARBARIAN TP, a bizarre and highly recommended series.

NELSON: Arvid writes WARLORD OF MARS #28 for Dynamite Entertainment with art by Leandro Oliveira as well as the adventures of Tarzan in LORD OF THE JUNGLE #14 with art by Roberto Castro.

NICIEZA: Fabian writes BATWING #17 with art by Allan Jefferson as our hero battles the Sky Pirate and realizes that bringing justice to a country that doesn’t want it is a serious impediment to crime fighting.

NILES: Steve continues the cross over between his two most popular creations in CRIMINAL MACABRE: FINAL NIGHT/30 DAYS XOVER #3 OF 4 with the art of Christopher Mitten and the CRIMINAL MACABRE: CAL McDONALD CASEBOOK HC #1 collects three limited series and two one shot tales featuring the alcohol infused L.A. P.I. who seems to stumble unwittingly into crimes of the supernatural variety; Ben Templesmith and others provide the artwork.  At Vertigo Steve’s latest horror series concludes with LOT 13 #5 OF 5 with art by Glenn Fabry and at IDW he completes TRANSFUSION #3 OF 3 with art by menton3.  Recent stories are collected in the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: ONGOING TP #3 also with Christopher Mitten’s art.  At Image he begins a new story in CREATOR OWNED HEROES #9.

NOCENTI: Ann will be writing the new KATANA #1 series spinning out of the new ‘Justice League of America’ series featuring the art of Alex Sanchez as well as CATWOMAN #17 with the art of Rafael Sandoval; after her recent battles with Eclipso and the Joker, Selina goes on a crime spree to relieve tension.

OEMING: Michael Avon writes a story and provides art for inclusion in the monthly anthology ☼DARK HORSE PRESENTS #21, he writes ☼POWERS: BUREAU #1 and #2, both written by Brian Michael Bendis following Deena Pilgrim’s new adventures in the FBI.

ORDWAY: Jerry pencils and inks the limited series written by Justin Gray and Jimmie Palmiotti in HUMAN BOMB #3 OF 4.

OSTRANDER: John concludes STAR WARS-AGENT OF THE EMPIRE: HARD TARGETS #5 OF 5 with the art of Davide Fabbri and Christian Dalla Vecchia and writes the penultimate issue of STAR WARS-DAWN OF THE JEDI: PRISONER OF BOGAN #4 OF 5 with art by Jan Duursema both from Dark Horse.  (Hopefully Dark Horse will retain this license as they’ve done so well with it for the past couple decades, although I hear people worrying that Disney will give it to Marvel.)

PAK: Greg writes X-TREME X-MEN #10 and #11 with the art of Stephen Segovia; Xavier isn’t quite right and the team may be unable to close the tears between dimensions without him.  The first arc is collected in X-TREME X-MEN TP #1: XAVIER MUST DIE with Segovia and Paco Diaz’ art.

PARKER: Jeff along with Christos N. Gage writes BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: WILLOW WONDERLAND #4 OF 5 with art by Brian Ching and Jason Gorder for Dark Horse.  At Marvel Jeff writes RED SHE-HULK #62 guest starring Captain America with art by Carlo Pagulayan and Wellington Alves and DARK AVENGERS #187 with art by Neil Edwards as the team tries to fight their way out of King Thing’s torture pit.

PEREZ: George provides art and layouts for Paul Levitz’ WORLD’S FINEST #9 and his legendary work with Marv Wolfman is collected in the NEW TEEN TITANS OMNIBUS HC #3 and George was also a contributing artist to the CRISIS ON MULTIPLE EARTHS TP #6 which was written by Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas, a free-for-all with the JLA, the JSA, Gorilla Grodd, the Secret Society of Super-Villains, the Crime Syndicate and the Crime Champions of Earth-1.

REMENDER: Rick’s creator owned project with Dark Horse gets its’ second deluxe collection in the FEAR AGENT HC #2 with art by Tony Moore.  At Marvel Rick writes UNCANNY AVENGERS #5 with Olivier Coipel’s art as Wonder Man, Wasp and Sunfire join the team and Havok’s leadership abilities are questioned and CAPTAIN AMERICA #4 introducing Jet Black, a villain with a personal vendetta against the patriotic hero; the series artist is John Romita.  The SECRET AVENGERS BY RICK REMENDER PREMIERE HC #3 features artists Matteo Scalera and Andy Kuhn and the material in the AVENGERS VS X-MEN TP: AVENGERS ACADEMY was written by Rick and Christos N. Gage with Tom Grummett and others illustrating.  Rick is one of the many people interviewed for the PLUGGED IN: COMICS IN THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY SC with discussions spanning from the early days of Atari to comic creators who have made the jump to video game writing and design.

