August 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends:

The new Previews catalog has arrived and features the comics and product due to begin arriving in October. If you see things that you like please let me know by the third week of the month so I can make sure to have it available for you.

Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are: HC (hard cover), TP (trade paperback), SC (soft cover), GN (graphic novel), MMPB (mass market paperback), AF (action figure) T/S (tee shirt) and ☼(an excellent writer, creator or title deserving wider recognition in my humble opinion).

Below I’ll list all of the most popular writers and artists and their current projects but first I’ll go through the publishers and point out anything new or noteworthy that may not be included in the lists below.

        DARK HORSE: THE ADVENTURES OF DR. McNINJA-VOLUME 2: TIMEFIST TP, a time traveling science fiction comedy featuring a cross over with ‘Axe Cop’ is written and illustrated by Chris Hastings, DARK HORSE PRESENTS #17 has the return of Michael T. Gilbert’s ‘Mr. Monster’ and DARKSIDERS II: DEATH’S DOOR HC is written by Andrew Kreisberg with art by Roger Robinson tying in to the new game from Joe Madureira’s ‘Vigil Games’; Joe provides the cover. The UNTOLD TALES OF DOG MENDONCA & PIZZABOY is a one shot by Filipe Melo with Juan Cavia’s art collecting the stories that ran in ‘Dark Horse Presents’. CREEPY COMICS #10 is a H. P. Lovecraft special with writers Doug Moench, John Arcudi, artists Kelley Jones and Richard Corben and more.


        DC: Here are some of the new things going on that I haven’t mentioned in the creator lists below: DC UNIVERSE #13 will debut two new characters in the ‘New 52′; Black Lightning and Blue Devil will team up (or kill each other) as told by Marc Andreyko with the art of Robson Rocha. As I mentioned in last months’ newsletter the ‘zero’ issues of the Lantern titles were preludes to the ‘Rise of the Third Army’; this month all four titles are chapters in the story. I haven’t found any indication of how long the cross over will last but if you’re reading any of the four books and would like to get the whole story please let me know so that I can have enough copies on hand to fill your orders. SWORD OF SORCERY #1 is offered; the new series featuring Amethyst is written by Christy Marx who has written a bunch of cartoons in the past, with the art of Aaron Lopresti. The back up story will be by Tony Bedard with Jesus Saiz’ art and will feature Beowulf. TEAM 7 #1 is written by Justin Jordan with the art of Jesus Merino and features early adventures of Deathstroke, Black Canary, Grifter, Amanda Waller, Steve Trevor and more. In THE RAVAGERS #5 written by Howard Mackie with the art of Ian Churchill, Caitlin and Superboy are reunited and Beast Boy’s powers are reacting to the ‘Rotworld’ happenings in the ‘Animal Man’ and ‘Swamp Thing’ books. A new limited series is JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #1 OF 6, a 48 page book which will also feature other legendary artists; the first issue will have two new Kubert tales including a Hawkman one, an ‘Angel and Ape’ tale from Brian Buniak and a tale of the U.S.S. Stevens by Sam Glanzman. LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #1 is a ‘digital first’ series collecting original, non-continuity short stories that have already appeared online and this issue has writers Damon Lindelof, Jonathan Larsen and Tom Taylor with art by Jeff Lemire, J.G. Jones, Nicola Scott and Wayne Faucher.AME-COMI GIRLS #1: FEATURING WONDER WOMAN is another ‘digital first’ series and this issue features art by Amanda Conner, Tony Akins and Walen Wong in tales written by Gray and Palmiotti. VERTIGO has a eighty page one shot GHOSTS #1 with writing by Geoff Johns and Paul Pope, art by Phil Jimenez and Amy Reader and story and art by Joe Kubert and Gilbert Hernandez and others all telling ghost stories. Max Allan Collins writes a new chapter in the series of graphic novels that inspired the movie with RETURN TO PERDITION TP illustrated by Terry Beatty. DC DIRECT offers a CYBORG ACTION FIGURE, a WONDER WOMAN ACTION FIGURE and a DARKSEID DELUXE ACTION FIGURE, the first two being the standard sized figures for $22.95 and the Darkseid one is thirteen inches tall and priced at $89.95.


        IDW: The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ANNUAL 2012 is written and illustrated by Kevin Eastman, his first full story of his creations in twenty years, MARS ATTACKS: THE HOLIDAY ONE SHOT features such luminaries as Bill Morrison and Fred Hembeck and MAGIC: THE GATHERING-PATH OF VENGEANCE #1 begins the third series and still includes one playable card with each issue. Alan Robert, member of ‘Life of Agony’ writes and illustrates ALAN ROBERT’S KILLOGY #1 OF 4, a story about life in a jail cell shared by three murderers: Frank Vincent, Marky Ramone and Brea Grant. LET’S PLAY GOD #1 OF 4, described as ‘Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Halloween’ is written by Sane and Brea Grant of ‘Suicide Girls’ fame with art by Eric J. THE ZAUCER OF ZILK #1 OF 2 is a psychedelic and magical inter-dimensional journey by Brendan McCarthy and Al Ewing. SCARY #1 collects banned horror comics of the fifties with art legends like Bob Powell and Jack Kamen. The COLONY GN is written by Bob Layton with art by the late, great Dick Giordano and tells of a man in a galactic prison for a crime he didn’t commit.


        IMAGE: To celebrate Top Cow’s twentieth anniversary Marc Silvestri is rebooting CYBERFORCE #1 and, due to a Kickstarter promotion he’s promoting the first five issues as being available for free. I’m not sure how that works as they’re charging the retailers for the copies, but let me know if you’d like to be on board and I will order them for you. The series will be co-written by Matt Hawkins with art by Khoi Pham. MacGYVER: FUGITIVE GAUNTLET #1 OF 5 is co written by his creator Lee David Zltoff with Tony Lee and features the art of Will Sliney. MULTIPLE WARHEADS: ALPHABET TO INFINITY #1 OF 4 is written and illustrated by Brandon Graham of ‘King City’ fame. NON-HUMANS #1 is written by Glen Brunswick with art by Whilce Portacio and described as ‘Blade Runner’ meets ‘Toy Story’. POINT OF IMPACT #1 OF 4 is written by Jay Faerber with art by Koray Juranel and is a black and white crime story. HALLOWEEN EVE is a one shot by Brandon Montclare with art by Amy Reeder and Eve (from the title) has a vivid imagination that runs wild while working late at a costume shop. The NOT MY BAG TP is written and illustrated by Sina Grace of ‘Li’l Depressed Boy’ fame and tells of a young artists’ efforts to retain his soul while working in retail hell.


