Event Information:

  • Sat

    Free Comic Book Day

    10:00 am - 5:00 pmCharlie's Comic Books

    Charlie’s Comic Books is one of thousands of comic book shops around the world celebrating the comic book art form on Saturday, May 4th. On Free Comic Book Day, over 3.3 million comic books will be given away by participating stores, introducing as many people as possible to the wonders of comic books!

    If you would like a preview of what free comic books will be available, check out the following list(s).


    Free Comic Book Day Selections

    BONUS: Previous Free Comic Book Day Selections still available


    In addition to sharing our love of comics, we will also be collecting donations for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.  The PDF linked below lists the most needed food items for our current season, but I would like to encourage cash donations whenever possible.  The Food Bank has resources that allow them to purchase NINE DOLLARS worth of food for every ONE DOLLAR donated so a dollar is more helpful to the cause than a can of soup.


    As an extra added attraction sandwich maker's extraordinaire, Jimmy John's will be delivering a thirty piece platter to the event at eleven o'clock and a second thirty piece platter at three o'clock!
    Is this the first ever catered Free Comic Book Day event?


    Most Needed Foods for Spring 2013



    The Free Comic Book Day event was a success! For more details, please read the Thank You letter.