RICH: Jamie writes a story of voyeuristic ghosts with art by Joëlle Jones in CREEPY COMICS #11 and he writes IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS #7 with art by Mike Norton beginning a new two part story. 

ROBERSON: Chris writes the company wide crossover in MASKS #4 with art by Dennis Calero and featuring the Spider, Green Hornet, Miss Fury, the Black Terror, the Shadow, the Green Lama and more battling a corrupt justice system personified by the Black Legions.

ROBINSON: James writes EARTH TWO #9 beginning a new arc as Dr. Fate makes his debut to deal with the proliferation of supernatural threats on Earth Two; Nicola and Trevor Scott provide the artwork.  The ☼STARMAN OMNIBUS TP #3 collects more of the critically acclaimed series illustrated by Tony Harris.

RUCKA: New York Times Best-selling crime novelist finishes his latest run with PUNISHER WAR ZONE #5 OF 5 featuring the art of Carmine Di Giandomenico and Marco Checchetto and, contrary to the title Greg co-wrote the material in the DAREDEVIL BY MARK WAID TP #3 with the art of Khoi Pham and others which gathers the crossover between Daredevil, Spider-Man and the Punisher.

SAMNEE: The recent limited series is collected as the ☼ROCKETEER: CARGO OF DOOM HC also available in a limited ‘direct market’ edition with the four issues written by Matt Wagner and illustrated by Chris and with author Mark Waid, Chris continues providing the art for DAREDEVIL #23.  The DAREDEVIL BY MARK WAID PREMIERE HC #4 collects Waid and Samnee’s work along with one issue that Mike Allred drew.

SEELEY: At Dark Horse Tim concludes EX SANGUINE #5 OF 5 which he co-writes with Josh Emmons and illustrates, a crime horror tale with vampires and federal agents.  The G.I. JOE: DISAVOWED TP #7 has art by Tim and Emiliano Santalucia and was written by Brandon Jerwa for IDW.  Tim writes HACK/SLASH #24 with art by Elena Casagrande, REVIVAL #7 with art by Mike Norton and WITCHBLADE #164 with the art of Diego Bernhard and Fred Benes for Image.

SIMONE: Gail writes BATGIRL #17, a ‘Death of the Family’ tie in with art by Ed Benes under a cover by Juan Jose Ryp.  James Gordon, Jr. has plans for his sister.

SLOTT: Dan writes SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #3 and #4 with art by Ryan Stegman on the former and Giuseppe Camuncoli on the latter.  Dan along with Kurt Busiek wrote the stories collected in the SPIDER-MAN/LIZARD TP: NO TURNING BACK with the art of Camuncoli and Ron Frenz.

SNYDER: Scott writes BATMAN #17 with artist Greg Capullo; this is the conclusion of the ‘Death of the Family’ cross over.  Scott also writes TALONS #5 with art by Guillem March and with Jeff Lemire Scott writes ANIMAL MAN #17 with art by Steve Pugh and SWAMP THING #17 with the art of Maro Rudy, the latter being the finale of the ‘Rotworld’ cross over.   Scott’s ☼BATMAN TP #1: THE COURT OF OWLS contains the first seven issues beautifully illustrated by Greg Capullo. 

SPENCER: Along with Jonathan Hickman and Sean Murphy, Nick Spencer is one of the creators who have brought about a new renaissance to the comic industry.  Not since the late eighties when Frank Miller, Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman were all at the apex of their skills did we have such a swell of creativity.  Nick writes ☼BEDLAM #5 with art by Riley Rossmo set in a city that makes Gotham look like Disneyland and with a main character who makes the Joker look sane.  At Marvel Nick will write the new SECRET AVENGERS #1 led by Nick Fury.  The team features Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Winter Soldier, Maria Hill and more, taking on covert operations so secret that even the team members aren’t allowed to have knowledge of their missions.  Luke Ross will be handling the artwork.

SPURRIER: Simon writes X-MEN LEGACY #6 ending the first arc with Legion trying to convince the team that he’s here to help stop an assassination plot; the arc began with art by Tan Eng Huat, this issues’ art is by Jorge Molina.  At Avatar Press Simon writes the CROSSED ANNUAL 2013 #1 with art by Gabriel Andrade, a one shot story focusing on Jackson, the mad Scotsman, this is a good introduction to the obscenely violent series. 

STRACZYNSKI: Joe concludes ☼BEFORE WATCHMEN: DR MANHATTAN #4 OF 4 with Adam Hughes’ artwork.  If it ends like the ‘Silk Spectre’ series did, it will lead right up to the events in the classic ‘Watchmen’ series.