        MARVEL: As you read through the creator listings below you may notice that many of the Marvel titles will be the final issues of the series’. Marvel will be starting many of their issues over with issue one this fall. It’s not as complete a relaunch as DC did last fall; they plan on releasing a number one issue every week for the next six months. They’re calling this ‘Marvel Now!’ and it begins with MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE #1 which is a 64 page comic for $5.99 featuring a dozen writers and artists. The contents are ‘classified’ but it appears to be a collection of previews. In the wake of the ‘Avengers vs X-Men’ cross over series the two franchises have merged somewhat. The UNCANNY AVENGERS #1, for example is a merging of mutants and super heroes. A-BABIES vs X-BABIES #1 is written by Skottie Young with art by Guruhiru and I don’t know if this is a one shot or ongoing. MARVEL UNIVERSE VS THE AVENGERS #1 OF 4 is written by Jonathan Maberry with art by Leandro Fernandez and is a continuation of the ‘Marvel Universe vs the Punisher’ and ‘Marvel Universe vs Wolverine’ series’. AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #13 is written by Kevin Shinick with art by Aaron Kuder with our hero in prison and a villain team-up of Deadpool and Hypno-Hustler. DEXTER #1 OF 5 is written by the original author Jeff Lindsay with art by Dalibor Talajic. WOLVERINE MAX #1 is written by crime novelist Jason Starr with art by Connor Willumson.


        INDEPENDENTS: Here’s what’s new from the small publishers. ADHOUSE BOOKS offers the WHITE CLAY one shot by Thomas Herpich, a writer/artist on the ‘Adventure Time’ cartoon, ANTARCTIC PRESS has VICTORIAN SECRET: GIRLS OF STEAMPUNK MASQUERADE as well as UNDEATH ROW #1 OF 4, a black and white series telling of inmate experimentation gone wrong. AVATAR PRESS offers the second issue of Alan Moore’s re-imagining of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in FASHION BEAST #2, adapted from Alan’s 1987 screenplay by Anthony Johnston with art by Facundo Percio. BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #1 is more than one hundred pages in full color, arriving every other month for $4.99 per issue; it includes news, reviews, articles and interviews about comics, television, film and more and this issue lists the top hundred most powerful people in comics and an extensive Alan Moore interview. BIG DOG INK has JOAN OF ARC: FROM THE ASHES #1 written by Tom Hutchison with art by J. B. Neto and THE LEGEND OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST #1 also by Hutchison with the art of Alisson Borges and Kate Finnegan; this is now an ongoing series. BONGO COMICS has SPONGEBOB COMICS #13, a special horror issue that will feature art by Stephen Bissette, Tony Millionaire and other industry legends. BOOM! STUDIOS‘ FREELANCERS #1 is offered for one dollar, written by Ian Brill with the art of Joshua Covey it tells the story of two female bounty hunters in L.A. who grew up in a ‘Kung Fu Orphanage’.KaBOOM!, their all age imprint adds BRAVEST WARRIORS #1 OF 6, created by Pendleton (‘Adventure Time’) Ward and the IT’S TOKYO, CHARLIE BROWN GN is a new, original tale by Vicki Scott and Paige Braddock. BOOM TOWN, their small press imprint has CAROL LAY’S ILLITERATURE VOLUME #1 HC collecting all of the ‘Story Minute’ strips that have developed a devoted following on DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT relaunches EVIL ERNIE #1 as an ongoing series written by Jesse Blaze Snider with art by Jason Craig. VAMPIRELLA VS FLUFFY THE VAMPIRE KILLER is a one shot parody and AFTER EARTH is also a one shot being a prequel to the upcoming film. DEL REY COMICS finally releases THE TALISMAN: VOLUME #1: THE ROAD OF TRIALS HC collecting the six issues adapting Stephen King and Peter Straub’s novel; hopefully they’ll continue the series soon as the last issue arrived in March of 2010. DRAWN & QUARTERLY offers PIPPI LONGSTOCKING-VOLUME #1: PIPPI MOVES IN HCcollecting the adaptations that ran in ‘Humpty Dumpty Magazine’ in Sweden from 1957 to 1959. DYNAMIC FORCES, the company that sells autographed variant covers begins a line of ‘collector toasters’, the first being the WATCHMEN RORSCHACH TOASTER, a black toaster bearing the yellow ‘Watchmen’ movie logo that will brand an image of Rorschach’s face mask onto slices of bread for $52.99. FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS has CASTLE WAITING BOOK ONE finally available in soft cover, a great all age series written and illustrated by Linda Medley. Also PROBLEMATIC: SELECTED SKETCHBOOK DRAWINGS 2004-2011 is a 300 page HC by Jim Woodring. KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT offers TWOKINDS TP, a popular web comic, the second most funded Kickstarter Comics project ever, written and illustrated by Thomas Fischback now collected into two volumes. PANTHEON BOOKS hasCHARLES BURNS’ THE HIVE HC, the second book of his latest horror trilogy, the first volume was ‘Charles Burns’ X’d Out’.TRANSFUZION PUBLISHING offers the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW TP which has been out of print for over twenty years. This is a full color comic adaptation with art by Kevin VanHook and includes lyrics to all the songs, the fan club version of the audience participation guide, creator profile and more. VIZ MEDIA offers NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND DELUXE EDITION HARDCOVER BOX SET! A beautifully illustrated and beloved tale of post ecological disaster and survival by Hayao Miyazaki this long out of print series is produced as two hard cover books in a slip case for sixty dollars. ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT begins a new limited series with SLEEPY HOLLOW #1 written by Ralph Tedesco with art by Allan Otero as well as GODSTORM #1 OF 5 written by Joe Brusha and, of course, the annual GRIMM FAIRY TALES 2012 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. FLY: VOLUME TWO #1 OF 5 continues Raven Gregory’s horror series and former Marvel publisher, Bill Jemas writes WAKE THE F#CK UP #1 with art by JJ Dzialowske and Cyril Saint-Blancat; it seems that Jemas has started his own imprint as a subsidiary of Zenescope.


That’s the publishers; here’s the list, alphabetically by creator:


AARON: Jason will be writing INCREDIBLE HULK #15 which is the final issue of the series where the Green Goliath fights the Doom-bots with art by Jefte Palo. He will write WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #18 and #19 and the WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN BY JASON AARON PREMIERE HC #4 collects the AVX stories, all featuring the art of Jorge Molina. He is one of the contributors to the COUNTRY ASS WHUPPIN TORNADO RELIEF ANTHOLOGY ONE SHOT with art by Rebekah Isaacs and others.

ABNETT/LANNING: Dan Abnett completes his tongue-in-cheek Gothic horror series with NEW DEADWARDIANS #8 OF 8 with art by I. N. J. Culbard and Dan and Andy write the final issue in NEW MUTANTS #50 illustrated by Felix Ruix and their previous arcs are collected in the NEW MUTANTS TP #6: DEANIMATOR with Leandro Fernandez’ and David Lopez’ art and NEW MUTANTS TP #7: FIGHT FUTURE guest starring the Defenders with art by Leandro Fernadez and Felix Ruix. Their work is also collected in FEAR ITSELF TP: HEROES FOR HIRE with art by Brad Walker and others. They write the HYPERNATURALS #4 with art by Brad Walker and Tom Derenick. Dan writes WARHAMMER 40K PARIAH: RAVENOR VS EISENHORN HC and WARHAMMER 40K: SALVATION’S REACH MMPB.

ADAMS: SHOWCASE PRESENTS WORLD’S FINEST TP #4 collecting team up issues features the art of Neal and others, and Neal is illustrating FIRST X-MEN #3 OF 5 which he co-writes with Christos N. Gage telling tales of the mutants before they met the Professor.

ALLRED: Mike is one of many writers and artists contributing to Image’s benefit publication for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5 and he and his wife, Laura provide the cover for IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS #3 which is written by Jamie Rich with Mike Norton’s art, based on Mike’s characters.

ARAGONÉS: Sergio writes some of the material and provides the wrap around cover for MAGGIE #1, a one shot focusing on the youngest Simpson.

ARCUDI: John writes CREEP #2 with art by Jonathan Case and John and Mike Mignola collaborate on the stories in B.P.R.D.: 1948 #1 OF 5 with art by Max Fiumara, B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH-RETURN OF THE MASTER #3 OF 5 with the art of Tyler Crook, (if you’ve been keeping track, this is issue one hundred of the BPRD series), and B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH TP #4: DEVIL ENGINE & LONG DEATH with art by James Harren and Tyler Crook.

ASMUS: James is co-writing THIEF OF THIEVES #9 with Robert Kirkman with Felix Serrano inking Shawn Martinbrough’s pencils at Image while he writes GAMBIT #4 at Marvel with the art of Clay Mann concluding the first story. James and Ed Brubaker wrote CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY TP: OLD WOUNDS which has art by the very talented Francesco Francavilla.

☼AZZARELLO: Brian writes ☼BEFORE WATCHMEN: RORSCHACH #2 OF 4 with art by Lee Bermajo, ☼BEFORE WATCHMEN: COMEDIAN #4 OF 6 with the photo realistic art of J. G. Jones and WONDER WOMAN #13 with Dan Green inking the pencils of Tony Akins for DC. He’s also a contributor to the DC COMICS: THE NEW 52 ZERO OMNIBUS collecting all fifty six ‘zero’ origin issues.

BARKER: Clive writes HELLRAISER #19 with Mark L. Miller with art by Janusz Ordon and HELLRAISER TP #4 collects the most recent arc. HELLRAISER: ROAD BELOW #1 OF 4 is written by Brandon (‘Witch Doctor’) Seifert with the art of Ibraim Roberson telling the story of Kirsty Cotton’s first days in Hell.

BEDARD: Antony writes GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #13 with the art of Aaron Kuder. The three Green Lantern ‘zero’ issues were the prelude to the ‘Rise of the Third Army’ story that will be running through the four Lantern books. Antony along with Christy Marks writes SWORD OF SORCERY #1 with the return of Amethyst illustrated by Aaron Lopresti and Jesus Saiz. Antony also writes BLUE BEETLE #13 with J. P. Mayer inking Ig Guara’s pencils while the BLUE BEETLE TP #1: METAMORPHOSIS collects the fist six issues.

BEECHEN: Adam writes the main story in BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #9 with Norm Breyfogle’s art. The other stories are by J.T. Krul, Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs; Dustin and Derek also provide art along with Howard Porter and Livesay.

BENDIS: Brian writes AVENGERS #31 AXFO beginning his final arc with the team and the ‘End Times’ begins here with the art of Brandon Peterson and continues in AVENGERS #32 AXFO with Mike Mayhew’s art, NEW AVENGERS #31 AXFO with Michael Gaydos’ art and NEW AVENGERS #32 with art by Carlos Pacheco. (I assume that AXFO is some kind of cross over designation but I haven’t figured out what it stands for yet; any clues?) NEW AVENGERS BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS PREMIERE HC #4 collects the AVX tales with Mike Deodatos’s art, AVENGERS BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS TP #3 collects issues eighteen through twenty four, MOON KNIGHT BY BENDIS AND MALEEV TP #2 collects the second half of the twelve issue story, ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN BY BENDIS TP #2 collects issues six through ten with Chris Samnee’s art and the ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN BY BENDIS PREMIERE HC collects issues eleven through sixteen with David Marquez’ art. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #8 concludes the Thanos tale with the Guardians of the Galaxy, illustrated by Mark Bagley. Brian continues with ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #16, a ‘United We Stand’ tie in and ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #16.1 with David Marquez’ art, beginning a new arc with the Daily Bugle trying to uncover the wall crawler’s identity. Brian with David Mack writes ☼DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS #1 OF 8 featuring the art of Klaus Janson and Bill Sienkiewicz (!), a story set in the near future reminiscent of those ‘The End’ stories Marvel was doing several years ago. Brian’s limited series which crossed over between the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate one is collected in the ☼SPIDER-MEN HC beautifully illustrated by Sara Pichelli. One of Brian’s creator owned titles (that seem to never arrive) is collected in the ☼BRILLIANT PREMIERE HC #1; the first seven issues with Mark Bagley’s art is something I look forward to (as issue one arrived in September of 2011 and we’re currently still waiting for issue four). ☼POWERS: BUREAU #2 with art by Michael Avon Oeming will also show up someday.; we saw one issue of the regular ‘Powers’ series in 2011.

BRUBAKER: Ed concludes the second arc in FATALE #10 at Image with artist Sean Phillips. At Marvel he writes WINTER SOLDIER #12 guest starring Wolverine with art by Butch Guice, and he co-writes CAPTAIN AMERICA #18 and #19 with Cullen Bunn; Scot Eaton providing art on the former and Steve Epting returning for the final issue of the series. CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY TP: OLD WOUNDS is written by Ed and James Asmus with the art of Francesco Francavilla.

BUCCELLATO: Brian co-writes FLASH #13 with artist Francis Manapul as the Siege of Central City begins with our hero teaming up with the Rogues to battle Gorilla Grodd. Brian also writes his own FOSTER #4 with art by Noel Tauzon.

BUNN: MINIMUM CARNAGE ALPHA #1 is written by Cullen and Christopher Yost with art by Lan Medina; I can’t tell you what it’s about because it’s ‘classified’. Cullen writes VENOM #26 with the art of Declan Shalvey (and the story is ‘classified’) and CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BLACK WIDOW #638 features the art of Francesco Francavilla. Cullen along with Ed Brubaker writes CAPTAIN AMERICA #18 with Scot Eaton’s art and CAPTAIN AMERICA #19, the final issue of the series, with art by Steve Epting. DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE TP is by Cullen with art by Dalibor Talajic, the CAPTAIN AMERICA AND IRON MAN TP has art by Barry Kitson and Will Conrad and FEAR ITSELF TP: UNCANNY X-FORCE-DEEP was written by Cullen and Rob Williams and illustrated by Lee Garbett and Simone Bianchi. At Oni Press Cullen works on his own creation, SIXTH GUN #26 with the art of Brian Hurtt.

BYRNE: John’s latest creation gets it’s first collection in TRIO TP #1 with John creating, writing and illustrating. Marvel releases X-MEN: HIDDEN YEARS TP #2 with John’s retro vision of the mutant team and ALPHA FLIGHT CLASSIC TP #3 concluding John’s collaboration with Bill Mantlo featuring John’s art as well as that of Mike Mignola.

CAREY: Mike continues his wildly successful Vertigo title with UNWRITTEN #42 with art, as usual, by Peter Gross.