SWIERCZYNSKI: Duane has a story in ☼DARK HORSE PRESENTS #21 (which features a new story by Neil Gaiman; did I mention that?).  At DC Duane writes BIRDS OF PREY #17 with art by Romano Molenaar where Dinah is acting strange; could Kurt Lance still be alive?  For IDW Duane writes GODZILLA ONGOING #10 with Simon Gane’s art and JUDGE DREDD #4 with art by Nelson Daniel and Inaki Miranda and for Valiant he writes BLOODSHOT #8 with Manuel Garcia; their first arc is collected in the BLOODSHOT TP #1.  Valiant has been offering these first collected editions for fifteen bucks but recently decided to lower the price to ten bucks making it a little easier for new readers to give these popular new series a chance.

THOMAS: Roy, along with Gerry Conway wrote the stories collected in the CRISIS ON MULTIPLE EARTHS TP #6 with George Perez and others providing the artwork.  The MARVEL MASTERWORKS: INVINCIBLE IRON MAN HC #8 features the retelling of the origin that was written by Roy and illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith, the book contains issues thirty nine through fifty three.  The MMW: CAPTAIN MARVEL TP #1 also features Roy’s work along with that of artists Don Heck and Gene Colan.  The ROY THOMAS PRESENTS #3: PLANET COMICS HC collecting the comics of the same name from the early forties with art by Carmine Infantino and the ROY THOMAS PRESENTS: PHANTOM LADY COLLECTED WORKS HC #2 with stories from 1948 to 1955 with art by Carmine as well as Matt Baker.  Roy and Gerry Conway are both interviewed for the PLUGGED IN: COMICS IN THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY SC.  There is also an extensive interview with Roy in COMIC HEROES MAGAZINE #17, the theme is technology based heroes so the focus will be on Iron Man, Cyborg, Vision, Machine Man, Judge Dredd, etc. 

TIERI: Frank takes over the SAVAGE HAWKMAN #17 with Art Thibert and Joe Bennett illustrating.  I know that many people that I speak to weren’t thrilled with Rob Liefeld’s work on the title; hopefully they’ll give it another try now that Rob has moved on.  Frank writes one of the two all age stories in MARVEL UNIVERSE: AVENGERS-EARTH’S HEROES #11, a battle between Thor and Hercules with Tim Levins’ art.  The DEADPOOL CLASSIC TP #8 was written by Frank and Buddy Scalera with art by Georges Jeanty and Jim Calafiore.

TOMASI: Peter writes BATMAN AND ROBIN #17 with artists Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray featuring most every villain whose ever battled the Caped Crusader getting ready to celebrate Gotham’s three hundredth anniversary.  Peter writes GREEN LANTERN CORPS #17 with Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna providing the art as the ‘Wrath of the First Lantern’ cross over continues. 

TOMINE: Adrian illustrated one of the Buddy Bradley stories collected in the PETER BAGGE: OTHER STUFF TP.

VAN LENTE: Fred writes the new ongoing G.I. JOE #1 with art by Steve Kurth, the first of three new G.I. Joe series, one new one per month starting here.  The public knows of the team now and they’re operating on American soil.  The MARVEL NOIR: WOLVERINE AND X-MEN TP collects the two limited series plus the connected one shots with art by Dennis Calero and C. P. Smith.  At Valiant Fred writes ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #7 with the art of Emanuela Lupacchino.

VAN SCIVER: Ethan continues his first arc as series artist on BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #17 written by Gregg Hurwitz with our hero in battle with the Mad Hatter.

VAUGHAN: Brian writes his brilliant star spanning science fiction series with art by Fiona Staples, ☼SAGA #10, one of the best comics on the market, in my humble opinion. There’s a first volume available in trade paperback format; I highly recommend it.

VENDITTI: Robert writes DEMON KNIGHTS #17 with art by Bernard Chang for DC and X-O MANOWAR #10 for Valiant with art by Trevor Hairsine.  The Valiant relaunch has been superior to any of their previous attempts.  If you have any fond memories of these characters you might want to give one of these a try and X-O was the first one launched and is consequently a good place to start.

WAGNER: Matt writes ☼THE SHADOW: YEAR ONE #1 OF 8 with art by Wilfredo Torres finally revealing how he developed his persona as the Master of Darkness, how he first met Margo Lane and all his other secrets.

WAID: Mark wrote and Chris Samnee illustrated ☼ROCKETEER: CARGO OF DOOM HC, a fine story and a faithful tribute to the work of the late Dave Stevens.  INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #4 is written by Mark with the art of Leinil Francis Yu; I’ve only read the first issue but the art was great and the premise very promising as Bruce Banner approaches S.H.I.E.L.D. and suggests that, rather than hunting the Hulk maybe they should try employing Bruce, as he’s at least as smart as Tony Stark or Reed Richards and then if he ‘hulks out’ they’ll know where he is.  Mark and Samnee also work together on ☼DAREDEVIL #23 which has been Marvel’s best book for the past year and this issue begins a new arc and is a perfect jumping on point.  Daredevil has always been the Marvel character that attracts the best creators like Batman at DC because Matt Murdock is a well developed character with a strong supporting cast and he has ‘issues’ (no pun intended).  The DAREDEVIL BY MARK WAID PREMIERE HC #4 collects the previous arc where Foggy has had enough and fires Matt from the law firm, which proves timely for the firm as Matt is wanted by the NYPD before the story is over.  These stories also feature the great story telling of artist Chris Samnee except one issue where Mike Allred was the guest artist.  The arc previous to that one is collected in the DAREDEVIL BY MARK WAID TP #3, partially written by Greg Rucka and with art by Khoi Pham.

WAY: Daniel is writing THUNDERBOLTS #4 and #5 with art by Steve Dillon, the team is on their first mission under the leadership of Red Hulk; as Stan would say, ‘Nuff Said. 

WELLS: Zeb writes and Dale Keown draws one of the two tales in A PLUS X #5 involving a team up between Iron Man and Beast; the other story is by Kathryn Immonen and David Lafuente and is an adventure with Iron Fist and Doop.  And speaking of Kathryn, she also writes JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #649 with art by Valerio Schitti guest starring the Superior Spider-Man.

WHEDON: The BUFFY: MAKING OF A SLAYER DELUXE HC celebrates the fifteenth anniversary with this authorized volume with pictures, expanding to Joss’ other works and including an envelope tucked into the front cover with thirteen removable replicas of ancient spells and prophecies used in the program, ‘Slayer Lore: Texts and Magicks for the Battle’.

WILLINGHAM: Bill writes FABLES #126 with Mark Buckingham’s pencils and Steve Leialoha’s inks; the spin off title, FAIREST #12 is written by Lauren Beukes with the art of Inaki Miranda.

WILLIAMS: J. H. illustrates and co-writes with W. Haden Blackman BATWOMAN #17 bringing to an end this arc with Wonder Woman joining our hero to battle Medusa and a horde of villains.

WINICK: The second collection with the art of Dustin Nguyen and Marcus To, BATWING TP #2: IN THE SHADOW OF ANCIENTS brings the African vigilante in contact with the Court of Owls.

WOLFMAN: The NEW TEEN TITANS OMNIBUS HC #3 continues compiling the hit series of the eighties by Marv and George Perez.

WOOD: Brian writes STAR WARS #2, the new ongoing series picking up in the aftermath of the destruction of the Death Star with art by Carlos D’anda under an Alex Ross cover, Brian’s ☼MASSIVE #8 is illustrated by Garry Brown continuing the tale of the post environmental collapse and it’s effects on the cast at sea as well as the rest of the world’s population.  Brian writes CONAN THE BARBARIAN #13 with the art of Mirko Colak, all from Dark Horse.  ☼MARA #3 OF 6 is Brian’s latest creator owned work with art by Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire and tells a tale of socially aware super heroics, the bigotry, bias and fear that those who are different engender.  At Marvel Brian writes ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN #22  concluding the ‘Reservation X’ arc with art by Carlo Barberi as the mutants ponder an end to world hunger.  ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN #23 begins the ‘Natural Resources’ story as society attempts to put a price on super powers; the artist for this arc is still to be determined.

YOST: Christopher writes SCARLET SPIDER #14 with art by Khoi Pham and AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #17 with Paco Medina’s art.  With Peter Parker out of the picture the ‘Avenging’ title now features the Superior Spider-Man who meets up with the Future Foundation this issue.  The SCARLET SPIDER TP #2: LONE STAR collects Kaine’s battle against Roxxon and the damage their corporate greed has done to Houston and the Gulf of Mexico.

And that concludes December’s long winded newsletter.  The catalog containing all of this information is available for your perusal at the shop (and it has pictures!) and it also includes magazines, tee shirts, trading cards, action figures, statues, imports, videos, posters, novelties and more so feel free to check it out when you stop by.

And if I didn’t burden you with enough to read another email will show up in your mail box soon with the purpose of keeping you up to date on upcoming events that are currently on the drawing board.

Thank you all for your orders, friendship and support; it’s an honor to be complicit in helping you with your reading and collecting and it is an honor that I don’t take lightly, to be trusted to assist in getting what you need to keep your collections complete and make sure that you’re reading the best that the creators and publishers have to offer.  All the best to you and yours; I hope that you have a warm and memorable holiday season with plenty of friends and family and much to be thankful for.



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