CASEY: Joe’s original graphic novel with the art of Charlie (‘Walking Dead’) Adlard comes back into print as an oversized hardcover in ROCK BOTTOM HC, the tale of a man inexorably turning to stone.

CHAYKIN: Howard provides art for the Haunted Tank story in G.I. COMBAT #5, written by Justin Gray and Howard writes and illustrates the sequel to his series of a couple decades ago in BLACK KISS II #3 OF 6, a black and white comic not for the easily offended.

COOKE: Darwyn writes and illustrates ☼BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN #4 OF 6 and he concludes ☼BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE #4 OF 4 with the art of Amanda Conner, both brilliant series’ bringing additional depth and back story to Alan Moore’s legendary re-imagining of the Charlton comic book characters.

CORNELL: Paul writes DEMON KNIGHTS #13 with art by Bernard Chang for DC and his own creation, SAUCER COUNTRY #8 at Vertigo with art by Jimmy Broxton; also the first six issues with art by Ryan Kelly is collected in the SAUCER COUNTRY TP #1: RUN.

COSTA: All eight issues of Mike’s DC series is collected in the BLACKHAWKS TP #1: THE GREAT LEAP FORWARD with art by Ken Lashley while, at IDW he writes COBRA ONGOING #18 with art by Antonio Fuso.

DANIEL: Tony provides the art for JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 written by Geoff Johns; this is the first of a two part story with the team battling Cheetah.

DAVID: Peter and Robin Furth finish yet another of the Stephen King inspired tales in DARK TOWER-GUNSLINGER: MAN IN BLACK #5 OF 5 with art by Alex Maleev and Peter writes X-FACTOR #245 concluding the ‘Breaking Points’ story and the previous arc is collected as X-FACTOR TP #16: TOGETHER AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME, both with the art of Leonard Kirk.

DeCONNICK: Kelly Sue writes GHOST #1 at Dark Horse with artist Phil Noto and she writes CAPTAIN MARVEL #5 and #6 at Marvel with art by Dexter Soy

DeFALCO: Tom writes SUPERBOY #13 with Rob Lean inking R. B. Silva’s pencils and LEGION LOST #13 with art by Pete Woods.

DELANO: Vertigo is finally collecting all of the issues in complete and chronological order, this month with HELLBLAZER TP #4: THE FAMILY MAN with art by David Lloyd and others, Jamie and Garth Ennis wrote the stories collected in the CROSSED TP #4: BADLANDS available in hard cover, soft cover and signed editions

DIDIO: Dan writes PHANTOM STRANGER #1 with Scott Hanna inking Brent Anderson’s pencils; this is one of the four ‘New 52-Wave Three’ ongoing titles.

DIGGLE: Andy is writing DOCTOR WHO, VOLUME III #2 with art by Mark Buckingham and Andy is also a contributor to the CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5 plus he writes the ‘Snapshot’ story in JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #329 with art by Jock.

DIXON: Chuck writes G.I. JOE: VOLUME II ONGOING #18 with art by Will Rosado, SNAKE EYES & STORM SHADOW #18 with art by Alex Cal and, in a different genre he writes some of the stories in SIMPSONS COMICS #195 with John Delaney’s art. Chuck writes CHOSEN #1 OF 3 created by film maker Marcus (‘Friday the 13th’, ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’) Nispel with art by Edison George and he continues his adaptations of ROBERT JORDAN’S WHEEL OF TIME: EYE OF THE WORLD #30 with art by Francis Nuguit. Chuck also writes THE LONE RANGER: SNAKE OF IRON #4 with art by Esteve Polls.

EDMONDSON: Nathan’s Image espionage and ballet series is collected in the DANCER TP with the art of Nic Klein and he continues with ACTIVITY #10 with art by Mitch Gerads. At Marvel he begins ULTIMATE COMICS: IRON MAN #1 OF 4, the story is ‘classified’ and the art is by Matteo Buffagni and he writes UNTOLD TALES OF PUNISHER MAX #5 OF 5 with regular collaborator Nic Klein. Nathan also contributes to the COUNTRY ASS WHIPPIN’ TORNADO RELIEF ANTHOLOGY ONE SHOT with 100% of the profits going to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

ELLIS: Warren is another contributor to the CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5 and he’s doing some work for Marvel again; A PLUS X #1, which is yet another ‘classified’ book but it looks like it will have two features, one by Jeph Loeb and Dale Keown with a Wolverine/Hulk tale and the other a Captain America/Cable story written by Dan Slott with art by Ron Garney. (I don’t know why Marvel has Warren’s name associated with the book.) With six different covers I guess that, whatever it is Marvel expects it to be big. The ASTONISHING X-MEN TP #9: EXALTED collects issues 44 through 47 by Greg Pak and Mike McKone and the ‘Ghost Boxes’ one shot by Ellis and Adi Granov.

ENNIS: The CROSSED #4 BADLANDS collection is offered in both hard cover and soft cover editions with stories written by Garth and Jamie Delano with the art of Jacen Burrows and Leandro Rizzo, Garth’s DICKS COLOR #9 features the colorized version of this deliberately offensive title and this issue is a Christmas story, BOYS #71 has art by Russell Braun and GARTH ENNIS’ JENNIFER BLOOD #20 is written by Al Ewing with art by Kewber Baal.

FIALKOV: Joshua Hale begins his third arc on I, VAMPIRE #13 with the art of Andrea Sorrentino and he’ll also write the one shot MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: THE ORIGIN OF SKELETOR with art by Frazier Irving.

FINCH: David is illustrating BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #13, written by Gregg Hurwitz and delving into the Scarecrow’s origin.

FRACTION: Matt writes HAWKEYE #3 with art by David Aja (the first issue was surprisingly good) and MIGHTY THOR #21 and #22; with art by Alan Davis; these issues end the ‘Everything Burns’ arc and #22 is the final issue. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #526 and #527 has the art of Salvador Larroca and #527 is the final issue. The DEFENDERS #11 features the art of Jamie McKelvie, the MIGHTY THOR BY MATT FRACTION TP #2 collects issues 7 through 12 plus ‘Fear Itself: Mighty Thor’ 7.2.

GAGE: Christos writes ANGEL & FAITH #15 with Dave Lapham’s art at Dark Horse and AVENGERS ACADEMY #38 with Tom Grummett’s art, featuring a football game between the Academy members and ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’s team at Marvel. Christos and Dan Slott write AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #695 and #696 with Giuseppe Camuncoli’s art beginning the arc that will lead up to issue seven hundred and Christos and artist Neal Adams write FIRST X-MEN #3 OF 5. Christos also writes X-MEN LEGACY #275, the final issue of the series with art by David Baldeon. The AVENGERS ACADEMY TP: SECOND SEMESTER has art by Sean Chen and others.

GAIMAN: The ☼SANDMAN TP #10: THE WAKE-NEW EDITION is released along with the SANDMAN SLIPCASE WITH VOLUME #10 TP. This is the last of the collections being released in the remastered and recolored formats created for the deluxe hard covers. If you follow the shops’ Facebook page you may have seen Neil’s video discussing his upcoming ‘Before Sandman’ series telling why Dream was so weakened that he could be captured way back in the first issue.

GIFFEN: The MARS ATTACKS CLASSICS TP #2 collects seven issues by Keith along with Dwight Jon Zimmerman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard and others.

GILLEN: Kieron is a contributor to the CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5 and he writes AVX: CONSEQUENCES #1 through #5, a weekly ‘classified’ story with art by Tom Raney as well as JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #645, an aftermath to the ‘Everything Burns’ arc and the final issue of the series with art by Carmine DiGiandomenico. He also writes UNCANNY X-MEN #20, yet another ‘classified’ and final issue with Ron Garney’s art and his work is collected as the UNCANNY X-MEN BY KIERON GILLEN PREMIERE HC #4, AVX stories with art by Daniel Acuña and Ron Garney, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY/NEW MUTANTS TP: EXILED collecting the cross over with Carmine DiGiandomenico’s art and UNCANNY X-MEN BY KIERON GILLEN TP #2 with art by Greg Land and others.

GISCHLER: Victor writes BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SPIKE #3 OF 5 with Andy Owens inking the pencils of Paul Lee and X-MEN: CURSE IS BROKEN TP has art by Alejandro Barrionuevo and others. The FEAR ITSELF TP: HULK DRACULA was written by Victor and Jeff Parker with art by Elena Casagrande and others. Victor is also writing SHADOW #7 with Jack Herbert’s art.

GLASS: Adam writes SUICIDE SQUAD #13, revealing the traitor in this issue with art by Cliff Richards.

GRAY/PALMIOTTI: Justin and Jimmy write ALL STAR WESTERN #13 with art by Moritat and a back up story with the new origin of Tomahawk illustrated by Phil Winslade. Justin writes the ‘Haunted Tank’ tale in G.I. COMBAT #5 with art by Howie Chaykin. Justin and Jimmy write AME COMI GIRLS #1 FEATURING WONDER WOMAN with art by Amanda Conner, a digital series coming to print for the first time and based on the ‘Ame Comi’ variant sculptures of DC’s characters that have been coming out for several years now. The team also writes PHANTOM LADY #2 OF 4 with art by Stéphane Roux.

HAMA: Larry writes G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #183 and the G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO TP #5 with art by S. L. Gallant.

HESTER: Phil is one of the artists contributing to the GODZILLA: KINGDOM OF MONSTERS COMPLETE OVERSIZE HC written by Eric Powell and others and Phil writes GUARDING THE GLOBE #2, the new spin off series from ‘Invincible’ with art by Todd Nauck and Phil and Aaron Gillespie write KEVIN SMITH’S BIONIC MAN #15 with Edgar Tadeo’s art.

HICKMAN: Jonathan is a contributor to the CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5 and he writes ☼MANHATTAN PROJECTS #8 with art by Nik Pitarra. At Marvel he writes the final issue with FANTASTIC FOUR #611 with the art of Ryan Stegman, and with FF #23 illustrated by Nick Dragotta. These are both final issues of the series and, in my humble opinion the best stories ever done with these characters. The FF BY JONATHAN HICKMAN PREMIERE HC #4 collects the previous arc. I think Hickman, along with Nick Spencer and Scott Snyder are some of the best writers to expand the world of sequential art since Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore were on the scene and I’m anxious to see what Jonathan does next.

HIGGINS: Kyle writes NIGHTWING #13 featuring the return of Lady Shiva with art by Eddy Barrows.

HILL: Joe completes the prequel to the original series in CAPE: 1969 #4 OF 4 co-written with Jason Ciaramella with the art of Nelson Daniel.

HINE: David is a contributor to the CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5 while at Image he writes DARKNESS #108 with Jeremy Haun’s artwork. At Avatar Press he writes NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: AFTERMATH #1 with art by German Erramouspe and CROSSED: BADLANDS #15 and #16, where the Crossed have invaded Stumptown, illustrated by Georges Duarte.

HUMPHRIES: Sam writes ULTIMATE COMICS: ULTIMATES #17, part of the ‘United We Stand’ cross over with art by Luke Ross for Marvel. He also writes FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES #7 with art by Jerry Gaylord and HIGHER EARTH #6 with the art of Francesco Biagini.

HURWITZ: Best selling crime novelist, Gregg writes BATMAN: THE DARK NIGHT #13 with art by David Finch, beginning a new story involving Scarecrow.

JENKINS: The DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS TP #1: DEADMAN/CHALLENGERS collects the first eight issues of the series: the ‘Deadman’ story by Paul with Bernard Chang’s art and the ‘Challengers of the Unknown’ tale with Jerry Ordway’s artwork

JOHNS: Geoff is writing the two part story beginning in JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 leading up to the ‘Trinity Wars’ with art by Tony S. Daniel, AQUAMAN #13 concludes ‘The Others’ arc with Ivan Reis’ art and GREEN LANTERN #13, part of the ‘Rise of the Third Army’ story with Earth’s new Green Lantern fighting the Justice League by Mark Irwin inking the detailed pencil art of Doug Mahnke.

JOHNSON: Mike along with Michael Green writes SUPERGIRL #13 with art by Sam Basri where Kara reveals her own Fortress of Solitude. Mike also writes STAR TREK ONGOING #14 with art by Stephen Molnar, the series leading up to the next summers’ film sequel.

JURGENS: Dan writes and provides pencils beginning with FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN #13 with inks by Ray McCarthy as Ronnie and Jason deal with a new twist to their powers.

KEATINGE: Joe contributes to the CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5, he writes the first chapter of a new arc in GLORY #29 with art by Ross Campbell as well as HELL YEAH #7 with the art of Andre Szymanowicz at Image. I believe that THANOS: SON OF TITAN #1 OF 5 is Joe’s first work at Marvel, the art is by Richard Elson and, after his cameo appearance in the ‘Avengers’ film we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Thanos leading up to the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film due in 2014. (Although as of the thirtieth of July Marvel has announced this Thanos series has been canceled with no plans to re-solicit it at a later date; go figure.)

KINDT: Matt writes and illustrates his MIND MGMT #6 at Dark Horse and he writes FRANKESTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #13 with the art of Alberto Ponticelli and Wayne Faucher.

KIRKMAN: Robert is a contributor to the CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5 and of course he writes WALKING DEAD #103 with art by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn and this begins a new story as our group is under new leadership; if you’ve been looking for someplace to start reading, here it is. Also the WALKING DEAD MICHONNE SPECIAL reprints her first appearance from issue nineteen plus the origin story that was in ‘Playboy’: for those watching the TV show; she’ll play a major role in season three. The☼WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUM TP #2 collects the second eight volumes of the series for the budget conscious. Also this month WALKING DEAD MAGAZINE #1 is offered. Beyond his zombies, Robert also writes INVINCIBLE #97 telling the origin of Zandale Randolph with art by Ryan Ottley and the all age SUPER DINOSAUR #15 concluding the arc with Jason Howard’s art. Robert and James Asmus write THIEF OF THIEVES #9 with art by Shawn Martinbrough and Felix Serrano, another comic series that has been purchased for a future television series on AMC.

KRUL: J.T. wrote the six issues collected in CAPTAIN ATOM TP #1: EVOLUTION with the art of Freddie E. Williams at DC. He writes SOULFIRE VOLUME IV #3 with Neil Ruffino inking the pencils of Mike DeBalfo at Aspen Studios.

LAPHAM: David provides the art for ANGEL & FAITH #15 which is written by Christos N. Gage at Dark Horse. David writes AGE OF APOCALYPSE #8 with art by Renato Arlem and his work is collected in the ☼DEADPOOL MAX HC featuring the twelve issues from the first series, the six issues from the second series plus the Christmas special with the artwork of Kyle Baker at Marvel. At Avatar Press David writes FERALS #9 with Gabriel Andrade’s art and ☼DAN THE UNHARMABLE #6 with the art of Rafael Ortiz, a bizarre and darkly humorous sit-com on paper.

LAYMAN: John is writing DETECTIVE COMICS #13, a Penguin story with Jason Fabok inking the pencils of Szymon Kudranski at DC. He continues his own series at Image with CHEW #30 illustrated by Rob Guillory.

LEMIRE: Jeff writes JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #13 with the battle between the House of Mystery and the House of Secrets to be concluded in the JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK ANNUAL #1, all with the art of Mikel Janin. Jeff writes ☼ANIMAL MAN #13, the beginning of the four part ‘Rotworld: The Red Kingdom’ with the art of Steve Pugh. While ‘Swamp Thing’ begins ‘Rotworld: The Green Kingdom’ they both meet in ☼SWAMP THING ANNUAL #1 written by Jeff and Scott Snyder with art by Marco Rudy and Victor Ibanez. LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #1 features stories that have appeared only in a digital format and one of the two stories in this comic is written by Damon Lindelof and illustrated by Jeff. At Vertigo Jeff writes and illustrates his own SWEET TOOTH #38 which is getting close to its’ finale.

LEVITZ: Paul writes WORLD’S FINEST #5 with George Perez’ art as Power Girl and Huntress try to get home to Earth 2. Paul writes LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #13 with Scott Kolins’ art. The GOLDEN AGE OF DC COMICS: 1935-1956 HC is written by Paul with future volumes promised.

LIEFELD: Rob, along with Mark Poulton, writes SAVAGE HAWKMAN #13 beginning a new arc with art by Art Thibert and Joe Bennett, Rob writes and illustrates DEATHSTROKE #13 guest starring Zealot and Rob and Frank Tieri writes GRIFTER #13 with David Beaty inking Scott Clark’s pencils at DC. Rob inks Jon Malin’s pencils on YOUNGBLOOD #76 which is written by John McLaughlin at Image.

LISS: Best selling historical fiction novelist writes THE SPIDER #6 with art by Colton Worley.

LIU: Marjorie writes ASTONISHING X-MEN #55 with art by Mike Perkins and she wrote the stories collected in the X-23 TP #3: DON’T LOOK BACK with the art of Sana Takeda and Phil Noto.

LOBDELL: Scott writes SUPERMAN #13 with art by Kenneth Rocafort as our hero battles his greatest enemy and someone dies, and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #13 with art by Timothy Green where Starfire’s battle for the throne of Tamaran concludes. Scott also writes TEEN TITANS #13 with the art of Alé Garza with Wonder Girl battling her former lover for possession of her stolen armor. The first seven issues are collected in the RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS TP #1: REDEMPTION, all illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort.

LOEB: Jeph along with Dan Slott writes A PLUS X #1, a series that will feature two stories per issue. Jeph and Dale Keown will do a Wolverine/Hulk tale while Dan and Ron Garney do a Captain America/Cable tale. Jeph also writes WOLVERINE #314 and #315 beginning a new story with art by Simone Bianchi.

MARZ: Ron continues writing ARTIFACTS #23 for Top Cow featuring the art of Stjepan Sejic and he writes PROPHECY #5, the company wide cross over based on the Mayan calendar with art by Walter Geovanni. Ron and Ian Edginton write the SILVER SCORPION TP, the story of a disabled Arabic teen, the story based on the ideas of a group of disabled students from America and Syria and illustrated by Mukesh Singh and Edison George.

MIEVILLE: Best selling science fiction author, China continues his first comic arc on DIAL H #5 with the art of Mateus Santolouco and he’s done a remarkable job with this difficult title. Having to create multiple super heroes and villains each issue is a challenge that hasn’t hobbled China’s imagination.

MIGNOLA: Mike along with John Arcudi writes B.P.R.D.: 1948 #1 OF 5 with the art of Max Fiumara, as well as B.P.R.D.-HELL ON EARTH: RETURN OF THE MASTER #3 OF 5 which is the one hundredth issue of the series following the exploits of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Development; this one with art by Tyler Crook. B.P.R.D.-HELL ON EARTH TP #4: DEVIL ENGINE & LONG DEATH is also by Mike and John with art by James Harren and Tyler Crook. The ALPHA FLIGHT CLASSIC TP #3 collects material written by John Byrne and Bill Mantlo with art by Byrne and Mignola.

MILLAR: Mark’s KICK-ASS TP #2 features the art of John Romita, Jr., the SUPERCROOKS PREMIERE HC features the writing of Mark and Nacho Vigalondo and the art of Leinil Francis Yu, HIT-GIRL #4 OF 5 is also illustrated by Romita. There is also a HIT-GIRL: SCHOOL GIRL STATUE-RED SKIRT VARIANT offered is you happen to have a spare $289.00 plus tax laying around. THARG’S CREEPY CHRONICLES GN is a collection of stories from ‘2000 A.D.’ and features Mark and other authors with art by Frazer Irving and others. And CLINT 2.0 #5 has the finale of ‘Supercrooks’ a chapter of ‘Hit-Girl’ and ‘Secret Service’, news from the set of ‘Kick-Ass 2’ a chapter of ‘Death Sentence’ and more.

MILLIGAN: Pete writes RED LANTERNS #13 with art by Miguel Angel Sepulveda and, like all the ‘Lantern’ titles this is part of the ‘Rise of the Third Army’ story. Pete also writes STORMWATCH #13 with art by Guillem March where the Demon makes his first ‘New 52’ appearance in modern times. At Vertigo Pete writes HELLBLAZER #296 with Stefano Landini inking the pencils of Giuseppe Camuncoli.

MOORE: Terry is a contributor to the CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5 and he writes and draws his horror series RACHEL RISING #12 which has been nominated for two Eisner Awards.

MORRISON: Grant writes ☼ACTION COMICS #13 with the return of Krypto and Travel Foreman’s art. Superman teams up with the Phantom Stranger to battle a threat from the Phantom Zone. (Sholly Fisch who writes the back up stories in ‘Action’ will write the ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #1 with art by Cully Hamner as our hero meets the Kryptonite Man.) Grant also continues on☼BATMAN INCORPORATED #5 with art by Chris Burnham, a tale in an alternate future where Damian wears the mantle of the Bat while Batman is the warden at Arkham Asylum. Grant’s ☼JLA: EARTH TWO TP comes back into print with the art of Frank Quitely. The DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS TP #8 has work by Grant and others, newly recolored by IDW and, at Image Nick Sax and Happy the Horse try to stop Pedo-Santa before Black Christmas arrives in ☼HAPPY #2 OF 4; this series was my pick of the month from last months’ newsletter.

MURPHY: Sean created, writes and illustrates the brilliant black and white limited series from Dark Horse, ☼PUNK ROCK JESUS #4 OF 6, a tale involving DNA from the Shroud of Turin leading to the clone of Jesus as the basis for a television reality show; this was my pick of the month in June’s newsletter.

NELSON: Arvid writes WARLORD OF MARS #25 with art by Leandro Oliveira and one of the two covers by Joe Jusko, and LORD OF THE JUNGLE #11 with Roberto Castro’s art.

NILES: TRANSFUSION #1 OF 3 is written by Steve Niles with art by menton3 and is a post apocalyptic battle with humans against robots and vampires at IDW. A new horror series from Steve (30 Days of Night) is LOT 13 #1 OF 5 with art by Glenn Fabry at Image.

NOCENTI: Ann continues her work on GREEN ARROW #13 with Freddie E. Williams illustrating this tale in China and she begins her first work on CATWOMAN #13 with Julio Ferreira inking the pencils of Adriana Melo and telling the true origin of Selina Kyle. At IDW Ann co-writes TRUE BLOOD ONGOING #6 with Michael McMillian and with art by Michael Gaydos.

OEMING: Michael has a story in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #17 with art by Victor Santos and ☼MICHAEL AVON OEMING’S THE VICTORIES #3 OF 5 is rumored to feature some mega violent anti-heroes comparable to Ennis’ work in ‘Preacher’ and ‘The Boys’.☼POWERS: BUREAU #2 is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by co-creator Oeming.

ORDWAY: Jerry is the artist who illustrated the ‘Challengers of the Unknown’ tale collected in the DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS TP #1: DEADMAN/CHALLENGERS that was written by DC editor Dan Didio.

OSTRANDER: John begins a new story in STAR WARS-AGENT OF THE EMPIRE: HARD TARGETS #1 OF 5 with the art of Davide Fabbri and Christian Dalla Vecchia and a previous tale is collected as STAR WARS: DAWN OF THE JEDI TP #1: FORCE STORM with Dan Parsons inking the pencil work of Jan Duursema.

PAK: Greg writes X-TREME X-MEN #5 telling alternate universe tales like the ‘Exiles’ series did, with the art of Paco Diaz. Greg also wrote ASTONISHING X-MEN TP #9: EXALTED with art by Mike McKone; this book also has some material from ‘Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes’ that was by Warren Ellis with art by Adi Granov.

PARKER: Jeff writes DARK AVENGERS #182 (previously titled ‘Thunderbolts’) with art by Neil Edwards and RED SHE-HULK #58 (previously titled ‘Hulk’) with art by Carlo Pagulayan and Wellington Alves and the RED HULK TP: MAYAN RULE with art by Dale Eaglesham and a story playing into the Mayan calendar. The FEAR ITSELF TP: HULK/DRACULA collects ‘Hulk’ #37 through #41 by Jeff and Elena Casagrande plus the three part ‘Hulk vs Dracula’ that was written by Victor Gischler.

PEREZ: George is one of the artists on WORLD’S FINEST #5 which is written by Paul Levitz. The NEW TEEN TITANS: GAMES TP collects the original graphic novel previously only available in hard cover that was written by Marv Wolfman and was twenty years in the making. The story and art are true to the teams’ heyday back when the ‘Teen Titans’ were the main competition for the ‘Uncanny X-Men’.

POWELL: BILLY THE KID’S OLD TIMEY ODDITIES AND THE ORM OF LOCH NESS #1 OF 4 is Eric’s latest collaboration with Kyle Hotz who provides the art and cover and the cast will also be in Eric’s THE GOON #43 this month from Dark Horse. Eric’s work at IDW is collected in the GODZILLA: KINGDOM OF MONSTERS COMPLETE OVERSIZE HC with art by Phil Hester and Victor Santos.

REMENDER: Rick will be writing the UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 with the art of John Cassaday; the team will be comprised of humans and mutants under Captain America’s leadership. Rick also writes SECRET AVENGERS #32 with artist Matteo Scalera and SECRET AVENGERS #33 with art by Andy Kuhn and beginning the ‘Rise of the Descendants’ story involving a plague of contagious robot evolution. UNCANNY X-FORCE #32 has Phil Noto’s art with the team facing the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the UNCANNY X-FORCE PREMIERE HC #1: FINAL EXECUTION collects issues #25 through #29 with art by Mike McKone and others, (four issues for $24.99?). The SECRET AVENGERS BY RICK REMENDER PREMIERE HC #2 collects #26 through #32 with Matteo Scalera and others art, the UNCANNY X-FORCE TP #5: OTHERWORLD collects issue #19.1 plus #20 through #24 with art by Billy Tan and others.

ROBERSON: Chris is another contributor to the CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5, an annual benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

ROBINSON: James continues his solid writing on EARTH TWO #5 with Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and the Flash against Grundy and the Atom as depicted by Trevor Scott inking the pencils of Nicola Scott, James also contributes to the CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2012 #5.

RUCKA: Best selling crime and espionage novelist, Greg has returned to ☼STUMPTOWN II #2 with art by Matthew Southworth and Rico Renzi and if you’re a fan of detective fiction you will definitely enjoy this tale. At Marvel he writes PUNISHER: WAR ZONE #1 OF 5 with art by Marco Checchetto with Frank Castle going against the Avengers.

SAMNEE: Chris is gracing the pages of ☼ROCKETEER: CARGO OF DOOM #3 OF 4 with his evocative art on a story written by Mark Waid and he and Mark also work on DAREDEVIL #19. Chris also has some artwork in the ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN BY BENDIS TP #2.

SEELEY: Tim has a new horror series at Dark Horse; he and Josh Emmons write EX SANGUINE #1 and Tim illustrates it as well. A world weary vampire gains a new interest in a vicious serial killer. At Image Tim writes BLOODSTRIKE #33 with art by Franchesco Gaston and he continues on HACK/SLASH #21 with art by Elena Casagrande as well as his most recent hit, REVIVAL #4 with art by Mike Norton. At Top Cow he writes WITCHBLADE #162 with Fred Benes inking the pencils of Diego Bernard.

SIMONE: Gail writes BATGIRL #13 where our hero meets Catwoman for the first time in the ‘New 52’ with art by Ed Benes and the story continues into the BATGIRL ANNUAL #1 which will be illustrated by Admira Wijaya.

SLOTT: Dan is joined by Christos Gage to write AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #695 and #696, the first two chapters of ‘Danger Zone’ with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and a story involving Goblins and leading to issue seven hundred.

SNYDER: Scott co-writes TALON #1 with James Tynion IV with art by Guillem March spinning out of the ‘Night of the Owls’ tale. Scott writes ☼BATMAN #13 and it’s ‘Death in the Family’ featuring the return of the Joker with art by Greg Capullo. Scott writes☼SWAMP THING #13 beginning ‘Rotworld: The Green Kingdom’ with art by Yanick Paquette and he co-writes the ☼SWAMP THING ANNUAL #1 with Jeff Lemire with art by Marco Rudy and Victor Ibanez. Jeff writes ‘Animal Man’ which shares a strong tie to this ‘Swamp Thing’ story. BATMAN: THE BLACK MIRROR TP features the art of Jock and Francesco Francavilla and collects stories from ‘Detective Comics’ predating the ‘New 52’. At Vertigo Scott writes AMERICAN VAMPIRE #32 with Rafael Alburquerque’s art and completes AMERICAN VAMPIRE: LORD OF NIGHTMARES #5 OF 5 with the art of Dustin Nguyen.

SPENCER: Nick has another new title, ☼BEDLAM #1 with art by Riley Rossmo, it’s at Image, it’s a murder mystery, it’s a double sized first issue and it’s my pick of the month so if you miss out, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Nick continues with his engrossing hit series, ☼MORNING GLORIES #24 with art by Joe Eisma, my favorite monthly for the past two years. And it looks as if Nick has finished out his contract at Marvel so hopefully we’ll see some more original creator owned series’ from him soon.

SPURRIER: Simon writes EXTERMINATION #5 with art by Jeffrey Edwards at Boom! Studios; this issue begins a new arc of this tale featuring super heroes and villains teaming up in a post apocalyptic America.

STRACZYNSKI: Joe writes ☼BEFORE WATCHMEN: DR. MANHATTAN #2 OF 4 with art by Adam Hughes which will be incredible, no doubt.

SWIERCZYNSKI: Duane writes BIRDS OF PREY #13 beginning a new arc in the wake of last issues’ betrayal with the art of Romano Molenaar. At IDW Duane writes GODZILLA ONGOING #6 with Simon Gane’s art and for Valiant Comics he writes BLOODSHOT #4 with art by Manuel Garcia.

THOMAS: The GIL KANE: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ARTIST EDITION HC collects eight issues of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ scanned from the original art in full size written by Stan Lee with additional scripting by Roy Thomas. The MARVEL MASTERWORKS: CAPTAIN AMERICA TP #2 is also by Stan and Roy with art by Jack ‘The King’ Kirby. ROY THOMAS PRESENTS THE HEAP HC #1 OF 3 collects tales of the original swamp creature, an anti-hero that plagued Airboy and was illustrated by Carmen Infantino, best known for his years of work on the Flash.

TIERI: Frank co-writes GRIFTER #13 with Rob Liefeld and with David Beaty inking the pencil work of Scott Clark at DC and Frank concludes SPACE PUNISHER #4 OF 4 with art by Mark Texeira. (The concept of ‘Space Punisher has gotten a lot of laughs but no sales.)

TOMASI: Peter writes BATMAN AND ROBIN #13 with art by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray as zombies attack Gotham and GREEN LANTERN CORPS #13 with Scott Hanna inking Fernando Pasarin, a ‘Rise of the Third Army’ tie-in.

VAN LENTE: Fred writes MARVEL ZOMBIES: HALLOWEEN with art by Alessandro Vitti and at Valiant Comics he writes ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #3 with art by Clayton Henry.

VAUGHAN: Brian’s latest series has it’s first stellar arc collected in the ☼SAGA TP #1 with art by Fiona Staples. The first issue was a pick of the month so those of you who didn’t trust my assessment at the time get another chance to get on board.

WAGNER: Matt’s most well known work, his modern interpretation of the legend of Beowulf is (finally) getting the collections it deserves with the ☼GRENDEL OMNIBUS TP 2: LEGACY. This is the continuation of Hunter Rose’s story that follows into his adopted daughter, Stacy’s story which in turn goes to Stacy’s daughter, Christine Spar’s tale. Matt gives Diana Schutz writing credits as well; she did write a couple of stories but her close editorial work and extreme fondness of the title ensures and justifies her credits.

WAID: Mark obviously recognizes a good artist and storyteller as he seems to be trying to work with Chris Samnee as often as possible. Mark is writing ☼ROCKETEER: CARGO OF DOOM #3 OF 4 with Chris as well as DAREDEVIL #19. Mark is also writing STEED AND MRS. PEEL: ONGOING #2 with co-writer Caleb Monroe with art by Steve Bryant, this comic series based on the quirky British cult spy program, ‘The Avengers’, not to be confused with the Marvel super hero team of the same name.

WAY: Daniel finishes his long stint writing the crazy mercenary with DEADPOOL #62 and #63 both with art by Salva Espin and Alé Garza; Issue #63 is the final issue.

WILLINGHAM: Bill writes FABLES #122 with art by Gene Ha and Shawn McManus, FAIREST #8, Bill’s latest spin off, now written by Lauren Beukes with art by Inaki Miranda, and the first arc is collected as ☼FAIREST TP #1: WIDE AWAKE written by Bill with art by Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning. The ☼FLIGHT OF ANGELS TP is written by Bill Willingham and Holly Black with art by Rebecca Guay; this is a story about an angel plummeting to Earth, the magical forest denizens telling tales of who the angel might be and the eventual deciding of the angels’ fate.

WILLIAMS: J. H. illustrates BATWOMAN #13 which is written by him and Haden Blackman where Wonder Woman teams up with the hero to battle Medusa.

WILLIAMS: Rob writes the one shot NATIONAL COMICS: MADAME X #1; Rob works with long time collaborator Trevor Hairsine and re-imagines Madame Xanadu in a new way; no longer a tarot reader she’s working as a resident psychic for a law firm. At Marvel he writes an all age Iron Man story in MARVEL UNIVERSE: AVENGERS-EARTH’S HEROES #7 with Tim Levins’ art.

WOLFMAN: Twenty years in the making, NEW TEEN TITANS: GAMES TP with beautifully detailed art by George Perez is a seamless continuation of the teams’ best selling series. It was released in hard cover several months ago and is now available in a more affordable format.

WOOD: Brian’s wonderful post apocalyptic environmental survival tale continues in ☼MASSIVE #5 with art by Garry Brown and, also at Dark Horse is CONAN THE BARBARIAN #9 concluding the ‘Border Fury’ arc with Vasilis Lolo’s art. At Marvel Brian writes ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN #17 and #18 concluding the ‘United We Stand’ cross over story with art by Carlo Barberi as well as X-MEN #37 with art by David Lopez as the rift between Cyclops and Storm widens.

YOST: Christopher will write MINIMUM CARNAGE: ALPHA #1, a one shot co-written with Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Lan Medina, that leads into a cross over with the ‘Venom’ and ‘Scarlet Spider’ titles. Christopher writes part two in SCARLET SPIDER #10 with Khoi Pham’s art and Cullen writes part three in VENOM #26 with art by Declan Shalvey. Christopher also writes an all age microverse story with the Wasp in MARVEL UNIVERSE: AVENGERS-EARTH’S HEROES #7 with art by Ramon Bachs.


And that’s all for this month, my friends.  Talk to you soon.



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